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Title:Dash Next & Dash Thailand Q1 2020
Monthly amount: 264 DASH (27890 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-12-15 / 2020-03-13 (added on 2019-12-12)
Votes: 704 Yes / 207 No / 15 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

Dash NEXT and Thailand is a mixed proposal that drives Dash and Dash usage on all payment verticals in Asia and beyond. We have created a merchant ecosystem in Thailand as a use case to increase Dash adoption in Asia with a sustainable, cost-efficient Dash merchant network in tourist heaven Thailand. Dash NEXT focus is on scaling Dash adoption by finding strategic partnerships (regionally and globally), actively drive business development for the global Dash ecosystem by integrating Dash with payment services, multi-merchant organizations, establishing partnerships with crypto, non-crypto and fintech organizations on all relevant verticals and creating marketing partnerships with crypto-related events, conferences and media coverage. Our main goal is to massively increase visibility and adoption of Dash in Asia and beyond.Having a team on the ground in Asia has driven great results over the last quarters, especially in combination with aligned efforts and strategies from the Dash co-working - a voluntary team effort from many Dash teams around the world such as DCG, Dash Embassy DACH and others. In weekly calls, we align our goals, priorities, share leads in a way that leverages our local networks, contacts or regional focus to produce the most efficient results for Dash as a whole. Within this co-working Dash Thailand and Dash NEXT has for instance integrated numerous exchanges, payment services, merchants and arranged invitations with many conferences around the world, utilizing the Dash budget in the most efficient way for the whole network. Please see the concept here

For the next steps in 2020, we plan on continuing this approach to help growing the Dash community and Dash users with extended marketing activities, media coverage, consumer activation, usage and provide more great options to utilize Dash. We believe in the high importance of local presence and personal contacts to create partnerships.Highlights of our work in 2019 (see more details below)

  • “DAO Building of the year” award for Dash, represented by Dash NEXT at Malta Blockchain Summit, one of Europe’s largest Blockchain events with 6k+ participants.
  • Healthy merchants and consumer ecosystem in Thailand, in the top-3 ranking on Anypay globally for many consecutive months.
  • 9 exchange integrations, many of them top exchanges and more integrations already in progress. Of course we want Dash to be integrated everywhere, but one of the main goals here is getting as many fiat on/off ramps as possible to be able to provide end-to-end solutions to merchants with fiat settlement requirements.
  • 1.5m Hotels worldwide on 2 travel platforms and soon 400+ airlines and private homes payable with Dash 
  • Dash Gift cards for over 190 countries with many big merchants such as Amazon, Steam, Spotify, Netflix and many more
  • Dash mobile top-ups in 145+ countries via 200+ Mobile providers
  • Up to 2m easy to use Dash branded crypto debit cards, linkable with Digifinex and soon to more exchanges (currently in beta-test, expected to launch Q1/2020)
  • 19 conference partnerships, usually with Dash as a community partner, keynotes, panels, Dash payments for tickets, special discounts for Dash community members


  • Hotelier Mart – Travel bookings with Dash in over 700k hotels worldwide and soon 600 Airlines and private rooms
    Integration date: 15.9.19
  • Bitmart: China, Hong Kong and New York based licensed exchange that ranks in the top-10 on Coinmarketcap. We have integrated Dash with InstantSend and see high trading volumes in the first weeks after launching three Dash trading pairs (USD, ETH and BTC). Date: 7.10.19 

  • Indodax: one of the leading Indonesian cryptocurrency exchanges and a top verified exchange by the Blockchain Transparency Institute, has Dash InstantSend support for deposits, Dash/IDR trading pair, Date: 13.11.19 

  • LA Token: Top-10 exchange, Dash Integrated with Dash/USDT & BTC
Integration Date: 24.7.19

  • Dcoin: Top-30 exchange, Dash integrated with Dash/USDT
Integration Date: 2.7.19

  • OceanEx: Top-60 exchange, Dash integrated with Dash/USDT

  • Lex Echange: Dash integrated with Dash/AUD & Dash/BTC
Integration Date: 1.7.19

  • Bitoffer: Dash Integrated with InstantSend and Traiding pairs: BTC, ETH, and USDT
Integration Date: 7.8.19

  • Bitbns: Peer to peer trading platform vs. USDT, THB, INR
Integration Date: 1.8.2019

  • ChatEx
  • BVNEX: Vietnamese Exchange, Dash integrated vs VND
  • Digifinex: Marketing Partnership for Thailand


  • DAO Building of the Year Award at Malta Blockchain Summit for Dash’s achievements on driving crypto mass adoption 

