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Title:DACH Embassy || Business Development & Integrations Q2-19 || Exchanges || Wallets || Payment Service Provider || ATMs || POS solutions (crucial funding or broke)
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Proposal description

DACH - Business Development Q2/19


Why is the D-A-CH region important?

The German speaking region in Europe has some of the strongest purchasing powers in the world.

GDP (PPP) Germany (D) = USD 4,170 billions
GDP (PPP) Austria (A) = USD 439 billions
GDP (PPP) Switzerland (CH) = USD 517 billions
GDP (PPP) D-A-CH Region = USD 5,127 billions

Source:  (2017)

According to a study made by ING in the middle of 2018:

8% of Germans own cryptocurrencies and 21% (16 million) expect to own cryptocurrencies in the future and
8% of Austrians own cryptocurrencies and 19% (1.6 million) expect to own cryptocurrencies in the future.


We believe that these 17.6 million people from Germany and Austria alone will have a strong impact on the future price development of cryptocurrency in general. Because Dash with its DAO and treasury system is highly sensitive to the price development, it is important that Dash gets recognized as a valid project with real use cases by those 17.6 million people.

In our opinion adoption in developed countries can be this key investment criterion and will give a strong positive signal for investors not only in D-A-CH region but all around the world. This will help Dash succeed in the long run and this is what we as the Dash Embassy D-A-CH are working on.

About us

The Dash Embassy D-A-CH was founded on the 23rd of Feb 2018. In the beginning the project was about increasing visibility and awareness for Dash to build up trust in the D-A-CH region. Therefore we did a lot of PR, Roadshow Events (Meetups) and attended conferences.

In the middle of 2018 we slightly changed our focus from communication topics towards business development and integrations. The first step was a letter campaign contacting all 350 BTC accepting merchants in D-A-CH region to make them accept Dash and to learn about the tools they are using and their experience with accepting cryptocurrencies.

In Q1 2019 we started intensive talks with FIAT Gateways like ATMs, Exchanges and Wallets and with companies from the payment industry such as payment service providers, cashier systems and payment terminals. We have seen first success stories during the past 3 month and are more than convinced that our current activities will increase the number of Dash accepting merchants and the availability of Dash in our region significantly.

Highlights Q1 2019

For those who are not aware of what we have done in the past, please have a look at

Reporting 01/2019:
Reporting 02/2019:
Reporting 03/2019:

Our forum thread:

and our previous proposals:

Our Q1/2018 Proposal Link:
Our Q2/2018 Proposal Link:
Our Q3/2018 Proposal Link:
Our Q4/2018 Proposal Link:
Our Q1/2019 Proposal Link:

You are more than welcome to join our channels on Discord:

Dash Nation: #dash-embassy-dach  
Dash Talk: #dash-embassy

What will Dash get from our proposal for Q2/19?

1. Business Development
1.1 Strategy

In our opinion the most efficient way to achieve adoption is by integrating Dash into the payments industry (cashier systems, payment terminals and payment service providers), because they help us enter the market through their already existing customers. Our market research from 2018 (a.k.a. “BTC Letter Campaign”) showed that convincing merchants is a lot easier when there is no need for an additional hardware, software or service.

Dash-to-EUR Payments at the POS

´╗┐Integration into existing cashier systems is simple as long as no FIAT convert is needed, in most cases however a FIAT convert is mandatory for merchants to consider adopting Dash as a means of payment. The flowchart below illustrates which parties are needed to cooperate to make a frictionless Dash to FIAT integration possible. Since several parties (Cashier System, Merchant, PSP and Exchange) are involved and required to come into terms, it takes consideration of different partners to arrive at a setup that satisfies all parties and minimizes onboarding friction. This process takes time and is highly dependent on several third parties, therefore unwanted delays can occur.

Best practice for this is PosBill, a cashier system used by over 10,000 merchants, that is currently integrating Dash and the payment terminal Salamantex

In addition we will work to increase the number of FIAT Gateways like Exchanges, Wallets and ATMs to make Dash accessible in the most user friendly way. Best practice for this are the largest Bitcoin marketplace in Europe with over 775,000 customers and Värdex the leading crypto ATM network in Switzerland

For acquisition we would love to attend conferences, but as described in “2. Events” below, this might not be possible in the way we want to. That’s why we will be using LinkedIn, email and phone calls as our main acquisition channels. In addition we will use the working circles mentioned in 3. Lobbying for acquisition.

