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Proposal description

New redefined proposal here:

We are programmers from Poland and we present you our idea on how to bring more users to Dash. Our work is supported by @Defacto (who is our advisor). He successfully contributed to Dash with his project ( and constantly working for the Community.

The idea to build DashTaxi first appeared in 2017 (forum pre-proposal), there was a number of turns until it took its final shape in January 2019 and BinarApps team started building PoC for DashTaxi Android application - the first ridesharing application which incorporates Dash cryptocurrency payments. | | |

Why ridesharing?
In our opinion this is a perfect environment to boost the adoption of Dash instant payments, promote Dash and its unique features and finally to support Dash Evolution. We believe that Dash cryptocurrency can become the first choice of micropayments and the way we think it can be achieved is through a service there is a demand for but at the same time is a pioneer thanks to the Dash payment solution it incorporates.

Project description
DashTaxi is a long term project with the development strategy spanning till 2020. We have started the work on this project by asking ourselves: What are the goals we want to achieve by introducing DashTaxi? We have listed them in the following way:Mission
  • introducing Dash to passenger transport market
  • popularization of Dash cryptocurrency via creation of an example of an application based on such technology, used in everyday life and with high media potential.
  • showcase of DashTaxi opportunities
  • building an application that is used globally and is an easy entrance to the world of cryptocurrencies and modern forms of transport
Economic goals
  • acquiring 2000 drivers in the first year
  • popularization among customers 500k trips in the first year
  • gathering valuable feedback from customers and drivers (at least 15% of users will share their opinion with us)
  • building brand communication channels exceeding the reach of 500.000 people
  • building a user return rate of at least 25% in the first year
  • 100.000 of registered passengers in the first year
Brand image goals
  • building a sense of security and trust (brands and Dash cryptocurrency)
  • reducing the mental barrier of entry into cryptocurrencies
  • popularizing the use of Dash cryptocurrency in everyday life
  • building high awareness of the DashTaxi brand in South America and the grounds for global expansion
One of the very first choices we had to make when planning the development of DashTaxi was the pilot market we want to target. Knowing that we want the solution to be introduced first in the places where it can bring high value we think the best decision is to start testing in Venezuela. An extensive market research proves the decision is right.The question on where to launch the solution first was not the only one we had to find the the answer to and hence we have carried a number of analysis which you can find the details of here:

Where are we now?

PoC Android App
Knowing what we want to achieve we have decided to build a PoC Android App to demonstrate our capabilities in developing mobile apps and prove the technological choices we made were correct. Make sure to check the below video to get the feel of what we are working towards. 

Videos and animations
Simultaneously we have been working on sample promotional videos and animations which give the idea of how we see the application working, what is the environment we are working in and what is the story behind DashTaxi project

DashTaxi website and domain
What our UX/Graphic designers and frontend developers have also prepared is a web page under We have been also lucky to be contacted with the owner of domain and after months of negotiations we are the owner of domain.

Project Timeline
The very first milestone in the DashTaxi development project is building an Android MVP which we have planned to deliver in 6 steps starting from the 1st of July till the end of October.The time required to complete each of the steps has been estimated based on user stories detailed in the backlog (see and represents the total time required to actively develop and test the application but also to follow SCRUM methodology phases.Below you can see our Android MVP roadmap
Yet, this is just a chunk of DashTaxi development strategy broken down into milestones till the end of 2020 as below:

About me
My name is Maciej Krasowski ( | I come from Poland, city of Lodz. My background is programming (Ruby / Javascript). Since 2014 I am running a software development company called BinarApps ( |

About BinarApps
BinarApps is a software design firm developing custom web and mobile software solutions for international growth startups which employ a team of over 70 software developers, graphics and UX designers, system architects, quality assurance specialists and project managers. The company is centrally located in Poland, in the city of Lodz and serves clients from sixteen countries on four continents and has successfully completed over 100 projects from a diverse range of business fields.

with Dash price at $140

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0 points,1 month ago
downvoted as requested
0 points,2 months ago
you have my support, good luck.
0 points,2 months ago
FAQ #1

We want to thank you for the support of the community so far. Thanks to the dialogue with the community, we have taken steps to help us better meet Community's expectations.

Here are 2 major concerns that appeared until today in comments and answers to them:

1. Dash DAO as a shareholder and profits beneficiary.
From the very beginning, we emphasize the importance of transparency for us. We got a lot of questions about cooperation with DIF. We want to be close cooperating with Dash community and share the profits accordingly. We are still having the proces of setting up the company entity for DashTaxi in front of us, and we want to do it with Dash representatives having Dash DAO as a shareholder and profits beneficiary.