  • Celsius Partnership: Dash collateralized loans and shared Masternode investments with weekly payouts.
Start date: 12.4.19

  • Chatex: Integrated Dash Wallet into Telegram and Viber Chatbot and P2P Exchange with , Date: 4.11.19 

Past Conferences with Dash Thailand / Dash NEXT Founders as speaker and/or in partnership 

  • Blocklive Asia, Singapore, 15.-16.4.19 - Keynote, Community Partnership
  • Blockchain Life, Singapore, 23.-24.4.19, Keynote 35C3, Leipzig, Germany 27.-30.12.18, Keynote 

  • Coinadvice, Pattaya, Thailand, 4.-6.3.19, Keynote

  • Black Mountain Chiang Mai: 15.2.19, Panel

  • Secure Bangkok – Silver Bullet Security, Keynote, Community Partnership

  • Bangkok Blockchain Conference, 6.12.18, Keynote

  • Supply Chain Forum Bangkok, 6.12.18, Keynote

  • Next Block Bangkok, 25.-26.6.19, Panel, Community Partnership

  • Asean Digital Summit, 9.12.18, Panel, Community Partnership

  • Beyond Blocks Bangkok, 27.11.18, Community Partnership 

  • StakingCon: Keynote, Beijing, 10.7., Keynote

  • Bloconomic: Keynote, MOU signing Blockchain Education with Minister of Entrepreneurship, Kuala Lumpur, August 15-16

  • Block Plus Summit: Keynote, Ho Chi Minh, September 15, 

  • Dash Convention Europe, moderating discussion, Zurich, 28-30 September

  • International Innovation Fintech Conference, community partner, keynote, Seoul, October 14 

  • Blockchain Life, Moskow, Keynote, October 16 

  • Medical Cannabis Malta, Keynote, Panel, community partner, Malta, November 4-5 

  • AIBC Malta, Keynote, Panel, community partner, Award: DAO Building of the year for Dash, Malta, November 7-8 

  • World Blockchain Summit, Bangkok, December 1-2, Keynote, Panel, community partner 

  • Next Block, Bangkok, December 2, Panel, community partner, Bangkok, December 4 

Confirmed upcoming conferences

  • AIBC Summit, Manila, June 2020 

  • Sathoshi Awards: Anerchapulco, Mexico, TBA 2020

External Media

Own Social Media Channels 


Ongoing/Upcoming Integrations & partnerships

  • BXB: InstantSend Integration
  • Bitasset: Taiwanese Exchange, Dash integrated vs RNB trading pairs
  • Blucon: globally usable Crypto Debit Cards and public transport cards for South Korea, rechargeable via Digifinex (200k for 2019, 2mio for 2020, more exchanges to be connected soon)
  • Wisepass 
  • Winstantpay
  • 3 Hardware wallets
  • Property Investment Platform in Dubai
  • Thai Acquirer
  • Multiple Exchanges all over Asia: Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Russia
  • Multiple payment providers in UK, Eastern Europe & Asia
  • CBD online shops in Europe and US
  • Travel OTA
  • Property Platform
  • Room sharing platform
  • Consentium
  • Satang
  • Bitkub
  • Liquid Japan
  • Ongoing conversations with regulators in Asia

Key learnings and our approach

  • Enabling crypto payments is like putting together a big puzzle
  • Dash needs local partners all over the globe (exchanges, payment services, merchants etc.) that enable us to legally operate in each market
  • Fiat gateways are a key element to grow merchant ecosystems around the world. To achieve this, exchanges with fiat trading pairs a required
  • Merchants need support - it is a long way for them to understand cryptocurrencies
  • Big and small businesses are often scared of crypto payments as they do not know how to handle the technology and mistrust a volatile asset. Giving them options to easy and immediately exit to fiat of their choice and providing them a personal support contact is the best way to overcome these worries.
  • The travel industry is a great and viable use case for Dash
  • With one of the highest numbers of tourists, Thailand is the perfect market as Dash’s showcase
  • Crypto Payments is new for most travel platforms. The industry is a blue ocean of opportunities to build on 
  • Local networks and exposure are key to integrate Dash payments
  • Blockchain is one of the fastest moving industries. The most efficient way to know key players is to meet them at conferences and events.
  • The Asian crypto scene is huge and participating in conferences and events has created most of our leads and completed integrations
  • Good personal contacts can put Dash high up in our partner’s priorities and makes integrations happen fast
  • Cooperation and streamlining of efforts with Dash increase Teams around the world increase outcomes and cost efficiency
  • Identifying shared goals can create great results one team alone cannot create - e.g. the combined effort of Dash Embassy DACH, CORE and Dash Thailand to systematically reach out to all exchanges without Dash listing has shown great results
  • Having regular calls with teams around the world enables us to help other team and get help where it is needed
  • Large remittances market in Asia: Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia are great opportunities for Dash to become a leading player in the SE-Asian remittances market. We are in conversation with several players within these countries and planning a strategy that not only allows to send money home but also gives opportunities to use Dash within these countries. 

