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Monthly amount: 428 DASH (210184 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 428 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-03-19 / 2018-06-16 (added on 2018-03-19)
Votes: 802 Yes / 182 No / 12 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

Our previous Q1/2018 Proposal Link:

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO, our Presentation Q1/2018 Reporting and Q2/2018 Planning plus Live Chat Session with Q and A, FIRST BEFORE READING AND VOTING: 

You can also just look into our detailed Presentation as PDF file to get all the important infos:

The Foundation of the Corporation: Dash Embassy D-A-CH UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 

We have designed, built and founded a Dash Company in Germany. This is a fully legal business entity and all divisions are fully operational and running at present.

The Corporate Structure:

The legal entity UG can be compared to a light version of the GmbH aka incorporation in the US or Ltd in the UK. This entity can be founded more easier with way lower capital to start a business. In the future we always have the possibility to transform it to a GmbH. GmbHs are more trusted in the business world, so we will think about this step and probably choose it in the next six to twelve months.
Thus we have started to show and provide an increasing Dash presence in the German speaking countries of Europe.

The Team behind:

We grew to six fully dedicated team members, who do their daily tasks via our decentralized work space using professionell business tools from Project Management and HR-Management to CRM and Support Tools. We always want to ensure maximum efficiency.

Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra) - Marketing + Strategy
Klaus Hipfinger (@simontheravager) - Administration + Controlling
Cedric Weber (@TheSup) - Tools + IT
Lars Blohm (@beefhuck) - Education + Events
Rafael Schultz (@blockchainpunk) - Integration + Sales
Nils Hermann (@orion) - Translation + Support

See our faces on

You can also look at our LinkedIn or Xing Profiles to gather more in depth infos about us. Just hover over our photos on the website. 

Internal Adivsory Board / Sparring Partner:

@macrochip -
@fernando - 
@kot - 
@codablock - 

Superior Reporting:

We have set the standards of reporting and transparency at the legal maximum to ourselves. So we will always provide the public and so the Dash Community with all data we legally may publish. 

We also publish all our PR, Events, Announcements, Articles, Interviews, Workshops, Conference Attendances and Integration Successes on our websiste: 

We are proud to present our first reporting about our work for the first two months of 2018 to Dash Watch and the whole Dash Community:

Link to the Dash Watch Report 02/2018 

This Report is also available in our reporting Channel on our Discord and on the Dash Watch website

With the highest Confidence Score of 90 at Dash Watch we are absolutely proud to keep this high standard of reporting. We cooperate very well with Dash Watch and will provide monthly reportings to them. The next reporting for the month March will be available soon at Dash Watch and in the Dash Forum.

Please feel also free to look into all our public available corporate data:

Public Google Calendar:

Public Budget Accounting 2018:

Transparent Planning: What will DASH get from our proposal for the 2nd quarter of 2018?

Administration and Law

  • Ensure legal certainty for contractors, partners and merchants by our legal network in the D-A-CH region
  • Reach a general legal solution to the German Sales Tax Issue we have encountered
  • Legal clarification of our juridical questionnaire to our lawyers, for example regarding masternodes and mining related questions
  • Achieve funding security for the company and long-term contractors
  • Hold all divisions operational and running by proper HR-Management and further hiring for key positions
  • Keep superior reporting and transparent planning at maximum together with Dash Watch at the highest Confidence Score (90)
  • Securing our 2nd headquarter in Vienna to provide more physical disposability
  • Combination and integration of our internal tools like CRM and Support Tool


  • Increase number of Speakerslots/Sponsorings (12 Events in discussion for 2018) (the green ones)
  • Increase number of articles and interviews about Dash in press/media 
  • Become a member of Blockchain Bundesverband (federation) 
  • Become a member of Austrian Startups (federation) 
  • Find a federation in Switzerland
  • Do lobbying together with national federations
  • Increase number of partnerships for Education Division
  • Create Videotutorials for Dash Usage
  • Add Tutorials, Support, Tax and Legal, FAQ to 
  • English version of 
  • Get SSL


