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Title:DASH @ EURO FINANCE TECH 2017 in Frankfurt
One-time payment: 110 DASH (29011 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 110 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-10-19 / 2017-11-17 (added on 2017-10-17)
Votes: 704 Yes / 27 No / 25 Abstain

Proposal description

Please make shure to watch the video before voting
Hello everybody,

my name is Jan Heinrich Meyer (aka essra in DashNation-Slack) and I made some phone calls to bring Dash to the EURO FINANCE TECH 2017 in Frankfurt on November the 16th, so this whole proposal is about a sponsorship to run into the hornest´s nest of the financial industry. If this proposal gets funded, Fabio Bossi (aka macno) and me will stick our heads in there and show those old fashioned guys what Dash is about!
What´s the EUROFINANCE Tech 2017?

Long story short: The EURO FINANCE TECH (EFT is oneof the biggest events for the financial industry in Europe and takes places during the EURO FINANCE WEEK (EFW Frankfurt with more than 4,000 participants (28% FinTech, 21% Bank/Finance, 15% IT, 11% Consulting/Auditors, 5% Legal, 4% Industry, 3% Media, 3% Asset Management, …).

For more Information about the event please have a look atthe official EURO FINANCE TECH (EFT) presentation right here:!Au-03Au1QTEAsSOUHXO8yw7dkDw1

For speakers and programm have a look at this:!Au-03Au1QTEAsSTo9B6YFGMEtpjY

What´s in for Dash?

The Sponsorship includes the following services:

-         Short Speaker-Slot of 10 minutes (I´ll do that)
-         Dash booth at the EFT-Marketplace (macno and mewill be there)
-         Integration of Dash Logo in EFT-App
-         Integration of Dash Logo on EFT-Website
-         Integration of Dash Logo on EFW-Website
-         Integration of Dash Logo in Online-/OfflineMarketingmaterials
-         10 Tickets for EFT (used for cryptopress andeveryone who wants to join us)

17,850 € Sponsoring Fee (incl. taxes. Have a look at the EFTpresentation above)
1,800 € booth incl. design (I´ll reuse this for more events afterwards)
0 € for Rollup (we will use the one from Digital Finance Conference)
900 € Dash Broshur (1,000 pcs only print because design is already done)!Au-03Au1QTEAsBzoIs1Is9iNKWEM
285 € Dash Pin-Button (500 pcs only print because design isalready done)
400 € Hotel (2 x Singleroom, 15th to 17th November)
300€ Travelcosts (macno from munich, me from hamburg)
3,500 € Project Management
25,035 € in total
So it´s
105 DASH (based on 240 EUR/DASH)
+ 5 DASH Proposal Fee


For impressions I´ll try to organize a video guy, but I hope the press will do this job anyway. We will keep you updated about all our steps right here on dashcentral and of course in slack.

I hope fore your vote
see you soon


find out more about me:
find out more about proposals I´m involved in:

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Summary: This was a big success in my opinion. The reaction af the audience was mostly positive and I received a bunch of business cards from people who want to receive more information or start cooperations. Some Invest directors of e.g. Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank a.s.o want to stay in contact. Focus asked me for an interview, so I hope this will generate media also. Our booth was the most visited of the whole event.
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I am listed as speaker on the website:
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Dash is listed as sponsor on website:
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We have been integrated in the programm at 15:45 -
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You got my support, i live in Europe myself and think Dash could really benefit from having a presence on the Euro Finance Tech event.
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Thank you, qwizzie!
1 point,7 months ago
Voting NO. There are much better ways to "increase Dash adoption in Europe", whatever that vague term mean. Using online advertisement, you can target individual countries, states and cities. You can also track ROI and acquisition cost is way cheaper.
0 points,7 months ago
hello dashcentral,

thank you for your reply. I´m not sure if the ROI will be better with online advertising, because the trust in online advertisings isn´t that big in germany:

Additionally the attendees of eurofinance week will have a great impact for Dash, because they have got a background in finance, media and politics... but it´s your choice.
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This is a really important proposal to increasing Dash adoption in Europe. We support you and we hope to join you in Frankfurt from Cork :)
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Thank you! Please contact me on discord in time, because I´ll need to block tickets for you.
0 points,7 months ago
and again 3,500 € Project Management in every Proposal you kidding me
0 points,7 months ago
hello schnuppdog,

