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Title:Dash Next & Dash Thailand Q4
Monthly amount: 264 DASH (7831 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-09-16 / 2019-12-14 (added on 2019-09-13)
Votes: 757 Yes / 124 No / 45 Abstain
External information:

Proposal description

After successfully establishing a Dash merchant network In Thailand the team created Dash NEXT with multiple global integrations and exchange listings. We have achieved a lot in the recent months and would like to share our success story and future plans with you. 

In short, our two projects have combined a bottom-up approach creating a healthy Dash merchant ecosystem in Thailand. With Dash Next we follow a top-down approach where we are developing business opportunities, creating partnerships and implementing integrations all around Asia & beyond on all payment verticals such as travel, retail, exchanges and finance. For the next steps, we plan on continuing this approach to help growing the Dash community, usage and provide more great options to utilize Dash. We believe in the high importance of local presence and personal contacts to create partnerships. As we are working close with many other Dash teams around the world, we are also able to take over opportunities in Asia, utilizing the Dash budget in the most efficient way for the whole network.

Highlights (see more details below): 
  • Healthy merchants and consumer ecosystem in Thailand, in the top-3 ranking on Anypay globally for many consecutive months.
  • 6 exchange integrations until end of September 2019, many of them top exchanges and more integrations already in progress
  • 700k+ Hotels worldwide and soon 400+ airlines and private homes payable with Dash 
  • Dash Gift cards for over 190 countries with many big merchants such as Amazon, Steam, Spotify, Netflix and many more
  • Dash mobile topus in 145+ countries via 200+ Mobile providers
  • Up to 2m easy to use Dash crypto debit cards, linkable with Digifinex and soon to more exchanges (launch to be presented at Dash Convention)
Complete List of achievements/ completed integrations with details:

  • Mobiletopup: Dash topup for mobile phones in over 145 countries
Integration Date: 25.1.19
  • Cryptorefills – Gift cards with Dash (EU-based Bitrefill competitor)
Integration date: 15.8.19
  • Hotelier Mart – Travel bookings with Dash in over 700k hotels worldwide and soon 600 Airlines and private rooms
Integration date: 15.9.19
  • Creating a stable Merchant ecosystem with regular transactions in Thailand from the scratch (0 Dash acceptances when we started) 

  • LA Token: Top-10 exchange, Dash Integrated with Dash/USDT & BTC
Integration Date: 24.7.19
  • Dcoin: Top-30 exchange, Dash integrated with Dash/USDT
Integration Date: 2.7.19
  • OceanEx: Top-60 exchange, Dash integrated with Dash/USDT
  • Lex Echange: Dash integrated with Dash/AUD & Dash/BTC
Integration Date: 1.7.19
  • Bitoffer: Dash Integrated with InstantSend and Traiding pairs: BTC, ETH, and USDT
Integration Date: 7.8.19
  • Bitbns: Peer to peer trading platform vs. USDT, THB, INR
Integration Date: 1.8.2019
  • Digifinex: Marketing Partnership for Thailand

  • Celsius Partnership: Dash collateralized loans and shared Masternode investments with weekly payouts.
Start date: 12.4.19 

Past Conferences with Dash Thailand / Dash NEXT Founders as speaker and/or in partnership 
  • Blocklive Asia, Singapore, 15.-16.4.19 - Keynote, Community Partnership
  • Blockchain Life, Singapore, 23.-24.4.19, Keynote 
35C3, Leipzig, Germany 27.-30.12.18, Keynote 
  • Coinadvice, Pattaya, Thailand, 4.-6.3.19, Keynote
  • Black Mountain Chiang Mai: 15.2.19, Panel
  • Secure Bangkok – Silver Bullet Security, Keynote, Community Partnership
  • Bangkok Blockchain Conference, 6.12.18, Keynote
  • Supply Chain Forum Bangkok, 6.12.18, Keynote
  • Next Block Bangkok, 25.-26.6.19, Panel, Community Partnership
  • Asean Digital Summit, 9.12.18, Panel, Community Partnership
  • Beyond Blocks Bangkok, 27.11.18, Community Partnership 
  • StakingCon: Keynote, Beijing, 10.7., Keynote
  • Bloconomic: Keynote, MOU signing Blockchain Education with Minister of Entrepreneurship, Kuala Lumpur, August 15-16 

