Introduction to DASH, masternodes and DashCentral services

  1. What is DASH?
    • DASH is a digital currency comparable to Bitcoin
    • In digital currencies, coins can be transferred securely and irreversible from one digital wallet to annother wallet
    • There is no bank or other central authory involved in the transfer of coins. Therefore payments can not be stopped and coins can not be frozen.
    • DASH can be transferred anonymously. Payments are confirmed to the recipient within 1 minute. With Bitcoin, payments can be traced and it takes 30 minutes to confirm a payment.
    • The Bitcoin project has no funding. With DASH, 10% of the coins are directed to development, marketing and law. Currently 3001 masternode owners vote, to which project the funds should go each month. You see, the distribution of the funds is decentralized, so it can not be taken down.
    • Click here to download the DASH wallet or find more information about DASH!
  2. What is a masternode?
    • With Bitcoin there are only wallets which connect between eachother
    • With DASH there are regular wallets and in addition full wallets, which are called masternodes
    • A masternode allows the anonymous transfer of coins and almost instant payments
    • The setup of one masternode requires the masternode owner to lock 1000 DASH within his own wallet (1000 DASH = 28890 USD)
    • Every 6-7 days the masternode operator earns about 1.6 DASH from the blockchain for running the service
    • A masternode can only be run on port 9999 on a static IP
    • Follow this tutorials to setup your own masternode!
  3. The DashCentral masternode monitoring service
    • Monitoring your masternode is a pain. You have to check a bunch of things and write scripts to make sure your masternode operates correctly.
    • eases this pain by offering a simple to use, comprehensive masternode monitoring service
    • We make sure your masternode is running correctly to ensure it gets paid without interruptions
    • In case something is wrong, you are notified by e-mail or on your mobile
    • You can conveniently view your masternode status, masternode details, earnings and historic earnings
  4. The DashCentral budget voting service
    • The cryptocurrency DASH comprises a budget system, which allows to direct funds to development, marketing or law projects by votes of masternode owners (this system is completely independent of DashCentral)
    • You can comfortably submit your masternode budget votes from the DashCentral website in an trustless and safe manner
  5. Is DashCentral involved in processing of any funds?
    • DashCentral is not involved in any digital money transmission
    • DashCentral does not perform any payouts
    • DashCentral is a monitoring service only, taking public DASH blockchain data to monitor masternode uptime/earnings and to display budget proposal information
    • Masternodes are operated by individuals
    • DashCentral does not have access to your wallet funds
    • DashCentral service is currently free of charge (non profit)

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