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Title:Renewal of National FM & AM Radio Advertising (US) + International Satellite (Africa + North & Central America)
Monthly amount: 33 DASH (8717 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-06-18 / 2018-09-15 (added on 2018-06-07)
Final voting deadline: in 11 days
Votes: 204 Yes / 71 No / 10 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 333 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Renewal of funding – DASH Radio Advertising, 185+ FM and AM stations coast-to-coast in the United States, plus Free-to-Air Satellite over Sub-Saharan Africa and North and Central America + streaming, podcast and MORE!

UPDATE - 2018-06-09 - I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the DASH Force News Three Amigos Podcast yesterday in which we discussed the successful outreach to businesses in New Hampshire as well as this proposal.  If you missed it live, you can watch it here on YouTube.
UPDATE 2 - Something else I had created to benefit DASH, with no request for funding:  -  printable DASH tips, now in public beta - launched yesterday during the podcast linked above.

Hello fellow masternodes!  I’m Ian Freeman, one of the hosts of Free Talk Live.  Free Talk Live (FTL) is a seven-day-a-week, live, nationally syndicated libertarian, pro-crypto radio program on 185+ AM and FM radio stations across the US.  These are real FCC licensed radio stations!  You can see where they are on our radio transmitter map.  Our show is heard on both conservative AND progressive talk stations - we’re the only national issues-based show that is heard on both formats.

However, our reach is not exclusive to radio stations.  We also have more than 15 million downloads on our podcast and others listen to us via live streaming and our international satellite channels (more on that later).  We’ve been around the cryptocurrency world since 2011 and FTL is credited by Gavin Andresen and Roger Ver as helping to give Bitcoin the initial boost it needed to get widespread adoption.

"Many of the earliest Bitcoin adopters first learned about it through Free Talk Live...I'm convinced that is one of the sparks that turned a crazy little open source software project into a multi-billion dollar industry."  -Gavin Andresen, Original Bitcoin Head Developer

"By broadcasting this message since 2011...FTL has been instrumental in creating the widespread adoption that we have today."  -Roger Ver, CEO

This is a proposal to continue and expand our year-long relationship with DASH that we started at the beginning of 2017.  (Thank you for supporting us!)  We don’t need DASH to build us a fancy studio or to help us start doing anything.  We already have a studio and we’ve been doing our show since 2002 and have been in national syndication since 2004.  We’re established in the industry and are the longest-running show in our daypart (7-10pm Eastern) in national syndication.  We’ve outlasted all of our competition.  In case you doubt our claims of success, TALKERS Magazine (the premiere industry publication for talk radio) this year named us the #27 most important talk radio show as part of their “Heavy Hundred”!  It’s our tenth year on the chart, and we’ve been moving up every year.  See it for yourself here.

As early adopters of Bitcoin, we’ve done very well and are comfortable enough to be very choosy about which advertisers we accept.  We believe in DASH.  As you can see from me and my co-host Mark Edge’s (medgeftl) accounts here, FTL are DASH masternodes.  We wouldn’t have asked for DASH’s sponsorship if we weren’t supporters.

It’s part of my mission to spread cryptocurrency as part of my peace advocacy with the Shire Free Church.  I run two Crypto Vending Machines (CVMs) in Keene, NH and one CVM in Manchester, NH.  Those machines only offer two types of crypto - BTC and DASH.  I love that DASH focuses on bringing crypto into the real world and our hosts have been instrumental in making that a reality on-the-ground here in New Hampshire.  I spend DASH in real life at merchants around town multiple times each week.  I can go shopping in Keene, NH, grab a newspaper and other goodies at Corner News and pay in DASH.  I can go across the street and get lunch at Local Burger, with DASH.  I can take my car to Wilder Automotive and get it repaired with DASH.  I can buy a drink at Thirsty Owl, get a pizza from Little Zoe’s, grab some BBQ at Hot Hogs, and MORE.  According to Albert at, Keene is the #3 city for raw numbers of DASH-accepting businesses in the world (after Caracas and Portsmouth).  Free Talk Live’s co-hosts made this possible by reaching out to merchants directly and helping them get setup with the killer-app merchant software, Anypay (a company co-founded by FTL alumni Derrick J Freeman).  We’re invested in DASH being a success, and that’s not because of the previous sponsorship, it’s because we believe that DASH is superior tech to Bitcoin and prefer to use it over Bitcoin because of the lower fees.   DASH rocks and it owns the growing crypto retail world in New Hampshire.

