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Title:Acceleration Co-Funding for a Self-Sustaining Dash Embassy in Thailand
Monthly amount: 88 DASH (17969 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 264 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-09-17 / 2018-12-15 (added on 2018-09-17)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 0 Yes / 0 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description

Objectives and short description

We are a professional team of business, marketing, education and cryptocurrency experts with a great partner network in sales, legal, payment, integration and implementation.

We are passionate believer in the Dash philosophy and are very active for the Dash Community in Bangkok/Thailand with regular meetups and active support.

Our team envisions to bring the successful open source project of the Dash Embassies from Europe to Asia -  starting with Thailand. In short, we want to help to further grow the ecosystem by helping with marketing, education as well as hands-on support on integration and implementation. Our goal is to help Dash becoming further accepted in the real world and, at the same time, we aim to create a sustainable business concept, that does not rely on the treasury in the long run. We believe this is possible by creating as many win-win situations as we can. We will also take the down-to-business way from other projects in Venezuela - as far as it is possible and suitable in Thailand. Every country needs a different approach.

As we are working with various payment providers and merchants, we have identified a common pain and ongoing trend in the crypto space: merchants want to accept cryptocurrencies but don’t know how, crypto payment providers want to compete with existing alternatives but struggle finding partners and Dash wants to be further accepted in the real world but only grows their merchant network slowly. We have learned that these perspectives are a big opportunity for a Dash Embassy as it brings all the different stakeholders together. We believe that we can grow a business with several revenue streams, such as affiliate or cross marketing income. By doing this, we want to bring the Embassy model to the next level by making it a sustainable business model. For this project we got the full support of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH team.

We are on a good way as we are an existing legal company and already achieved very respectable results in the targeted region. To accomplish the targeted goals we require co-funding from the Dash treasury to create further momentum, starting in October. The Bangkok based Blockchain Gateway and only Dash acceptance so far in Thailand, Futerio by Infinite Solutions Consulting, a registered company limited, has been funding the complete start up, registration, office setup etc. to kick-start the project.

The team is focused on creating a sustainable business model to finance itself after the acceleration period and is asking for an initial 88 Dash per month (detailed budget below). Funding of the treasury will only be needed until the goals are reached. We will also participate in Dash Venture as soon as it is ready.

Please read more about our achievements, current situation and plans below. We looking forward to your comments and feedback! 

Thailand is becoming a critical country for blockchain

While United States regulators are still trying to figure out how to think about cryptocurrencies, Thailand’s government is already mapping out its own central Bank digital currency.

This is just one of numerous examples how Thailand has emerged as one the most interesting cryptocurrency and blockchain countries in Southeast Asia in 2018. Read more in this article:

As this article - like many other - shows, the opportunities in Thailand for Dash and Cryptocurrencies in general are amazing right now. Especially if a professional and trustworthy real-life team with a long standing reputation and credibility offer people the right education, implementation, integration and legal support they need. Combined with the right marketing we want to generate a momentum and use this great chance for Dash in Thailand and as a role model for other countries.
Pictures from our first research and promo tour in Thailand.
Sascha Jochum and Felix Mago from Futerio hosting Rafael Schultz (@blockchainpunk) -
(from left to right: Sascha Jochum, Rafael Schulz, Felix Mago)

What have we achieved so far?

Our Team members are in the crypto scene for a long time and have already been very active for Dash in the local community.

1. Dash Meetups and Live streams!

With our September Event series DASH TUESDAYS [Live from Bangkok] we reached for example 5,800 people so far. The Dash Tuesdays is a regular education and networking event where we invite different speakers for different target groups (beginner, merchants, shops, restaurants, students, entrepreneurs , …). Each Tuesday event has a keynote presentation on a specific subject including a workshop or Q and A (What is Dash, DAO and DGBB, how to use Dash, how to buy/sell Dash, how to accept Dash as a merchant, …) The Keynote presentation takes around 20 minutes. The sessions are recorded and promoted online to the public, so that not only the visitors can learn but everyone can profit from it any time, any place.

