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Title:DACH Embassy || Business Development & Integrations Q1-19 || Exchanges || Wallets || Payment Service Provider || ATMs || POS solutions || Banking workshops || +10,000 merchants (crucial funding or broke)
Monthly amount: 246 DASH (19307 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 246 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-01-16 / 2019-04-15 (added on 2019-01-11)
Votes: 896 Yes / 224 No / 19 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

DACH - Business Development Q1/19

Reporting Q4/2018:

Why is the D-A-CH region important?

The German speaking region in Europe has some of the strongest purchasing powers in the world.

GDP (PPP) Germany (D) = USD 4,170 billions
GDP (PPP) Austria (A) = USD 439 billions
GDP (PPP) Switzerland (CH) = USD 517 billions
GDP (PPP) D-A-CH Region = USD 5,127 billions

Source:  (2017)

According to a study made by ING in the middle of 2018: 

8% of Germans own cryptocurrencies and 21% (16 million) expect to own cryptocurrencies in the future and
8% of Austrians own cryptocurrencies and 19% (1.6 million) expect to own cryptocurrencies in the future.


We believe that these 17.6 million people from Germany and Austria alone will have a strong impact on the future price development of cryptocurrency in general. Because Dash with its DAO and treasury system is highly sensitive to the price development, it is important that Dash gets recognized as a valid project with real use cases by those 17.6 million people.

In our opinion adoption in developed countries can be this key investment criterion and will give a strong positive signal for investors not only in D-A-CH region but all around the world. This will help Dash succeed in the long run and this is what we as the Dash Embassy D-A-CH are working on.

About us

The Dash Embassy D-A-CH was founded on the 23rd of Feb 2018. In the beginning the project was about increasing visibility and awareness for Dash to build up trust in the D-A-CH region. Therefore we did a lot of PR, Roadshow Events (Meetups) and attended conferences.

In the middle of 2018 we slightly changed our focus from communication topics towards business development and integrations. The first step was a letter campaign contacting all 350 BTC accepting merchants in D-A-CH region to make them accept Dash and to learn about the tools they are using and their experience with accepting cryptocurrencies.

Highlights 2018:

  • We made Dash the 3rd biggest cryptocurrency in the German-speaking media
  • We presented Dash to the banking and payment industry at 20 conferences and started first integration projects (see 1.2 Integration pipelines)
  • We organized 11 Roadshow Events in 11 cities in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, Universities and Co-Working Spaces and educated more than 400 business people and students
  • We made Germany the No. 4 location for Dash accepting merchants
  • We managed to acquire a German Sales Tax exemption by the Financial Authorities
  • We supported the founding of the Dash Embassy Thailand

By following the strategy from our first proposal in 2018 it’s time to use our visibility, reputation and knowledge now to focus intense on Business Development and integrations.

For those who are not aware of what we have done in the past, please have a look at

Our last reporting
Our blog:
Our forum thread:

and our previous proposals:

Our Q1/2018 Proposal Link:
Our Q2/2018 Proposal Link:
Our Q3/2018 Proposal Link:
Our Q4/2018 Proposal Link:

You are more than welcome to join our channels on Discord:

Dash Nation: #dash-embassy-dach  
Dash Talk: #dash-embassy

What will Dash get from our proposal for Q1/19?

1. Business Development
1.1 Strategy

In our opinion adoption in a most efficient way can be achieved by integrating Dash in Payment Service Providers for POS and E-Commerce, because they help us enter the market through their already existing customers. Our BTC letter campaign showed that convincing merchants will be a lot easier when there is no additional hardware, software or service needed. In addition those types of integrations save us a lot of time and money, because after a successful integration in the main system there are at least zero costs for sales. The only costs we have regarding integrations is for our team members and their travel expenses.

Best practice for this is PosBill, a cashier system used by over 10,000 merchants, that is currently integrating Dash

In addition we will increase the number of FIAT Gateways like Exchanges, Wallets and ATMs on an ongoing base to make Dash accessible in the most user friendly way.

For acquisition we would love to attend conferences, but as described in “2. Events” below, this might not be possible in the way we want to. That’s why we will be using LinkedIn, email and phone calls as our main acquisition channels. In addition we will use the working circles mentioned in 3. Lobbying for acquisition.

1.2 Integration Pipelines

To keep you updated in a transparent way, we decided to start a live reporting for all our integration projects by using the kanban software trello. So please have a look at the specific integration pipelines and projects to get detailed information.

Please have a look at the links below and feel free to ask us about single projects:

1.2.1 Exchanges/Wallets

1.2.2 ATMs

1.2.3 PSPs

1.2.4 POS / E-Commerce

Costs: Staff, Travel, Hospitality
Responsible: Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra), Klaus Hipfinger (@simontheravager), Sinay Demirel (@sidem)

Notice: You might see an additional proposal for a merchant program in the future, which will be about POS materials (Dash accepted sticker, Info Flyer) / B2C Events (meetups for customers).

2. Events

We will only attend events for the payments and banking industry, which are free of charge or connected to an invitation for Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra) as speaker. We will try our best to acquire as many events of this kind as possible. One way for acquiring those events are the working cycles in “3. Lobbying”.

For updates please have a look at the event calender in our reporting:

Costs: Staff, Travel, Hospitality
Responsible: Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra)

Notice: You might see an additional proposal for conferences we would like to attend with an exhibition booth and speaker slots in cooperation with our partners (POS) and (E-COMMERCE) when prices have recovered.

3. Lobbying

Suitable to our Business Development Strategy we are part of working groups about digital transformation, digital payments, Fintechs and digital Banking in the following associations:

In addition we are supporting the following associations to ensure that the political interests of Dash are accounted in positioning papers for the the leading German political parties.

After researching all further possible lobbying memberships in Q4, we have found these four associations as useful ones to strengthen our Business Development in Switzerland and Lichtenstein:

Because of the current budget restraints we will delay these memberships, because there are membership dues to pay.

However we have learned, that pure Startup Associations without a Payment or Finance focus like the Austrian Startups Association doesn’t help us a lot in our lobbying efforts for Dash, so have left this particular association.

Costs: Staff, Lobbying Memberships
Responsible: Klaus Hipfinger (@simontheravager), Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra)

4. Website

We will keep our website and the included services going. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to update CRM integration and TAX form yet, because we have been waiting for DCG relaunch to use a similar design. We will start restructuring our website during january with our own design, because we need to update the merchant area as soon as possible to.

  • integrate a POS section including contact form for partnersales (Salamantex)
  • integrate a contact form for a free initial consultation regarding taxes (

Please find the detailed numbers of our website in our Q4 reporting:

Costs: Staff, Website and Tools
Responsible: Sinay Demirel (@sidem)

5. Social Media

We are using our social media channels for community updates, event announcements and merchant posts and for sharing German articles. Please find the detailed numbers in our Q4 reporting:

If you want to subscribe to our channels, we will be happy to welcome you as a subscriber.

Costs: Staff
Responsible: Sinay Demirel (@sidem)

6. PR

We will keep up the PR connectory with DFN and DCG to bring international news into crypto related media platforms in DACH region and DACH news in international media. We will not use a PR agency for this.

Because we have worked this way for the last three month, we are not able to provide you with any detailed numbers about share of voice and reach anymore.

Costs: Staff
Responsible: Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra)

Notice: When prices recover you might find an additional proposal for hiring a PR agency to create and coordinate professional press releases connected to the most important integration projects.

7. Legal Support

We are able to provide tax information regarding trading, mining, masternodes, merchants and proposals in all three jurisdictions of the D-A-CH region. (
Our law firms support our business and integration partners to get reliable infos regarding cryptocurrency KYC and AML regulations to be prepared in regards to the legal framework after a Dash integration. Herocoin for example only integrated Dash because of our lawyers at Wolf Theiss and their experience. Salamantex gets help to start business in Switzerland.

Our current legal network includes:,,,,,,

The law firms are not charging us any fees when they are supporting our partners.

Fortunately we reached a legal solution for the German Sales Tax issue we have encountered with the German Financial Authorities. After an unexpected tax inspection of the Schleswig-Holstein Tax Authority, we got the confirmation by the authority and our lawyers, that we do not have to pay sales tax on the Dash received from the treasury. The already paid 30k euros, loaned from Essra to the Dash Embassy D-A-CH, got paid back to us. Because of this finished examination, we won’t add a 19% sales tax to any future proposal funding request. This means the first big win for Dash in a legal clarity case. You can find the official note from the German financial authorities here:

Costs: Staff, Website
Responsible: Klaus Hipfinger (@simontheravager)

8. Operations, Staff and External Contractors

We refocused our organisation and set the highest priority on business development. From now on Klaus Hipfinger (@simontheravager) and Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra) will concentrate on this area. Sinay Demirel (@sidem) will cover the technical support for all integrations.

Rafael Schultz (@blockchainpunk) is not part of the team anymore. He will focus then on building up Dash in Asian countries in the future.

Vanessa Wriedt is not part of the team anymore, even though we would love to go on with conferences and other events to use them for acquisition. Same for educational events for the Turkish community.

Nils Hermann (@orion) is not part of the team anymore. We will try to keep up the work he did in social media and translations as good as we can. The final review for and the publishing of the e-book is postponed for now.

IDEN: Benjamin Burde might submit an own proposal in future.

The lease of the office in Vienna has been canceled.

The team for a Dash Embassy Turkey is forming right now ( We are supporting them with our know-how.

We will keep pushing for adding our own income streams to relieve the pressure from the Dash treasury in the long run and secure constant liquidity for the company even in bear markets. To achieve this goal, we will first form partnerships with payment service providers like (POS).

Costs: External Accounting, Insurances, Legal Advice and Revisions, Office rent, supplies and IT-infrastructure, Staff

9. Financials

We requested 366 Dash/month for Q4.  This equals @ estimated avg. Dash Price of $ 200 = $ 219k or € 187k. Sales of Dash received from the treasury and beneficences together were just € 76,9k instead of € 187k planned. With no money received in January we rely on donations to keep our operations running for the first month of the year. For more details about our past financials, funding details, staff payments and expenses, please have a look at:

Budget Q1-2019:

Savings compared to Q4-2018

We are calculating with an average estimated Dash Price of $80 for the 1st quarter of 2019. We request the total amount without German sales tax but with a volatility buffer of 10% for three months.

Here you can find the Q1/2019 budget numbers in detail:

Links to our Liquidity and Capital Resources:

DACH Business Development - Public Budget Planning and Accounting 2019:

Corporate Wallet Address:

Thanks for your support! In Dash we trust!

We are eager on your comments and thankful for your advice.

The Dash Embassy D-A-CH Team

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2 points,19 days ago
Dear Masternodes,

I have never raised my voice in this way during the past 1.5 years I have been working for the Dash DAO, but due to the current circumstances it might be necessary. You, as the decision-makers of our governance, have decided to give funds to a long term project I started in the beginning of 2018, the Dash Embassy D-A-CH. It took the team and me round about 1 year to built up a reputation in the media and economy in the DACH region, which is necessary for our overall mission: Adoption of Dash as a means of payment in the center of Europe.

Our efforts from the past 12 month are beginning to pay off now more than ever before:

Bitcoin(.)de - BTC marketplace with over 750,000 customers in Europe
Bitwala - BTC banking with over 40,000 customers in Germany
Change - Wallet with FIAT gateway with over 20,000 customers in UK, EST, ROU
Salamantex - POS terminal for AT and Asia with over 500 pre-orders
Värdex - ATM company with over 25 machines in Switzerland
PosBill - Cashier system with over 10,000 merchants

For details please have a look at our current reporting:

In our opinion the last one (PosBill) is a door opener to other cashier systems such as Orderbird, SumUp, Pepperkorn, Vectron and many more. This is why we added them to our internal integration pipeline and will start to get in contact soon, provided that we will get funded again. After not being funded (insufficient funds) for several times, abstaining from salaries several times and being at personal financial risks in the past and right now I won’t be able to keep up the work without getting funded anymore. This is the reason why we added “crucial funding or broke” to the title of our proposal.

If we do not get funded, our team will have to dissolve and we have to stop all projects.

Thank you for your time and thank you for the support in the past.

5 points,19 days ago
I know how stressful this must be. I wish I could give you more votes.
4 points,20 days ago
DashWatch offered us to opt out of the January reporting due to not being funded in January. We are currently reorganising our reporting to ensure a better communication for future DW reports. In addition we will keep you updated with our own reports on a monthly base.

Please find our January report right here:
1 point,21 days ago
voting YES. Impressive video presentation. Dash requires more investors. German speaking regions are very important.
0 points,21 days ago
Yes from me, good luck.
1 point,22 days ago
With more than 25 maschines Värdex is the leading Crypto-ATM company in Switzerland. We will see a Dash integration in the beginning of March 2019. For details please have a look at:
1 point,22 days ago
Change is offering exchange services (EUR, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, USDT) for their 20,000 users from Estonia, Romania and UK. We convinced them to integrate Dash in their service. The integration is scheduled to take place in early February. For details please have a look at:
3 points,22 days ago
Here is a user that found to Dash thanks to the Embassy:
2 points,23 days ago
On the 16th and 17th of January we attended the validation workshop for the project we have pitched at GENOhackathon. We will receive a final decision from DZ Bank until the end of February. For all who are interested in the outcome of the last workshop, please have a look at the public trello card for this project:
-5 points,21 days ago
Lots of claims but the DACH team has opted out of reporting to DashWatch this month...

Has anyone actually used the Change app (changebank). I suggest having a look at their app and also their entire project and make up your own mind about the value of that integration.
6 points,21 days ago
Why don't you just ask them what the reason is?
To quote a D-A-CH team member in #thunderdome on the DT Discord:

"DashWatch offered us to opt out of this months reporting due to not being funded this month.
We are currently reorganising our reporting to ensure a better communication for future DW reports, we also provide proof for all our projects on the trello boards"

Don't you realize your game is over and people can see through your pathetic attempts at spreading FUD?
4 points,24 days ago
So let me get this straight:
-Bitwala already in progress for DASH integration - Bitwala had 40.000 signups in their first week integrating DASH in April 2019 - Germanys biggest (by far) cryptomarketplace

What you see here is the real power of Essra and Simon. They get the big guns out.
We actually can't afford to lose the digital currency war against Paypal, Applepay and all these other banksters trying to steal OUR achievements of convenient and cheap money transfer! That's why we need them to remain running and make the "big splash" in central europe.

What I would propose is that the Embassy solely focuses on integration and partnership building for this year. No Support, no book, no ambassadors. We need some big names and lots of small names to end the talks about "Crypto is dying ... bad for the environment" and all the other bullshit they are throwing at us.

We need to take a stand and fight like it's 2011 and no one has heard of Cryptocurrencies before.

I've met essra a couple of times now. He will get these integrations.
You get my vote and full support!
1 point,23 days ago
They really have managed to kickstart a german speaking Dash community and put Dash on the map integration-wise. Yes, maybe it could have been achieved for free by volunteers, but so far it had'nt and I have personally talked to potential partners like or Bitwala over the years, but the Embassy made the difference, because it's not just some "Fan" like me asking. Maybe it is a particular German thing that people like something "official" and professional where they know they can reach someone and who is not going away, but it really helped here.
Defunding the Embassy now would not just be a pity for the community and the upcoming integrations, but also PR wise.
8 points,26 days ago
Before voting no, please first scroll down to Essra posting, read carefully and consider
They have not only PosBill and Salamantex in their pipeline, but also (largest BTC marketplace in Europe)
3 points,26 days ago
Dash News:
2 points,25 days ago
First progress in Dash integration into the products and services of Bitwala.

For details please have a look at:
-5 points,26 days ago
This proposal from D-ACH to date is asking for the least amount of money ( do while keeping the CEO salary's mostly intact).

But at the same time these are the biggest and bold's to be delivered claim to date, I don't know how this possible. I don't understand why how you're able to deliver so much more so much less.

I just see it as allot of mistakes made, and not owning up to it, or evolving as time passes by but again not owning up to it. Every-time it was sold as scaling back on costs, to deliver the most possible.

I have no confidence in this, but if in fact you can deliver, I would be totally fine with reimbursing D-ACH for service rendered, because the claims sound so wonderfully good for Dash. I think you can still deliver assuming you did not spend you're high paying salary's.

Furthermore Plenty of teams have gone on without pay for a while if you can't or unwilling well sorry, message receive how involved/committed you guys are to Dash.
4 points,23 days ago
So you are voting no because all their previous hard work building up all these business relationships from scratch over the last year is finally paying off and comes to fruition and you are unable to see that all these integrations didn't fall from the sky like you're portraying it and you want to punish them for being successful.

Do you think that this myopic voting behaviour makes you a rational Masternode owner or valuable steward to this network?
0 points,23 days ago
Dear A_node_to_a_Master, you make bold accusations here which have been answered by the PO below. How do you respond to that?
5 points,25 days ago
Hello A_node_to_a_Master,

please have a look at the financials in the report linked in the proposal description. After some easy calculations you will see that there is no such thing as "high paying salarys".

In addition c-level workers have already worked without getting paid for several times in the past. It's all in the report.

Please do a proper research before posting assumptions like the one above and read through the whole proposal description.

Make yourself familiar with the changes in our strategy. The proposal description and the video should already adress most of your concerns.

Feel free to ask me particular questions every time you like.

4 points,29 days ago
500 merchants in Q1 due to the integration of Dash in the POS solution of Salamantex:

For details about the project from our side please have a look at:
7 points,29 days ago
Voting yes. Good luck.
-20 points,29 days ago
My problem:
What I find very difficult with this proposal and some other proposals, it incredibly difficult to gauge who actually deserves credit for what, and sorry to say I don't trust many of PO enough that there not grabbing credit for something they did or did not do.
6 points,23 days ago
Yeah. Totally logical comment. Because stuff just happens and things fall from the sky and the Embassy just stood by idly. Who else is working that region for Dash? Santa Clause?

Sorry this comment cannot be qualified anything else but stupid.
-4 points,29 days ago
26 points,1 month ago
UPDATE: with 775,000 customers is the largest BTC marketplace in Europe. They are going to integrate Dash in April 2019. For more details please have a look at:
7 points,1 month ago
well I wont celebrate till the integration happened. But if in Germany is really integrating Dash next to BTC it's a huge success. If you guys really pulled that off, than you are worth all the money. And it seems that nowadays every legit project attracts a certain amount of envious haters trying to disrupt those projects by making unprofessional and ridiculous statements. We can check that off from the list in your case.
9 points,1 month ago
Hi, I also won't really celebrate until it's done, but I can confirm it was them who pulled that off. I follow the situation at for many years in Germany and have witnessed what the Embassy is doing. Together with Dash News in German, they are making sure that Dash is a Top 5 Crypto in the german speaking area. They lay the groundwork over here for a public perception I know American Dash Fans wish Dash had in the US (I also wish it did, as it would make things easier over here in Europe).
-8 points,1 month ago
Seems like a desperate attempt to garner votes, likes of what the kids from africa do, announce integerations during their proposal to gain attention.
6 points,1 month ago
you seem like a troll without a MNO-badge and by attacking every proposal. I have watched you for a while. I can't remember a single proposal where you wrote sth. in favor. verify yourself or save your time to comment, cause without verification your comments are worthless. It only takes 5 min.
-6 points,1 month ago
Keep your fan rotating!
5 points,1 month ago
that's the spirit, Realmrfake.
-4 points,1 month ago
You ever wonder why dumbassess such as yourself keep making these baseless allegations, yet the PO never do?, Because 99% of them know im an MNO from discord and from early 2014 when where sitting around on freenode.