Areas we plan to focus on

  • Travel
  • Payment Providers and solutions
  • Exchanges
  • Retail
  • Remittances
  • CBD/Cannabis
  • Close partnerships in Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia


We have further reduced our budget in USD due to the current market situation.
Please see details to our budget here 

Track record

To find out what we have done in the past, please have a look below. 

Our previous proposals: 

Our Dash Watch reports:

We thank you sincerely for your trust and great support. As always, your feedback is most welcome and will be included in our work!

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2 points,4 days ago
Good luck guys, support your work, still a tight budget cycle, if you don't make it into funding, please resubmit at a lower ask with Dash price rising.
0 points,4 days ago
Thanks a lot for the support and the comment. Let's keep the fingers cross. Price increase is coming at the right time as we did not receive a funding last month and we had a super tight budget already as we did not want to overwhelm the treasury during the low price of Dash.
-3 points,6 days ago
Dash Thailand Founder Felix Mago is a complete non- technical hand. His qualification is in.. wait for it.. political science!

Why are we paying huge salaries to liberal arts guys when we need to double down on the tech. It is ridiculous These embassy proposals + dash force news are a complete waste of money and should not be given a cent going forward.
-5 points,11 days ago
Dash Thailand PO's are paying themselves 100 Dash Salaries Each and using treasury funds to live a lifestyle of luxury, drinks and parties. Everyone knows that there is demand for dash in thailand with such a stable currency.

Since they know the chances of dash adoption in thailand are zero, these guys have been trying to take credit for exchange listings that happen automatically. This proposal is a complete waste of waste of money.
5 points,10 days ago
You are a vile troll, I think this has gone long enough, comments are reserved for MNOs and people bringing value to Dash (generally POs). Can you explain what you have done for this project and why you should have a voice here?
-2 points,6 days ago
@quantumexplorer You should first give a proper answer to what happened to the $300,000 you took from the treasury and either kept it or wasted it. Being an old timer doesnt make you exempt from performance standards.
5 points,10 days ago
Your comments getting more and more ridiculous and your accusations could not be more wrong!

We are 3 PO's and we had in the whole time never less than 4 full time people + freelancers and part time employees on Dash Thailand and Dash Next.
Even if we had no other costs then salaries 100 Dash for each PO is simply not possible. Please just get a calculator and do not steal our time!

This month we did not get any funding, and the PO's have to cover all salaries as well as all running costs out of their own pockets . Last month we got around 10k USD for the full team salaries and all running costs any operation and registered company is having. Ohh yes what a luxurious lifestyle. No one of our team would normally work for such low amounts if we would not believe in Dash Thailand & Dash Next!

You say no Dash adoption in Thailand. Anypay statistics prove you wrong as we are for many consecutive month in the top 3 around the world!

The other thing you seriously believe that integrations happening automatically?
Did you ever work in a company your whole life or run any?
Every company has biz dev teams but you believe they are not needed, that is very revolutionary and shows that you have no plan at all!
We also proved to DW that every integration we announced came through us and only happened because of our integration support!

With your wrong accusations your only goal is to harm Dash.
Hiding behind fake identities to probably push other projects in competition to Dash!

We hope that no one fall in your trap!
-4 points,10 days ago
Are you saying that an exchange that has a 100 trash Coins listed has never heard of Dash? Or that you have somehow convinced them to integrate dash? This is an unbelievable claim.. You are claiming credit for things that happen automatically.

Whatever the founding team is, it is just splitting up the money as thailand is one of the cheapest countries. There is no need for Dash in Thailand. The currency is stable and works everywhere. Claiming credit for all of Thailands transactions is a complete exaggeration and people can judge for themselves how much to believe your exaggerated claims.

All I can see you that you think nothing of wasting dash money on trips and parties which doesnt add any value to dash.
2 points,10 days ago
You have no idea what you are talking about. All the shit coins you mentioned paying a shit lot of money to get listed on the exchanges.