Other Asian countries like our partners in Vietnam video stream the event and host their own local events around it. Even a collaboration on another continent is planned - so far in Kenya / East Africa (with @Brighteous).These events have of course been accessible for free for the public interested to learn about Dash. It’s always education and marketing in once. Community management and real-life contacts have been our key to success so far. We even think about extending the event series to October but also considering new Education ways from October on.

The Dash Tuesdays Event has reached 5,800 people till 14th September on facebook

Below some pictures from the Dash Tuesdays on the 4th of Septembe.
Video Streams can be watched here:  
The Events are hosted at the Blockchain Space by UNIONSpace (Ekamai BTS Station)  in Bangkok 

2. Dash Community expansion!
During these events and through our service and support activities we have been already building up a big community with over 1,000 members in Thailand. We promote Thailand as a role model other countries can follow: 
Dash Embassy Thailand group = 1,081 members [14th September 2018] 

The Dash Embassy Thailand page = 169 likes [14th September 2018] 
Here we do regular posts, inform people of new events, other dash related asia news and communicate with the people as a 24/7 chat support. 

3. Chat and call support!
On our social media channels we support people with all Dash related topics like integration, implementation, payment, etc. and actively help finding real life solutions for them or connect them to the right people.  

4. Dash competence Team!
Our Dash Embassy core team includes 1 marketing expert, 1 education professional and 1 dedicated person for administration, implementation and integration, all 3 from the Dash Embassy Thailand founding company and professional Blockchain Gateway!
Plus 2 legal partners from and 1 integration and implementation partner from who targets the Merchants. We also boarded already 2 local thai influencers from the (with 6,500 followers) and Blockchain Zone as Dash Ambassadors on.

What is our current situation?

With our Dash meetups, community and support work for Dash in Thailand and our experiences in other Asian countries we explored many business opportunities and income streams. For example affiliate programs, referrals, event cross marketing etc. with merchants, exchanges, payment processors, brokers, OTC desks, ATM and POS providers, Business services etc.  

Below are our most recent leads:

So far our team has already reached respectable goals as explained above. We see high potential in following up on those leads and to accomplish relevant income streams to keep up the good work and developments. Our goal is to achieve even higher targets and professionalize the whole project and the activities for Dash in Thailand on a legal, governmental and commercial level.

But to to cover the growing external expenses and costs of a professional team we need additional acceleration funding from the Dash treasury; on top of the founding investment our company Futerio has already put in.

For this we request a funding of 88 Dash per month (detailed Budget below)

To canalise our ambitions in Thailand we want to take the successful concept and experiences of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH as a role model to built up on and to combine it with our experiences and business approaches in Thailand.This is why - inspired by their work - we already got in contact with the team of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH quite some time ago.

What is the proposal about?

As the Dash Embassy concept is to create an professional open source company, that can also be used in other countries and languages by other Dash people it was clear for us to use this already established and tested framework (website, marketing materials, workflows for integration, etc.) instead of inventing the wheel new. So, our next step is to setup a Dash Embassy Thailand and later help other countries in Asia to do the same.

Further on we have been contacted by people from Vietnam, who also would like to create a Dash Embassy after the model of the D-A-CH team and our Thailand team.

The Core Team of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH assured us to help us with this, if our proposal for a Dash Embassy Thailand gets funded:

Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra) -
Klaus Hipfinger (@simontheravager) -
Rafael Schultz (@blockchainpunk) -
Nils Hermann (@orion) -
Siney Demirel (@sidem) -

So, on the first stage we want to set up 1 by 1 a Dash Embassy Thailand after the model of the Dash embassy D-A-CH like explained here in this guide:

Yet, we want to make one major difference from the beginning: we want to establish the Embassy Thailand with a more economic orientation and a lower cost approach. This means that we will not be as expensive as the Dash Embassy D-A-CH because:

  • Futerio will invest it’s legal company structure, office, resources and network to kickstart the project and safe the expensive funding costs to start a company in Thailand.  On a later stage we want to establish a representative office in the way the Dash Embassy D-A-CH UG can be considered.
  • As long as the Dash market price remains lower than 250 USD, Futerio will cover partly the salaries of the 3 core team member.
  • We will generate other income streams from the beginning. We have the first event cross-marketing offer already from for 500 Euro in November. More to come.
  • We will do many education, PR and marketing activities inhouse to safe external costs.
  • And very important we can profit from all the materials, experiences and knowledge the D-A-CH Team already achieved
With this approach the Dash treasury need to fund only a part of the project as Futerio will invest in this project as well. The funding, therefore will also not be needed forever as our approach is to carry ourselves as soon as possible through the mentioned external income streams.
Below some activity examples of the Dash Embassy Thailand!

