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Title:Dash Italia Management
Monthly amount: 40 DASH (1241 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 120 DASH (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2024-01-30 / 2024-08-04 (added on 2024-01-25)
Votes: 507 Yes / 87 No / 14 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description


40 Dash/Month for 6 months (total 240 Dash) as a continuation on the management of Italian Social Network Accounts for disseminating content on Dash and events, creating new content and finding new Merchants.  
I ask for more compared to previous Proposals because the value of Dash has almost halved in the meantime in relation to the commitment to the Dash Italia project which has instead increased significantly. I hope this choice is understandable.
Furthermore, I have chosen to advance a Proposal of 6 months rather than 3 for logistical and organizational reasons as I believe that 6 months is a more appropriate duration to be able to adequately summarize all the work done.

In the description below, we provide some data on the work carried out in the last months.

I am asking for support for the following quarter in relation to the work as described in the previous proposals and other news:

1-    (MAY-JUL 2023)


3-   (NOV23-JAN24)

    Some data on the work carried out in the last months which are a continuation of what is described in the previous Proposals

Link to an image in which we tried to represent everything that Dash Italia manages:

New content created in these months and other:
1-  In recent months, another 261 strings have been added to Transifex, promptly translated by us, currently reaching 17753 strings translated into Italian.

2- “How to buy Dash”:

3- “Where to spend Dash”:  

4- “How to accept Dash in your business”:

5- “Various possibilities to earn (with) Dash”:

6- “Get in touch”:

7- Dash Italia supports this project and also participated in the donation campaign with a share of 8.48193831 Dash:
All the work that comes and will be advanced by Joel and Marine's Dash Growth project will be promptly amplified on the main Dash Italia Social Networks Account.

8- A group chat named Dash Amplification was created on Twitter (X) to spread Dash-themed tweets with greater speed and numbers, in which we are also present with the Dash Italia account.

Very useful News for our activities!

For the management and dissemination by Dash Italia, we have decided to create this new, simple and versatile link aggregator "Website":

To date 24/01/2024 this site has had approximately 1960 views.

New Italia Merchant!

“Dash accepted here” Logo has been inserted in the footer of the Website: :

This Merchant is also present on Instagram! Below is one of his Dash-themed posts:
ENG:"Our health also depends on the medium of exchange that we use as currency and on the principles on which it is based. And it is just as important as: education, nutrition, conscience and awareness, politics, territory, 'environment. And what do you choose?'”
ITA"Anche dal mezzo di scambio che utilizziamo come moneta e dai principi su cui esso si fonda, dipende la nostra salute. Ed è altrettanto importante quanto: l'educazione, l'alimentazione, la coscienza e consapevolezza, la politica, il territorio, l'ambiente. E tu cosa scegli?"

This Merchant also filled out the form to be included on the official Dash App Wallet map.

We will advertise this Merchant more as soon as we have a short video spot available to add to the YouTube Playlist which we will also use to create posts on the various Dash Italia Social Networks.

Organic growth of the main Social Profiles in these first 9 months (All old existing accounts, however, underwent a change of management and a "restructuring" in December 2021. For further information see the previous Proposals):

1-Twitter (25/4/2023 = 377 followers | 25/01/2024 = 1910 followers):
This account was opened on March 2020 and currently, around 5490 Tweets have been made (In October there were around 5036 Posts, so on average 151 posts per month). We are using and posting very consistently and this seems to be greatly appreciate.

2-Linkedin (25/4/2023 = 558 connections | 25/01/2024 = 3417 connections):
This account (and the related page with 1684 followers as of 25/01/2024) was opened on March 2021, has been operational continuously since the beginning of this year and to date contains over 590 post (on average 30/40 posts per month)

3-Telegram (25/4/2023 = 391 members | 25/01/2024 = 360 members):  
This chat was created and owned by Splawik around 2017 and is now attended by 12 Admins including me. In the last year we have chosen to clean up all non-real users and bots very present in Telegram. Any information and news passes through this chat and in recent weeks we have also been using a lot of the very useful Telegram channel managed by Voncan from Dash Russia who we thank for the good work.

4-Youtube (25/4/2023 = 215 members | 25/01/2024 = 293 members):
This account was opened on 22/02/2020 and as of 25/01/2024 it has gotten about 9134 views (In October 2023 was 8263 views). We have put the Italian videos in order, grouping them into playlists, arranging the titles to give a more logical order. Apart from this, for now we are mainly using the "community" /section where posts and news are published like on other social networks, on average 50/60 posts per month. This is the most representative and always actual video of the Dash Italia channel and it is also the most liked and viewed video.

5- Instagram (25/4/2023 = 162 followers | 25/01/2024 = 1113 followers):
This account was opened on 13/03/2023, transforming an old, unused private account. We use this social network to constantly post images and spot videos created by Dash users, as of today there are over 305 posts (In October there were around 235 Posts, so on average 23 posts and around 40/50 stories per month), in addition to the Italian in-depth infographic pills fixed, the related infographic and various stories regarding Dash events such as AMA on Twitter, Dash Incubator weekly, Dcg Reviews every 2 weeks, etc.We have pre-set backgrounds on which we write any events to be able to advertise them or schedule them promptly also for stories.