Confirmed upcoming conferences:
  • Next Block Bangkok 4.12.19, Panel, Community Partnership 
  • World Blockchain Summit, 1.-2.12.19 
  • International Fintech Innovation Conference - Seoul, 14.10.19 
  • Block Plus Summit, Vietnam, 15.9.19 
  • AI and Blockchain Summit Manila, June 2020 
  • AI and Blockchain Summit, Malta, 6-8.11 2019 
  • Cannabiz World Summit, Malta, 3-7.11 2019 
  • Blockchain Life Moskau, initiated contact for Embassy DACH team, 
  • Sathoshi Awards: Anerchapulco, Mexico, TBA 2020

External Media:Own Social Media   
ChannelsOwn VideoMeetups:
Ongoing/Upcoming Integrations & partnerships:
  • Bitmart: Top-20 Exchange, Dash Integrated with Dash/USDT, BTC & ETH
  • BXB: InstantSend Integration
  • Bitasset: Taiwanese Exchange, Dash integrated vs RNB trading pairs
  • BVNEX: Vietnamese Exchange, Dash integrated vs VND
  • Xcel Trip - over 700k Hotels worldwide
  • Blucon: globally usable Crypto Debit Cards and public transport cards for South Korea, rechargeable via Digifinex (200k for 2019, 2mio for 2020, more exchanges to be connected soon)
  • Wisepass 
  • Winstantpay
  • 3 Hardware wallets
  • Property Investment Platform in Dubai
  • Thai Acquirer
  • Multiple Exchanges all over Asia: Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan
  • Room sharing platform
  • Consentium
  • Satang
  • Bitkub
  • Liquid Japan
  • Blucon: globally usable Crypto Debit Cards and public transport cards for South Korea, rechargeable via Digifinex (200k for 2019, 2m for 2020, more exchanges to be connected soon)
  • Ongoing conversations with regulators in Asia

Key learnings and our approach:
  • Enabling crypto payments is like putting together a big puzzle
  • Dash needs local partners all over the globe (exchanges, payment services, merchants etc.) that enable us to legally operate in each market
  • Fiat gateways are a key element to grow merchant ecosystems around the world. To achieve this, exchanges with fiat trading pairs a required
  • Merchants need support - it is a long way for them to understand cryptocurrencies
  • Big and small businesses are often scared of crypto payments as they do not know how to handle the technology and mistrust a volatile asset. Giving them options to easy and immediately exit to fiat of their choice and providing them a personal support contact is the best way to overcome these worries.
  • The travel industry is a great and viable use case for Dash
  • With one of the highest numbers of tourists, Thailand is the perfect market as Dash’s showcase
  • Crypto Payments is new for most travel platforms. The industry is a blue ocean of opportunities to build on 
  • Local networks and exposure are key to integrate Dash payments
  • Blockchain is one of the fastest moving industries. The most efficient way to know key players is to meet them at conferences and events.
  • The Asian crypto scene is huge and participating in conferences and events has created most of our leads and completed integrations
  • Good personal contacts can put Dash high up in our partner’s priorities and makes integrations happen fast
  • Cooperation and streamlining of efforts with Dash increase Teams around the world increase outcomes and cost efficiency
  • Identifying shared goals can create great results one team alone cannot create - e.g. the combined effort of Dash Embassy DACH, CORE and Dash Thailand to systematically reach out to all exchanges without Dash listing has shown great results
  • Having regular calls with teams around the world enables us to help other team and get help where it is needed
Areas we plan to focus on:
  • Travel
  • Payment Providers and solutions
  • Exchanges
  • Retail
  • Close partnerships in Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia
Please see details to our budget below. 

Please note the reduced USD Budget: Our team has agreed to reduce the salaries by 20% for the coming quarter due to the current Dash price.

Track record
To find out what we have done in the past, please have a look below. 

Our previous proposals: 

Our Dash Watch reports:
We thank you sincerely for your trust and great support. As always, your feedback is most welcome and will be included in our work!

