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Monthly amount: 408 DASH (105835 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-07-18 / 2018-10-16 (added on 2018-07-10)
Final voting deadline: in 12 days
Votes: 179 Yes / 70 No / 6 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 342 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Our Q1/2018 Proposal Link:
Our Q2/2018 Proposal Link:

Reporting/Outlook and Quarterly Conference Call

Presentation Link: Q2/2018 Reporting and Q3/2018 Planning

All our monthly Reporting Forum Threads:

About Dash Embassy D-A-CH

The Dash Embassy D-A-CH UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is the first legal European open-source Dash company. It is incorporated in Germany and is a new kind of Dash Sub-DAO or Dash funded organisation (DFO), which is acting as an entire professional marketing, education, integration and support service agency for Dash with a legal network of well-known crypto experienced law firms behind it. The term D-A-CH (D = Germany, A= Austria, CH = Switzerland) means, that it is acting in the European German speaking countries. The overall goal is to increase the acceptance of Dash as a means of payment by increasing the Dash Eco-System with partnerships and cooperations. As a Sub-DAO/DFO it represents the clear efforts to push Dash as soon as possible to mass adoption.

Corporate Structure:

The Team (12 in total) - Departure of Directors or Certain Team Members; Appointment of Certain Team Members;

Cedric Weber (@TheSUp) responsible for IT and Tools left the company in April.
Sinay Demirel (@Sidem) joined the company as new contractor for IT and Integration Managment in April
Klaus Hipfinger (@simontheravager) got appointed to second managing director in May.
Rafel Schultz (@blockchainpunk)also joined as associate in May.
Lars Blohm (@beefhuck) responsible for Education and Events left the company in June.
Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra) took over the Education and Event division on interim
Seven Dash Ambassadors got hired in July.

Geographic map of our Team:,12.36701722812495&z=6

You can also look at our LinkedIn or Xing Profiles to gather more in depth info about us. Just hover over our photos on the website.

Internal Advisory Board / Sparring Partner:

@macrochip -
@fernando -
@kot -
@codablock -

Superior Reporting and Changes:

We have set the standards of reporting and transparency at the legal maximum to ourselves. We will always provide the public and therefore the Dash Community with all data we legally may publish.

We also publish all our PR, Events, Announcements, Articles, Interviews, Workshops, Conference Attendances and Integration Successes on our website:

All Reports are also available in our monthly Dash Forum Thread, in our channel on Dash Nation Discord and on the Dash Watch website

With the highest Confidence Score of 90 at Dash Watch we are absolutely proud to keep this high standard of reporting. We cooperate very well with Dash Watch and provide monthly reportings to them. Furthermore we constantly report in our monthly Dash Forum Thread and via the Comment Section on Dash Central.

Due to the new European Data Privacy Law GDPR we had to change our public Google Calendar to only private, because its not allowed to have European personal data available to the public in this details.

Please feel also free to look into all our public available corporate data:

Public Budget Planning and Accounting 2018:

Dash Embassy D-A-CH UG (haftungsbeschränkt) announces Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results

Planned Financials Q2/2018:

We requested 428 Dash/month for Q2. This equals @ estimated avg. Dash Price of $ 500 = $ 642k or € 520k

Real Financials Q2/2018:

The Dash price declined of -56% from its April Highs resulted in an unexpected lower avg. Dash Price in Q2. Due to our smart selling strategy (BSF) we reduced losses to -26,5%, which shows our corporate financial strength to weather unexpected price events.
Sales of Dash received were € 382k instead of € 520k planned. Regardless we managed to pay all our remaining Q1 bills, funded all our Q2 operations and still have some liquidity.
Thanks to our very efficient liquidity and capital management we even skipped the July proposal cycle, which means we got along 1 additional month with the money. Furthermore we ask for a reduced funding for the Q3 quarter.

Links to our Liquidity and Capital Resources:

Public Budget Planning and Accounting 2018:

Corporate Wallet Address:

Transparent Planning: What will Dash get from our proposal for the 3rd quarter of 2018?