1 point,12 days ago
Exciting news to launch the New Year! We are delighted to announce that Dash Next is partnering with RightBTC, a Top 20 Exchange on Coinmarketcap. RightBTC currently offers Spot Trading and a Savings Account with annual interest rates close to 6% while allowing immediate transfer options.

Dash will be listed on RightBTC as the first step in this partnership: DASH/USDT & DASH/BTC. Stay tuned for more, and check out the platform here: or
1 point,20 days ago
Thanks a lot for a great 2019 to all MNO’s, PO’s, Dash Coworking members, Developers, Dash Next Partners and the Dash communities and fans around the world. Especially to all the Dashers based in Thailand or visited us here over the year and helped to grow our Dash merchant ecosystem. Much love and let's get ready for an evolutionary 2020!
1 point,21 days ago
we don't need any more exchange or merchant integration, if there is demand, merchant and exchanges will do it for their customers. paying them to get integrated would not help dash adoption at all.
3 points,20 days ago
We never paid any money to exchanges to list Dash.
0 points,19 days ago
but the DAO is paying Dash Thailand Team to pursue these integrations. DAO money is being spent, that ie. might not be getting a positive ROI
3 points,19 days ago
We are hearing your criticism on merchant on-boarding and integrations. But can you please also share what is in your eyes a proposal for a better ROI?
-3 points,19 days ago
So till you find something useful to do with the money, you still want the money to keep coming in ?
-2 points,21 days ago
Valid point. Not to forget how Dash Thailand is wasting treasury money on booze, travelling around the world and parties. Egregious waste of resources.
2 points,21 days ago
I would like to inform people that this did not get funding for December sadly as it missed the cutoff by a few votes.
0 points,17 days ago
DashCentral said It got funded:
a) the message at the top of the budget page for the few days when the voting ended was that 5200 got paid out

3 points,17 days ago
It didn't get funding.
1 point,17 days ago
No we unfortunately got unfunded due to the last votes coming in just a couple of minutes too late.
-1 point,21 days ago
Frankly defunded for very good reason.

This team has been wasting DAO money on parties and booze and claiming credit for integrations that organically happened. If they came back with a slim proposal, it might have a chance of passing but if they going to scam the treasury for personal entertainment, then that wont happen.
3 points,21 days ago
Ignore this troll who is constantly lying to get proposals defunded.
-2 points,21 days ago
For a man who has scammed $300,000 from the treasury himself, I am not surprised that he is choosing to support wasting treasury money on booze and parties for the thailand embassy.

Check out quantumexplorer's proposal where he stole the money and gave no update on progress or output.
0 points,19 days ago
how would Jorge from Dash Valencia Spain know this info^? ( see comments that ValenciaDash is Jorge from Dash Valencia Spain)
3 points,21 days ago
You are a vile person. For one, I am the person who chose Dash's name, I also worked as a volunteer for years. At the time were were giving millions of dollars to MMA sponsorships and other things that I didn't really agree with. I believed and still believe that research is the way forward with things. For that proposal we did our best and were in constant communication with Dashwatch. In a subsequent passing proposal I asked the community to downvote our second proposal since it only was funded on it's second month and as I personally decided that it was too much for me to take on. I also always worked free of charge and never took a cent from that proposal, I even lost money in the end as some obligations were needed that I paid out of pocket for. I'm sure Dashwatch has the numbers to back all of these things up.

As for our work there were papers produced. I shared one of them in the MNO channel and can do it again. I would prefer not to make it so readily available until we can use it for our own project.
-1 point,17 days ago
quantum: how was 300k usd paid out and you never took a cent + needed even to pay some expenses out of pocket? What on earth happened?
1 point,6 days ago
It's simple, a company that was the recipient of those funds, hired people to work based on what was promised to the network, and in turn got an internship program going. All money went to salaries (Up to 6k/month - I didn't take one), intern compensation, infrastructure costs as well as some legal fees and office space. The Dash was also not sold at 300k as we were paying people in Dash solely. When the money dried up I still had a contract for office space, that I paid for out of pocket for a few extra months. I let anyone working in Dash use it during that time.
0 points,6 days ago
He basically trashed or pocketed $300k worth of Dash for no results. People are fired for a lot less.
1 point,4 days ago
If the price of Dash is 600 at the time of payout, and then goes to 150-250 during the project how much funds do you think we had? Also how much do you think the above would cost? With 6 people involved (not counting me) between 3 and 6 months (also interns had their rents paid for @700$ per month per intern - higher because of short time contracts), and all other costs I outlined? Would you care to do a tally here instead of throwing out baseless accusations?
-3 points,21 days ago
I don't mean to personally attack you but this money went down the drain. In a more professional setup, such waste would not be tolerated no matter how many feeling get hurt.
3 points,20 days ago
You called me a scammer, but you don't mean to personally attack me?
-2 points,20 days ago
You took hundreds of thousands of dollars and wasted it without any result or accounts. It is a shame there is zero accountability and that someone who kept or wasted all that money is the "wronged" one somehow.
4 points,20 days ago
We were accountable to Dashwatch. Also why do you think it was a waste, because you personally don't understand what we did, or because the price of Dash didn't go up as a result? Those results won't be apparent immediately but in time when we get there should lead to optimizations saving the MN network millions of dollars in cpu costs over time.

