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Title:DashTaxi - ridesharing with Dash (2nd attempt)
Monthly amount: 92 DASH (10230 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-07-17 / 2019-09-14 (added on 2019-07-10)
Final voting deadline: in 9 days
Votes: 178 Yes / 37 No / 22 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 347 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

This is second attempt of DashTaxi proposal (redefined budget, scope and timeline).
Please downvote the previous one (

We ask you again for your support. We understood that we asked for too much as a team which is unknown in Dash Community. This is why we ask you again to trust us, but this time we ask for less budget for less time to deliver crucial part of the work. During first two months we want to show you our skillset, deliverables and transparency.

Updated features list is available inside the proposal. In general we want to deliver 2 apps (driver and passenger) with features of getting a ride agreement and finalizing it. Also we want to start integrating the app with Dash network.

The team will be 3 fulltime programmers (2 Android, 1 backend), Project Manager and QA.

Here are 2 major concerns that appeared until today in comments and answers to them:   
1. Dash DAO as a shareholder and profits beneficiary.
From the very beginning, we emphasize the importance of transparency for us. We got a lot of questions about cooperation with DIF. We want to be close cooperating with Dash community and share the profits accordingly. We are still having the proces of setting up the company entity for DashTaxi in front of us, and we want to do it with Dash representatives having Dash DAO as a shareholder and profits beneficiary.

2. Cooperation with Dash community members from Venezuela
We initiated communication with VeneuzelaTEAM and Dash Latam. We believe that when building a product in the MVP phase for the local market, we very much need the support of the local community.


We are programmers from Poland and we present you our idea on how to bring more users to Dash. Our work is supported by @Defacto (who is our advisor). He successfully contributed to Dash with his project ( and constantly working for the Community.

The idea to build DashTaxi first appeared in 2017 (forum pre-proposal), there was a number of turns until it took its final shape in January 2019 and BinarApps team started building PoC for DashTaxi Android application - the first ridesharing application which incorporates Dash cryptocurrency payments. | | |

Why ridesharing?
In our opinion this is a perfect environment to boost the adoption of Dash instant payments, promote Dash and its unique features and finally to support Dash Evolution. We believe that Dash cryptocurrency can become the first choice of micropayments and the way we think it can be achieved is through a service there is a demand for but at the same time is a pioneer thanks to the Dash payment solution it incorporates.

Project description
DashTaxi is a long term project with the development strategy spanning till 2020. We have started the work on this project by asking ourselves: What are the goals we want to achieve by introducing DashTaxi? We have listed them in the following way:Mission
  • introducing Dash to passenger transport market
  • popularization of Dash cryptocurrency via creation of an example of an application based on such technology, used in everyday life and with high media potential.
  • showcase of DashTaxi opportunities
  • building an application that is used globally and is an easy entrance to the world of cryptocurrencies and modern forms of transport
Economic goals
  • acquiring 2000 drivers in the first year
  • popularization among customers 500k trips in the first year
  • gathering valuable feedback from customers and drivers (at least 15% of users will share their opinion with us)
  • building brand communication channels exceeding the reach of 500.000 people
  • building a user return rate of at least 25% in the first year
  • 100.000 of registered passengers in the first year
Brand image goals
  • building a sense of security and trust (brands and Dash cryptocurrency)
  • reducing the mental barrier of entry into cryptocurrencies
  • popularizing the use of Dash cryptocurrency in everyday life
  • building high awareness of the DashTaxi brand in South America and the grounds for global expansion
One of the very first choices we had to make when planning the development of DashTaxi was the pilot market we want to target. Knowing that we want the solution to be introduced first in the places where it can bring high value we think the best decision is to start testing in Venezuela. An extensive market research proves the decision is right.The question on where to launch the solution first was not the only one we had to find the the answer to and hence we have carried a number of analysis which you can find the details of here:

Where are we now?

PoC Android App
Knowing what we want to achieve we have decided to build a PoC Android App to demonstrate our capabilities in developing mobile apps and prove the technological choices we made were correct. Make sure to check the below video to get the feel of what we are working towards. 

Videos and animations
Simultaneously we have been working on sample promotional videos and animations which give the idea of how we see the application working, what is the environment we are working in and what is the story behind DashTaxi project

DashTaxi website and domain
What our UX/Graphic designers and frontend developers have also prepared is a web page under We have been also lucky to be contacted with the owner of domain and after months of negotiations we are the owner of domain.

Project Timeline
The very first milestone in the DashTaxi development project is building an Android MVP which we have planned to deliver in 6 steps starting from the 1st of July till the end of October.The time required to complete each of the steps has been estimated based on user stories detailed in the backlog (see and represents the total time required to actively develop and test the application but also to follow SCRUM methodology phases.Below you can see our Android MVP roadmap
Yet, this is just a chunk of DashTaxi development strategy broken down into milestones till the end of 2020 as below:

About me
My name is Maciej Krasowski ( | I come from Poland, city of Lodz. My background is programming (Ruby / Javascript). Since 2014 I am running a software development company called BinarApps ( |

About BinarApps
BinarApps is a software design firm developing custom web and mobile software solutions for international growth startups which employ a team of over 70 software developers, graphics and UX designers, system architects, quality assurance specialists and project managers. The company is centrally located in Poland, in the city of Lodz and serves clients from sixteen countries on four continents and has successfully completed over 100 projects from a diverse range of business fields.

with Dash price at $150

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0 points,3 hours ago
Hi everyone!

Now it's time to come to put our words into action! We start cooperation with local communities in South America.

We are honored to announce that @GeorgeDonnelly is our advisor!