Administration and Law

  • Keep all divisions operational and running by proper HR-Management and hiring for key positions if needed (scaling up)
  • Reduction of legal costs due to finished corporate structure and GDPR compliance
  • Constantly increase internal efficiency by corporate standards and work flows
  • Keep superior reporting and transparent planning at maximum together with Dash Watch at the highest Confidence Score (90)
  • Strengthen existing partnerships and cooperations to grow the Dash Eco-System
  • Consider own income streams to relieve the pressure on the Dash treasury on the long run
  • Increase the number of legal partners for Germany and Switzerland to grow the Dash legal network in Europe, for Austria we have an exclusive Partnership with Wolf Theiss, which is the biggest law firm there
  • Reach a general legal solution for the German Sales Tax issue we have encountered with the German Financial Authorities, which are currently assessing the case
  • Create real legal precedents for MNOs
  • Create real legal precedents for Merchants
  • Hiring of a new Division Leader for Education and Events
  • Hiring for Sales and Integration
  • Hiring more Dash Ambassadors


  • Finish the missing page “Merchant Support” on our rebranded website
  • Create a community page on our website which allows Dash Fans to order promo-packages including stickers, lanyards, shopping bags, … to promote Dash autonomously
  • Do a new image/product shooting for our website and marketing materials as soon as the wallet gets the new branding
  • Create more video-tutorials such as for Core-Wallet, transactions, buying Dash, …

  • Reach the 20 event benchmark with speakerslots and sponsorings (8 left to go Events)


  • Keep up the good work with Hoschke and Consorten (our PR-Agency)
  • Try to increase the number of articles and interviews again (we are at 40+ in Q2)
  • Become part of the current ECB and monetary system discussion
  • Improve speaker skills of essra with a professional media training

Education and Events

Roadshow and Meetups


  • Review the written “Dash Manual” book (150 pages) about money, Bitcoin, blockchain & Dash together with community members an PR agency
  • Create all graphics and the finals design for the book
  • Translate book into English for general use
  • Publish the e-book and convert it to e-learning

Satoschi School Club (SC)

  • Start SC together with Benjamin Burde
  • Provide learning materials to teachers (book/e-learning)
  • Support SC to get in touch with schools/teachers
  • Find more partners for SC to lower the cost for Dash 
           More Details in the white paper:

Integration and Sales

  • Keep strong Sales performances at future Conferences
  • Additionally plan and start our own Sales and Payment Events
  • Redefining sales approach/presentations from “payment revolution” into clear customer pain and gain solution
  • Get them started - finalize 10 best practise integration projects as success stories
  • Ramping up more Integration Deals via best practises and market reputation
  • Increasing Dash integrations to small Merchants like Restaurants and Cafes
  • Increasing Dash integrations to Crypto Infrastructure provider like Wallet-, ATM-, POS-, PSP- or Exchange provider
  • Increasing Dash integrations to transform the old economy like banks, energy companies and automobile industry
  • Integration focus on market makers, such as enablers like benefit cards were Dash is created without using FIAT


  • Create a cryptocurrency and blockchain dictionary and publish it on our website
  • Expand Support Knowledge Base according to new customer requests
  • Keep the well working support via Live-Chat and E-Mail
  • Evaluate the necessity and costs of a phone support hotline at the current state of support needs and demands
  • Possibly hiring of more support employees if demand goes up

Please look into our detailed Presentation to get all the important infos:

Financials for Q3/2018:

Budget Q2 vs Q3

Q2 2018 avg. Costs

Admin                           22,800€ / month
HR                                 32,600€ / month
Marketing                    42,600€ / month
Education                     26,400€ / month
Integration                   22,300€ / month
Support                            750€ / month

TOTAL                       147,450€ / month

Q3 2018 avg. Costs

Admin                              6,000€ / month
HR                                  40,800€ / month
Marketing                     25,600€ / month
Education                      26,000€ / month
Integration                      3,300€ / month
Support                              450€ / month

TOTAL                        102,150€ / month

Cost reduction: 30,75% - we save 45,000€ each month

  • German Sales Tax of 19% is still included
  • Thanks to very efficient capital and corporate management we skipped July and even ask for a reduced funding for the 3 months August, September and October 2018 of 408 Dash each despite the ongoing severe Dash price decline
  • Our avg. estimated Dash Price changes to $ 350 for the 3rd quarter of 2018

Public Budget Planning 2018:

As in detail presented in the link above we ask for:

307.161,21 €, which represents at a EUR/USD Spot Price of 1,1739 = $ 429.086,09, which represents at an estimated average Dash Price of $ 350 = 1.225,96 DASH

Unfortunately we have to add the German Sales Tax of 19% to these numbers, which we have to pay to the German Fiscal Authorities. Our lawyers are forcefully working on this issue with the responsible authorities.