Marketing activity examples:

  • Setup a Thailand Dash Embassy Website like ​
  • Setup the relevant social media channels for Thailand (thai/english), so also Thai people can get in contact with us in a comfortable way
  • PR in specialized press, trade press, daily and weekly press
    (interviews, press releases)
  • Attend events like crypto-, finance-, fintech-, startup- or payment conferences
  • Political communication with stakeholders of consumer protection, political parties and regulators with the goal to gain lobbying support
  • Become a member of national federations
  • Do lobbying with the federations together
  • Business cards and merchandise for the team
  • We will use the official Dash style guide for everything we use and create:
  • Use the official Dash marketing materials:
Education activity examples:

  • Start Dash Ambassador network, offer learning Tools for ambassadors: People who want to help educating people about Dash need to be trained so we can make sure that everybody talking about Dash as an “Official Dash Ambassador” is spreading the truth. Using also official Dash presentations and marketing materials.
  • Workshops (Dash Tuesdays) with trusted partners
  • Webinars / video streams
  • Legal questionnaire regarding laws and crypto regulation in your country answered by lawyers and tax accountants familiar to crypto
  • Organize a Dash roadshow with our legal and merchant partners to attract as many people as possible in venues like universities, co-working spaces and economic institutions.
  • find partners for education lobbying to bring decentralization and Dash to schools and universities on a regular base
  • offer free workshops to institutions like banks, retailers, merchants and payment companies rather than integration pitches
  • Educate Government, NGOs  and associations
Integration activity examples:

  • Onboard merchants. start from small shops, bars restaurants to bigger chains.
  • Integrate Dash in Asian exchanges (and start affiliate program for own income streams and relieve pressure from the treasury)
  • Integrate Dash in Asian Crypto-ATMs (and start affiliate program for own income streams and relieve pressure from the treasury)
  • Find a proper POS solution (and start affiliate program for own income streams and relieve pressure from the treasury)
  • Creation of a Strategy and Concept for Merchant Integration in Thailand with the existing available means
  • Start partnerships with merchant integration companies
  • Develop a Best Practice Case that fit to every countries’ needs
  • Start frequent meetings with merchants and payment partners
  • Launch Dash implementations to PSPs
  • Launch Dash implementations to ATMs
  • Launch Dash implementations to Merchants
Support activity examples:

  • Support Knowledge Base by adopting the existing Dash Embassy Knowledge-Base and translate also in Thai
  • Start email-support for B2C and B2B
  • Building a full support team
  • Website Live-Chat and email Contact
  • Phone Support via the Support Tool if necessary
  • FAQ
  • External support with Legal Network of Law firms and tax accountants we trust to recommend our users and merchants if the need help
Admin and Law:

  • create a legal framework with our already existing partner
  • setup a public budget accounting
  • setup all necessary tools
  • create a legal entity (in Q2-3 2019)
Who is on our team?

Marketing and Sales:
Sascha Jochum [Futerio]
DASH Forum = dashbkk, Discord = dashbkk#3673,
phone = +66 827918244,
email =
(Dash embassy email, business card etc. will be done after proposal budget is confirmed)

Education and Business Strategies:
Felix Mago
DASH Forum = fx_bkk, Discord = jerimyah#5371,
phone = +66 646246994,
email =
(Dash embassy email, business card etc. will be done after proposal budget is confirmed)

Administration and Implementation / Integration strategies:
Tobias van Rennings
DASH Forum = TobiasVR, Discord = TobiasVR#5394,
phone = +66 979793994,
email =
(Dash embassy email, business card etc. will be done after proposal budget is confirmed)

This 3 Ambassadors from Futerio are the backbones of the achieved goals and will be initiators and full-time founding members of the Dash Embassy Thailand.