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1 point,4 years ago
Voters, enough of the apathy, let's see some debate on our investment into Thailand.
Debate topic: there exists extremely low demand to pay with Dash in Thailand
-1 point,4 years ago
Dash NEXT partners with Smart Valore. Dash staking with up to 6.9% annual interest now available on their platform and more to come ...
0 points,4 years ago
Dash NEXT & Dash Core Group partnering with Indodax which is leading to the immediate integration of Dash InstantSend, Facilitating Instant Transactions at the Indonesian top Exchange. Indodax is a technology-based company that brings together the biggest seller and buyer of digital assets in Indonesia. Actively serving 1.8 million members in 80 countries, this high-liquidity marketplace has provided more than 50 types of digital assets that are ready to be traded. Members are also made easy with the help of Indodax customer support, which is always active 24/7.
0 points,4 years ago
Dash NEXT team is taking Malta by storm. After representing Dash on multiple panels and keynotes over the Malta Blockchain Week. Dash NEXT & Dash Thailand co-founder Felix Mago receives the DAO Building of the year 2019 Award for Dash. We are very proud to win this against the Maker DAO and other great competitors and are happy to share this fantastic victory with the whole Dash Community around the globe while all eyes are on Malta.
2 points,4 years ago
Great new Dash NEXT partnership. Starting this week, Telegram users can obtain Dash on Chatex, sell, buy, and transfer it to people in other continents with multiple fiat & crypto currency pairs with only 1 and soon 0 block confirmations (Instant Send). Chatex is an Estonia-based p2p neobank which operates as a bot service on the Telegram messenger. Another great integration!

Regarding InstantSend. Block confirmations now down to 1 only and thanks to the Dash Co-Working collaboration and the technical support from Dash Embassy DACH we believe we can get InstantSend fully supported soon.
0 points,4 years ago
Debate: that there exists very low demand (from locals + travellers) to pay with Dash in Thailand--that the Thai Baht is working satisfactorily for purchases
0 points,4 years ago
As mentioned in the previous comments. The Thailand ecosystem is just one of our multiple use cases in our proposal and an actually very valuable one. We understand your concern that the Thai baht is a strong currency, Nevertheless it's a stable and working Dash ecosystem here and also a great show case for Dash around the world for many reasons. If you look at global Dash transactions it's also shown that a weak local currency does not mean necessarily more Dash transactions. In general we need more use cases than only inflation rate and we are working hard on that.
1 point,4 years ago
debate: that the Dash ecosystem is not stable in Thailand--that if the DAO funding ceases that the ecosystem would wither away. That there is anemic demand (besides the Dash Thailand team members) to pay with Dash
0 points,4 years ago
Great News! Dash NEXT is going to represent Dash in Malta at one of the most important Blockchain weeks around the globe! We are proud to announce that Dash Next's partnership there includes also Dash Thailand's & Dash Next’s Co-Founder Felix Mago will be giving his insights on Dash and crypto payment solutions in the digital era in front of a huge international crowd at @AIBCsummit in Malta #aibcsummit #aibcnov19 that all Dash fans get 25% discount using the promo Code SPEAK25OFF. Just choose “Delegate” ticket type, enter the discount code above and complete the registration form. Contact us anytime if you wanna meet up there or have any questions.
-1 point,4 years ago
Great News! Dash NEXT formed a strategic partnership with Bvnex leading in a first step to a Dash/VNDT listing on their exchange (InstantSend enabled). That's another great step for Dash's Asia expansion beyond Thailand as Bvnex is a fiat-to-crypto exchange based in Vietnam, whose exposure covers 80% of the Vietnamese crypto market. Further information:
2 points,4 years ago
<Healthy merchants and consumer ecosystem in Thailand, in the top-3 ranking on Anypay globally for many consecutive months.> The Anypay ranking could being driven by the team members of Dash-Thailand
1 point,4 years ago
Of course our team members spending Dash as well, but many others as well. Detailed numbers we only get through the merchants using Anypay.
1 point,4 years ago
As well, giveaways & promotions (which are paid for from DAO funds), which would be non-organic transactions (ie. tx's subsidized by the DAO)
1 point,4 years ago
No we never use the DAO funds for giveaways / promotions. The merchants themselves financing that promotions.
0 points,4 years ago
Great News! Dash NEXT is partnering with another top 10 crypto exchange. Bitmart is listing Dash to BTC, ETH & USDT (instant Send enabled) on 10th October thanks to our partnership. BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital asset trading platform, ranking among the top 10 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. BitMart currently has over 850,000 registered users, with a daily trading volume of about 1 billion US dollars. That's another major step for Dash.

