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Title:Dash Next 2022 Q1
Monthly amount: 75 DASH (9665 USD)
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Payment start/end: 2022-01-11 / 2022-05-10 (added on 2022-01-13)
Final voting deadline: in 1 month
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Proposal description

The Dash NEXT team has established partnerships, led integrations, driven business opportunities, created use cases, and engaging media stories for Dash. Based in Asia, we have leveraged local networks and strengthened Dash’s position across markets and industries around the globe.

2021 has evolved the crypto ecosystem far beyond payments. Not only has the market been super bullish, 2021 has also brought many new trends to the crypto ecosystem such as DeFi, cross-chain and Layer 1 solutions, NFT, Metaverse or play-to-earn. 

We believe that it is important to navigate these trends and to position Dash as a relevant player among these topics if we want Dash to hold strong relevance in 2022. We believe that Platform can create new opportunities within these trends and the ability to create new partnerships - e.g. in providing new ways to store data, transfer value between chains or allow Dash as payment currency in decentralized cross-chain payment solutions - e.g. a Dash loan in a Polygon-based decentralized credit market or a Dash payment in an Avalanche-based solution.

While awaiting Dash Platform with all its functionality, Dash NEXT has been bringing in place relevant partners across different ecosystems, such as Tixl or Knit Finance for cross-chain bridging solutions or Verso as wallet middle layer between partner services to offer micro product such as insurances or mini-loans. 

2021 has been especially strong in terms of conference and event exposure. Dash NEXT, esp. Felix has represented Dash at almost 40 events around the globe, online and offline, e.g. at the Africa Blockchain week, the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai or the Asia NFT & DeFi Conference from China. We also had many great partner event with other Blockchain communities such as Chainlink or the Etherium community Bangkok.
Moving forward, we are continuing our mission to promote Dash around the globe and find new integrations and partners. 

To summarize our focus:

  • Position Dash as strong and relevant project among others at conferences and events around the globe
  • Create new partnerships in the payment space
  • Create new partnerships with project across different chains and communities in NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, play-to-earn and all new trend that will appear in 2022
  • Continuing to work closely with other DFO such as Dash Incubator and Dash Core to maximize outcomes and work towards shared goals. 
  • Create more media partnerships and tell engaging stories about Dash; also to get people from other crypto communities excited. 

Please let us know your feedback and suggestions to help improve our work.We also appreciate recommendations and intros to interesting partners who we can help to integrate Dash into their business.


Conferences and AMAs:

  • 30min in Dash at Coin News Extra TV hosted by Felix Mago feat. Shiva Badola 5th January 2022. 
  • Podcast with Ray Chochan 4th January 2022
  • 30 Minutes in Dash hosted by Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago on Coin News Extra TV feat Shiva Badola 15 December 2021
  • 30 Minutes in Dash hosted by Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago on Coin News Extra TV feat Shiva Badola
    1 December 2021
  • AIBC Malta with Felix Mago as AIBC award judge and participant 15th November 2021
  • Felix Mago at CISW Bangkok conference about how to create secondary markets for everything 11 November 2021
  • 30 minutes in Dash today with the 2nd part of Felix Mago’s discussion with Tlahui Calva on Coin News Extra TV. 03 November 2021
  • Dash Next's bi-weekly episode of 30 Minutes in Dash at Coin News Extra TV with Felix Mago and guest. 20th October 2021
  • Felix Mago, Dash Next Co-founder at the second edition of the CISW Cannabis Investment Summit about Dash's Use Cases in the Cannabis Industry.
    14 October 2021
  • Today 30min in Dash at Coin News Extra TV with Host Felix Mago, Co-Founder of Dash Next and Alex Romanov, CTO of Beam. Talking about Privacy, DeFi and much more. 06 October 2021
  • ETHBKK Event with Felix Mago panel moderator for Defi with Alpha Finance and Aave 29th September 2021
  • Dash Next is showcasing the value of Dash in Indonesia together with different local players. Felix Mago in the popular TRIV AMA series. 25th September 2021. 
  • Felix Mago mentor session as official Dash representative at the TDefi Business Hackathon 21 September 2021
  • Dash Next's very own Felix Mago is speaking at the upcoming Asia NFT & DeFi Conference 2021 on Day One.
    30rd August[url=[0][/url]
  • Dash Next is honoured that our Co-founder Felix Mago is invited to be a judge for the upcoming AIBC Blockchain Awards by the Sigma foundation with really great nominees.
    23rd August
  • Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago spoke alongside representatives from Fuse and MakerDao at the DeFi App Conference about Decentralized Finance & DEX’s.
    9th August 