Futerio is a registered company limited:FUTERIO by Infinite Solutions Consulting Co., Ltd.Glas Haus Building, Level P, Unit P01,1 Sukhumvit 25 Sukhumvit Road,North Klongtoey, WattanaBangkok 10110, Thailand

To allow a kickstart and to keep a low cost approach Futerio will offer it’s legal company structure, registration, setup and office etc. for the first 3-6 month at least.Futerio is a successful company who will also follow the approach that the Dash Embassy will carry itself after a acceleration investment from the Dash treasury and won’t require the treasury support after a while.

Futerio is the only Dash acceptance in Thailand so far and we want to change this!

Long-term effects and in- depth cultural integration as well as legal security is reached by including local partners and professionals early into the project and educating and supplying them with the tools and knowledge required to operate “their” embassy in their respective country and language with the specific legal setting. So far we partnered with:

Partner for Implementation / Integration
Felix Mohr
[Silk Krypto]

Partner for Legal and Tax
Ivy Liu

Vinay Ahuja [DFDL]

Thai Ambassadors and Influencers:
Peeraphat Hangkongkaew
(first thai author on Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies topics: Bitcoin 101)

Goshintas Wongrattananukul

As we are no locals but very well connected in Asia due to our existing businesses, it is important to notice, that we will integrate step by step more locals in our team.
Once this is done in Thailand on the second stage.

As soon as the Thailand embassy is successfully established, we will support future ambassadors in other Asian countries  (e.g. Vietnam) in setting-up their own embassies like the D-A-CH team is currently supporting us and future embassies in Europe.

Our current applicant for additional countries:
Minh Thy Nguyen Ngoc (Vietnam Applicant)


Please see detailed Budget plan of the 88 Dash in USD in link below


Our reporting will be done in the forum, on dashcentral and in our social media channels. We will publish a quarterly video summit and give you smaller updates with short videos in the same form as the Dash Embassy D-A-CH is already doing it. And of course we will get in contact with dashwatch.

Looking forward to get your feedback. We are always aiming to improve!

In Dash we trust!

Greetings from the Dash Embassy Thailand Core team
Sascha, Felix, Tobias and Partners

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-1 point,2 years ago
<Thailand's annual inflation rate eased to a six-month low of 1.23 percent in October 2018 from 1.33 percent in September and below market consensus of 1.30 percent. > Inflation is very very low in Thailand, perspective: will be extremely difficult to win market-share for Dash as a currency
2 points,2 years ago
Dash Watch November 26th 2018 Report on
Dash Embassy in Thailand by DashEmbassyThailand
0 points,2 years ago
Thailand has such a big potential! Do it guys!
1 point,2 years ago
Thanks so much for the supporting comment! And yes potential is massive here with the huge tourism industry, the Crypto-friendly government approach and open door policy.
1 point,2 years ago
Dash Watch October 25th 2018 Report on
Dash Embassy in Thailand by DashEmbassyThailand
1 point,3 years ago
We published this forum thread to keep you updated about our activities and more internal things:

We also use the Dash Embassy Thailand pages & groups on linkedin, facebook, twitter, reddit etc. for more marketing & promo related content as well as our discord channel at Dash nation #dn-thailand
Please follow us there too! :)
1 point,3 years ago
It’s Tuesday again! So see you all today at 7pm for the dash Tuesdays live from Bangkok. Also live-streamed to our beloved partners from Dash Vietnam and to every couch in the world from our Dash Embassy Thailand page. Sharing below the post from our Partner Thy:
2 points,3 years ago
The Dash Embassy Thailand Team is looking forward to see all Dash fans and enthusiasts to the next Dash Tuesdays edition with special guest Felix Mohr from Silk Krypto to discuss the current Crypto Payment Landscape in Thailand. See you all for free knowledge, entry and snacks on Tuesday again! Just RSVP on link below. Looking forward to another great discussion and learning session! [​IMG]
2 points,3 years ago
The Dash Embassy Thailand wants to thank
the MNOs, the D-A-CH Team and of course the
whole Dash community for your feedback,
support & believing in us and our proposal!