  • Convert Basic Materials into E-Learning Content (=Text supported by Graphics, Videos and Tests)
  • Translate Content into Englisch for general use 
  • Setup a proper E-Learning Tool and translate into English
  • Create an open accessible book out of the basic materials
  • Create an Ambassador Tool-Kit, containing a Presentation, Marketing Materials, etc. to guarantee quality and CI
  • Increase the number of Ambassadors (20+)
  • Arrange Ambassador Training Event to prepare them for their task
  • Arrange Embassy Events
  • Arrange Ambassador Events
  • Arrange Ambassador Meetups
  • Develop Reporting/Feedback Procedure to evaluate Ambassador Events
  • Develop a Quality Check for Ambassador Events
  • Gather more Partners for Events
  • Get started with Webinars


  • Creation of an internal Strategy and Concept for Merchant Integration
  • Starting partnerships with merchant integration companies like CGI, Kurrant, Cointed or PSPs
  • Developing a Best Practice Case Study and Model with Dash Core together and start it with CONDA Crowdinvesting first
  • Start of frequent meetings with merchants and payment partners
  • Launching Dash implementations to PSPS´s
  • Launching Dash implmentations to Merchants
  • Intensifying talks with currently interested Merchants, like,, Conda;


  • Starting phone support via our Support Tool
  • Creation of FAQ
  • Create Support Knowledge Base
  • Possibly hiring of more support contractors if demand is going up

Budget Outlook for Q2/2018:

  • All Divisions are fully operational and running, therefore they need an adequate funding
  • Partial Compensation for Lost Funds of Q1 needed
  • German Sales Tax of 19% is included this time
  • Change to monthly Proposal payments at an avg. estimated Dash Price of $ 500 for the next 3 months

Public Budget Planning 2018:

As in detail presented in the link above we ask for:

437.035,60 €, which represents at a EUR/USD Spot Price of 1,2350 =
$ 539.738,97, which represents at an estimaned average Dash Price of $ 500 = 
1.079,48 DASH

Unfortunately we have to add the German Sales Tax of 19% to these numbers, which we have to pay to the German Fiscal Authorities. Our lawyers are forcefully working on this issue with the responsible authorities.

So we are asking for 1.284,58 DASH over 3 Months:
428 DASH by monthly payments, which respresents at an estimaned avg. Dash Price of $ 500 =
$ 214.000,00, which represents at a EUR/USD Spot Price of 1,2350 =
173.279,35 € 

Thanks for your support! 

In Dash, we trust.

We are eager on your comments and thankful for your advice. 

The Dash Embassy D-A-CH Team

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1 point,2 days ago
New Public Budget Accounting 2018 is online:
1 point,8 days ago
April Update Thread is online:
1 point,11 days ago
Next Update: the english version of our website is available now:
1 point,20 days ago
New Update: :-)
1 point,26 days ago
voting YES to this extensive Germanistan based project. Having listened already to most of the two recent video presentations, the team seems to be on the ball, honest and genuinely enthusiastic about promoting and securing a Dash based platform.
1 point,26 days ago
Thanks for the trust in us ^^ We´ll do our best.
2 points,27 days ago
1 point,27 days ago
@essra and @simontheravager at CA-TV
1 point,27 days ago
Ty @tao of satoshi for this Interview chance :-)
1 point,28 days ago
2 points,28 days ago
This is a great effort, we need more DASH embassies around the world.
1 point,28 days ago
Ty @JZA for the support, we encourage everyone to open up an Dash Embassy in its home country ^^
4 points,29 days ago
Just wanted to mention that I have met the guys from Dash Embassy D-A-CH two times during the conferences in Berlin.
They have provided me with a lot of help on our booth and made some interesting connections. From what I saw, they do a fantastic work there in Germany (and other countries in Europe). Probably this is the most organised and enthusiastic project in Europe :)
They have created interesting framework of work and materials that can be both replicated and re-used in other countries. This initiative is very unique. And at the end of a day they are Germans - solid as a rock if comes to work :).

