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Title:Dash Next: Biz Dev, Integrations, Conference representation, Podcasts
Monthly amount: 128 DASH (7024 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2022-05-12 / 2022-09-09 (added on 2022-05-13)
Final voting deadline: in 27 days
Votes: 160 Yes / 356 No / 45 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 619 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Dash Next: Biz Dev, Integrations, Conference representation, Podcasts 

Our mission is to promote Dash around the globe and find new integrations and partners.

Finally in 2022 the restrictions due to the covid pandemic around the world have been eased and the global crypto community is hosting events again in-person instead of virtual only. This is great, as business development efforts are done much better in person.
So, in the first 4 month of 2022, Dash NEXT has been successfully promoting Dash at events around the world, for example in Dubai, the US, Thailand or on Nigeria based crypto TV CNETV. Felix as Dash NEXT’s public representative was invited as a speaker to almost 20 events in the last 4 month. 

We believe in the importance of those events because one of the main feedbacks we get about Dash is that people, esp the younger crypto folks do not know anything about Dash anymore or have never tried it out. We, therefore, believe that we have to be out there on the stage with other projects and trends. We will be forgotten otherwise. 

On top of marketing efforts are business developments leads of course. As an outcome we have completed 2 integrations. The Knit Finance bridge is live and everyone willing to set up a LP can now bridge between Dash and other EVM chains such as Polygon. We are also just completing another integration with Crypto Vault to enable Dash users to issue Dash gift certificates. Those can be even sent on paper around the world.

Moving forward, we are continuing our mission to promote Dash around the globe and find new integrations and partners. 
To summarize our focus:

- Position Dash as strong and relevant project among others at conferences and events around the globe- Create new partnerships in the payment space- Create new partnerships with project across different chains and communities in NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, play-to-earn and all new trends that will appear in 2022- Continuing to work closely with other DFO such as Dash Incubator and Dash Core to maximize outcomes and work towards shared goals. 

- Create more media partnerships and tell engaging stories about Dash; also to get people from other crypto communities excited. 
Please let us know your feedback and suggestions to help improve our work.We also appreciate recommendations and intros to interesting partners who we can help to integrate Dash into their business

We request 128 Dash = 7700 USD per month

Track record:
To find out what we have done in the past, please have a look below.

Our previous proposals: 

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2 points,4 days ago
Even though it'd be great to have multiple DFOs doing Dash biz dev and marketing, I think the cost-benefit for Dash Next has run way out of balance.

You've been asked several times to list specific, verifiable and ideally quantifiable results of the last proposal, not a laundry list of everything you've ever done, as well as specific, verifiable targets for your current proposal.

Instead we keep getting wishy-washy lines like
"Dash NEXT has been successfully promoting Dash at events around the world, for example in Dubai, the US, Thailand or on Nigeria based crypto TV CNETV"

How do you define "successfully"?
Where are videos, slides, recordings from those events?
What was their attendance or view counts?
What impact did it deliver for the Dash network?

When I do look into your work, I see a Cannabis Investment Summit, for example. Great, super interesting! Where can I see those "Dash's Use Cases in the Cannabis Industry" that you supposedly presented?

You dropped a link to and labeled it "Dash Next enters the Metaverse Thailand". I click on it and don't see Dash anywhere.

Many of the videos you linked to have extremely low view counts, some less than 50.

Now I watched that new Crypto Vault video and am left thinking it's just marketing for them rather than any benefit for Dash. Felix proclaims "I'm super-hyped about these printed out certificates" ... ?? ... Hello? Ever heard of paper wallets?

The Crypto Vault product is custodial, you have to trust them not to let your Dash disappear, there is no interest or reward for leaving your funds in their hands as you would get on CrowdNode or any number of other custodial services. No, instead they charge 2.9% to redeem. And to make it more insulting - $25 for US priority mail! ... uhmm, ok... how about print a paper wallet for free, slap a $0.58 stamp on it, done! I really don't see the value in this "partnership". And Felix apparently can't even buy a decent microphone for $7,700/month.

Then I look at your plans "moving forward". Not only can't you even be bothered to format a proper bullet list, but all I see is bland, meaningless, non-commitments "Position Dash ... create new partnerships ... continue to work with ..." Meh.

I feel we're sponsoring Felix trying to build his own brand to the tune of $7,700 per month. I'm out.
4 points,14 days ago
4 months is too long, especially with the current market conditions.
Please fold this way overpriced project into the marketing hub for better oversite.

How much of what Dash next does actually has to do with Dash? From what I have seen it is mostly about Felix building his own brand/name. Hosting or speaking at DeFi events, NFT, Metaverse, play-to-earn, web3, gaming, etc that have little or nothing to do with Dash. What exactly are we paying 8-10k a month for?

The 1st YOUTUBE video I watched (67 views, 50+ minutes) that was promoted on the Dash Next Twitter had nothing about Dash.

The 2nd YT video (30 views, 20+ min) mentioned that he worked for Dash and was focused on bringing Dash payments to Asia, but then corrected himself and said “crypto payments in general”. DashDirect was briefly mentioned in passing at the start before talking about ETH, Solana and other projects for the rest of the video.

The 3rd promoted YT video (75 views, 43 min) started off about Dash the first few minutes but quickly devolved into other coins and non Dash topics. Dash was mentioned again very briefly towards the end.

The 4th video I skimmed (1355 Views, 50 min) was a low quality AMA and Dash was mostly the focus. That was from almost 5 months ago last year.

The last content I watched 3-30-22 was labeled on Discord as
“Frontier3 podcast about the Dash Dao, DeFi, crypto payments and much more.”
However the actual title of the podcast did not include Dash in the title at all.
“Decentralized finance and crypto currency payments.”
Dash was mentioned a few times in passing the whole hour long podcast. When first prompted to talk about Dash felix did not really go into any specific details and moved on. At the very end when he was prompted again to talk about his experience with the Dash DAO he gave a very brief explanation that did not go into much detail. Felix mentioned metamask several times and other projects more than Dash.

These were just a few random samples of the more recent videos I checked to see what was going on with Dash next. I don’t think it is worth 8-10k a month.
I’m not saying all what they do is useless but this project needs to be folded into the marketing hub with more specific tasks, oversight and a focus on promoting Dash, not other projects.
-1 point,11 days ago
Thanks a lot for your feedback. Dash Next is very happy to have Felix promoting Dash around the world at different conferences and online podcasts. Of course he can not let every speech or panel look like a pure Dash sales tour. We have to be realistic, to get invited and stay interesting we have to mix up topics to be relevant in the modern crypto world and for newcomers in the space. To get the name of Dash out there and Felix as a Dash representative placed at the different conferences a lot of preparation and coordination of our team members is needed and costs need to be covered as well (price volatility included). We always try to be as cost efficient as possible and we are mainly proposal owners because we are all huge Dash fans and wanna do the best for Dash. The following two examples in the last proposal cycle will show our work and value hopefully a bit clearer: Felix speaking about Dash in relation to NFT's led to the partnership with, the team pushed then the integration. Today you can see the live AMA with Felix and Marina from Dash Core at about this integration with live Dash Certificate Showcase. Felix speaking about Dash and DeFi led for example to the partnership with Knit Finance. The Dash integration was just finalised a couple of days ago. Next steps will follow after the Heroku Validator authorisation. But you can see the first results already here:
2 points,4 days ago
A good start would be to provide us with video for every presentation to see what we are getting for our support.