Be sure we will always do our best for Dash
in Thailand & more!
0 points,3 years ago
Another Cryptocurrency related BREAKING NEWS in Thailand from the 27th September on! "Superrich" the most popular currency exchange chain in Thailand, has reportedly revealed a plan to begin offering travelers cryptocurrency exchange service in addition to 32 fiat currencies. The company has 49 locations in Thailand, one in Cambodia, one in Britain, and is also in talks with regulators to start operations in Laos! Please read more here: Now it's the right time for DASH to position in Asia. Many opportunities for us here. Thanks for your support and vote!
1 point,3 years ago
latest video update of the first of many merchant on-boardings to come by the Dash Embassy Thailand. Thanks for your votes and support!
3 points,3 years ago
I like this proposals but, due to budget constraints and asking the questions in how many places in the world can Dash pay for it presents we are starting to spread our selves thin. Until Venezuela/south america and KuvaCash/Afrika are sufficiently funded I am voting no on Asia.

I do think you guys are professionals and could potentially bring in more activity in Dash
2 points,3 years ago
This is why we should relieve some pressure from the treasury on the long run like we try to do with our ATM proposal in this cycle.
1 point,3 years ago
Thank you very much for liking our proposal and for your input. We would like to challenge your argument regarding Asia: We agree that hyperinflation and underbanked countries are highly important to push Dash as a brand and Dash payments into the real world.
Yet, we see especially in Asia the highest growth rates for cashless payments and we see enormous growth rates of users for whom it is very normal to pay with cell phones on various services, such as mobile phone applications.
We believe that this is an enormous chance for Dash to grow visibility, brand awareness and push Dash into the real world. We believe that this chance is especially high in Thailand - as described in the proposal, the government is taking a very positive stand on cryptocurrencies and is actively supporting Blockchain based solutions.
As we are currently the only proposal focusing on Thailand/Asia and we believe that from a short, mid and long term perspective Dash must position itself and will profit enormously from people working on solutions. It's a great timing and a huge chance at the moment.
We, therefore, believe that a Dash Embassy in Thailand will drive value and that our team can actively can bring more real world activity into Dash. We are happy to discuss that further.
1 point,3 years ago
If there is room I'll vote yes, but when there no room in the following cycles, that the thing I am most worried about. I hate the fact that some projects get defunded or underfunded.
1 point,3 years ago
Thanks for explaining your decision making process. That is very helpful for everyone and make everything more transparent and clear. Also thanks for believing in us and voting yes if there is room. We will give you no reason to change your mind in future.
1 point,3 years ago
voting YES.
I was in Indonesia recently. Kinda tough going when it comes to explaining cryptocurrencies, plus they have net restrictions. In Malaysia there seemed to be more awareness. Anyway, get my YES vote.
1 point,3 years ago
Thanks a lot for your vote! Thailand is progressiv and pro crypto. The Blockchain landscape is pretty good here. Also for many other reasons in our eyes the ideal asian country to start this project. Hope you will visit us soon here!
2 points,3 years ago
clear yes from me
1 point,3 years ago
Thanks so much for believing in us and our project!
1 point,3 years ago
Hi all, to answer some of your questions better, we made a quick video of what has happened so far at the Dash Embassy Thailand and where we want to go.
As always: we are happy to receive feedback and answer all your questions.
1 point,3 years ago
and here a list of events we have done/participated so far:
Location City

2018 9 25
ASEAN Digital Summit 5.0 Royal Orchid Shearaton
Dash Representative Felix on Stage in a room full of government representatives

2018 9 25
Dash Tuesdays
Fireside Chat - Guest Speaker Alexey Gusev and Dash Ambassador Felix Mago discussing the past, present and future of Dash

2018 9 18
Dash Tuesdays
Fireside Chat - Guest Speaker Marten Rauschenberg and Dash Ambassador Felix Mago discussing DAO, decentral governance and ratings

2018 9 12
Dash at Hybridblock Meetup
Blockchain Zone
Discussion on cryptocurrencies and tokenized business models

2018 9 11
Dash Tuesdays
Dash and POS integration - live demo and discussion with Fiii representative Lin Wooi Ong and Dash Ambassador Felix Mago

2018 9 04 Dash Tuesdays UnionSpace Bangkok Official start of Dash Embassy Thailand - Dash overview by Felix Mago

2018 8 31
Ethereum Meetup
Big Fish
Dash representative participate in Meetup

2018 8 31
Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok
Bangkok Dash representative participate in conference
2 points,3 years ago
Thank you for this proposal. I like the idea of embassies around the world, and did not know that D-A-CH had created a guide for their creation until I saw your link here.