In addition we started a BizDev Connectory together with Dash Core, DiscoverDash, Dash Embassy Thailand, Dash Nigeria to update each other on a bi-weekly basis and to coordinate our efforts and get the most out of our work for Dash. We will publish a Coworking concept for this soon. The BizDev Connectory will be open to join for every reliable PO or DFO. The Goal of the BizDev Connectory is to leverage the potential of the DAO with its various BizDev related DFOs by combining the know-how and expertise of the individual teams.

1.2 Integration Pipelines

To keep you updated in a transparent way we do live reporting for all our integration projects by using the kanban software trello. So please have a look at the specific integration pipelines and projects to get detailed information.

Please have a look at the links below and feel free to ask us about single projects:

1.2.1 Exchanges/Wallets

1.2.2 ATMs

1.2.3 Payment Companies

Costs: Staff, Travel, Hospitality
Responsible: Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra), Klaus Hipfinger (@simontheravager), Sinay Demirel (@sidem)

Notice: You might see an additional proposal for a merchant program in the future, which will be about POS materials (Dash accepted sticker, Info Flyer) / B2C Events (meetups for customers).

2. Events

We will only attend events for the payments and banking industry, which are free of charge or have a low ticket price or are connected to an invitation for Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra) as speaker. We will try our best to acquire as many events of this kind as possible and attend them together with our partners. One way for acquiring those events are the working cycles in “3. Lobbying”.

Best practices for this have been EuroCis and

For updates please have a look at the event calendar on our reporting website.

Costs: Staff, Travel, Hospitality
Responsible: Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra)

Notice: You might see an additional proposal for conferences we would like to attend with an exhibition booth and speaker slots in cooperation with our partners when prices have recovered.

3. Lobbying

Suitable to our Business Development Strategy we are part of working groups about digital transformation, digital payments, Fintechs and digital Banking in the following associations:

Furthermore we are supporting the following associations to ensure that the political interests of Dash are accounted in positioning papers for the leading German political parties.

Costs: Staff, Lobbying Memberships
Responsible: Klaus Hipfinger (@simontheravager), Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra)

4. Website

We will keep our website and all included services up-to-date and constantly create regular news updates consisting of german translations of articles and updates of our own achievements. New possibilities of accepting Dash by our partner businesses will be prominently featured to promote stronger business development also via our website.

Please find the detailed numbers of our website on our reporting website.

Costs: Staff, Website and Tools
Responsible: Sinay Demirel (@sidem)

5. Social Media

We are using our social media channels for community updates, event announcements and merchant posts and for sharing German articles. Please find the detailed numbers on our reporting website.

If you want to subscribe to our channels, we will be happy to welcome you as a subscriber.

Costs: Staff
Responsible: Sinay Demirel (@sidem)

6. PR

We will keep up the PR Connectory with Dash News, Dash Core and the new member Dash Embassy Thailand to bring international news into crypto related media platforms in DACH region and DACH news in international media. We will not use a PR agency for this right now. Because we have worked this way for the last three month, we are not able to provide you with any detailed numbers about share of voice and reach anymore.

For published articles please have a look at our reporting website.

Costs: Staff
Responsible: Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra)

Notice: When prices recover you might find an additional proposal for hiring a PR agency to create and coordinate professional press releases connected to the most important integration projects.

7. Legal Support

We are able to provide tax information regarding trading, mining, masternodes, merchants and proposals in all three jurisdictions of the D-A-CH region.

Our law firms support our business and integration partners to get reliable infos regarding cryptocurrency KYC and AML regulations to be prepared in regards to the legal framework after a Dash integration. Herosphere for example only integrated Dash because of our lawyers at Wolf Theiss and their experience. Salamantex gets help to start business in Switzerland.

Our current legal network includes:,,,,,,

The law firms are not charging us any fees when they are supporting our partners.