His experience and knowledge of local markets will be a great support for us. We are getting to work, we have already started a discussion on how to match local markets, here are the most important conclusions:

We have already had first brainstorm discussion with George on how should we match local markets and what best solutions we need to take, here are the most important conclusions:

1. First lunch country
The application will be launched in Latin America. However, due to the better support in Colombia, and less technical complications, we are considering to make a pilot program there. For our knowledge, the Colombian market is mainly developed by Uber and there is the greatest potential for fast market penetration through the alternative - Dash Taxi.

2. Technical problems
We are looking for solutions to handle transactions and orders without internet connection or low internet speed.

3. Drivers withdraws
We consider various forms of withdrawal of funds for drivers. In the first step, we want to analyze three that are the most popular: Nequi,, We must consider the pros and cons of these solutions - we will come back to you with further information.

More info to come soon
0 points,10 hours ago
The Dash Investment Foundation would be a better choice than direct grant funding from the treasury. See if the DIF is an option. God knows no other projects are stepping up and using it so it might as well be you. If it succeeds maybe the others will finally get the memo.
0 points,4 hours ago
Thank you for your comment.

DIF is now in the initial phase. It has just got funded and the board was picked. No structures and plan yet. I believe we will wait quite a while before all the rules be prepared and first recruitment will be published. We think we have to catch the momentum, and funding we ask for is 1/4 of what we planned initially.

To be direct and transparent:
1. Once we get funds we start implementing technical part of the project and we will init marketing strategy.
2. Winning this funding doesn't mean we close ourselves to cooperation with DIF.

WE ARE willing to share this business with DASH organization representatives when it comes to setting up an entity. Whether it's DIF or any other type of organization - we will do it at any stage of our work.
1 point,1 day ago
voting no, respectfully. The DAO shouldn't be providing seed funding. It is far too unlikely that we benefit from a successful investment. It does seem like a cool project though. If it demonstrated success and needed Dash to push the needle at a later date, I'd be all for a DAO financed partnership.
-1 point,1 day ago
Thank you very much for your feedback. We respect it and fully understand. We believe in this project and we know that we have the right skills and experience to push it forward. We understand the uncertainty of the community that's why we created the second proposal with a reduced budget to minimize the risk on the Dash community side. We want to build and show the value in small steps so that the project is fully transparent. That's why we have already started working on this project. We created the PoC of the app, design branding, communication plan, what we need is some help to finish the app. We believe in this and we will do whatever is needed to make it real.
Let us emphasize that we respect your opinion, but is there anything I can do to change it?
-1 point,2 days ago
At this moment DASH and other crypto currencies cannot out perform fiat currency in the developed World in terms of stability, reliability, customer support, numbers of users, merchant adoption and acceptance, ease of use, payment of taxes and a lot more. That is just reality. In the future this will be different as DASH evolves to be able to out perform fiat currency but right now the reality is that DASH cannot beat fiat currency in most developed countries that do not have a fiat currency crisis (e.g. Venezuela). I also have doubts now about Merchant sign up in Colombia because I do not see how that is solving a real world problem that fiat cannot solve. Those merchants in Colombia that are taking dash are doing it out of speculation - not for real world benefits.

Therefore projects which are likely to succeed in my opinion must solve a real world problem that cannot be solved with normal fiat currency OR provide such a huge substantial benefit over fiat currency that it will overcome all the barriers mentioned above.

If the project cannot demonstrate it solves a real world problem that normal fiat money cannot solve then I do not feel we should be voting in those projects and in fact I would rather the DASH was burned from now on to maintain the value of DASH.

I don't care about raising DASH awareness right now. That only increase speculators that leave at the drop of a hat. We are not at that stage in the market life cycle of DASH in my opinion. Right now we need to solve *real world problems that normal fiat currency cannot solve* and focus our money time and energy on those projects alone.

I have some questions regarding this project:

1. What real world problem does implementation of DASH solve in this project that normal fiat cannot?
2. If this project was implemented what would be the measurable increased benefit to either the consumer or the taxi business and how much of an increase benefit would that be over using normal fiat currency?
0 points,1 day ago
Hi! I would like to answer you questions.
1. In our opinion, the current ride-sharing systems are economically ineffective due to how payments for journeys are handled. For example, uber gets a 20% commission and still this business is not profitable even on macro scale. The use of non-fiat currency will simplify the process of cash transfers. Thus, we will be able to reduce the commission on the crossing with the simultaneous increase in unit profitability. In a long run it can be another factor contributing to the popularization of ride-sharing and its positive impact on many aspects of life are obvious.
2. The first aspect is an immediate cash transfer. The driver immediately receives his payment in Dash. It does not have to reach any limits, make norms. This solution is a game-changer because it let many people participate in ride-sharing, it's not just focused on this drivers. The user will be determined to facilitate the real use of the collected cryptocurrencies without the costs of currency conversion.
0 points,3 days ago
Many of you mentioned the subject of user safety in our discussion. We are aware of this and safety is our first priority. That is why we want to cooperate with local communities to develop the best security standards matched to local needs. We believe that in addition to the support of security authorities, there are great opportunities to support security through crowdsourcing methods.

This topic also appears in articles, this one particularly caught our attention.
0 points,4 days ago
During the process of analyzing the current consumer behavior, we found a lot of convergences. We have an interesting article for you why it was millenials that loved ride-sharing the most.

Link to the article ->

Remember that this is a group that acquires purchasing power and will soon reach its peak in this regard. Modern products have to go to millenials. We hope that it will be no different for Dash Taxi.
0 points,5 days ago
voting yes
2 points,8 days ago
Voting yes, pilot projects like these are a great way to showcase evolution when it rolls out, and I believe if we want those projects to coincide with evo launch, we need to start now in funding them.