Let me comment the cost. Yes, the cost seems to be significant, but this is the reality in Europe. Germany is not the most expensive option anyway... e.g. Switzerland would be much more expensive. If you want to make legal and legit business in Western Europe, it is connected to cost higher than any other region. However this also means that you are going to have clients, who will spend more. Think about it.
1 point,29 days ago
Rhank you for your support, Robert. It was/is a pleasure to work with you.
3 points,29 days ago
Quite expensive -- especially the German tax bit -- but willing to give this a go and see what you can produce. Voting yes.
3 points,29 days ago
Thanks a lot, we have already done an appeal with our lawyers at the German financial authorities to set a precedent. We and our lawyers do not see the need of paying a sales tax on proposal funds. So this will give us all legal security and avoid issues with authorities in the future, if we win this appeal :-)
1 point,29 days ago
essra gave valued support to me several times. So I hope MNO vote YES.
2 points,29 days ago
and we will in future, if you need us :-)
5 points,1 month ago
This is quite a big proposal, but the work I've seen from the embassy is always great. They are very professional and motivated. The impact I see in their area is really noticeable, so I hope they can keep doing what they do.

Also, hopefully this organization will serve as one of the successful examples for other regional organizations in the future. Of course, there are still things to improve, but I'm sure they will tackle those as they optimize their operations... but for that they need to keep going!
2 points,1 month ago
Wow thank you Fernando for this awesome support. Glad to here that from a pro like you :-)
3 points,1 month ago - germanys leading crypto related news website has just confirmed a partnership for our Digital Cash Roadshow - " I feel like dancing, dancing...."
4 points,1 month ago
Hello everybody, we just finished the Concept & Roadmap für the Education & Event Division:

In addition to the Concept & Roadmap, we finished the Exposé that we will send to potential event locations / partnership acquisition:
2 points,1 month ago
We are proud to announce our partnership with for our Roadshow and our Website/Support.

A Service which will help us to help people with Taxes on cryptocurrencies :-)
4 points,1 month ago
Dear MNOs,

I've met essra and he is on fire. Like all the time. His team is equally motivated.
I'll just share my (german) view of the embassy for your consideration.

TL:DR; Vote YES if you want more real world adoption. Vote NO if you want to argue about marketing proposals for the next three months.

What does the Embassy bring to the table?
-Mainstream Coverage:
Here in Germany, if you are not endorsed on the Public Medias (ARD, ZDF etc.) people don't trust you.
Google, Facebook and Twitter banned all Crypto related Advertising.
The Embassy already made it to ARD, which is a huge achievement on its own. The Embassy will keep DASH in the talks and further the recognition as a 100% legal and better payment solution.

- Legal:
It's unfortunate that a lot of time and money had to be spent on lawyers and taxes.
But this was of utmost importance, or else DASH could never get the "legal" approval from the authorities. Companies in Germany shy instantly away from anything that has only the hint of suspicion.
You think police raids are bad? When the BAFIN (tax authority) thinks you are shady, it rolls in for a deep audit every year. They will find something and immediately hold any operation, freeze all accounts (business and private) and take your inventory. Then you can fight your way through legal battles for years until you're probably left in debt to just get your stuff back.
This is not the kind of headline I want to have associated with DASH. And therefore, it was the only sensible thing to do for the Embassy.

-Merchant Adoption
As the legal groundwork is set, the push to get German merchants is on the way. With Mainstream Media coverage, the businesses will come. Essra said that they already have two requests in one week. Let them work and see what they got up their sleeve.

There's already a live chat working. A hotline will follow soon.
As confirmed by AlejandroE, DASH Help Venezuela will exchange their knowledge with the Embassy to speed up the implementation process.
Having a hotline will further build trust in DASH. Which in exchange will bring even more businesses to us.

These points and the Ambassador Network with the E-Learning Tool and the workshops will help to make the DACH Region the second DASH Country (Venezuela will be the first of course).

Last point, if you aren't sold yet:
What do you think will bring the price of DASH faster up again?
- Headlines from Germany, Austria and Switzerland about the implementation of DASH within all different types of Businesses
- Some Online Marketing scheme that will be blocked within the next month?

I am very happy that you are trying to make Germany a cryptofriendly and most importantly "dashy" country. VOTED YES.

Best Regards from Germany

6 points,1 month ago
Our Live-Chat for Support is now available on:
0 points,1 month ago
I can't seem find this section on the website? Could you point out where this is.

