Help & contact

  1. How do i qualify for taking part in the DashCentral community discussion?
    • Three groups of users are eligble for taking part in DashCentral community discussion
    • 1. Proposal owners: after having claimed the ownership of at least one budget proposal
    • 2. Masternode owners: please add at least one masternode to your DashCentral account and verify ownership of the masternode. You can disable a checkbox under account settings, in case you don't want to publicly show that you own a masternode.
    • 3. Valueable DASH community members: please send us an email incl. your DashCentral username and a proof of your positive contribution to DASH (e.g. forum activity), so we can consider an individual whitelisting
  2. I have a problem setting up a masternode. Can you help me to get this work?
    • Please send us an email, if you need help adding your existing masternode to DashCentral monitoring service
    • If you need help setting up your masternode daemon etc, please use the official DASH forum for obtaining help
  3. I forgot my password and can't perform a password reset
    • Please take one of the masternode addresses, that are registered within your DashCentral account
    • Use this masternode address to sign your DashCentral username
    • Send the username, signature and masternode address to support at
    • We will then set your account email
    • After that, you can perform a regular password reset
  4. My new budget proposal does not show up on DashCentral / the process was interrupted
    • You just entered the "gobject prepare ..." command and the process interrupted somewhere? No problem. Please modify the "gobject prepare ..." command as follows:
    • Please use the values (NUMBER1, NUMBER2, ENCODED_DATA) from the old "gobject prepare ..." command
    • Please use the transaction id provided by your wallet after entering the "gobject prepare ..." command as COLATTERAL_TRANSACTION_ID
    • Please run the full "gobject submit ..." command in your wallet and wait 1h for the proposal to show up on DashCentral
  5. I have a general recommendation or bug report
    • Thank you very much for your help in advance. We are happy to receive your email!

    If you did not find an answer above please feel free to send your email to:
    support at