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Title:Dash Italia Social Network Management and Translations - NOV 2023 -> JAN 2024
Monthly amount: 35 DASH (1087 USD)
Completed payments: 2 totaling in 70 DASH (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2023-10-31 / 2024-02-04 (added on 2023-10-26)
Votes: 488 Yes / 103 No / 32 Abstain

Proposal description

35 Dash/Month for 3 months (total 105 Dash) divided in this way:
  +20 Dash/Month for 3 months (total 60 Dash) as a continuation on the management of Social Networks. In the description below, we provide some data on the work carried out in the last months.
  +15 Dash/Month for 3 months (total 45 Dash) one-off payment for the time spent on translation of all Dash material present on Transifex (a total of 17492 strings equal to approximately 190k words; Italian is now the language with all material available on Dash translated). About 75 hours were dedicated to this work in the last months considering all the work and we are aware that commitment will still be needed for measures during the verification phase, but now we are ready for Evolution Translations!

I am asking for support for the following quarter in relation to the work as described in the previous proposals:

1- (MAY-JUL 2023)


Some data on the work carried out in the last 6 months!

New content created in these months and other:
1- After a long work, with 17492 strings translated, Italian is now the language with all material available on Dash translated, approximately 190k words. We are ready for Evolution!

2- Also submitted to Dash Incubator as content to share during the #DashRetreat event as Dash's vision for the future


4- We publicized, with many posts and stories, the #DashRetreat event ( ) in the three days in which it took place, promptly posting, in all our Social Network, the 13 Live shows and participating with content by Dash Italia.

5- As of today 25/10/2023 we have 411 Dash-themed images under management, which we use daily for stories and posts on various social networks. We also manage 57 videos of which 38 are visible on the YouTube channel and all the others are various commercials created by Dash users which we always use for stories and posts on various social networks.

Growth of the main Social Profiles in these first 6 months (All old existing accounts, however, underwent a change of management and a "restructuring" in December 2021):
1-Twitter (25/4/2023 = 377 followers | 25/10/2023 = 684followers):
This account was opened on March 2020 and currently, around 5036 Tweets have been made. The activity involves a daily commitment to repost news and posts relating to the Dash world, periodic images created by the various Dash users, news about Dash Incubator and DCG Live and everything that may be attractive to Dash like crypto-themed online magazine articles. These activities are visible by scrolling through our Profile.

2-Linkedin (25/4/2023 = 558 connections | 25/10/2023 = 2490connections):
This account (and the related page with 1298 followers as of 25/10/2023)was opened on March 2021,has been operational continuously since the beginning of this year and to date contains over 500 post. Social Network” with high potential especially in the Dash Incubator branch or in any case in the world of programming and technical aspects as almost all contacts have skills relating to IT, Cybersecurity, analyst,software engineer, telecommunications, programming, etc. All the posts are published as on the other main social networks and periodically the images and videos created by the various Dash users.

3-Telegram (25/4/2023 = 391 members | 25/10/2023 = 373 members):
This chat was created and owned by Splawik around 2017 and is now attended by 12 Admins including me. In the last yearwe have chosen to clean up all non-real users and bots very present in Telegram (this chat about a year and a half ago had over 800 members, but most were fake) and we did the test to advertise in the Telegram chats of Allnodes, Poolin, Antpool. Bitmain, f2pool and other similar dash mining pool chat. All posts that are published on the various social networks, including news, are also shared in this chat and is also used to support users who request information.

4-Youtube (25/4/2023 = 215 members | 25/10/2023 = 291 members):
This account was opened on 22/02/2020 and as of 25/10/2023 it has gotten about 8263 views. We have put the Italian videos in order, grouping them into playlists, arranging the titles to give a more logical order. Apart from this, for now we are mainly using the "community" /section where posts and news are published like on other social networks. We think it could be interesting to propose to the DAO that the DCG uses services such as which translates the audio of the videos into Italian (and in other languages where the communities were obviously interested) so as to be able to make at least the most interesting videos available in Italian or for other communities. These services obviously have costs, for example, this one I mentioned costs approx $1.50 per minute.