I replied on this at the other proposal I submitted this month. I hope I can answer your question over there. Here is the link:

0 points,7 months ago
this helps to get the cost of that together that you are pricing for that ok i get that one ty for explaning.
0 points,8 months ago
Sorry for my ignorance, where is the link to see the breakdown of the budget of how this "110 DASH" number came up? I mean, how to do I see what funds are paying for for what and why this amount is necessary? I'm new to this so this is a noob question, but please advise. ~g
0 points,7 months ago
hello einstein,

I did a calculation of the project in EUR, believed that the dash price will be at 240€/DASH and than calculated the amount of Dash to make the project happen.

I hope this helps?
0 points,8 months ago
Yes. Can you also please provide a draft about your 10 minute speech? Maybe we can help refine it or give some extra pointers on what to focus on etc.
0 points,8 months ago
hello ichigo, for now I can only provide you a draft of the slides I would like to use in german. You can find it right here:!Au-03Au1QTEAsWjTfZGO1LijcWW7

I´ll translate the titles for you

1 - Value development of Cryptocurrencies in 2017
2 - Reasons for the invention of cryptocurrencies
3 - Bitcoin - the first step in a right direction
4 - Meanwhile there are more than 1,000 digital assets and currencies
5 - Most of them has a specialized use
6 - Blockchain - a secure and decentralized database
7 - Miners and Nodes - the key player of the network
8 - Forks - the reslut of organisational weakness
9 - Dash has overcome the weaknisses of Bitcoin (...)
10 - General information about Dash
11 - Block-Rewards for all member of the network
12 - Dash DAO - it´s skin in the game
13 - Innovative transaction methods
14 - Roadmap - the goal is massadoption
15 - speaks for itself
16 - speaks for itself
17 - conclusion of all advantages

I hope that helps?

0 points,8 months ago
may you be so kind to list the big position "sponsoring fee" in more detail?
0 points,8 months ago
hi Lan_Ger - it´s listed in the pdf I mentioned above. Here is the onedrive link:!Au-03Au1QTEAsSOUHXO8yw7dkDw1 you´re welcome
0 points,8 months ago
After the 2. link i did not want to spend the time to get answers. Thank you for your reply!
Your proposal is very professional and detailed and well calculated.
Nevertheless, i aks myself the cost-benefit question. (including combination with your start up proposal)
Which theme, which Dash-theme do you want to talk about in just 1x10 minutes? Blockchain, Network, Dash Evolution,...?
The rest of the week, who do you want to adress especially,
what is your message, after the whole week?
Why do you think the visitors clientele has future perspectives for Dash?
Just because of Dash-Evolution, alt36, Dash corporate mission statement and all things in the pipeline in near future.

Why you prefer especially this fintec fair?

In the hope you can convince me.
0 points,8 months ago
I will also attend and work with Essra. You find my background here:
The Fintech Week is just after that presentation and I expect a lot of interesting talks.
At this stage, Dash is largely unknown to the public or even among those interested in cryptocurrencies. Be it the financial sector or fintech or retail. We want to show presence and build brand awareness in interesting sectors that are currently very open and interested. I am there to answer questions in the first place, rather than having a precise message.

I hope this helps?


0 points,8 months ago
The topic of the 10 minute presentation is: Why do we need cryptocurrencies and what advantages Dash has got compared to Bitcoin. The goal is to be seen by the financial industry, the press and media partners, because integration of Dash at merchants and everything else will be much easier, when the name of Dash gets spreaded.

I´m really happy about the alt36 projects and Evo of course, but in my opinion we need as much attention for Dash as possible to get users for that.

There is an enormus media hype around Bitcoin everywhere in the world. I think we should ride that wave to get famous in public and to show that we are the better solution. 10 minutes is a short amount of time to do so, but it will be enough to hold up the flag for decentralized currencies and get the attention of the media people for our brand.