I also don't feel wronged in anyway except by you, I feel like someone pretty incompetent who hasn't done anything for this project is calling someone who has done a lot for it a scammer.
-3 points,19 days ago
We did some "work" that cost hundreds of thousands. Nobody knows anything about it but it will save unspecified amount of money in the future. Amazing accountability.
-4 points,22 days ago
Be extremely wary of this team

- They have claimed an integration with Celcius and on investigation it was found that dash was integrated not because of "Dash Thailand" but on their own initiative and fraud exposed.

- The mystery shopping report shows that most locations they claim dont work with dash

- When they are criticised for demanding an unreasonable budget and spending it on parties, travelling and alcohol on dao fund they claim that the opposers are trying to "harm dash". Calling out scams benefit dash, dont harm it.

- They have been trying to ingratiate themselves with dash force thinking that will get them votes instead of doing work. See how they splashed out funds on air tickets to attend the convention.

264 dash is a ridiculous amount to spend on an embassy which is why this was defunded. Vote no
3 points,22 days ago
Thank you for trolling us non-stop and claim the same stuff over and over. We believe everybody who is reading this realized that you are not interested in constructive communication

- we did a marketing partnership with celsius, verified by DW
- we use the mystery shopping report to improve results (and btw, the tester dis not find locations. We are happy to show them to him)
- travel expenses to conference and alcohol claimed was covered by conference organizers. We came back with many great leads and new partners
- we are talking to DF and streamline efforts in the Dash co-working, together with other teams. No idea what integrating to DF is supposed to mean.
-3 points,22 days ago
The criticism not constructive for you because you have been milking the treasury for your airline tickets, booze and parties. Why will you be happy with it being pointed out?

You travelled to the convention on DAO money so you can "get along" with the dash force crowd. You have been just wasting dao money on your personal entertainment in a bear market.

Celcius themselves have said that they integrated dash on their own. You have been trying to claim credit for it which has now been exposed as fraud.

Everybody who is reading this has realized how worthless these embassy proposals are which is why you have been defunded for good reason.
3 points,21 days ago
You don't read do you? "travel expenses to conference and alcohol claimed was covered by conference organizers".

Stop trolling. If you care about Dash show it with some positive verifiable action. Until then please just stop making posts. You are not helping solve the problem, you have become the problem.

Furthermore how can you even say 11k USD for a team a month is scam worthy? It's more job worthy, and they have been doing a job to our network. And if not these guys who would you prefer doing it and why?
2 points,24 days ago
Yes from me.
-5 points,23 days ago
Please read about the fraud perpetrated by this team in Thailand in this mystery shopping report.

They also faked credit for the "Celcius Integration" which has now been exposed.

1000's of dash have been rained on these cheats which have been outright misappropriated. Dash watch has also failed to discharge any responsibility and have just been counting free money.

One of the many fraudster PO teams going around.
3 points,23 days ago
This is pure trolling, I live half the year in Bangkok and regularly pay in Dash at about 10 merchants. I like how your report doesn't include any specifics about what places paying in Dash didn't work. If you are indeed George maybe you should explain yourself how the MN network spent so much on Colombia only to have almost no places continue to accept Dash after you were defunded. We need to create positive ecosystems where merchants like to take Dash because it brings them more customer. From what I know you got all your merchants to go to BCH and no longer accept Dash, this stab in the back just shows that no one should pay you any heed anymore.
1 point,23 days ago
Thanks Quantum, since you actually live there your opinion matters a lot!
-2 points,22 days ago
Better to burn money than to give it to scammers.
2 points,22 days ago
The only scammer here is you and the only purpose of your wrong accusations is to hurt Dash. I hope all Masternodes see through your actions!
-1 point,23 days ago
Check the discussion on discord where there is clear proof that dash thailand had nothing to do with the celcius integration. Total fraud.