Costs: Staff, Website
Responsible: Klaus Hipfinger (@simontheravager)

8. Operations, Staff and External Contractors

The team of the three Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra), Sinay Demirel (@sidem) and Klaus Hipfinger (@simontheravager) will persist in this constellation until further notice.

The team for a Dash Embassy Turkey is forming right now more concrete.

We are supporting them with our know-how and we expect that they will submit a proposal soon.

Furthermore we constantly keep pushing for adding our own income streams to relieve the pressure from the Dash treasury in the long run and secure constant liquidity for the company even in bear markets. To achieve this goal, we form partnerships with payment service providers like (POS) , and

Costs: External Accounting, Insurances, Legal Advice and Revisions, Office rent, supplies and IT-infrastructure, Staff

9. Financials

We requested 246 Dash/month for Q1/19. This equals @ estimated avg. Dash Price of $ 80 = $ 59k or € 51,5k. Sales of Dash received from the treasury were €45,5k instead of € 51,5k planned.

Budget Q2-2019:

We use the 30 days SMA with an average Dash Price of $105,28 for the 2nd quarter of 2019 on 11th of April:

We request the total amount with a volatility buffer of 15% for three months coming because the current price spike could be not sustainable for the quarter.

Here you can find the Q2/2019 budget numbers in detail:

Links to our Liquidity and Capital Resources:

DACH Business Development - Public Budget Planning and Accounting 2019:

Corporate Wallet Address:

Thanks for your support! In Dash we trust!

We are eager to read your comments and are thankful for your advice.

The Dash Embassy D-A-CH Team

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2 points,4 years ago
Dash Watch June 25th 2019 Report on
DACH Business Development & Integrations Q2 2019 by DASH_Embassy_DACH
1 point,4 years ago
Partner Update:
0 points,4 years ago
The partnership described in the article above (Salamantex, A1, Concardis, Ingenico) will increase the number of Dash accepting merchants in Austria signifcantly. As soon as the rollout begins we should increase our marketing activities for those specific stores, so we can try to ensure that Dash becomes the most famous cryptocurrency used at these points of acceptance.

We will create a separate proposal for that so the MasterNodes can decide wether they want us to take that action or not.
1 point,4 years ago
Dash Watch May 26th 2019 Report on
DACH Embassy by DASH_Embassy_DACH
1 point,4 years ago
UPDATE: We figured out that Dash is not available on 105 of the 256 exchanges listed on coinmarketcap. Not all of those are unimportant when it comes to trading volume and FIAT pairs. We already split the entire list of those exchanges among DFOs in DCW. Dash Thailand will take care of most Asian exchanges, Dash Embassy Turkey will cover Lira trading pairs. We will cover the rest. To approach these exchanges with one voice we created the following presentation, which will be customized by each team:

With this presentation, that was completed with the aid of DCG and DFN, we cover all important information for an exchange to be convinced to integrate Dash, so we can handle the acquisition as efficient as possible.
1 point,4 years ago
REPORT: our report for April 4/2019 is done and available now:
1 point,4 years ago
UPDATE: we finshed a presentation that can be used to convince cashier systems of a Dash integration. It's available for every member of DCW (Dash CoWorking):
1 point,4 years ago
UPDATE: we finished our concept for DCW (Dash CoWorking) former BizDev connectory & PR connectory. It aims to increase collaboration and efficiency in the Dash DAO and is open for every reliable PO / DFO. Dash Core, Dash Force, Dash Embassy Thailand, Dash Nigeria & Dash Embassy D-A-CH are already part of this. We hope for more members over time:
1 point,4 years ago
Friendly reminder to Masternodes: All your votes from last month are cancelled, null and void. Unlike previous months where successful proposals can kind of coast because all their YES vote carry over, this month, THEY DON'T. Please go vote so that we don't leave deserving proposals high and dry. If you are having problems voting, this thread will likely solve your problem, otherwise ask.

The clock is ticking.....17 hours. Let's get after it!
0 points,4 years ago
Yes from me.
1 point,4 years ago
UPDATE: Dash is now available in the mobile wallet of (20,000 customers). The wallet includes an easy to use FIAT gateway.
1 point,4 years ago
1 point,4 years ago
Dash Watch April 26th 2019 Report on
DACH Embassy Business Development & Integrations Q1-19 by DASH_Embassy_DACH
0 points,4 years ago
UPDATE: piixpay is a service based in Estonia that allow people in over 100 countries to pay their bills with Dash. By using this link you can now save 20% on the service fee. (IMPORTANT: piixpay was not an integration project. It's "just" a partnership.)
2 points,4 years ago
@essra when will you actually make the embassy self sufficient rather than seeking 'crucial or broke' handouts proposal after proposal.

