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Title:Dash NEXT : BIZ Dev, Partnerships, Thailand ecosystem Q2 2020
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Payment start/end: 2020-03-15 / 2020-06-12 (added on 2020-03-10)
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Proposal description

Dash NEXT’s overall goal is to drive Dash and Dash usage on all payment verticals in Asia and beyond. We have created a merchant ecosystem in Thailand as a use case to increase Dash adoption in Asia with a sustainable, cost-efficient Dash merchant network in tourist heaven Thailand. Dash NEXT focus is on scaling Dash adoption by finding strategic partnerships (regionally and globally), actively drive business development for the global Dash ecosystem by integrating Dash with payment services, multi-merchant organizations, establishing partnerships with crypto, non-crypto and fintech organizations on all relevant verticals and creating marketing partnerships with crypto-related events, conferences and media coverage. Our main goal is to massively increase visibility and adoption of Dash in Asia and beyond.

Having a team on the ground in Asia has driven great results over the last quarters, especially in combination with aligned efforts and strategies from the Dash co-working - a voluntary team effort from many Dash teams around the world such as DCG, Dash Embassy DACH and others. In weekly calls, we align our goals, priorities, share leads in a way that leverages our local networks, contacts or regional focus to produce the most efficient results for Dash as a whole. Within this co-working Dash NEXT has, e.g. integrated numerous exchanges, payment services, merchants and arranged invitations with many conferences around the world, utilising the Dash budget in the most efficient way for the whole network. For the next quarter, we plan on continuing this approach to help growing the Dash community and Dash users with extended marketing activities, media coverage, consumer activation, usage and provide more great options to utilize Dash. We believe in the high importance of local presence and personal contacts to create partnerships.We are in conversation about launching some great partnerships in the Philippines, new fiat off ramps and we are optimistic that many of the integrations we have started several months ago will be completed in Q2/2020.