Most of the so called merchants dont care about dash because nobody needs to transact with it there. As for donnelly, that "adoption" project was as much of a scam as merchant adoption is nothing more than a pipe dream at this stage.
2 points,22 days ago
All integrations are proven! Stop your wrong accusations!

And our Dash merchant ecosystem in Thailand is working great. People who live here can all proof that.
1 point,25 days ago
Law of economics: economies will not switch to a new currency if there is already one being used that is substantially less volatile.

So voters: this Thailand merchant strategy is not going to produce currency adoption results beyond some Dash-enthusiasts paying with Dash @ these merchants.
0 points,10 days ago
I stay in Thailand for several years already and I've yet to see a shop accepting even Bitcoin. The only people using cryptocurrencies here are traders who benefit from arbitraging between major exchanges and
1 point,24 days ago
Firstly, Please look at our successes with Dash Next. The Thailand strategy is just a small (but important) part of our proposal. Secondly, the Thailand strategy is focusing mainly on crypto travellers, digital nomads etc. Dash is a perfect use case for them and they for us.
1 point,19 days ago
a) crypto travellers are a very small # for the DAO to be funding Dash Thailand
b) digital nomads mainly just rely on FIAT currency. The % that would have cryptocurrency is small. And the % that would have Dash (and WANT to spend that Dash) specifically is much smaller
c) please consider not coming to the DAO for funding for Dash Thailand next month. Or if so, please consider submitting 1 proposal for NEXT and 1 for Thailand
0 points,19 days ago
Hi, the budget mixes together the Dash NEXT and Dash Thailand. Please update the budget in the googledocs file so that it's broken into the separate costs for each
2 points,19 days ago
Thanks for the recommendation. We will follow your suggestion for the next proposal we will separate Thailand & Next to avoid any misunderstandings etc.
-4 points,24 days ago
You are right. Also, 264 dash a month for failed embassy ideas?

These proposal owners have been milking the treasury for parties, travel and hotel stays. They just attended a bash in Malta from these funds. Rest of it is being grabbed for personal compensation.

It will be a shame to waste even a cent more on these embassy ideas which have totally failed.
4 points,24 days ago
@ValenciaDash: We are happy about every comment on our work and proposal to improve even more. But it seems you are just trolling and not even read our answers. Beside winning the DAO award in Malta was an amazing value and exposure for Dash the treasury did not even have to pay a cent for it. We explained that to you multiple times.
-3 points,24 days ago
Pointing out that money is being wasted on airline tickets, hotel stays and parties is trolling?

What have you done precisely to collect this "award"? And who authorised you to travel half way across the world on DAO money?

This embassy proposal is an egregarious waste of dao resources.

Classifying criticism as trolling is poor defence for wasting dao money for personal gain.
1 point,23 days ago

Why you do not want to understand that we have been invited to these conferences? We told you many times that no money is being wasted on airline tickets, hotel stays and parties! understood now?

And you asked us who did authorised us to collect this DAO award for Dash? No one! But we got invited to collect it! And btw you understand that we are a DAO right? Can you tell me please who do you think should authorise us then?

The rest of your accusations are even more ridiculous and also answered too many times!
4 points,27 days ago
Exclusive iBlock TV documentary about Dash adoption in Thailand from crypto legend Dushan Spalevich!

Please note: This documentary is not paid or sponsored by Dash, it’s a completely neutral documentary, shot spontaneously during the Thailand Blockchain Week 2019. Watch to see the real life Dash ecosystem in Thailand and book your next crypto holiday to the land of smile. Everything is payable in Dash, starting from flight bookings, over hotels to bars, restaurants, groceries and activities. Check for example discoverdash
3 points,28 days ago
Important notice

I have received confirmation from two former teammates of mine, that the Dash Valencia account is managed by George Donelly. So I want to inform the MN community to consider this when reading this account’s comments.

This can also be verified when we consider the DashValencia account appeared only after George was defunded; and if you run any word cloud generator on DashValencia and any of George Donelly comments you will find the language is very much the same.

I do now know exactly the reason for these recent attack on most of Dash proposals, but according to my friends (Who are waiting on George promises to work with BCH) it seems that George wants to get people to fork Dash and create a chain split, or to try to come back later as BCH has not given any funds to him. You can read his own thoughts here

Regardless of his specific motivation, remember George Donelly -now using the DashValencia account- is doing the one thing he did best during his time in Dash: Destroying other team’s reputation.
0 points,19 days ago
please ask Jorge from Valencia, Spain to post on his Twitter what he did with his DashCentral login credentials
1 point,27 days ago
Thanks for your comment and this insights. The ValenciaDash account is definitely someone who want to harm Dash and the comments intention is clearly not to improve anything.
1 point,28 days ago
I recently saw a video interview with DashThailand/Next and they seem to have a very solid approach, investing the funds effectively & efficiently. I was actually very impressed by that interview and it made me think very positive about DASHs future.