6- Facebook (25/4/2023 = 18 followers | 25/01/2024 = 317 followers): This page was opened on 07/01/2023 and to date contains around 440 posts (on average 30/40 posts per month), just as many daily stories and this page has 207 likes (In October 2023 was 120 likes). All the posts and news are published as on the other main social networks and periodically the images and videos created by the various Dash users are published, in addition to the Stories with daily images.

7- Mastodon (26/7/2023 = 0 members | 25/01/2024 = 17 members):
This account was opened on 26/07/2023 and currently contains approximately 223 posts (In October there were around 112 Posts, so on average 37 posts per month). All the posts and news are published as on the other main social networks and periodically the images created by the various Dash users.

Trying to sum up these 7 social networks, there was an indicative overall increase in 5706 new members attracted by the contents and constant work on the various accounts in these first 9 months of activity.

The tools we constantly use to organize and manage all this work are listed in the previous proposal:
For additional information, each event/post/content is organized by us so that it is published on the main social networks under management. For example, when there are weekly Incubators, the posts are prepared so that they are published simultaneously on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube, then they are also published manually on Mastodon and Telegram and the stories are prepared for Facebook and Instagram. The same happens for the DCG's bi-weekly updates and for all official events. Furthermore, the same method is also used for all publications which occur on average 2/4 times a week.

1- We are always proceeding with the maintenance of the Dash Mining machine and of the Server for Masternodes.

2- DashText: We tried again on 3 different occasions to get in touch with the previous managers, always without result, as if the project had been completely abandoned without the possibility of recovery. We will currently put these attempts aside and perhaps try again later.

Additional information which I still consider important:
A lot of time is dedicated, therefore effort and perseverance, in reading as much as possible such as Documentation, Proposals, various comments, Discord, Updates, Forums, Blog Articles, DCG Reviews, Incubator, various Events, etc.

    What we would like to do in the next few months

1- Create new simple contents that have the characteristics of those created previously, therefore simple, with direct links.

2- Reach new local Merchants who are willing to expose themselves a little publicly and insert themselves into the official Wallet App map, together with the other Italians already present.

3- One of the Merchants showed a lot of interest in the Proposal and therefore we were considering reviewing it together and trying to present it again when we deem it a good time , that is, when we have spoken to at least a dozen of this new group of Merchants.

4- Reach as many new users as possible through the various social networks so as to be able to use them as a sounding board for the dissemination of any news about Dash.

5- Continue with management of all of the above.

    Conclusion (I repeat like last Proposal)

We hope one day to be able to use our social networks for more structured initiatives, showing their potential, such as Proposal as and , committing ourselves to "teaching" families, little merchants, children and teenagers towards a new society and therefore the economy.

To support this vision, below are the conclusions in the official Dash docs section:
“We envision a future in which this model of transparent, unbreakable and verifiable contribution to the common good, in combination with continuous participation of the crowd through active voting, is utilized to manage organizations that are owned or operated jointly by its members, who share the benefits and responsibilities of those collectives, like governments, cooperative corporations, unions, DAOs, cryptocurrencies, etc. We call this model decentralized governance by blockchain.”

This vision cannot be pursued without the advent of a new education that is free from the hands of the current Governments.
However, we are aware of the importance of being present on social networks and of the importance of continuously creating content in Italian in the web, which serves to continue to bring new people together. In the meantime, we also continue to disseminate daily to small local businesses.

    Thanks everyone for your attention!

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0 points,3 months ago
Sorry, but I'll say no. I know for sure that there are people here who ask for 2 times less coins, but bring 10 times more benefits)
0 points,4 months ago
How do we know you dont buy fake followers with the money you get from the budget?

0 points,4 months ago
When I chose to take charge of all this I knew little about the world of Social Networks (in reality you never stop knowing it because it is subject to constant changes) and the various accounts were little, or not used at all, and therefore a little abandoned.

I had to reorganize everything to try to give, with the few skills I had at the beginning, a logic to the various accounts, continuity, a series of contents always available, etc... a lot of work that started more than two years ago... but you already know all this because it is written in the proposals.

There are platforms that have obvious problems with fake accounts, bots (Twitter, Instagram and Telegram for example) which are annoying to manage because every day you find yourself having to delete messages, groups in which you are inserted, fake users who spam and disturb you for example.
On Telegram, as described, we have done a huge cleansing of these fake users in recent years, precisely because we have no interest in having them and they create disturbance in a messaging chat. Doing the same work on other platforms I think makes less sense at the moment, but it's a hypothesis I could evaluate.

A platform like Linkedin, on the other hand, seems not to have this problem and all connections are made manually and with real people (99% Italian) and this, if you look, represents more than half of the growth. I am aware that Twitter is the most Crypto Friendly platform, but I think Linkedin may have greater potential for official activities in the future. My opinion obviously.

