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Title:DASH NFC POS - Advanced Festival/Event Payment Solutions (MNO-approved code sharing)
Monthly amount: 63 DASH (12954 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-09-17 / 2018-12-15 (added on 2018-09-10)
Final voting deadline: in 5 days
Votes: 175 Yes / 109 No / 18 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 419 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

As we know, the current problem with cryptocurrencies is the lack of real life use.
Our mission is to increase usage and adoption by building a strong foundation/infrastructure that benefits everyone.

Currently there is a massive global trend towards “cashless” festivals/events and even nightclubs.
We’re going to use Dash blockchain as the backbone of our mobile Point Of Sale system - every transaction at various Festivals/Events/Clubs will be broadcasted to the Dash network.

Around our area (Nordic/Baltic countries) there is lots of interest in crypto payments already. There’s also a lot of festivals and events happening that need cashless & contactless payment solutions. In addition, night clubs also want the same solutions. We will provide these solutions via our DASH NFC POS - a Dash-exclusive software/hardware point of sale system (based on Dash) that’s already been in development and testing for some time.

We are providing source code, but only to groups explicitly approved by MNOs.

This project directly benefits the Dash ecosystem by using it’s blockchain (EXCLUSIVELY) to process vast amounts of transactions. This could reach into millions of transactions in a relatively short amount of time.

Dash treasury should fund this proposal because we’re building a infrastructure for already-existing industry/audiences - this will result in large-scale awareness and usage.

Return Of Investment for the Dash community

We are creating, expanding and maintaining a whole infrastructure of payments. This project directly benefits the Dash ecosystem by using it’s blockchain (EXCLUSIVELY) to process vast amounts of transactions. This could reach into millions of transactions in a relatively short amount of time.

Through this usage, Dash will get a lot of coverage - many people will have Dash as their first real cryptocurrency experience.

This project delivers on multiple levels: Hands-on experience with Dash, organic marketing that draws new people into the ecosystem and providing a functional payment infrastructure for new/existing Dash users.

Our team is solid and we have previous experience in this field. We’ve gained a lot of experience and contacts during the time we’ve been working for the Dash community (please check our 3 successful proposals below).

Scope of technical work

In the scope of this proposal, we will upgrade our current solution by doing the following:

  • Continue development of the DASH NFC Point of Sale system (that was used in Estonian music festival, at a large scale). This includes goals like:
    • Migrate to phone/tablet hardware (significally reducing set-up cost)
    • More advanced inventory/stock control systems
    • Multi-language support
    • Top-up DASH NFC wristbands using DASH or fiat on the spot
    • Continued mobile (QR-code based) payments support
  • Continue development of the related back-office systems like:
    • In-depth user/account management
    • Inventory/stock control
    • Precise reporting
  • Continue development of the client-facing parts accessible via world wide web:
    • Top-up DASH NFC wristbands using DASH or fiat online (QR-code based)
    • Detailed top-up and transaction history
    • Loyalty program support (for nightclubs and recurring events)
  • Develop a modular and flexible system for festivals and clubs - easy to set up, configure and upgrade.

You can expect regular status updates (with videos) regarding development.

Budget overview (63 Dash per month)

Budget, as calculated with an exchange rate of 150€ (30 day average price) per DASH:
  • 2 Developers - 2 x 3000€ = 6000€ / month
  • 1 Project Manager - 2000€ / month
  • Refund of the proposal fee - 5 DASH
  • Small buffer for unexpected costs  ~ 1000€ / month
  • Fiat gateway fees - up to 5%

We understand that there’s very limited amount of budget in the treasury, so we decided to postpone the ‘marketing’ side of this proposal for 3 months. This enabled us to reduce our monthly ask by 35%.


We want to add a few more facts about Estonia and why it is important to get adoption here first.
According to The Economist, the country in 2013 held the world record for the number of startups per person.
And it’s not quantity over quality: Many Estonian startups are now successful companies that you may recognize, such as Skype, TransferWise, Pipedrive, Cloutex, Click & Grow, GrabCAD, Erply, Fortumo, Lingvist and others.
Since independence the country has rapidly developed its IT sector, becoming one of the world's most digitally advanced societies.
In 2005 Estonia became the first state to hold elections over the Internet, and in 2014 the first state to provide e-residency.
The top three industries doing exponentially well compared to the global trends, are Location Services, Engineering & Technology, and Electronics & Hardware.
Estonians are open-minded, tech-savvy and ready for changes.
We are aiming to bootstrap DASH adoption, starting with truly “frictionless” payments using contactless technology (NFC) and mobile payments (QR).