I have spent some time going through your previous work and it is very confusing, much like this proposal. I can't find any learning materials or videos.

Instead of focusing on so many divisions, I suggest you focus and make a success of 1 or 2. Working disjointedly like this is likely to result in inefficient utilization of funds. I would suggest you focus on one or things, scale back your ask and show good results before asking for 1000+ dash.
1 point,1 month ago
You should check out the bottom right corner. There's a chatbubble, where you can access it. But you might want to consider the german timezone or else you'll only talk to the bot.
-1 point,1 month ago
This proposal fails to meet minimum standards of clarity, focus, deliverables, price and execution one would expect from a half Million dollar proposal. I am struggling to understand what this 1284 dash expenditure is about despite a dozen scattered links.

If someone has to point out where the bubble is, the battle is already lost.

I appreciate the enthusiasm but we must hold firm on high level of expectations of proposal owners and not go soft on them for being well intentioned but amateurish.
2 points,1 month ago
Maybe you are the problem and do not meet the minimum standards of even debating things here? If you still don't get what the proposal is about, fine. But saying stuff like "amateurish" is insulting. I live in Germany, I understand German, I know the team and I assure you, there is nothing "amateurish" in the way they work. Now go buy yourself a Masternode.
1 point,1 month ago
thanks for your support @Macno

@Wixamlee: we received a rating of 90 from Dashwatch, so there is clarity in this project.

A live-chat bubble is usually on the right side at the bottom, but thank you for your feedback. Maybe we will need to improve the visibility. If you have further objective and constructive criticism, please let us know. Also the offer for a public live chat still exist. For example in the "Proposal Live Room" in Dash Nation Discord. I´ll be there for the next couple of hours - join me!

I hope you understand that we will not answer destructive comments or any kind of offences from now on. Here is a lot of work to do and we don´t have time for that.
3 points,1 month ago
Articles we are responsable for in March:
1 point,1 month ago
Hi from Germany. I kindly ask the No Voters to reconsider their decision. The impact the Dash D-A-CH DAO is having attention-wise is huge. I know they ask for a lot of money, but this is the price level for professional work in Germany.
3 points,1 month ago
Thank you for your trust and support :-) @macno Bringing Dash to Germany, Austria and Switzlerand is key.
2 points,1 month ago
The DASH D-A-CH DAO will be a blueprint for all other local DASH organizations. The e-learning tools they develop will be usable for everyone and make the entry of new users into the crypto market / DASH considerably easier.
Such tools can be extended later and can have a self-running effect after a short time.
Among other things, DASH ambassadors kids are being developed to make it easier for local groups to establish initial contact with local lobby groups. Especially in the german-speaking area, professional and prepared procedures are urgently needed, since people associate rather negative than good things with cryptos.
2 points,1 month ago
Thats exactly the case here as we are ramping up our efforts fast and shaping an open-source Dash service company. But we are not alone. Our cooperation partners from the are building a blueprint for a dezentralised community, which helps people to get back into a job or transforming your work life. They already have big corporate costumers like a big Austrian Insurance company, who book courses at them to shape up their human resources. They will use DASH Exclusive in their community network as their currency. Because they want a better decentralized peaceful world. Just one example of our partners.

In fact this all lays the groundwork to achieve Evan´s Visions for a decentralized world in peace.
1 point,1 month ago
At the moment I think that the PoC of the European embassy would be a PoC, so I suggest the people of Venezuela, Africa, etc. (I include myself) in that they do not accelerate.
Because if a proposal comes up, I will be very critical of my votes. You are a laboratory, an experiment.
On the other hand, I remind you that as a company you have been founded with the financial resources of Dash DAO, and for legal purposes you are employees, delegates, as they are Core. And as he did in his Core day, I hope to see reports in the forum about how they are going to line up so that the "embassy" is the property of the DAO. Thanks for the effort and the proposal.
You have my support. Good luck.
2 points,1 month ago
Absolutely, because of that we are reporting everything what we do, spend and achieve. We represent Dash and have to always act correct and legal correct. You are right that all embassies are the property of the MNOs over the new trust and we will work that out in the future.