Click links below for more Info:
0 points,4 years ago
Thanks to all Masternodes and the great Dash community for all your trust and support to help us pushing Dash adoption and growth in Thailand and beyond month by month. Congrats also to all the other proposal owners who passed yesterday and thanks for all your hard work! <3
2 points,4 years ago
budget is substantially too high at 264/month. Consumers in Thailand have a low demand for a new currency product like Dash. Majority of these funds would be better allocated to a country like Vzla, where there exists a high consumer demand for a new currency product
-1 point,4 years ago
Thanks for your comment. Yes we know that our USD/THB calculated budget appears unfortunately as a high ask in Dash due to the low Dash price (70USD) at the moment. We also agree that a country like Vzla would need a new currency. But 2 things. Number 1 the use case of Dash is not only hyperinflation as we proved with our working Dash merchant ecosystem in Thailand. Number 2 Dash Thailand and Dash NEXT combine a bottom up and top down approach far beyond Thailand and not only grass roots dorr to door. Take our integrations in global exchanges and big online merchants as an example. With Dash NEXT we enabled for the first time Dash/Fiat on/off ramping to Chinese Yuan and Taiwanese Dollar and on-boarded last week a decentralised travel platform which give the Dash community access to 1.5 million hotels and 400+ airlines. These things are very important for the growth of Dash and scalable around the globe.
1 point,4 years ago
<as we proved with our working Dash merchant ecosystem in Thailand.> What is incentive for Thai people to spend Dash at these merchants? If a Thai person owned Dash, wouldn't they rather hold it as an investment? and ie. spend their fiat at the merchant?
0 points,4 years ago
Yes that might be true for many of them but our eco system in Thailand works not only through the thai people. It's working also through the many crypto travellers and digital nomads based in Thailand (which bring their Dash experience also back to their home countries as multiplicators/ambassadors) as Thailand is a global touristic destination and hotspot for digital nomads. To make it interesting for thai people all our merchants offer regular promotions and discounts if people paying with Dash - that's a very successful method. Beside that our Dash ecosystem in Thailand is also only a part of our proposal. With Dash Next we focusing on a more scalable top down approach on a global base.
2 points,4 years ago
a) that brings to the table the Q: apart from Dash-Thailand team members, how many travellers and digital nomads have been spending Dash per day? It seems it could be very low, even 1 traveller/digital nomad per day

b) discounts--are these funded with the DAO funds? It would be superior to have spending of our product on an organic and sustainable basis. If discounts are funded from team's budget, then we're not getting organic and sustainable use of our product
0 points,4 years ago
regarding a) exact numbers are unfortunately hard to tell as we get the statistics only from Anypay. But it's definitely not only through our team members.

regarding b) No we never used DAO funds for that and we will never do that. The discounts & promotions are financed by the merchants only.
1 point,4 years ago
Dear Masternodes, Please see the great Dash Watch report about our achievements in the last month and thanks for your support!
-1 point,4 years ago
I see some merchants in Bangkok on discoverdash so I will vote yes.

Please set up some ATMs though. I don't see any of those.
1 point,4 years ago
Thanks a lot for your yes vote.

Indeed we have a great Dash merchant Network in Thailand with regular transactions!

Yes ATM's would be great and they will come. We talked already with a lot of companies, but they all still waiting for there licences. If they are through we are in :)
3 points,4 years ago
Great news from Thailand! DASH Next Partners with XcelTrip to gain access to over 1.5 million Hotels and 400+ airlines worldwide for Dash with great discounts for the community. Dash Next integrated Dash at XcelTrip, a decentralised online travel booking platform and ecosystem. Check it out and get cash back promotions up to 50% here:
0 points,4 years ago
Yes from me.
2 points,4 years ago
Thank you very much fro the support!
1 point,4 years ago
Great News! Dash Next just integrated Dash and enabled Instant Send at BitAsset, one of the top digital asset trading platforms! The growing trading platform will offer a Dash/USDT, and for the first time Dash/TWD and Dash/CNYT, allowing for Dash to fiat trading. "This is big news for BitAsset and Dash as both companies continue their mission to make cryptocurrency more accessible for everyone across the world." comments Chase Gao, BitAsset Founder. BitAsset forms a complete digital banking system similar to the fiat market with a professional team composed of more than 1,000 account managers to provide traders 24/7 advisory services and support. Chinese Yuan & Taiwanese Dollar gives Dash access to huge markets!
2 points,4 years ago
@Dash-Thailand Where exactly are you based in Thailand?
1 point,4 years ago
Hi DeepBlue, all our Dash Thailand members have their home base in Bangkok. Some of our Dash Next members as well.
3 points,4 years ago
an easy yes from me
2 points,4 years ago
Thanks a lot for the great support!