The first part of this proposal is to renew the DASH three (3) :30 second recorded radio ads and one (1) live promotion per show.  We have about a dozen ads that we created that were approved by the Core team, they all have the same scripts, but a bunch of different voices.  This, we feel, helps function as a sort of “Word of Mouth” campaign. Listeners hear the same message repeated by many different people.

As insurance against a major rise in the cost of DASH, we are offering to throw in up to four additional weeks of the same ad package, if the cost of DASH supports it; and we won’t ask for additional funding during the timeframe of this proposal if the price goes down.  We’re not cashing out.  We’re spending DASH in real life and holding the rest and are in this for the long run.

We also have produced another half dozen or so ads that point out the strengths of DASH: transaction times, transaction fees, the robust community, etc.  We use the live promotions as opportunities to talk about new developments in DASH. has been invaluable for this.  Even though our DASH sponsorship expired at the end of 2017, we still have a banner on our studio cam page at and speak positively about DASH when the opportunity arises on air.  (It took us this long to get another proposal together - we’re loaded with things that keep us busy!)

In addition to the advertisements, this time around, we also want to do some on-air and online giveaways of DASH.  We want to give away 1 DASH per week.  Most weeks we will do several small giveaways spread across broadcast and the internet.  At least one week we will do one big give away where one lucky person will take home a whole DASH.

At Free Talk Live, our standard is that we have to believe in the product to do a live promotion, and we regularly use and promote DASH.  We can easily defend against the DASH haters.  (Our phones are open every night, so we have been challenged on-air.)   I hope you will vote to renew these ads and any comments you have are welcome. We are putting this in for 3 months of funding, but I must advise you that branding advertising is a long term endeavor.  We will continue to support DASH, whatever your vote, but this will give us the opportunity to continue to discuss it seven-nights-per-week and for our 300,000+ weekly listeners all around the world, mostly in the US.

Since we have had such success with this campaign in the past, we also are bringing in affiliate shows to this proposal.  These shows will allow us to get more reach for DASH, without a separate campaign for each:

Henry Raines, of the Henry Raines Show, does a weekly crypto-oriented show in the Tampa Bay Area (Tampa is the 19th largest market in the US and also covers the Sarasota/Bradenton Metro, the 71st market in the US.  The total area has a population of 3.5 million.)  There are very few over-the-air crypto shows on the radio.  Henry’s been on-air in the market since 2003 and last year rebranded his show to focus on cryptocurrency.  Henry also releases his show as a podcast.  He is requesting 1 DASH a month and .1 a week to give away.  Henry helped us by producing and co-hosting with us at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami.  He does a good show and we would like to see DASH sponsoring crypto shows across the world.

I mentioned earlier that Free Talk Live is heard on international satellite channels.  It’s called Free-to-Air satellite broadcasting and it’s popular globally, especially in poorer countries, which is exactly where DASH needs to be heard and adopted.  Poor people can’t afford to pay for satellite channels, so Free-to-Air is not encrypted, which means the channels cost nothing to receive.  We’ve been on satellite since 2010 over North and Central America (Galaxy 19) and over Sub-Saharan Africa (SES-5) since 2012.  We know we’re reaching people, as we’ve heard from listeners in African nations like Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Nigeria.  Here's a video (from our previous satellite fundraiser on patreon) that explains what we’re doing in more detail and introduces you to our listener Ako in Cameroon:

The satellite channel we’re on is LRN.FM - The Liberty Radio Network.  It’s an 24/7 internet-based streaming audio network that’s been in existence since 2009 and I am its program director.  LRN.FM already features multiple DASH-friendly shows with which you are probably familiar, including:

-“The Crypto Show” - Danny’s a good friend and his show has long been sponsored by DASH.
-DASH Force News’ “Three Amigos Podcast” - Hosted by Joël Valenzuela, Mark Mason, and Brian Freeman
-“Neocash Radio” with hosts Dr. Darren Tapp and FTL alumni JJ Schlessinger.

In addition to the excellent broadcast radio exposure described above, this proposal also includes sponsorship of LRN.FM.  We’ll make DASH our network’s exclusive “Satellite Sponsor”.  We’ll run :30 ads for DASH around-the-clock, at least once an hour during our live and encore shows (the supermajority of our broadcast day - you can see our program guide here.)