  • Dash Next Co-Founder Felix Mago is participating in the name of Dash at the panel discussion about the future of cryptocurrencies at the Singaporean Garage Academy Webinar on 28th July
  • Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago is talking about everything Dash at the “Geldhelden” youtube channel in German language.8th July 2021

  • Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago is representing Dash at Gravitas x BitAngels digital  Blockchain event on 1 July 2021, [url=[0]=AT2IaEUyCDjG9jCJ5GMzxWc4O1pefXI-Yap7nIVSOwvx10AwubcnvupcjynsxUif9CaNdV34dkSDT2bNN_GejObyRpUhNsqIvXQXEpOA19UpOL75zt5Vl9YdZoztLUTAHCOfMIGinI8iAskkx8q6JSjtF69rWMaNOikX8jHfCvaf1AE][/url]

  • Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago is speaking at Africa's largest Blockchain event, the Africa Blockchain Week 2021, 29th june [url=[0]=AT1o_QNTvMhw3wuIoTng3jZgemMmNw2r99LvzRAHQ5nkCT4KsE8J_vco87LBGO-TMbySihsILO5DN0-5x-88NLQN6xNX9Pyqg4i8QV2JZrPNSpW4fOq2o1fqFvKP-1zgVZQdPOLFsDXtKHVJaJBDE8RUo_LraX2aCbXVb8f9MG-ljh8][/url]

  • Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago is speaking in the name of Dash at the #SuperCryptoConference 2021, to give perspectives and insights on developments in the SEA region and much more. 17th June

  • Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago will be from 16th June onwards every 2 weeks live at CoinNewsExtra TV (CNETV), Africa's freshest FinTech live broadcasting to foster Dash adoption in Africa,

  • Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago will speak in the name of Dash at the Cryptopia Coin Summit 2021 on Monday June 7th,

  • Dash Next Co-founder Felix Mago & Knit Finance CEO, Sainath Gupta will do an AMA session to highlight the partnership milestones, goals & more. 2nd June,

  • Dash Next Co-Founder Felix Mago is representing Dash at the global Defi App Conference alongside many other great speakers, 28th May 2021,

Partnerships and Integrations:

  • Dash Next enters the Metaverse Thailand project to showcase Dash at prominent location for advertisement, video shows and much more to come.
    8 November 2021


External Media:

Meetups and Events:

Highlights of our work in 2019:

  • “DAO Building of the year” award for Dash, represented by Dash NEXT at Malta Blockchain Summit, one of Europe’s largest Blockchain events with 6k+ participants.
  • Healthy merchants and consumer ecosystem in Thailand, in the top-3 ranking on Anypay globally for many consecutive months.
  • 9 exchange integrations, many of them top exchanges and more integrations already in progress. Of course we want Dash to be integrated everywhere, but one of the main goals here is getting as many fiat on/off ramps as possible to be able to provide end-to-end solutions to merchants with fiat settlement requirements.
  • 1.5mil. Hotels worldwide on 2 travel platforms and soon 400+ airlines and private homes payable with Dash 
  • Dash Gift cards for over 190 countries with many big merchants such as Amazon, Steam, Spotify, Netflix and many more
  • Dash mobile top-up in 145+ countries via 200+ Mobile providers
  • Up to 2m easy to use Dash branded crypto debit cards, linkable with Digifinex and soon to more exchanges (currently in beta-test, expected to launch Q1/2020)
  • 19 conference partnerships, usually with Dash as a community partner, keynotes, panels, Dash payments for tickets, special discounts for Dash community members




External Media:

Own Social Media Channels:



We reduced our expenses further to remain on a 75 Dash/ month budget.