Thanks for the support ;-)
2 points,1 month ago
I have seen your report, and I congratulate you for making such a detailed report on the actions you have taken.
I have some questions:

I would like you to talk more about the area of: Integration

I think you can do things but you have to do face to face field work and I wanted to know if you have already contacted B2B or B2C with companies and how you plan to face so that Dash begins to be used in these 2 areas in the area of ​​your influence.

I suppose that through Robert Wiecko (Dash core) for living in Switzerland, you coordinate in actions with Dash Core. What synergies you plan to have that can be told in public.

I am interested in the matter that you have named:
## But the idea is to create a company, that can also be used in other countries and languages ​​by other DASH people by using our toolset (website, marketing materials, e-learning tool, ...). ##

To create a system or mechanism taking advantage of your experience so that other embassies can be created in other countries seems very interesting to me.
What plans do you have for your experience and resources can be extrapolated to other countries?

I could perhaps form a work team in my country to create an embassy if I had the resources to accelerate its implementation in the future.

Thanks for the proposal.
2 points,1 month ago
Awesome to hear that :-)

ad 1: Yes, face to face contact with costumers aka merchants is actually exactly what we are doing right now, which in fact is also heavy networking. The whole team is intense working on integration efforts, especially now this got ramped up heavy with our new Integration and Sales Division Leader Rafael Schultz. He worked over 10 years in the payment sector and knows all the people and companies. The very interesting thing behind that is that currently we have not rectruited a single merchant by our own, they are all coming to us by themself. For example the 2nd biggest Austrian Ticketing Company for Events wants a Dash integration and one of the biggest crowdfunding investing companies in europe CONDA too. Just to name the 2 biggest in work today. Even more merchants are coming and in fact asking for integration. Just yesterday the first small-size company in Germany request Dash integration via our website. So you can see the demand is here and now they have a real physical Dash company here, to mail, to call, to touch and to work with. That is what they want and now get from us here ^^

ad 2: Yes, we are working very tight together with Core Members like Robert Wiecko, Fernando and Bradley. This cooperation is very strong related to marketing and integration. We need Core Integration expierience in europe to offer our costumers the right solution for their used systems. So we will work out integration plans together which fit to serveral systems costumers are using. So we are in the phase of getting the informations of our merchants and then building the right solutions for them. Furhtermore we are also thinking of getting into existing payments processor systems, so that the integration for the merchants is done automatically by the processing company. But this is currently all in work with Core to design some in-house solutions.

ad 3: Yes, the model of the Dash Embassy should become a standard model of building a Dash company in any country of the world. A Dash Company which focuses on information, education and then integration. Being a physical partner for businesses in the relevant country. Our corporate structure with the 5 divisions ensures a decentralized working environment. Currently for example our team is totally spread over the three german speaking countries, but with our structure we work maximum efficient via using tools like project management tools like Meistertask, our CRM Tool and Support Tool, google calendar, discord and hangout. So we can be there physically for our merchants in a lot of places and online anyway via our website. We are also doing legal groundwork by building up a decentralized network of lawyers. Winheller in Germany and Wolf Theiss in Austria are working together and support us in any efforts and our merchants. Wolf Theiss is also strong in eastern europe and the biggest law firm in Austria. So they will also support Dash Embassies in eastern europe for example in serbia, if Dashers decide to start an Embassy there. We also translate all our materials, website and the e-learning tool into english. So you can just translate it in your local language and use it asap. No need to pay and design a toll by your own. These makes us as Dash very strong, because we work in agreed legal frameworks with legal companies over borders together. No other crypto currency will and can do that. The model of the Dash Embassy is a game changer and we encourage you to found one in your home country too. We will support you in every imaginable manner :-)
2 points,1 month ago
Finally our goal is that Dash has an Embassy in every single country. So we can coordinate our dezentralised work worldwide. The domain .org currently just connects to our .de, .at and .ch domains, but when the second Dash Embassy has been established the website will show a global Dash Embassy Map, where everybody can see in which countries Dash already has established an Embassy. It would be the next logical step to found one in Venezuela to coordinate our efforts with them and help them to gather more speed and use of our tools too. Just as much as in Africa we should start efforts to build Dash Embassies there and so coordinate all these plans there in a strong local legal Dash company. We hope this idea gathers more speed in the community and makes Dash way faster stronger and so pushs our competitive advantages forward :-)
-2 points,1 month ago
From my calculations, it seems you are going to be paying upwards of 50,000 euros on TAXES ALONE and 15,000 euros on meetups and some more on insurance etc. How is flushing money down this drain helping the dash network?