2. Cooperation with Dash community members from Venezuela
We are in talks with VeneuzelaTEAM. We believe that when building a product in the MVP phase for the local market, we very much need the support of the local community. We believe VeneuzelaTEAM will have a real impact on adapting the application to the Venezuelan market.
2 points,2 months ago
I have voted YES on this with votes that have been proxied to me and do so because I believe there could be value here even though I have reservations.

For example, Uber in Colombia is big, but due to Colombian government resistance to Uber, competitors have not entered. Yet consumer demand for Uber remains high and growing.

This creates an opening for a competing app that operates more agoristically than, say, Uber. I am also interested in seeing what we could do with this in Venezuela.

Further, we need more developers in Dash.

That said, this prop is:

- overpriced at 178 x 4.
- budget embed is broken above.
- there has been no contact from the developers to me, and I run what is likely the largest and most effective adoption effort for any crypto in the world (someone correct me if I am wrong). If you expect this to be used, you, Maciej, should be reaching out as we (Dash Latam) are in a position to help you do that in the region of the world where crypto is most seeing adoption.
0 points,2 months ago
Hy, thank you for your comment and apologies for late reply.

- The budget we estimated here contains funding of work the team of 3 Android developers, 2 Backend developers, QA Specialists, UI & UX Specialist, Project Manager. We estimated this budget to cover our expenses the way we do it for our clients' projects.

- We will contact you, thank you for for the note. We contacted Dash Venezuela so far to cooperate with entering there. More brainstorm to come this week I hope.

- Budged embed repaired
1 point,2 months ago
Today, we want to come back to the subject of application design. In bellow link we present full User Story Map for the Dash Taxi driver. Our complete backblog is quite extended - it was very important for us to choose the right MVP epics. We shown in demo animation what we want to achieve in MVP and complete MVP backlog is on page 8 of proposal
Link to User Story Map ->
1 point,2 months ago
We recommend an article about the ride-sharing situation.
Artictle link -->
Particular attention should be paid to the 2 fragments. The first is that blockchain is the solution to many current ride-sharing problems. The second is the expected growth of this market and continuous development. Seeing such forecasts, we believe that Dash Evolution will be the foundation to become part of this revolution with the help of Dash Taxi.
1 point,2 months ago
Best market for DashTaxi right now would be in VZLA? Due to being #1 country where consumers have the most logic to buy Dash (to protect their purchasing-power)
1 point,2 months ago
Exactly! We want to start the application in the first place where it can bring the greatest value to the community. We include in the next steps the entry into new markets that will reduce business risk.
1 point,2 months ago
Today we want to introduce you to the process of designing the application from the passenger side. We believe that good preparation of documentation for the application saves a lot of actual development time.

The first step in looking for solutions and designing the user flow is User Story Map - see what the first project of our flow for the Passenger looked like.
Story map ->
2 points,2 months ago
As the originators of Dash Taxi, we want to share our inspirations with you. In the next days we want to present you with a collection of materials that inspired us and the processes through which we had to go as a team. We believe that this will allow the community to better understand our project.

Today, we want to show you a very interesting article presenting the rising stars of the ride-sharing market.

It was one of the articles that influenced our project. The author accurately scores the strengths of various platforms. We decided to get the best values ​​out of them.

Drife - here we have the idea of ​​tranparent and fair distribution of wealth in society. It is important for us to introduce our application to the markets that most need it.

Tada - a great idea appreciating drivers for safety. We think that this is a great direction, we want to discuss it in one of the next suggestions regarding the development of our project.

Chasyr - besides the advantages of the blockchain, we should pay attention to the possibility of choosing a driver. A very interesting idea, but we have encountered difficulties in implementing such an idea. Here again, we will lean over this topic when discussing the development of the project.

Dacsee - a strong aspect of the community, this is something that we consider a clue of this solution and we strongly hope that our project can also play a role of one of the platforms where the Dash Coin community can co-create.
2 points,3 months ago
voting YES. Looking through the data provided and looking through the comments (Evo Dapp) I'm happy thus far. The BinarApps team is well established and we have actual Dash enthusiasts involved.
Side note: DashTaxi rider safety is an aspect brought up by MNO Defacto - "Taxi drivers in Caracas are known to overcharge, rob or injure passengers." Perhaps Police checks could be required before DashTaxi drivers are authorised?
Uber had to cease rides in "London" due to sexual assault aspects.
1 point,3 months ago
Thanks for you comment and support @Criticalinput

When we had brainstorming sessions with the team about the future and such matters as safety and trust, we decided that there has to be a process of checking the drivers. We have not decided if this will be simple Identity Verification or strong KYC/AML etc. For sure safety is really important here and we do not want to leave any space for abuses nor crimes.