I don't deny that it was quite a surprise, but also satisfying, to see this growth and interest in the Dash Italia accounts, but I think it's just a reflection of the perseverance and the work done which was really a lot as well as the posts to create connections between all these accounts (everyone chooses and follows Dash Italia using the platform they prefer).

So now I answer your first question, NO, I have never used these Followers purchasing services...

As regards the organization of live meetings, I would like to be able to create small events like these (calling them DashSpritz for example and starting from small local tests).
Meetings of local businesses and interested people.
We would already have places and activities available but I realize that, to ensure that there is continuity and enthusiasm, first there is a need to recreate a basis of solid and macro interest towards Dash, I think an image must return that expresses the fact that Dash is still there and has never stopped working, because in recent times this has been lost.

I add personal information for greater clarity... a small part of my personal Dashes and of the Budget Dashes of these months, I have chosen to donate them over the years to interested people and activities (to encourage acceptance and use, all contacts that I know personally), after having explained very well how it works and the potential, but when the value of what you are using halves in a few months, the enthusiasm stops, even if the potential remains intact.

I preferred to respond by arguing a bit and I hope it is all understandable and that it has removed doubts.
0 points,4 months ago
>So now I answer your first question, NO, I have never used these Followers purchasing services...

I DID NOT asked whether you use a followers purchasing service.
I asked HOW YOU CAN PROVE that you do not purchase followers.
By just saying "I do not buy followers" this cannot be considered as a proof that you do not do that.

If you dont like the Encointer proof of personhood method, what other proof of personhood method can you provide to us?
0 points,4 months ago
The goal of the Dash Italia project is written in the Proposal and therefore to make Dash known, through various methods to reach as many people as possible while maintaining the original vision.

I dedicate a lot of time to this (almost full time) and I also dedicated a lot of time to bringing you a reasoned answer to a very insinuating question.

The commitment to create in-person events, as I wrote in the previous answer, exists but does not seem to satisfy you as an answer, not even together with all the rest of the work done (the one for which support is requested from the DAO).

Personally what you ask, and especially the way you ask it, doesn't make much sense, but that's my opinion.
You're asking me to prove that I haven't done something, which is practically impossible... I can prove what I do and that's what Proposals are for.

You’re obviously free to vote no if you are not satisfied but my commitment remains and it is to focus on bringing Dash adoption and therefore "success".
0 points,4 months ago
You do not respect the anonymity of the Dash masternodes if you organize DashSpritz.

You should organize Encointer meeting (or smth similar) and let the Dash masternodes meet there under the cover of the Encointer protocol, under the pretext and the disguise of being poor people begging for a dividend.

Are you an agent who wants the Dash masternodes to be revealed?
0 points,4 months ago
DashSpritz my ass! Why discussing about Dash while drinking?

Do you want the masternodes to get drunk, to reveal they own a masternode property, and then robe them or inform the state about possible tax evasion?

Is this goal of yours alligned to the masternodes' interest?
0 points,4 months ago
There is too much confusion in these comments in my opinion.

Using Dash is not tax evasion if you maintain the original vision.

There is a great respect for everyone's privacy and certainly the goal is completely different from what you are saying.

I think I won't respond to your other comments on this because it seems to me that they have no constructive purpose but mainly offensive insinuation.
0 points,4 months ago
How do you know the Dash original vision? Dash was created 2014, and you joined 2022.

Dash News Italia. New member · 23
Joined Dec 26, 2021
0 points,4 months ago
You joined Dash in 2022, and you claim to be 23 years old.

When dash was created, you were 13 years old!!!!

And you DARE to claim that you know what the original vision of Dash is?
0 points,4 months ago
I don't understand how a date of registration on a platform can be related to the fact that a project has not been explored in depth before that date.

I don't think I have to tell you my age, but I'm not a kid and I think like you that privacy is important, at least as much as respect.

At this link aggregator you can find direct links to the official website, the Whitepaper, the official documentation, etc.

On YouTube you can find several interviews and conferences by Evan, like this one for example

All this is public and everyone can read, watch, study freely, as long as it exists.
0 points,4 months ago
>On YouTube you can find several interviews and conferences by Evan, like this one for example

So you think Evan's vision is the original vision of Dash.

I see.....
0 points,4 months ago
Dash Italia, a 23 year old young man, it is sad that he is yet another necrocacy advocate!
0 points,4 months ago
So you dont represent the original vision of Dash.

You represent YOUR vision, and of course the vision of the stupid masternodes who vote for you.
0 points,4 months ago
If you really want to know the original vision of dash, find the stupid masternodes who are here since 2014, or 2015, or 2016 or 2017
0 points,4 months ago
A more accurate search on Dash generations can be done by the below report:
0 points,4 months ago
Satoshispritz and DashSpritz my ass!!!

Vote the agent number, stupid!
0 points,4 months ago
Will you organize an Encointer meeting, or any other proof of personhood protocol meeting, in order to prove that your followers are not fake?
0 points,4 months ago