What a waste. You have not a single coherent idea on what you are offering and have establish a small monster that has to keep getting fed dash to live. You are trying to do 50 things without doing a single thing properly.

Where are the videos or clearly viewable outputs for instance?

This is among the worst proposals in this round, trying to establish an unnecessary bureaucracy full of wasteful expenditure.

I guess whatever upvotes you are getting are only because it is impossible to understand what you are trying to do.
3 points,1 month ago
Good Morning Wixamlee,

even though we answered some of your current questions with a comment on your last post, I´ll do it again:

Taxes: we paid 30,000€ for Q1. We don´t like this, too.. that´s why our lawyers appeal against it. If we are winning in this case, it will help all Masternode and proposal owners in germany with their legal status and we will get back that money. If not, also everybody knows about the tax situation and we are acting in the correct legal frames. I think this will help Dash to go mainstream.

Meetups: we are working on a Roadshow (Embassy Events) at places like universities, co-working spaces, companies, ... through those we will recruite Ambassadors who will do Ambassadors Events on a monthly base in their town, followed by monthly Meetups. As you see calling our Education Events Meetups doesn´t hit the point.

50 Things: Yes, we are doing a lot and we are doing it well. Only in this month more than 30 articles about Dash appeared in german spreaking press/media. We are working on Dash integration with major companies from austria, we started a live-chat support on our website, we attended 3 conferences (crypto, payment, university), we are talking to regulators, we created 100 pages e-learning materials, we published an easy to understand website introducing cryptocurrencies to "regular" people, we are talking to players from the traditional payment industry and to companies from the crypto-payment-industrie,.. All this in only 3 month.. there are viewable outputs ;-)

We are trying to establish an institution for Dash in the middle of europe and because of the feedback we receive from press, merchants and "regular people" we don´t think this is unneccesary.

I think the "no"-voters and maybe also you don´t understand what we are doing, so here you go with a Dash Embassy D-A-CH in a nutshell:

Our major goal is to establish Dash as a means of payment in germany, austria and switzerland. There for we need to increase the visibility of Dash with our Marketing & PR Division (that´s what I´m doing). So far we got Dash in the media and attended Events, so this worked out well.

With our Education-Division (Lars Blohm) we will organize the above mentioned events, to educate and inform people about Dash with a scaleable event-model and find more Ambassadors for Dash.

People who are interested in Dash because of our marketing and education activities can deepen their knowledge on our website (which will have topics like tutorials, law & tax in the future) and through our e-learning content (e-learning is a future goal) and reach out to our support . The support will answer every question and if neccessary forward the request to our integration division (this is what orion is doing).

The integration division (Rafael Schultz) will help merchants to integrate Dash in their businesses.

The administration division is keeping track of all our activities and is responsable for the budget, the reporting and the legal terms.


If all this doesn´t help you to understand what we are doing and how important this ist, we can offer you a public live chat or video conference, so we can answer all your questions a third time.

0 points,1 month ago
Essra, you must realize that this initiative has become very very expensive for what amounts to a few meetups and conference participations and some content . This cannot cost 1284 dash / quarter or 7% of our monthly budget, with such a tight budget.

You are putting your record at stake when you put requests for large amounts.

I suggest you have a hard re-think about these costs, focus on a few areas and cut out all wasteful expenditure. I will support this if you come back with ask of 100-120 dash month.

Your proposal should contain details, individual video conferences are not the way to go about this.

Sadly, Voting no till then.
2 points,1 month ago
This is a 100% legal operation, which has to abide german laws.

I also would love it for them to cut the extra costs, but that only get's you a visit of the police force.
If you haven't noticed, that's a free ticket to jail and will harm DASH immediately because of the easy negative press.