So we are asking for 1.226 DASH over 3 Months:

408 DASH by monthly payments, which represents at an estimated avg. Dash Price of $ 350 = $ 142.800,00, which represents at a EUR/USD Spot Price of 1,1739 = 121.645,79 € 

Thanks for your support! In Dash we trust!

We are eager on your comments and thankful for your advice.

The Dash Embassy D-A-CH Team

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1 point,2 hours ago
I have had the pleasure to meet and talk to essra of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH personally.
These guys do a great job in a market that has a LOT of buying power. Just to re-iterate: D-A-CH stands for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
It's an easy yes for me.
0 points,1 hour ago
ty very much for the kind words :-) To strengthen Dash in this important European countries is key to the general mass adoption.
0 points,23 hours ago
Another expensive corporate Core team is the last thing we need. Wtf is HR? How hard is it to hire 12 people? My old company had 40+ employees and not a single HR person.

Why are people incorporating when persons could just be paid in crypto and some taxes and overhead be avoided that way?

No x12.
0 points,13 hours ago
Hello 3d1409ae,

We are not high priced, we are very efficient in what we are doing as you can hear or read in our presentation for the last quarter and in the coming DashWatch report. You get a lot from us for this amount of money and we always work on bringing down the costs even more. "HR" means "Human Resources" and represents the costs of our total current employees and contractors together. We do not have a permanent HR hiring person, if you mean that, because that would be way to expensive and is not needed.

We have incorporated as a company, because in the European Union and especially in German speaking countries, Dash needs to have a reputable and legal voice and face in the form of a legal entity. This shows that we are professionells and in business circles no one trusts you if you are just a bunch of loose crypto people.

Paying taxes for crypto is a very new juridical field in Europe. Because of that we are doing legal groundwork here for the Masternodes. We are currently working on precedents to make things clear for you fellow Masternodes living here and paying your taxes. We do not have any tax overheat. We have just payed the German Sales Tax, because we want to build a precedent for this case for future proposal owners and masternodes. In fact we will get back the whole amount of sales taxes from the financial authorities, when they have decided that there is no benefit recipient, which is very very likely according to our lawyers.

I hope i have answered all your questions and you can always reach out to us on discord @essra or @simontheravager or on all our other channels. :-)

Would be great to get +12 Votes from you.

Best regards
Your Dash Embassy D-A-CH Team
1 point,1 day ago
Join our Roadshow and Meetups all over the German Speaking Countries:
0 points,5 days ago
July Reporting Forum Thread:
0 points,5 days ago
Does Dash Embassy DACH have a YouTube channel so we can see your accomplishments in video format?
1 point,5 days ago
I just answered my own question by following your video to its channel. So, my next question is... why does your organization only have two videos on its channel, especially if there has been at least one event with people attending? 408 Dash per month is a lot for an organization that is not producing content to demonstrate clearly its accomplishments.
0 points,5 days ago
Hello ec1warc1,

I can understand your concern about the lack of videos on our YouTube channel. I would like you to have a look at our various social media presences, like twitter, FB, linkedin etc. where we present our numerous accomplishments through press releases, blogposts, interviews and fotos. I would also invite you to have a look at our website: where you can look at our blog and events calendar.
We are in direct contact with Dash-AI, who is the Dash Instagram Manager, and he has access to all our events fotos and is also posting them on a regular basis. We will ramp up our video reporting very soon with the start of our roadshow and ambassador events :-)

Furthermore you can always find our brand new news in our monthly forum thread:

Best Regards
0 points,5 days ago
Please provide links to your Twitter, FB, Linkedin, etc. I am searching on Twitter, and I don't find you. Thanks!
0 points,5 days ago
Here is the list for you:


My pleasure! :-)
1 point,4 days ago
Thanks! I just followed you on Twitter!
1 point,5 days ago
and our Steemit Account:
-1 point,5 days ago
hi ec1warc1 - additionally I need to say that most of our work is not about social media or creating content. of course we use those channels to publish our efforts (have a look at our blog on website) and upload our 3-monthly reporting. social media never was part of our proposals, but we will increase our visibility in those channels in future. for now we are only doing what is neccessary there. for creating high quality content we would need an agency or a professional employee. everything else would not fit our approach.
1 point,6 days ago
Can we rename DCG to Dash Core Germany - you guys know how to get sh1t done. Great work, yes from me.
0 points,6 days ago
wow ty for the praise, we will keep up the good work.
1 point,6 days ago
You have my support, thank you for your work
1 point,6 days ago
ty very much for your support :-)