5- Instagram (25/4/2023 = 162 followers | 25/10/2023 = 762followers):
This account was opened on 13/03/2023, transforming an old, unused private account. We use this social network to constantly post images and spot videos created by Dash users, as of today there are over 235 posts, in addition to the Italian in-depth infographic pills fixed, the related infographic and various stories regarding Dash events such as AMA on Twitter, Dash Incubator, DashRetreat, etc.

6- Facebook (25/4/2023 = 18 members | 25/10/2023 = 236 followers):
This page was opened on 07/01/2023 and to date contains around 350 posts, just as many daily stories and this page has 120 likes. All the posts and news are published as on the other main social networks and periodically the images and videos created by the various Dash users are published, in addition to the Stories with daily images.

7- Mastodon (26/7/2023 = 0 members | 25/10/2023 = 8 members):
This account was opened on 26/07/2023 and currently contains approximately 112 posts. All the posts and news are published as on the other main social networks and periodically the images created by the various Dash users. PS: Trying to launch an idea, do you think that Mastodon could one day become the Decentralized Social Network initially financed by the DAO, thus having it supported on the Platform, thus becoming an excellent product of the Evolution project? It is already well functioning and with a good number of members. Obviously it's just an idea and in case it should be discussed further with the current managers/creators. I'm writing this ideahere (it's just an idea) in case someone within the Dash community has contact with Mastodon's top management and thinks this idea might be interesting in anticipation of future developments of Jembe (Decentralized, blockchain-based Twitter alternative built as a Dash Dapp with Dash Incubator ).

Trying to sum up these 7 social networks, there was an indicative overall increase in 3123 new members attracted by the contents of the various accounts in these first 6 months of activity.

The tools we constantly use to organize and manage all this work:
1- where we have synchronized the Twitter(X), Facebook and Linkedin accounts

2- Meta Business planning tool for stories and content synchronized between Facebook and Instagram

3- OpenAI ChatGpt to which we have fed a lot of Dash-themed content and which can help a lot in creating content and posts, translating and summarizing articles and much more.

4- For the other Social Accounts all publications take place manually or programmed with internal tools such as YouTube.

5- An Excel file to manage the contents.

6- Videos, photos and files are stored on a private NAS (Network Attached Storage)

1- We are always proceeding with the maintenance of Mining and are studying it in depth and later we also want to deepen the details regarding the configuration and management of the Server for Masternodes and we managed to activate a new one in northern Italy.
Also there are other small italian Merchants (it is a united group of activities for personal service such as, physiotherapist, osteopath, health product sales shop, holistic center, which also offer online services) that are working to accept Dash and some of them will do so publicly and we will not fail to publicize these new adoptions.

2- DashText: We think it's an interesting project and we're sorry to see it abandoned (so even in Italy it is no longer working). We tried to get in touch with previous users to understand if the project is Open-source and if it was possible to reactivate it, currently without success. We think that the whole world is too dependent on the internet and if it were to fail even for just a few hours, it would panic. A service like DashText might be something no one else offers, and if maintenance costs allow it, it might be very attractive to keep it up and running. Depending on the answers we get, we will decide whether to try to put it back into operation as Dash Italia, perhaps asking the DAO to cover the out-of-pocket costs with a proposal, or whether it would currently be better to set it aside.

We hope one day to be able to use our social networks for more structured initiatives, showing their potential, such as Proposal as and , committing ourselves to "teaching" families, little merchants, children and teenagers towards a new society and therefore the economy.

To support this vision, below are the conclusions in the official Dash docs section:
We envision a future in which this model of transparent, unbreakable and verifiable contribution to the common good, in combination with continuous participation of the crowd through active voting, is utilized to manage organizations that are owned or operated jointly by its members, who share the benefits and responsibilities of those collectives, like governments, cooperative corporations, unions, DAOs, cryptocurrencies, etc. We call this model decentralized governance by blockchain.”

This vision cannot be pursued without the advent of a new education that is free from the hands of the current Governments.
However, we are aware of the importance of being present on social networks and of the importance of continuously creating content in Italian in the web, which serves to continue to bring new people together. In the meantime, we also continue to disseminate daily to small local businesses.

Thanks everyone for your attention!

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