Achievements of our work in Q1/2020Exchanges
MerchantsOthersConfirmed upcoming conferences with Dash NEXT Founders as speaker and/or in partnership
  • HK Blockchain Week, Hong Kong (postponed from March 2020 to September due to Corona Virus)
  • CIWS Cannabis Conference, Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand (September 2020)
  • Blockfest Asia, Singapore (planned for May 2020, to be confirmed with Corona)
  • Blockchain Life, Moscow, Russia
  • Binance Blockchain Week Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (postponed from February to TBC due to Corona)
External MediaMeetups
  • “DAO Building of the year” award for Dash, represented by Dash NEXT at Malta Blockchain Summit, one of Europe’s largest Blockchain events with 6k+ participants.
  • Healthy merchants and consumer ecosystem in Thailand, in the top-3 ranking on Anypay globally for many consecutive months.
  • 9 exchange integrations, many of them top exchanges and more integrations already in progress. Of course we want Dash to be integrated everywhere, but one of the main goals here is getting as many fiat on/off ramps as possible to be able to provide end-to-end solutions to merchants with fiat settlement requirements.
  • 1.5mil. Hotels worldwide on 2 travel platforms and soon 400+ airlines and private homes payable with Dash 
  • Dash Gift cards for over 190 countries with many big merchants such as Amazon, Steam, Spotify, Netflix and many more
  • Dash mobile topups in 145+ countries via 200+ Mobile providers
  • Up to 2m easy to use Dash branded crypto debit cards, linkable with Digifinex and soon to more exchanges (currently in beta-test, expected to launch Q1/2020)
  • 19 conference partnerships, usually with Dash as a community partner, keynotes, panels, Dash payments for tickets, special discounts for Dash community members
MerchantsExchangesOthersPast Conferences with Dash Thailand / Dash NEXT Founders as speaker and/or in partnership Confirmed upcoming conferencesExternal MediaOwn Social Media Channels  MeetupsOngoing/Upcoming Integrations & partnerships
  • BXB: InstantSend Integration
  • Bitasset: Taiwanese Exchange, Dash integrated vs RNB trading pairs
  • Blucon: globally usable Crypto Debit Cards and public transport cards for South Korea, rechargeable via Digifinex (200k for 2019, 2mio for 2020, more exchanges to be connected soon)
  • Wisepass 
  • Winstantpay 
  • 3 Hardware wallets
  • Property Investment Platform in Dubai
  • Thai Acquirer
  • Multiple Exchanges all over Asia: Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Russia
  • Multiple payment providers in UK, Eastern Europe & Asia
  • CBD online shops in Europe and US
  • Travel OTA
  • Property Platform
  • Room sharing platform
  • Consentium
  • Satang
  • Bitkub
  • Liquid Japan
  • Ongoing conversations with regulators in Asia
  • Edge (Instant Send)
  • Bitazza (Exchange listing)
  • OKEX (Instant Send
  • PROBIT (Instant Send)
  • Huobi Thailand (Exchange listing)
  • Gokumarket (merchant platform)
  • Society Pass (merchant platform)
  • Lines Link Exchange (Exchange listing)
  • Bangkok delivery Service
  • Unifinity
Key learnings and our approach
  • Enabling crypto payments is like putting together a big puzzle
  • Dash needs local partners all over the globe (exchanges, payment services, merchants etc.) that enable us to legally operate in each market
  • Fiat gateways are a key element to grow merchant ecosystems around the world. To achieve this, exchanges with fiat trading pairs a required
  • Merchants need support - it is a long way for them to understand cryptocurrencies
  • Big and small businesses are often scared of crypto payments as they do not know how to handle the technology and mistrust a volatile asset. Giving them options to easy and immediately exit to fiat of their choice and providing them a personal support contact is the best way to overcome these worries.
  • The travel industry is a great and viable use case for Dash
  • With one of the highest numbers of tourists, Thailand is the perfect market as Dash’s showcase
  • Crypto Payments is new for most travel platforms. The industry is a blue ocean of opportunities to build on 
  • Local networks and exposure are key to integrate Dash payments
  • Blockchain is one of the fastest moving industries. The most efficient way to know key players is to meet them at conferences and events.
  • The Asian crypto scene is huge and participating in conferences and events has created most of our leads and completed integrations
  • Good personal contacts can put Dash high up in our partner’s priorities and makes integrations happen fast
  • Cooperation and streamlining of efforts with Dash increase Teams around the world increase outcomes and cost efficiency
  • Identifying shared goals can create great results one team alone cannot create - e.g. the combined effort of Dash Embassy DACH, CORE and Dash Thailand to systematically reach out to all exchanges without Dash listing has shown great results
  • Having regular calls with teams around the world enables us to help other team and get help where it is needed
  • Large remittances market in Asia: Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia are great opportunities for Dash to become a leading player in the SE-Asian remittances market. We are in conversation with several players within these countries and planning a strategy that not only allows to send money home but also gives opportunities to use Dash within these countries. 
Areas we plan to focus on
  • Travel
  • Payment Providers and solutions
  • Exchanges
  • Retail
  • Remittances
  • CBD/Cannabis
  • Close partnerships in Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia
Please see details of our budget below.

Track record
To find out what we have done in the past, please have a look below. 

Our previous proposals: 

Our Dash Watch reports:

We thank you sincerely for your trust and great support. As always, your feedback is most welcome and will be included in our work!

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1 point,7 days ago
The Budget that is linked is for Q1
1 point,6 days ago
Note: 273 yes votes for this proposal, even tho the budget is not included
1 point,6 days ago
The budget is of course included and linked budget sheet is also for Q2. What was maybe misleading is that the google doc stated the start of the 2020 budget with Q1. We aligned now the link title with the sheet title so the complete link provides and states only Q2.
1 point,8 days ago
Dash Next is changing the conference and event strategy for now due to the current Covid19 situation. We wanna spread the word about Dash without spreading the virus. Virtual Conferences are the key. Join us at the upcoming online DAO & Crypto Investment conference May 21-24 and see Felix Mago co-founder of Dash Next speaking about driving real-life adoption of Blockchain and crypto payments with Dash for over 18k already registered participants. More details here:
1 point,12 days ago
Great update! Dash Next is partnering with the global EduTech platform Unifinity. Unifinity enables universities and schools around the world of any size to rapidly implement the use of Blockchain technology & smart contracts for various application needs. Through this partnership you will be able to pay different courses of education providers around the globe in future also with Dash. We are especially happy about this partnership as it is our first partnership operating out of our priority market the Philippines - more will follow! Stay tuned and get more info here: