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Title:DashBoost Cycle Funding February - March
Monthly amount: 120 DASH (8276 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-01-16 / 2019-04-15 (added on 2019-01-10)
Final voting deadline: in 12 days
Votes: 150 Yes / 113 No / 47 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 447 Yes votes to become funded.
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gobject vote-many 47a25982d9e7b39f7500d6d5a19084cd21f21365099db4cc11ff5edead6660d7 funding yes

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Proposal description

This proposal will fund three DashBoost cycles from February to March.   Please find the pre proposal here.   I also attach for your convenience a Dash Force New podcast where I discuss DashBoost, among other items, here.
Initial              Proposal                                    DashWatch (DW) report.
October         Proposal                                    DW report.
November     Proposal                                    DW report.
December (N/A - November - monthly)       DW report.
January (N/A - November - monthly)            In Progress
Key Concepts
Dash for Each Cycle          100
Dash for The Team              15
Dash for Fee Refund             5
Dash per Month                120

February Cycle
February 1st - 28th
100 Dash Total
25 Dash Max Per Proposal
1 Dash Fee

March Cycle
March 1st - 29th
100 Dash Total
25 Dash Max Per Proposal
1 Dash Fee

April Cycle
April 1st - 26th
100 Dash Total
25 Dash Max Per Proposal
1 Dash Fee

We currently have a balance of 125.92 Dash in the DashBoost Cycle Account. After this cycle of 100 Dash is complete, we will have just under 26 Dash left. Any unused funds will always be rolled over to future cycles.

If funding is not achieved, there will not be a DashBoost cycle next month.

Technical Improvements
  • Implement random end time on end date (Discourage last minute voting)
  • Enable users to export voting data for auditing
  • Backend improvements to reduce admin time
  • General House-Keeping / UI / UX Improvements

  • Total number of registered users 340
  • Total number of unique voters 85
  • Total number of proposals 79
  • Total number of funded proposals 33
  • Total amount of Dash given for funded proposals 461

As evidence by the above overview and metrics, DashBoost is evolving and poised nicely to be a key pillar to the Dash DAO ecosystem and deliver long term value to the Dash Masternode Network.

As always if you have any questions or concerns, I'll be glad to answer them.
Long Live the Dash, Pasta / TechSquad

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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3 points,2 days ago
I´m voting for DB
YES x1
3 points,2 days ago
Can't emphasize enough the importance of having micro-proposals.
Pasta, you have my vote
2 points,2 days ago
Voting Yes, DashBoost has filled an important role in the entire Dash ecosystem.
Please keep up the good work.
You can count on my support !
-8 points,1 day ago
"Discourage last minute voting" is needed so that DashBoost cannot be gamed. But in order for me to be able to vote, I'd like to know where the randomness in "Implement random end time on end date" comes from. It needs to be provably random otherwise nothing is gained. Even worse, the PO could choose the end time of day according to preferences in votes.
3 points,4 days ago
Glad to see the improvements made to stop the malicious last minute whale voting. Looking forward to seeing Dash Watch type oversight of proposals in the future.
Yes votes incoming!
3 points,5 days ago
voting YES. DB provides potential support for smaller scale projects ( and could do with further voters as per the podcast with Dash News).
-2 points,4 days ago
Dear MNOs, I usually do not comment on other proposals, but I felt obliged to express my opinion here. The work that Pasta is doing brings tremendous value to our ecosystem. DB can help us fund people with smaller ideas or those that want to test their concept prior to applying for funding on Dash Central. We need to work as a community to attract more talent and move smaller proposal owners to DB. I have successfully completed different proposals for Dash community and I understand the value of this service, especially for people in developing countries. Furthermore, Pasta is working hard to update the community about their plans and solve issues related to whales obstructing proposals at the end of the month.

@Arthyron, you have expressed concerns about cash-grabs and I completely agree that we need to keep building DB as a community to solve these issues and establish an efficient service with more insight into development. I am currently working on a proposal that will be posted on Dash Boost this month and will involve a monthly call with proposal owners at Dash Boost, monthly reports about their progress, profile on proposal owners (including verification of their identity), connecting proposals owners that might be competent to work together, request for proposals etc. All this will turn DB into efficient funding mechanism. @Undercurrent, we will also be working on filtering ideas, coming up with concepts (crowdsourcing community needs), and connecting proposal owners to work on proposals that will bring more value to growth of Dash.

I sincerely believe that we can turn Dash Boost into a crucial growth segment of Dash as the value they have already created for our ecosystem is irreplaceable.
0 points,3 days ago
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, then, because it's something DB needs if we're going to continue to fund it.
2 points,15 hours ago
Our proposal is live for voting on Dash Boost platform and includes monthly call with proposal owners, progress reports, request for proposals, verification of new proposal owners (preventing scam and cash-grabs) etc.

Here is the link:,%20Reports,%20Dashworking

Please vote and support our work. Thank you for your support!
-2 points,4 days ago
Personally, I'm not really satisfied with how the system-gaming issues have been handled. I thought the "only wallets with 999 Dash or less can vote" solution was probably a better one, as it forces MNOs who really want to swing a vote to potentially unfund their Masternode Rewards in order to do so, which I think is much better than just allowing the few MNOs who actually care enough to look at the proposals and vote to steamroll the entire system at the last minute.

Additionally, because there's so little oversight on these proposals, I have concerns about some of them just being cash-grabs that provide little to no value to the network. Certainly there have been marked successes (Spark, Dash Text, etc) that have come out of Dash Boost so I don't want to diminish the work that's gone in to it or its potential to benefit the network, but I think it could be administered better with some improvements and constraints.

So for now, I'll hold off on voting until we know how the rest of the budget pans out and give the team some time to address some of these concerns.
2 points,4 days ago
+ Leveling the playing field on Dashboost will make smaller holder more active, if I was a smaller voter I would feel pretty unneeded if a couple MNO's steamroll it. Dash should move away from oligarchy idea as much as possible.
-1 point,5 days ago
I'm inclined to vote no. I believe that smaller proposals are a waste of money because of economies of scale. I'd like to be proven wrong though.
1 point,4 days ago
Dashboost is a good starting point for someone to get involved. It's also a great opportunity for proposal owners to prove their work.

I've said this before about Dashboost. There could very well be a young Vitalik Buterin who comes across Dashboost and decides to give it a try. The potential talent discover alone could be worth more than all Dash previous funding combined.

Dash's greatest advantage over all over cryptocurrencies is that we can give opportunities to people to build something.

What we need to do is advertise Dashboost more. We need to attract new talent to Dashboost.
0 points,4 days ago
It's worth noting that there have been *some* successes such as the Spark PoS system by kodaxx or additional funding for other successful proposals like Dash Text that have come out of Dash Boost, but for the present, these are the exception rather than the rule. It does, however, show as a proof of concept that it can be helpful, so how do you feel that the system can change to better facilitate projects such as these that bring greater value?