Do you want real world solutions? Vote YES for the D-A-CH Embassy.
Do you want fancy marketing schemes? Vote for something else.
3 points,1 month ago
Hello Wixamlee,

the amount of 100 Dash per month will hardly be enough to pay for the PR agency and to cover the sallery of the ambassadors (as mentioned in our reporting video we will have 20+ in future). We created a detailed budget accounting and we are willing to explain every single number.

We are trying to deliver as much details as possible. If there is something particular missing, please ask for it and we will explain it in a PUBLIC chat/conference this time and include those details in our future reporting.

btw: have you seen our video report? I think there are a lot details, aren´t there?

We will publisch more of our current work during this week

Hopefully you are voting yes, than ;-)
3 points,1 month ago
This initiative is not expensive compared to what we are doing for Dash in europe. We have calculated our expenditures very very tight and if you have looked at the dash price and read our reporting, you will know that we got hit severe by a over -45% dash price depreciation in Q1 and nevertheless we managed the situation to get all divisions up and running. So a lower budget makes no sense and would not guarantee the work of all divisions in the future. We already cut all we do not need to not stress the budget for others.

You can always look into our Public Budget Planning 2018:

You have all positions there. With 100-120 Dash at a price of 400 USD we can not even pay our long-term liabilites like our pr-agency, stuff and legal support. Please stay realistic and read the planning first ^^

We are not responsible for a tight budget this month and as you can see other proposers don´t bother. We do and have to get Dash up and running here in german speaking countries asap.

We hope for your vote Wixamlee and your support for Europe :-)
1 point,1 month ago
I am not sure if you have any knowledge of tax laws but if you do a proposal you have to pay taxes for now here in europe and i expect also elsewhere. But we are the only guys here figuering that out with the best lawyers available. The reduction of tax payments is very important for every MNO here and so we support them.

Its everybodies right to show his free opinion, but please stay objective and do not acquit our successes we have already accomplished. Furthermore you can find all information in our description above with the video, just please read it. ty
-2 points,1 month ago
This is a CLEAR NO from my side for the following reasons

1 A large amount of money is being completely WASTED here on taxes, lawyers, insurance, hospitality costs, traveling, renting corporate offices covering your old losses..

You are trying to create a full scale euro bureaucracy here, the kind where you have to put 10 dash to get work worth 2 dash. Very unappealing prospect

2 The proposal is very poorly laid and it is hard to figure out what you are really trying to do.

3 At 428 dash/months for three months, this forces us to lose 950 dash extra from next two months and not fund something better this month. I am not in favor of pre-allocating next months budgets to these bottomless expenses.

In any case the whole budget is getting full not just for this month but for the next months too..

I suggest you trim down all these wasteful expenditures and come back later with a 500 dash proposal in total costs spread over three months because that is the worth of this project to the network.
1 point,1 month ago
Please use all the information available online first and so get informed accordingly. We have explained everything in detail in our first proposal

But here again:

It´s a new kind of Dash DAO, which is acting like a professional marketing and service agency for Dash. The goal is to increase the acceptance of Dash as a means of payment. The term D-A-CH (D = Germany, A= Austria, CH = Switzerland) means, that we are acting in german speaking countries. But the idea is to create a kind of a open source company, that can also be used in other countries and languages by other DASH people by using our toolset (website, marketing materials, e-learning tool, …).

ad 1: Not a single dollar, euro or Dash has been wasted so far, which you can see in all our public available reports and on the Dash Watch Website We got the highest Confidence Score (90) by Dash Watch ever given to any proposal. >> Here again:

Please fell also free to look into all our public available corporate data:

Dash Embassy D-A-CH UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Corporate Structure:

Public Google Calendar:

Public Budget Accounting 2018:

Public Budget Planning 2018:

ad 2: Please watch our explanation video from the first proposal and our presentation video above. Everything is explained in detail with a detailed presentation available above to download too in the proposal description.

ad 3: If you look in our public budget planning excel you can see all positions in detail too. We are just starting cooperations with numerous partners for marketing, education and also integration. Today we just got our first integration request via our webpage. Thats awesome ^^ Merchants got reached via our massive marketing outreach in the last days, as you can see with our ARD interview and over 20 articles in german speaking press all over the DACH region. So merchants already come to us and ask for DASH Integration. Have you ever heard of somehting like that?? Isn´t that what we need here to get Dash in peoples hands in europe?? Especially as MNO you just honor that a lot.