Track record:

To find out what we have done in the past, please have a look below.

Our previous proposals: 

Our Dash Watch reports:

We thank you sincerely for your trust and great support.

As always, your feedback is most welcome and will be included in our work!

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3 points,4 days ago
Instead of listing *everything* you've ever done, i just want to see all the things accomplished (plus dates) since the previous proposal.

Things seem to of slowed down over there. Need to stop all the niche video talks and pick up the pace with large scale integrations. Throwing you a single vote this time and hoping you will deliver more next time. Consider this a warning shot.
2 points,4 days ago
Hi Grand Master Dash,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We will try to list and sort accomplishments even clearer the next time.

Our large-scale integrations slowed down for a couple of reasons. As you know wee did many large-scale integrations in the past especially around the payment sector and at exchanges exchanges. But our research showed that these integrations aren't used as much by the community, including Masternotes. Even though the community and the Masternodes requested these integrations, many do not spend their Dash when integrations are done. So we needed to shift our focus and reconsider the approach. In general, crypto payments are not the main focus in the crypto world anymore as people are not willing to spend their crypto as much as expected. In the center of the crypto world are topics as DeFi, NFT's, Metaverse, Play to earn. Our research also showed that younger crypto generations are unfortunately not so familiar with Dash, but very much interested in the topics mentioned above. Therefore, we focused in the last couple of months to get slots at podcasts and conferences for Dash related to NFT, Metaverse, DeFi, P2E to keep Dash relevant for younger generations and potential future partnerships and integrations. We did that very successfully and believe that is crucial and very valuable for Dash to be seen on these "niche video talks". Large scale integrations will come back as a focus for us in the future but Dash need to be connectable to DeFi etc. first, and we worked and are still working hard also with other proposal owners to get that done, but that takes time and it's way more difficult as people might think. We really hope you understand our approach and see also that we reduced our ask as well by a lot for a while already to match it to the value we are bringing for the network. We would really appreciate if you reconsider your voting based on that, but of course, understand if not. We can just simply ensure you that we always try to do the best for Dash for a reasonable ask and we do that for many years already. Greetings from the whole Dash Next team.
1 point,4 days ago
I believe your analysis to be very accurate, I just don't think video conferencing is worth 75 dash.

It is not your fault and problem but I believe DCG really messed up by missing the play-to-earn train (getting dash into people's hands), and then amazingly missed the NFT train. Unforgivable to be honest. Despite the bubble, NFTs are real and tangible use cases for payments, gifts, memberships and subscriptions. There is no better companion.

I've watched how other projects, ranked #400+ have built and deployed solid confidential payments and DeFi platforms with NFTs in a fraction of the time. Yet here we are, the never ending wait for Evolution / Dash Platform that will do all these things.. but just years too late when no one actually cares anymore and have moved on to other things. It's an embarrassment.

How about putting together another version of the DIF that targets SE Asia? I mean, the current DIF is mostly US and LatAm focused. It has almost no relevance for Europe or Asia, despite C2Law having offices there (grrr). If it was registered elsewhere - not the Cayman Islands - then it would strengthen Dash's decentralization. And I would be happy to vote for a much larger budget, provided you ran an open and professional organization.
2 points,3 days ago
Thanks a lot for your feedback. We will definitely discuss and consider your idea with a decentralised Investment Fund with a regional focus (europe/asia) or focused on the above mentioned trends. Give us a bit time please for that specific topic as we wanna get also feedback on that from other community members, DFO's and from the Dash Co-Working. And of course talk to experts on ideal potential set ups of such. Thanks a lot again, your input is very much appreciated.