Dig your head into the sand bud!

2 points,1 month ago
It is MrHack 2014 from Discord. I have to apologize, I didn’t recognize your holiness.
The thing is, that you provide such profound value on both of these platforms with your social skills, that it is sometimes hard for me to grasp the message.
And of course no, it is not possible that you have sold everything, because you might be a bitter old time fan and now you try to bring as much confusion and misery as possible.

What I really wonder is how life is treating you? Must be really exiting with all the love and admirers you have due to your attitude. I envy your employees and customers a little bit. You’re definitely some fine business man showing everybody what they truly are. Inferior!

That must be also the reason for all the newcomers to Dash and why they stay so long. They are just attracted to MrHacks light, like moths to a flame.
It is really an interesting concept to go through life. Why have it easier, when you can go the hard way with as many conflicts as possible. I totally understand. Life can’t be challenging enough.

And don’t think about karma. You are so perfect and frightening, karma will make a huge way around you.
Go and do your thing boy! You deserve everything that ever happened and what still is coming for you!
-5 points,1 month ago
Lol lifes great, you must be sitting their crying with dash depreciating in value

Keep up the envy!
0 points,29 days ago
are you sure? You don’t sound so happy when you comment. Hilarious how you project that someone would envy you. I wouldn’t want your angry and sad life for a billion bucks. But it's never to late for a change. You did a really good effort on discord recently by apologizing. Some tiny part of you seems to understand that sth. is awry. Maybe there is some hope left.
-2 points,29 days ago
None at all for morons like you lol
1 point,29 days ago
haha, not to me silly. Do you really think your insecurity by calling others names offends me? You really are entertaining. how wd you
-2 points,29 days ago
Your quite entertaining for me too, thats the sole reason where still chattn away.

But individuals with interior intelligence such as yourself exist for entertainment purposes, a circus ?
0 points,29 days ago
10 points,1 month ago
Fully supporting this well organised and reliable team!

Cryptocurrency adoption in Germany especially is lagging behind and every effort to change this is very welcome!
11 points,1 month ago
Yes from me. Good work and hope the best for your proposal. Good luck!
-7 points,1 month ago
What I don't understand how did DACH get so big early on and now it so easy to downscale it every time it's needed. Why was it ever so big when this small team now seemly can get some real miracle deals in the coming months ?
5 points,1 month ago
Hello A_node_to_a_Master,

we spent big parts of the budget received during 2018 for building up visibility and trust for Dash in our region. We did so by hiring a PR agency, attending conferences through sponsorships and organizing our own educational events. These past activities are paying of right now and we are convinced we will see more integrations like the once recently announcend during this year.

Of course we would love to do both, business development and marketing, but in the current budget situation we need to focus on what really matters and use the reputation we created in 2018 for business development. Even though this means that we needed to cut down all external costs except for travelling and dismiss 50% of the team.

Feel free to reach out for further questions,

-4 points,26 days ago
But you guys always took credit for all the results PR delivered, maybe it should have been more clear that PR agency you hired played a bigger role in it.

So instead of PR you now focus on business intergations. Why did you do so earlier on ? Dash was ranked much higher back than than it now, it seems like a much harder sell to do
11 points,1 month ago
10,000 Dash accepting merchants upcoming for 2019. For details please have a look at:
3 points,1 month ago
This will happen once PosBill release an update and automatically we'll gain 10,000 merchants? Am I understanding this correctly? And if so, do you have a firm date or ballpark estimate?
7 points,1 month ago
Hello Ageless,

we will see two steps for the onboarding:

1. test merchants in the beginning acquired at an kick-off event organzied by PosBill for their reseller and stores in march. (in cooperation with us)

2. all other merchants until every PosBill using merchant accepts Dash. (by PosBill sales and support team)

All merchants will be able to activate Dash by theirselves once the technical update is done, but we doubt that we will see 10,000 merchants accepting Dash at once, because some education might be needed. The firm date depends on the sales and support team of PosBill, but they assured us to finish during 2019.