I also saw a video with them showing off the merchants in Bangkok which was very authentic! They claimed to have 100 merchants in Bangkok, which is absolutely enough at the current level of demand!

They seem to have a very deep understanding of what DASH needs to become a succesful P2P money.

I would like to see them getting funded, despite the fact that they are asking for a substantial amount, their results seem to be excellent and I could hardly imagine a better ROI.
1 point,27 days ago
@realbitcoinclub: Thanks a lot for this really profound comment and for supporting our proposal.
-2 points,29 days ago
We have been funding these failed embassy ideas for a long time and they have done nothing for dash. Pause and think what good they have done and their impact on the price.

264 is a huge amount to waste on one embassy and that too thailand, where is literally zero demand to pay with dash.
2 points,28 days ago
@ValenciaDash: Thanks again for your comment! But it seems you did not see our answer to your first comment? We reacted very detailed to all your points below. Please have a look. We are also open to discuss the new ideas you mentioned. But you did not answer anything in that regard. We are very open to discuss this ideas of yours as we always listen to community members and try to do the best for Dash. So please answer us on the comment below. I hope you understand that writing new comments or repeatings things does not help to improve anything for Dash. Thanks for your understanding and willingness to push Dash further together.
-2 points,28 days ago
Do you have a single verifiable metric of the volume of transactions you have been responsible for? I dont see any figure.

264 is far too much for one embassy and I see money being wasted on parties, hotel stays and airfare for attending conferences with little benefit to Dash.

Why are going around collecting "awards"? These make believe awards are completely worthless and not one cent should be wasted on them, let alone getting the treasury to pay for your trips and drinks.

Sadly, this the problem with embassy proposals, money being wasted on personal luxuries for low impact activities.
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Yes of course we have verifiable metric of the volume of transactions and we published the figures many times. You can see and get them from Anypay for example (Neutral third party)

To the other points we reacted already in previous comments. And we are very sorry but we are getting the impression that your comments are not for the good of Dash at all. Everyone reading your previous comments and seeing our answers will realise that it does not make sense to discuss with you and that is pretty obvious that your only purpose of commenting is to harm Dash.
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These guys are killing it, they listened to the community and moved most resources to Dash Next, and have been consistently delivering on barely any network funds. Not sure what more could be expected.
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killing it? suggestion the Thailand portion needs to be removed from DAO funding for 2 specific reasons:
a) Thailand is NOT an economy that is looking to switch to a new currency
b) the demand to pay with Dash in Thailand comes from Dash enthusiasts--which is a very poor ROI for the DAO
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@quantaumexplorer : Big amounts were paid to you for thailand internships. Havent heard anything since; I am assuming all the money was wasted without result.
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Wow, it's so nice of you to attack everyone. I set out to get interns, write papers and create relationships with schools. I did all 3 of those. For the papers we just aren't yet ready to apply the conclusions on platform. As for relationships with schools, we could easily have another program, but I just can't run it as i'm locked away coding atm. On a side note that probably doesn't matter I never took a penny from any of my proposals either, in fact I ended up dishing out money at the end.
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Thanks so much Quantumexplorer. We are very happy about a feedback from someone who really know how hard we work and sees our results so close.
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Easy yes from me. I disagree entirely with the negative comments. Networking is important, integrations are important, visibility is important. Thailand is important. You guys have done a great job.
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libertyzeal: how is Thailand important given that there is no demand by the Thai economy to switch to a new currency product?
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Thanks a lot for your supporting comment and jumping in here. We are always listening to the community, trying to improve day by day and working hard on pushing Dash to the next level. The results and feedback also from outside the community are very good. Happy about every supportive comment here. Thanks so much!
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debate: integrations are overrated. That we need use cases where Dash is working better than an existing product consumers are using.
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Dash is for payments, this requires integrations. That's why I invested in Dash. That's why I support teams like this.
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Can you please explain why do you think integrations are overrated? And what is in your eyes this better working use case you are mentioning? Thanks for your support
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a) because: integrations often do not create an increase in purchases of our product
b) I haven't been able to identify a use case where Dash works substantially better than an existing product consumers are using in Thailand
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regarding a) It's the chicken and egg problem. to increase the purchase you also need options
regarding b) Tourism, crypto travellers, digital nomads, ...
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voters: debate we are better off to stop investing DAO funds into Thailand since Thai consumers have extremely low demand for an alternative payments product such as ours. (The Thai Baht is working is working very satisfactorily for payments)
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This is a very valid point.
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Please see quantumexplorers comment and read our proposal deeply. You will see that we are focusing mainly on major global integrations, partnerships, biz dev consumer activation, media coverage etc. on different verticals with great results. Dash Thailand is only a small part of of our work, but a very important one as it is a great working ecosystem for locals, crypto travellers and digital nomads, which is an fantastic proof of concept and showcase for us and Dash around the globe.
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Question to all MNO