Regarding funding, it seems that you intend to ask for more funds later than what you are here -- at least, that's what I'm understanding from the words "co-funding." Am I correct? If so, what ask amounts do you anticipate in the future, and what is the general timeline for whittling down that amount with other sources of revenue, if any?

-1 point,3 years ago
Thank you for your support and motivating comment! Yes the D-A-CH team has beside a guide also a lot of open source material and supporting us a lot.
We wanna do the same for other asian countries who wanna follow us. We collaborating already a lot with Vietnam to get a bigger coverage in asia for dash.

With co-funding / self-sustaining we actually mean more or less the opposite! We are asking only for a acceleration co-funding for the embassy at the beginning to reach the next level of our pre-work (funded by our team). Our goal is to create a sustainable business model asap. Our sources of revenue are for example:
a.) Event cross marketing: We are currently seeing a big trend of cryptocurrency related businesses entering the market (e.g. ICO, POS-providers, exchanges, payment processors, brokers, OTC desks, ATM and other business services etc). We are planning to give them a stage on our Dash events to promote themselves via paid slots (similar business model as conferences are doing it). At the same time, we push Dash to be the top currency within these systems.
b.) Affiliate programs & referrals with these players: We are pushing for long term partnerships with these players – e.g. by receiving a long term % of Dash-payments within one POS system or ATM provider.

The general financial timeline is orientated on the average start up timeline of new businesses models in a new markets! The operative timeline will shift the focus from marketing and education more and more on sales and integration. Which means more and more income streams through:
a) cross marketing revenue,
b) affiliate revenue,
c) revenue from marketing packages we offer to merchants
2 points,3 years ago
yes from me.
1 point,3 years ago
Thanks a lot for the support and believing in our project! We are super ready to go the next steps for dash here
0 points,3 years ago
1. What is your highest priority in the revenue-generating opportunities you have at the moment? How will you tackle it with the budget you are asking?

2. What is, in your opinion, the most impactful way to get Dash adopted and used in Thailand? How much will you focus on that plan?
1 point,3 years ago
Thanks a lot for your questions!

Regarding 1.) We will tackle it with different strategies. But figured out 2 main strategies which will be the priorities at the beginning. The budget is therefore mainly allocated for human resources, marketing and travel costs.
a.) Event cross marketing: We are currently seeing a big trend of cryptocurrency related businesses entering the market (e.g. ICO, POS-providers, exchanges, payment processors, brokers, OTC desks, ATM and other business services etc). We are planning to give them a stage on our Dash events to promote themselves via paid slots (similar business model as conferences are doing it). At the same time, we push Dash to be the top currency within these systems.
b.) Affiliate programs & referrals with these players: We are pushing for long term partnerships with these players – e.g. by receiving a long term % of Dash-payments within one POS system or ATM provider.

regarding 2.) = As we all know different markets need different approaches. We believe that it is important to first understand the pains. In Venezuela the main pain is the hyperinflation. In Thailand it's a totally different situation. In Thailand almost 20% of the GDP is tourism-related and this is where we see our focus. There is a lot of competition in the market as well as many different kinds of tourists, such as travellers/ tourists/ backpackers/ digital nomades/ expats/ businessman from all over the world with their different currencies. As of now, the tourism industry suffers from high fees, long waiting time to process payments via various middlemen and, of course, are in a situation of high competition. The tourists on the other hand have high exchange or ATM costs and long waiting times at the exchanges.
If the hospitality industry starts accepting Dash, many of these pains are solved. Fees are lower, payment is faster and we can help the local business to do extra marketing. For a start, this extra marketing will be free. On the long run, we are planning to offer paid marketing packages for merchants accepting dash and promote them locally and globally through our network and with our marketing partners (additionally to regarding 1).
The Dash adoption is our main focus! As our pre-work has already been based on general marketing, education and community building for Dash in Thailand, we plan to reduce our general event, education and marketing activity in October step by step and get more specific towards real life adoption of Dash in Thailand.
1 point,3 years ago
Both of your answers are encouraging. You seem to have successfully identified two opportunities that need tackling in Thailand.