For more technical questions regarding the integration and the connection to partner exchanges please reach out to Sidem on Discord.

Thank you for your question and time,

5 points,1 month ago
Fingers crossed guys, you get my support.
5 points,1 month ago
Given the circumstances of the Bear Market, the expenses associated with this proposal (which mostly go to the team and overhead and not toward the ostensible project's purpose itself), the inefficiency and cost of onboarding and conversion of merchants relative to other proposals of the same cost in other areas of the world (roughly 10x in many instances), and the fact that merchant onboarding and grassroots community-building is not in itself a sustainable or feasible way of furthering our goals, I can't really continue supporting this or any other similar proposal that does not take place in an economic situation where the advantages of Dash vastly outweigh the extant systems of payment. The embassy projects and similar efforts made sense maybe when we had a lot more money to throw around, but I don't really find them to be providing sufficient value relative to cost when the same funds spent elsewhere could go so much further. It's just not an ideal market for Dash at this time.

I do understand that there is a lot of wealth to be had in these regions, no question about that, but I don't believe now is the time to be pursuing that wealth, I think we're quite a ways off--barring some global economic catastrophe--from the Western world moving en masse in to the crypto space. Of course it pays to get out ahead of such events, but even right now if DZ was fully integrated, I don't think we'd really see much movement for the present.
4 points,1 month ago
Hello Arthyron,

as we had to reduce most of our external expenses, staff wages and travelling costs for pure integration meetings have become the majority of our remaining expenses. The integration costs are manifested in staff hours, therefore they do not appear under something like "Integration" anymore.

With a GDP (PPP) of USD 5,127 billions and 17.6 million potential users we believe that DACH region is a valuable market for Dash and that our new approach is one of the most cost efficient at the moment.

Due to the integration of Dash in PosBill only we will see 10,000 Dash accepting merchants in this year. We believe this integration will be a door opener for similar cashier systems during 2019. For details about the PosBill integration please have a look at

Feel free to reach out to me for further questions.

Thank you for your time,

1 point,1 month ago

Yes, I see the argument there and the incentives, but as I've said elsewhere, even if we get these integrations in to PoS systems and Banks, we run in to the same problems we've run in to in other regions where we've already achieved large scale integrations, and that is there is still too many disincentives and not enough incentives--particularly in the Western world--to go through the hoop-jumping necessary to integrate oneself in to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Now, of course projects like this are step in the direction of removing some of that friction, but the fact remains that even if some of that friction is removed, there's still a huge disincentive for Western users to actually acquire, use, hold, and pay with Dash for the present. In time, I believe that will change, in which case projects like these will be much more impactful, but for the present, it seems to me little more than spinning our wheels.

There's definitely a risk of burning bridges here, but it comes down to a cost/benefit analysis of what we lose by suspending further operations and cease pursuing further developments vs. what we loose in establishing partnerships and integrations that don't go anywhere or worse turn sour down the road. I'd rather we wait until the time is right, and unfortunately I don't think that time is the present.
2 points,1 month ago
This is exactly my thinking as well. I feel some worthy projects may have to go into hibernation until better times are reached. Anyway, I look forward to their reply.
2 points,1 month ago
Hello KiwiCodger,

in our opinion adoption in developed countries can be a key investment criterion and will give a strong positive signal for investors all around the world. We think this will help Dash succeed in the long run by strengthening the treasury.

Thank you for your comment,

3 points,1 month ago
Clear "yes" from me. The European market is very important to get Dash adopted. And with Germany, Austria and Switzerland we have some of the most important EU countries covered here. There is no other team that will do this job here, and DASH Embassy has done very well already. They have talked to a local German bank to get Dash integrated into their ATMs. POS system is also planned which will enable payments in local restaurants and shops here. Lot's of ATMs are already installed in Austria. Please don't let this project die. We can't afford to lose this opportunity for Europe!
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This is a wonderful proposal. You got my full support. Keep going.