we have had these embassy props going on for 12+ months and how has it impacted our price or integerations we are easentialy paying for shills akin to btc maximalists

All we have seen is negligent integerations which have not helped recover any dash value thats been lost

Will be voting NO on all embassy proposals!
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Thanks a lot for your comment as well. As mentioned prior it's very helpful to clear here this obvious misunderstanding. We are for a very long time not a simple embassy proposal anymore. We are not even calling us embassy anymore to avoid misunderstandings. Our proposal is focusing on major integrations, biz dev, partnerships etc. in a scalable way. We are also very unhappy about the current dash price as many of our team members hold their savings in Dash, treasury fundings are very low etc. etc. I think the downsides are too obvious to name them here.

Even if we are not an embassy proposal, can you please explain why do you think the embassy proposals are in your eyes responsible for the current Dash value? Or also what would you have been done to increase Dash value? Very curious to know that as we should share this ideas here to improve it together instead of picking random proposals to down vote them. That was not really successful in the past for Dash price and reputation. We are an DAO and we should use our strength and not down voting hard working proposals based on misunderstandings. Generating new ideas together and driving up Dash price is exactly the reason why we strongly participating in the Dash co-working as described in our proposal. It is also why the Dash teams around the world are working on marketing strategies that attract more Dash usage and provides value propositions for investors. At the end of the day, we are payed in Dash and are directly affected by Dash’s low price and dropping value on CMC. Lets work together, not against each other to change this as we are all sitting in the same boat obviously!

Thanks and looking forward to your input
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These embassy projects are a big failure and just a way to sponsor a luxurious lifestyle with air tickets and hotel stays.

I dont know why these people find it appropriate to fly half way across the world on treasury funds to receive "awards" on "behalf of dash" and attend parties. What have these guys done to collect these awards and what good does it do?

These projects have been funded for a long time with little benefit to dash. It is time some new ideas are tried as this is just a big waste of money.
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Thanks a lot for your comment. That's very helpful to clear here some obvious misunderstandings. Firstly, we are for a very long time not a simple embassy proposal anymore. We are not even calling us embassy anymore to avoid these misunderstandings. Our proposal is focusing on major integrations, biz dev, partnerships, marketing etc. in a scalable way.

To get these partnerships done, a very efficient and successful way is speaking for and representing Dash at conferences. To make this clear: We are NOT paying for this conferences from treasury funds, We get usually invited to these conferences and even get many times free partnership & marketing packages for Dash. Reason for this free offers are, that Felix Mago has become a well known representative who is recommended even by others in- and outside the Dash Dao to the organizers, which is just one reason why they are even willing to pay most of the times the travel expenses. Instead of calling it a waste of money, these conferences bring in fact massive value for the Dash DAO in exposure, reputation, marketing and - most of all - numerous partnerships, integrations, biz dev etc.
Maybe travelling for a few days, speaking at these conferences and going to networking events is fun, fact is that it is a lot of work, esp. following up after the events. So in fact, it is far away from a luxurious lifestyle.

You are also asking why we are going? The answer is simple, because the conferences reaching out to our team directly as Felix Mago from our team is meanwhile a famous Dash face in the scene and an excellent speaker as well as many people are interested in our Thailand use case and work of Dash NEXT. Everyone knows how important personal and local networks are to drive business. We hope most of the community understands the value of having representatives for Dash on conferences. We are proud of the fact that we get invited for free. It's an absolute no-brainer to go there. For example receiving the DAO Award for Dash was an amazing marketing exposure and very good for Dash's reputation around the globe.

Thirdly you mentioned new ideas which suppose to have more benefits for Dash! Can you please tell us what new ideas do you have? We are very happy to hear them and will of course add them to our multiple existing tasks if possible.
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