I prefer the tech part of the euro finance week because it´s the only possibility to get involved. I prefer euro finance week because it´s the biggest event of that kind in europe.
0 points,7 months ago
I´m sorry, but your high spirits got out of control. I think your argument is only mathematically and the operating exenses correct, but your argument must be questioned. Sorry I have to raise my voice! (Usually I do not raise the word but in this case…)

You have to write a bill to eu acdounting law. If your writing one.
If you are a company and you make business in other countries , you need an uid number, you dont need 19 % tax. -->the transfer of tax debt goes to Dash. (Reverse-Charge) They have to pay Tax.
If your not a company, your privat with small business (approx 10K/Year) you are Tax free. So write bill without tax.
And if your a privat and have more sales / Year you have to write a bill incl. Tax.
After that Dash Central could get back this tax via the international financial services in Germany.
Do they?
How ever this is not the point…

You have to tax your income, right. But ist not our problem. You also don´t hear the argument from the mechanik ist 80 Euro but after Tax it s only 35 Euro for me.
Also you can put your costs in your corporate balance sheet, so if your clue you dont have to pay 35 %. Beside you write a bill!
How ever this is not the point…

A hourly rate in IT-Business is appprox. 90-100 Euro (Programmer) excl. Tax , a hourly rate in Administration 70-80 Euro excl. A Salesman with good product knowledge at the fair will cost 20 Euro. So your hourly rate is 73,50 or respectively 87,50.
We won´t find a prof marketing manager for less price, thats true, but a good marketing manager would write details in his Proposals like:
• productanalyse (?)
• productconzept und produktoptimimizing (?)
• strenghts and weaknesses analysis (?)
• costomized cutting of product (?)
• analyse should and is (?)
• situationsanalyse (?)
• detailed hourly expense per project section
• and your economic aim. (littel more than kick the tie carrier in his asses) (!?!)
Only then a marketingmanager cost would be justified!
How ever this is not the point…

3. The Point is, and why i also asume the Honorar and the Project is expensive:
As a proposal reader i expect in the top oft he proposal the information from a maketing and projectmanagement about:
• who would be addressed and why?
• how many visitors will be there and how many ar potential custom size and why?
• whats your target group, how old, gender, education, business brench and why?
• Which, how many and how large is PR-attention, und global efficiency and why good PR for Dash?
• Which newsletters editions do you assume, in which region, how many will read, who will read?
• Which group and clientel will be spoken and why and nevertheless which product?
• How many people, how many hours and what kind of work ?

In Combination with the proposal (fintech weekend) my opinion is:
• Your proposal is completely less mature in your analytic,
• essential elements and information are missing
• It is improveable in relation to project management
• Your pre-work in the procect can be improved and thats why
• On the end oft he week less successful in cost use bill. Hopefully I am wrong!
• Marketing is more than giveaways of Dash Corporate ID-Products! these items are thrown into the garbage, or do you have montblac pen for bank employees (look to Visitor analyse)
• Im shure this proposal will approved but my opinion is a € 55.000,00 investment could be worked out more professionally.

Unfortunately far too many ideas are proposed untrained to the vote. The question that essra and all other recruiters have to face is, would you do that if its your money and would you pay for it when I came with this idea and word and cost/bill to your business?

Please see this criticism as help.
I am very critical and would like to get the maximum out of Dash
We need motivated and enthusiastic people like you!
0 points,7 months ago
Hi Lan_Ger,

I answered on this at the other proposal you are also talking about:

Hope this helps,

3 points,8 months ago
My experience with the proposal owner has been positive. He is professional and passionate and has a track record of delivering some good stuff. Hope this proposal passes!
3 points,8 months ago
If there is any Core memeber who could join us, we would be very happy!
0 points,8 months ago
am talking about it with fernando and robert already ....
0 points,8 months ago
thank you tungfa
2 points,8 months ago
essra, You have my support,

Frankfurt is one of the financial hearts of Germany and Europe and make known the advantages of Dash is very good. In addition, to spread their knowledge across Europe.
We need to extend the advantages of Dash across Europe.

Thanks for the proposal
1 point,8 months ago
This is my job. You´re welcome.
0 points,8 months ago
oh yes kick some asses of the old german finance industry