In addition to the dozens of podcasts we have on the network, we also have original live programs that are excited to come onboard to help promote DASH to their audiences as live sponsors during their shows:

The Call to Freedom” is a three hour per weekday afternoon drive show airing on LRN.FM which features its middle 5pm (Eastern) hour, ‘The Crypto Hour’ - it’s the only radio show with a solid hour a day where the hosts dive deep into crypto with news and guests from across the world of cryptocurrency.  Each week they choose a crypto and review it, alerting their audience to scams and questionable currencies, as well as to those with promise and solid track records.  It’s informative and entertaining with main host Will Coley and his various co-hosts throughout the week.  Will also lives here in Keene and is an active user of DASH around town.  Sponsoring the Call to Freedom means at least one live promotion every hour for DASH, plus on-site promotions as the show travels to and broadcasts from various events, including real-life products like t-shirts and stickers.  Also, DASH will be added to the show intros and DASH has full access to the show.  If DASH’s spokesperson wants to come on-air to talk about the latest upgrade or get out in front of FUD?  Call to Freedom is there.

“Questioning Authority” is a two hour weekly show on Saturday nights on LRN.FM with host and independent journalist Vincent Freeman.  He’s the news editor for his college newspaper at Keene State College and his stream-of-consciousness style and youth makes him a great nighttime host appealing to younger listeners.

For about one half of one percent of the DASH monthly budget, DASH will receive continuous radio, streaming, podcast, and international satellite audio promotions by hosts who are regular DASH users.  This is important branding reaching people in their cars, homes, and on their headphones.  Thank you for reading this far and for your vote.

Break down of costs:

FTL Major Sponsorship Package
7 live promotions per week @ $125 each = $875 per week
21 :30 second radio ads per week @ $20 each = $420 per week
7 :30 second podcast ads per week @ $20 each = $140 per week
125x100 banner on every page.
Large Banner on a major page of
Periodic Facebook posts and a recorded interview for the podcast.
13 week sub-total = $18,655 = approx 60 DASH (at $310 per DASH - the price at noon Eastern on June 5th)

FTL weekly DASH giveaway = 13 week sub-total = 13 DASH

Henry Raines Show sponsorship = 13 week sub-total = 3.25 DASH
Henry Raines Show weekly DASH give-away = 13 week sub-total = 1.3 DASH

LRN.FM Satellite Sponsorship = $2,500 for 13 weeks = 8 DASH
Call to Freedom Sponsorship = $2,500 for 13 weeks = 8 DASH
Questioning Authority Sponsorship = $310 for 13 weeks = 1 DASH

Proposal reimbursement = 5 DASH

Requesting a total of 99 DASH (33 per month)

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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1 point,1 day ago
Easy yes x12.
4 points,6 days ago
I fully support this proposal and I'm about to launch a very similar one. I doubt mine will pass but I think I should at least give it a shot. If projects like these that come in at such a low price with a huge reach are unaffordable perhaps belt tightening is in line. Most successful Dash proposal owners go over and above what's outlined in their proposals.
It would be great see to that same spirit shared by some of these large proposal owners to make a little room for other very important projects like this one.
3 points,6 days ago
As Danny can attest, radio advertising/branding works. I've long been a Crypto Show supporter and have aired it for years on LRN.FM. That international exposure for The Crypto Show has never cost DASH anything at all. (We've covered the costs of our own satellite time since 2010 - this is the first time we've ever offered a satellite sponsorship). I do it because it's a great program and a perfect fit for our format.

If you want to have more people hear about DASH on the radio, please vote for ours and Danny's proposal.
2 points,6 days ago
And thank you Ian for keeping us going so long on LRN.FM ??
3 points,6 days ago
I am a fellow node holder and one of people involved in this proposal. Before you vote NO or ABSTAIN, please post your concerns. We may be able to address them.
4 points,9 days ago
Voted yes. Large reach for small cost
0 points,6 days ago
Thank you.
1 point,10 days ago
I enjoyed your appearance in DFN 3 Amigos today. It's clear you're an ardent supporter of Dash and doing a lot of good work, would be happy to support your efforts in future budget cycles, but it's unlikely we'll have room in this one. If it turns out some room opens up toward the end of the cycle, I'll definitely give your proposal a fair shake!
0 points,10 days ago
Thanks for the kind words. I'll be posting the video to the proposal this weekend in case people haven't seen it. However, can you explain how there is no room? I'm pretty new to this - looks to me like only about half the budget has been proposed thus far. What am I missing? This proposal is 1/2 of 1% of the total possible.
0 points,10 days ago
So, last month, the Dash Core Team published their plans for upcoming budget requests on the forum as per MNO requests, so we know what to expect in terms of available budget and can guide proposal owners in the pre-proposal stage to the best times to submit their full proposals: . They explained that the month of June (paying out in July) would entail some pretty substantial proposals, because they wanted to get the bulk of their budget up-front so they could have a hedge against Dash volatility and upfront development, PR, conference, etc costs taken care of.