As far as the paid slots on your Dash events. What is the accepted cryto/fiat for participating or transacting in those Events? Can they be Dash exclusive? That would provide a lot of positive friction of the people participating with Dash.

Lastly, about the real life adoption in Thailand especially in the tourist sector. Do you have any products in the works that will make it easier for all the people involved to use Dash? A POS? Wallets? If not, are you thinking of promoting already working products that are being developed by other Dash teams (Spark, Anypay etc)?
My main concern is that educating people is not enough to make them convert to using Dash. They need something easy that already works.
1 point,3 years ago
Yes indeed. I would say we know the market here well. Many of our team members have successfully operated business here for years and we have put a lot of pre-work and market research in the project to identify these opportunities.

Regarding the paid slots: We have been open so far in our fiat/crypto acceptance. But our strategy is push it towards Dash step by step and sooner or later Dash only! That has to be the mission.

Regarding the real-life solutions. Anypay is one of our favorites at the moment for Thailand as you can set THB as denomination. But we also working with the local exchanges and payment providers etc. on the ideal Thailand solution. As we also believe the solution must be as easy as possible and must be proven to work!
0 points,3 years ago
Dear masternodes, Thanks a lot for your votes so far! We’ve already got 282 Yes / 58 No / 3 Abstain. That's almost 350 votes with a lot of knowledge behind for the Dash community. We from the Dash Embassy Thailand would be very happy if you could leave us sometimes 1 or 2 sentences explaining your voting decision. This provides an orientation on what issues we should focus more and where improvement is needed. This information helps adjusting and restructuring our proposal and our work here for Dash increasing efficiency for the whole community. Feedback is very important for us, as we want to always improve our efforts for the network. Thanks already ahead for your feedback.
1 point,3 years ago
thumbs up
2 points,3 years ago
Thanks guys for the support and help over many month already. Greetings to our Dash Embassy fellas in the DACH region from the land of smile!
2 points,3 years ago
Big fan of Thailand and think Dash and this proposal will do great there!
2 points,3 years ago
Thanks a lot for the motivating feedback and great to hear you are a Thailand fan. Please drop us a message when you around next time ....
6 points,3 years ago
I went to one of their events, which was also the first time I met Sascha and Felix, they did a very good job and I was surprised by the number of people in attendance (it was high). Crypto is legal in Thailand and is welcome unlike other parts of Asia. The team is well implanted in Bangkok and I'm sure such highly motivated people could make a difference.
2 points,3 years ago
Thanks for the great feedback and support. Absolutely right the potential is huge here and we are ready to take the chance for Dash!
2 points,3 years ago
If this ends up being anything as good as the DASH Embassy D-A-CH then it's totally worth it.
I look forward to paying for everything with Dash next time I'm in Thailand :)
2 points,3 years ago
yes D-A-CH is definitely our role model and we are very happy to have the support of the D-A-CH team. That will make a kickstart way more easy. Hope to see you on your next Thailand visit! In the meanwhile we will work on the first Dash merchant listings in Thailand! if you have any leads or favorite spots please send them over :)
0 points,3 years ago
Are any of you actually from Thailand and speak the language? I wouldn't trust a team of foreigners to run something like this.
3 points,3 years ago
Our Thailand embassy core team and partners are a mix of expats who living and working here for many years and thai natives (as listed in our proposal). We focusing here on the big expat community in english as well as thai locals in thai. Here an example:
5 points,3 years ago
Looks goods. You have my vote.
Just one thing, your sub-branding isn't quite in-line with the current guide. Check out page 19.
2 points,3 years ago
Hi Acedian, Thanks a lot for your vote and the great feedback. That's motivating for us and the Dash community here in Thailand as well as the neighbouring countries!

Thanks also a lot for the logo advice. We will change that asap.
Do you actually know if there is additionally to the brand style guide a kinda AI or PSD master file? Khop Khun Khrap from the land of smile :)
2 points,3 years ago
Thanks a lot for the design help. Just published the new Dash Embassy Thailand and the new Dash Thailand logo. You can find them on our social media pages ... with a lot of other infos about our past activities.