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Title:Dash Thailand Q3 2019 - Healthy Ecosystem, Merchant Support, Marketing, Tourism,
Monthly amount: 131 DASH (23170 USD)
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Payment start/end: 2019-06-16 / 2019-09-14 (added on 2019-06-06)
Final voting deadline: in 4 days
Votes: 375 Yes / 47 No / 16 Abstain
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Proposal description

Dear Masternodes,

As you certainly know already, the Dash Thailand team established a working Dash ecosystem in Thailand over the past 8 months which has received a lot of attention and great feedback globally. Thailand has evolved to an important region of Dash payments for locals, expats and especially tourists.

After successfully establishing this ecosystem, our focus remains on maintaining, further developing the existing ecosystem, increasing Dash transactions and volume through merchant support, consumer activation and on partnerships with large businesses in Thailand.

Examples of initiated partnerships:

  • Instant fiat settlement around the world (Winstantpay) - this partnerships enables us to build great use cases for bigger merchants that require immediate and compliant exchange to fiat.
  • Dash on up to 2m Crypto debit cards in Korea (Blucon),
  • Dash loans and Masternode investments (Celsius),
  • Dash mobile top ups in over 140 countries (Mobiletopup),
  • Outreach to over 50 exchanges that do not accept Dash yet (e.g. Dash recently listed on BigONE, other soon to follow)

Media exposure:

Our activities have reached far over 2m people through our global media activities, e.g.:

Conference partnerships:

We are very active on conferences as speaker and community partners. We have established many free partnerships with conferences in Asia, reaching over 50k people.

  • Blockchain Life
  • Block Live Asia (Panel Discussion with Roger Ver)
  • CoinAdvice Conference
  • Blockchain Summit
  • Global Supply Chain Forum
  • Secure Bangkok – Silver Bullet Security
  • 35C3 Chaos Computer Club Conference
  • Bangkok Blockchain Conference
  • ASEAN Digital Summit 5.0

With all these activities, we are on the best way to now scale our efforts and leverage multiplication effect through existing and new partnerships with large merchants by 2020.

Q3 Strategy

Of course, businesses are an ever moving and changing ecosystem. We are, therefore, strengthening our Dash Thailand merchant support to ensure a great Dash experience for our merchants and customers in the long term. Especially increasing staff training through ongoing after sales support has been proven as crucial.

We continue focusing on the tourism and hospitality industry, providing a great market opportunity for Dash. With an
annual growth of 4 % (Bangkok Post) and a volume of 2.01 trillion Thai Baht (Kasikorn Bank Thailand) or 64,000,000+ USD in the last year with almost 40 million visitors arriving the kingdom, Thailand is one of the world’s top travel destinations. At the same time, crypto tourism is increasing as more and more people travel and work remotely and, at the same time, and the number of crypto wallets keeps increasing. Read more in this Investopedia article where Thailand gets a special mention

An example of a happy Dash customer spending Dash in his vacation in Thailand here.
With the big tourist industry in mind, Thailand being in the top five of the digital nomad list and Thailand ranking second in the global crypto ownership due to the Global Digital Report 2019, our goal is to motivate as many tourists and locals as possible for crypto payments.

To enhance our visibility, we have started to create engaging videos of our merchants.

With this strategy we want to drive Dash exposure on social media beyond the crypto community. Moreover, these videos provide extra value for our merchants.

As for our merchant acquisition strategy, we will keep a rather systematic approach on how we reach out to which merchant. We are still generating leads from prominent platforms such as food delivery service Foodpanda. As they charge a high fee to use their service, we reach out to them with a better value proposition: an essentially zero fee payment solution and the option to promote their services within our social media groups as well as on the global Dash merchant maps.

Hosting our meetups at the merchant locations has also proven to be a great way of engaging the community, while offering them a great time with good drinks and food. At the same time, our merchants become very happy Dash merchants as we are actively driving their business.

Last but not least, we have reached out to our community members to tell us which merchants they want us to approach. This way, we want to further engage our community and ensure that our merchants receive constant transactions. Just imagine that all your favorite stores accept Dash. In fact, the Anypay map and statistics keeps showing these results, as we can prove that most of our merchants are frequently visited by the Dash community.

As always, we believe that strategies have to constantly be adopted and that it is highly valuable to learn from each others best practices. Please let us know your ideas and feedback! We are looking forward for your support.


We are able to reduce our Dash budget as the markets have taken the right direction in the last couple of months.

Please find budget details here

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0 points,1 day ago
According to discover Dash there are only 2 merchants in ALL of Thailand. Voting no due to this and asking amount.
1 point,1 day ago
I see 44 merchants.
-1 point,22 hours ago
Yes thanks that is correct. 44 Dash merchants on discover Dash + subbranches etc.

Unfortunately the discover dash website shows sometimes wrong results.
0 points,22 hours ago
Unfortunately shows sometimes wrong results. Only on Discover Dash there are at the moment actually 44 confirmed Dash merchants + subbranches listed.

Additionally the Anypay map shows you all the Dash merchants listed in Thailand who use Anypay. This map and also the charts show you also the confirmed Dash transactions happening in Thailand, which is an important number. Over this map and chart Thailand is for many consecutive month already in the top 3 countries globally regarding Dash transactions and volume apart from the number of merchants we have. That shows that Thailand is a very active and important country for Dash.
-1 point,4 days ago
Please see some of Dash Thailand achievements in the latest Dash News Video at minute 3.30 and 4.40.
0 points,13 days ago
10k for Human Resources per month? Can't break this down further?
1 point,12 days ago
Sure we added now a comment with a more detailed breakdown of HR costs per month in the google spread sheet of the proposal. Please have a look again. Thanks.
0 points,11 days ago
Thanks, appreciate that.
-1 point,18 days ago

You already have a pre existing proposal

Thank you
2 points,17 days ago
That is not a proposal for the current cycle (it ends June 15th), Dashcentral seems to have an issue.
0 points,17 days ago
Thanks Quantumexplorer for the clarification.
0 points,17 days ago
Hi Realmrhack,

The link you shared is from the old proposal cycle. It is already out of the Dash Nexus Leaderboard, but still in DashCentral. Please see also Quantumexplorers comment below.
0 points,17 days ago
Also could you explain the discrepancy between usernames?

Usually thai proposals are under dashembassythailand
0 points,17 days ago
yes sure. Sorry for the confusion. We are the same team etc.. We just decided to simplify and shorten our name for the future, because the embassy word always leaded to misunderstandings in Thailand. It's probably a cultural thing.