So we knew since last month there would be very large proposals by Core this month, and most of their proposals pass, so since there were many multi-month proposals carrying over from previous cycles as well, there wasn't likely to be much extra Dash in the available budget. Before any other proposals besides Core's proposals showed up, Core's proposals--assuming they pass--have already maxed out the budget. The reason that "half" the budget or thereabouts doesn't seem to be allocated is because Core's proposals have not yet reached the "passing" threshold and so it doesn't yet report that those funds will be allocated, but it's highly likely that they will. Core's PR proposal is the only one remotely in question at this point.

Now, since then, some MNOs have taken votes away from some proposals carrying over from last month that were relatively close to the edge, which has theoretically freed up a little more in the budget, perhaps making room for your project if those remain unfunded, but they're still only a few votes away from being funded again, which puts them way ahead of yours currently. So if they remain unfunded, you might have a chance, but if they are funded again, it's highly unlikely that there will be room for anything else but Core's proposals.
0 points,10 days ago
Is the 3308 DASH the amount committed already from previous approved proposals and doesn't include the new ones made this month?
0 points,9 days ago
Yes, that is correct. The amount of Dash committed corresponds only to proposals that are currently "in the green." Proposals in the red or yellow are not currently allocated by the network.
3 points,11 days ago
If there is no budget for this than something is wrong.

Good luck Ian keep up the great work!
4 points,12 days ago
Such a bargain, easy yes! Out of all the sponsorships this one and the Crypto show (Danny) are the most important. I urge everyone to vote yes.
4 points,12 days ago
I would have to agree with you Mastermind. I think what radio does that podcast and YouTube channels dont is reach out so the echo chamber. We need to bring in new users.
2 points,11 days ago
It is very unfortunate that there is no budget for the small amount of 33 dash being requested.

Most of the money has been given to core, core sponsored proposals like bitgo, kuvacash and fanduel sponsorship. This concentration of budget in a few hands is killing the treasury system and making dash no different from any other corporation with vested interests.

Is sponsoring fanduel really giving 20 times the roi of this project?
2 points,11 days ago
Fanduel is not core sponsored but it is a lot of Dash. I think it will pay for itself pretty quickly though, same goes for bitgo.
1 point,11 days ago
kuvacash is not core sponsored and close to being defunded which will free up lots of Dash for smaller projects.
0 points,10 days ago
KuvaCash's development team works very closely with Core's development team. It's only lost some votes because of interpersonal conflicts on DC and Discord that angered a few whales. Based on Kuva's recent updates, I suspect KuvaCash will be one of the biggest, most important projects in the Dash ecosystem in the coming years, so I sincerely hope no one tries to de-fund it. It would be a terrible mistake, not to mention a costly one, given how much we've already pumped in to it. I really hope the network stops de-funding extant proposals when there's no evidence of bad actors or malfeasance, sets a bad precedent and damages our reputation as a professional organization.
-2 points,10 days ago
Pulling Kuvacash’s funding would be pure insanity. They are aligned with core, presenting alongside DashCore at moneyconf, launching the pilot soon, as well as the Frame 48 Kuvacash documentary coming out this month.

They are one of our best projects and I’d rather defund fluffy marketing proposals than these kinds of core integration proposals.
2 points,11 days ago
Jeremy, did you read the full proposal? The cost breakdown is clearly at the bottom and we specify in the proposal what DASH will receive, which is live and recorded promotions on various broadcasting platforms nationally and internationally.
3 points,11 days ago
By no budget, I mean no budget in the treasury to fund this. Your project is excellent and it should be prioritized over spending 2000 dash on inflated sponsorships like Fanduel.

We should not turn our backs on decentralization at this juncture.
1 point,11 days ago
Ahh, I see what you were saying now. Yeah, 2000 DASH is insane for a sponsorship. By comparison, the value for our reach is unmatched. We offer nearly two hundred stations for what someone might pay for just one station if they tried to buy ads there. :) Thank you for your support.
1 point,11 days ago
I'm en route today to NYC for the annual TALKERS conference which we've now attended for 13 years in a row! Will be responding to any inquiries, thank you in advance for your comments, questions, or concerns.