Link to our pre-propsal

Our previous successful proposals:

Dash NFC wristband system used at Estonian music festival

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Local Meetups and Community building at Tallinn

Tallinn Blockchain conference Sponsorship

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-1 point,10 hours ago
Do not know what the quality of you're code is, but for me this type of service should be part of the Dash Core software suite.
If the code is of that standard, (I think that should be judged by DCG). Than I would like this team to be part of that team, do it could remain loosely part of it (preferred in fact), but at any rate the part of sharing the opensource code with DCG should be 100% transparent.
1 point,9 hours ago
On second hand, actually I think it better to wait for Dash evolution which is about 6 months away, and this project is still a couple of month a way as well.
* This can be build with Dash evolution.
0 points,1 day ago
No. We need Dash utility not some weird festival payment schemes. Just use Dash directly at your festival.
0 points,20 hours ago
Agree with no for this. I like the term "weird festival payment schemes". Couldn't said it better myself. Drop this intermediate gizmo, just use Dash, geeez.
0 points,3 days ago
In any event anypay is a superior product qhen compared to this will be voting NO
1 point,4 days ago
Do MNO ever question why a PO would suddenly at last minute re-evaluate their position on things such as open sourcing etc?

If you look at the last couple of PO that did that, the results wherent so great.

Please MNO make an informed decision.
1 point,6 days ago
I used this hand strap at a festival in Estonia.
Systems worked well and were nicely equipped with Dash logos everywhere.
Made random people speak about cryptos.

I really hope we can fund this and continue the development!
1 point,5 days ago
Thank you for the support!
2 points,7 days ago
How is this different from Festy?
0 points,7 days ago
Hi @zwolf,

• As far as we know then in the end Festy didn’t deliver and there are no recent updates about their progress.
Before we presented our last proposal we even had real life face to face meeting in Tallinn December 2017 with Festy with a purpose to use their system, but unfortunately they didn’t deliver.

• As a result we developed our own software and we have already demonstrated working tech in real life, please see video:

• The biggest difference with Festy is that we have real transactions in the blockchain. In contract Festy had their own Festy money and no real transactions in the blockchain.

• The money we are currently asking for future development is a fraction of what Festy has received from the network.

• We will share source code with MNO-approved groups.
2 points,6 days ago
Yep. Festy didn't deliver. In fact, it seemed that Graham De Barra failed to deliver anything. Does that make him a crook? A con artist? I think the facts speak for themselves.
So, why bring this up? For better or worse, fair or unfair, your proposal lives under this cloud. In my mind, a festival payment solution is a dubious value proposition to begin with, but on top of that, you have to be convincing has to how you are different, and won't rob the network like others in the past. By the way, I don't want your code, I want an actual functioning system.
0 points,5 days ago
Please keep in mind that this is not our first “job” for the dash community.
In addition, we already have a working prototype that has been tested with 1000+ people.
We are asking for funding to continue developing the software (making it scalable and cheaper to deploy). Organizations are interested (multiple deals pending) in this product.

Our NFC tech used at music festival:
Local meetups (community building):
Dash sponsored Northern European blockchain conference:

We are committed in delivering a functioning system that benefits everyone.
Please don’t mistake us for Festy.
0 points,3 days ago
Instead of ignored, maybe my question was missed. What other job did you do for the community, and how did it turn out?
0 points,4 days ago
Thanks. This is the stuff I want to hear ("multiple deals pending..."). What was the other job you did for the community? How did it turn out?
0 points,7 days ago
Its not, its just more copy paste devs, looking for some extra income.
1 point,7 days ago
Dear @Relmrhack, it would have been really easy to quit the project after it didn’t get enough votes. But we didn’t, because we believe in it. Each and everyone of us have their own businesses and we are grinding every day and have late night meetings to make this project happen. We have invested lots of our personal time & money into this and honestly, our time is more valuable than the money we’re asking here.
It’s more about building the infrastructure for the future and this money is going into development.
2 points,9 days ago
Dear Community & MNO's
After careful consideration, we have decided that we are willing to provide source code, but only to groups explicitly approved by MNOs.
0 points,10 days ago
Please explain to me the security of your software. I'm very familiar with NFC transactions, especially as they pertain to blockchains. If this works like I think it does, I see some major security issues.
0 points,10 days ago
Hello @kodaxx, thank you for your concern.
Your assuptions are not correct about how the system works.
Please rest assured that the different organisations/venues will not have knowledge of the encryption keys used.
There is no key sharing to worry about - different organisations will have different keys.
Nevertheless, it is still possible to top up at Club A and spend at Club B.
There's a remote server involved - it selects the correct key based on NFC chip's "header" and uses that to decrypt the "body".
-2 points,10 days ago
@rullikas you should open source everything, for any projects which (mnos vote) wish to use your code-base so that eliminates concerns of other groups copying code.

I'm sure with a bit of modifications at the back end level, other groups should be able to use it aswell especially since your asking DASH for the funds.

Otherwise if its solely to remain private you should seek external funding.

We are preparing dash ventures for such occurrences where dash ventures would hold equity in a startup such as yours.
0 points,10 days ago
@Realmrhack, after careful consideration, we have decided that we are willing to provide source code, but only to groups explicitly approved by MNOs.
2 points,12 days ago
I am bit dissapointed that you would not want to open source the software allowing other providers to popup extending the reach of the dash network,

Will dash ventures be given any form of equity?
-1 point,11 days ago
Hey @Realmrhack,
A service like this requires servers and people (tech/support).
Having the software code is just part of the thing.
We are willing to consider open-sourcing some components of the code.
1 point,11 days ago
Maybe I am being a buzz-kill but I see a few issues with this proposal.
The comments make it sound as this is a private business that is being jump started by the DAO. That is fine but I don't see what is in it for Dash.
Festival go-ers are not going to be excited about the backend technology their nfc device is using. If Dash is the superior blockchain it should be in the devs best interest to use it, with or without direct funding from the DAO.
What's in it for Dash? Seemingly the answer is a promise for more transactions on the network.
This seems like a small fry market (not to discourage the use of Dash for this usecase) but it isn't adding up for me.
I will likely vote no, but I will wait to see if I'm missing something.
0 points,11 days ago
Hey @mikenewhouse, thank you for your feedback.
Please let us elaborate on the size of said market.
In Europe alone, all kinds of festivals have become very popular and frequent.
We are not limited to festivals, though - night clubs are also a big thing.
The amount of transactions could literally reach into millions. It’s not small.
In comparison to the general population, this demographic group of people (mostly young Europeans) are more likely to be interested in change and cryptocurrencies like Dash.
It’s the easiest group to introduce Dash to and this will be done on multiple levels.
People will use Dash knowingly and they’ll have good experiences with it.
Dash will be used for all NFC payments (wristband/card), on-site QR-code based payments and when topping up online.
We are confident that in the end, you will be happy with our results.
1 point,11 days ago
>this will be done on multiple levels.
>People will use Dash knowingly and they’ll have good experiences with it.

Ok, I'm starting to see more value here. Can you elaborate a bit more on how that will come to be. Are your existing customers or prospective customers willing to promote and advertise Dash as powering the NFC? Will Dash centric promotional material be included with the device or in a follow up with the user?
1 point,6 days ago
Absolutely, we will have Dash branding and promotional materials on preload/refund website and logos on wristbands/cards.
0 points,13 days ago
Voting Yes, Could this be made public to general retailers and users?
2 points,12 days ago
Thank you for your support!
We hope we understand your question.
In order to attain self-sufficiency, we will charge fees from organisations/venues (in order to pay for servers, security and maintenance).
Therefore, it is not economically feasible to release this software (free of charge) to the general public.
Other types of merchants will be able to use this software like everybody else, but it makes more sense in an event/festival/club context.