Furthermore there will not be built any european kind of buraucracy here. We are a legal company and we have to pay lawyers, stuff etc. and form a working decentralized organisation. That costs some money and has to be done accordingly. We act in any case completely legal and correct here in europe. We give a broad support also legally to all people and merchants interested in. We are the service here for Dash and people are already using it!!!
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This is not the most sexy (or cheap) proposal, but the Dash embassy seems to add a lot of legitimacy to Dash in Germany. This is sorely needed in these times, where crypto regulations are starting to get shaped. I trust the proposal owners that they are able to make things happen (even though the reporting show that they are running a bit behind schedule), and that they allocate the requested funds effectively.
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Thank you for the kind words. Well, i want to present you our striking achievements of today, which took some hard preperations for us and our great pr-agency, but it worked out:

First this excellent video interview by essra with the ARD, the biggest and well-known state-owned TV Channel:

Here then here are some interesting numbers:

In the last days two articles about Dash and the Dash Embassy D-A-CH appeared on three German news sites. ARD (the biggest state-owned media in Germany), Handelsblatt (the biggest daily financial newspaper in Germany) and WirtschaftsWoche (the biggest weekly financial newspaper in Germany). To set this sites into perspective: Their Alexa Rankings for Germany are 217, 283 and 793 (worldwide: 5365, 6797, 18510).

Here are the three links:

Furthermore the foundation of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH UG got published on over 14 financial online Websites/Magazines in the german speaking region.
So currently we are reaching out to Millions of German speaking people interested in crypto-currencies. We will keep this efforts up and running with the funding ^^
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That’s amazing! I actually read the articles before I made my first comment already ;) Congrats!
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onward and upward.
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Absolutely, yes thanks.
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Dash Watch Report 03/2018 is ready :-) -
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Voted Yes, because they're doing a very good job and only got started. Excellent team.
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Yeah we have a lot in the pipeline to come. Especially together with Core we will start integrations here in the german speaking countries and thus start to get european Dash txs up more and more.
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Yes, please continue your work!
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Thanks for you support :-)
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We would like to invite the NO-Voters to discuss what they don´t like. So please comment here or write us a direct e-mail to or We want to hear and understand every single MNO opinion. ty Simon
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I'd like to announce that I'm currently not actively part of this project. I did some consulting work and contributed a large amount of content to the Dash Embassy website. I've also participated in several team calls suggesting strategies and actions but due to personal responsibilites I'm unable to contribute further at this time. Please note that this was all volunteer work and I have not received a single Duff for this. Neither did I want to.

What I *do* want, though, is you voting yes on this proposal because you'll have a hard time finding another team of pros like these guys. They are busting their asses to push Dash forward in the DACH region and I'm speaking of first hand experience. They are in constant communication with major movers and shakers within the finance and commerce industry and it's amazing to see them network. I'm wildly impressed by their skills and the network definitely go more than its money's worth through their work.

Information (for users and merchants), education, integration, support, workshops.... This project aims to become a one-stop-shop for all you need to get started with Dash. With the necessary funding they'll not only achieve major adoption of Dash in this specific region (Austria is going to be riddled with Dash if everything goes according to plan!): They'll also be able to provide the community with a blueprint to replicate this model in other countries, because if Dash can make it in a place like Germany, it can make it anywhere.

The report they've posted on YouTube and their co-operation with DashWatch speak for themself. How many proposal owners provide you with such in-depth info?
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Ty @foxtrot and @macrochip it´s great to here that from you both, we are very motivated to keep the hard work moving on and bringing Dash to the main streets of Europe :-)
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This team has worked in a timely and efficient manner thus far has one of the best track records to date. German speaking countries are a key demographic in the European finance and payments industry. I support this project and trust that they will continue to meet and exceed expectations.
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Thank you Foxtrot - we´ll do our very best