Maybe dach unable to come up with a strategy perhaps it may be time to dissolve it.
1 point,4 years ago
Hello Realmrhack,

thank you for your reply. We will stop using "crucial or broke" when we reach a financial buffer that allows us to go on with our work even when we don't receive a funding for one month. In summer of 2018 we did not ask for funding for one month, because we were able to go on without additional funding and wanted to make room for other proposals. At the moment something like this is not possible, so we use the term to help MNOs to prioritize.

Becoming self sufficent is not that easy when you are promoting a project/product that is not owned by yourself or your companiy. As representatives of Dash this is exactly what what we are doing.

Never the less we developed some ideas to become self sufficient:

1. We suggested that embassies (not only DACH) could buy shares of FIAT gateway companies and crypto payment companies in their region, to benefit from the companies they need to promote anyway while working on adoption. This was denied by the network in autumn last year: - We still like this idea, but it seems that without having Dash Ventures in the background it doesn't make sense to go on with this approach at the moment.

2. Another option are affiliate programs. We already use those links (hardware wallets, exchanges) on our website, but as decided by the network we are focused on Business Development (B2B) at the moment and by this are not able to do B2C marketing for those affiliate programs. Of course we try to find solutions for this in B2B too. You can see the process we made on our trello boards linked in the proposal above.

3. Earning money with workshops and speakerslots: popular speakers are getting paid for attending conferences and sharing their knowledge on stage and in workshops. Unfortunately we haven't reached that status yet. For now we are very happy that event organizers invite is for free and don't make us pay for our speakerslots, like they did in 2018.

4. Consulting: getting paid for integration projects by the companies we are supporting might be another option, but at the moment none of these companies are willing to pay for this service. Most time it's the other way arround and they would like to receive money for the integration. In addition most of them don't ask for crypto, they need to be convinced. We might be able to make this a business model in future, but right now it's not possible.

Maybe we haven't explored all opportunities yet. If you have any further ideas we will be happy to read your suggestions. This would be very helpfull.

Thank you for your support,

0 points,4 years ago
Our partner (payment terminal in austria) ran a poll on twitter to see which cryptocurrency people preferably choose for daily transactions. Guess who won. Please spread the word and show some support:
0 points,4 years ago
I've been following the work of this team from day 1. There have been up's and down's, but the DASH Embassy DACH brings a key component that is very necessary: endurance. It's not a sprint-race for DASH to be well represented in the (wealthy!) DACH region, its more like a marathon.
Keep on trucking, guys! Voting yes.
2 points,4 years ago
I like the progress DACH has made so far and the way they have made their Embassy concept duplicable so that it can spread to Thailand and now Turkey. Keep up the good work!
3 points,4 years ago
UPDATE: Dash is now available on (biggest crypto marketplace in Europe with more than 775.000 users) for Crypto-to-Crypto trading by using Dash Core Wallet:
1 point,4 years ago
As far as i can see, there is no such "Dash/BTC" market tab available, on the current website!
I can only see 5 markets, which are BTC/EUR, BCH/EUR, BTG/EUR, ETH/EUR and BSV/EUR.
Can you please clarify?
3 points,4 years ago
I had the issue myself, it seems the "Dash/BTC" is not activated by default for everyone, while in beta. I just wrote the support that I'd like to trade this pair and after 9 min I got the reply that my account got activated for the beta.

Try it out and don't for get to kindly ask for Dash/EUR market too ;)
3 points,4 years ago
Hello Vidarte,

you need to be logged in and have the highest verification level, because it's still in beta right now.

Please don't hesitate to get in contact again, if you experience an difficulties.

All the best,
1 point,4 years ago
I think you have to be logged in to see it. I can see it when I log into the account. It's currently one of two crypto-to-crypto pairs (DASH/BTC and GNT/BTC).