We have also planned to implement features that in our opinion are crucial such:
- ratings (both drivers and passengers)
- routes checkings
- "alarm button" feature (still working on the best UX)
- sharing localization with friends while being a passenger

Also we do consider checkings drivers with manually such personal meetings with representative in the city that DashTaxi support.

All of this is a part of following phases of this project and we want the Community to help here and make impact on DashTaxi future.
0 points,2 months ago
Is there also a way to log/verify who picked up the passenger, and where they went (GPS?) So that if something does happen, the driver would immediately be implicated? I like the panic button aspect. But all this requires infrastructure, and police aren't known to be .... safe in many places.
-1 point,3 months ago
i even have promotional phrase for DashTaxi: "DashTaxi - Safest rides in unsafe times" ;-)
-4 points,3 months ago
@all please take note that the PO doesnt wish to give any equity to DIF as evidenced by the lack of follow up in previous posts.

Voting NO

We paid DCG to setup DIF to not give handouts any longer this time is no different
4 points,3 months ago
@Realmrhack - I have answered to your comment 2 days ago (please see below) that:
"I am happy to be the first DIF investment then and share any profits this project will bring in the future accordingly."

We want to do it for Dash and with Dash support. I think you can take this as a statement: I am willing to share profits with DIF accordingly and I do want to have DIF as a partner in company entity.
4 points,3 months ago
I would like to see DIF holding some share of DASHTAXI. But even without that this proposal seems to be worth the DASH compared to what we've seen in the past. A clear 'yes' from me
2 points,3 months ago
I agree. The DIF is not a requirement, and is yet to really get established. I voted YES.
5 points,3 months ago
Maybe i'll be little bit controversial but i think that this project can even... save many lives. Disonnest car rides are problem in such countries like Venezuela: "Taxi drivers in Caracas are known to overcharge, rob or injure passengers." - source

Uber or other easy to use and cheap solutions are rare. So why don't try popularise SAFE and CHEAP taxi rides with Dash? Having such solutions branded with Dash and promoting it can popularise Dash in third world countries where even other solutions like Uber are too expensive. I thing that this project should be available to every country and have tight cooperations with Venezuela Dash promotion team. I'm on yes. Costs are not so high as for such advanced solution.
5 points,3 months ago
Looks interesting and very ambitious. A few questions. How many developers and other people would be working on this project? Does this project seek to gain revenue from the rides?
1 point,3 months ago
Thank you for you comment.

How many people - According to the backlog we agreed to build MVP (page 8 of proposal pdf) and the time we think is applicable, we have prepared availability of team:
3 Android developers, 2 Backend developers, QA Specialists, UI & UX Specialist, Project Manager. Developers are meant to work on this project full time, QA, UI/UX and PM - part time. Additionally we have marketing team behind this project part time, as they created marketing plan wich we would like to start implement once we get the funds.

Revenue - Yes, we have an initial business plan for it. There are two moments where we can get revenue from:
- % of the single ride - we know we are able to be competitive here and keep this fee on around 5-10%, where typical ridesharing platforms we know take 25%
- exchanging Dash <-> FIAT - later in the future when we implement this feature
2 points,3 months ago
Sounds good dev wise. However if this is revenue producing, I think it's fair for Dash ventures to get a % of any eventual profit.
1 point,3 months ago
This project is planned to be a dapp for Dash Evolution finally and strictly Dash tool to provide more attention to Dash platform, more users and finally help with getting Dash to be the first micropayments choice.

The revenue we were thinking about should allow DashTaxi to be self funded finally so we could stop asking for funds from MN votings. Of course we are open to have this discussion once we will be ready to deliver proper business model. Right now our focus is on building MVP of Android app and put this to the people of Venezuela, where we believe is the best environment to test it and adjust next steps according to people response.

We want to keep this project transparent to Dash community. Technically we have a target to integrate with Evolution, Dash Drive etc. which means it is going to be transparent by the basis.
1 point,3 months ago
I to agree a for profit business should provide equity to DIF as that was the purpose we set up the DIF.

Otherwise voting No!
2 points,3 months ago
Of course. Is DIF already working? I am happy to be the first DIF investment then and share any profits this project will bring in the future accordingly.

We have not prepared any suggestion for entity to be set yet. For sure there will have to be a company behind DashTaxi set up. It's not going to be BinarApps that holds this project.
Right now we have an idea, we have manpower ready to start, people who are excited about running this project further, we have done our work up to today, created PoC, checked the markets, created marketing plan and development plan.
Now we would love to get funded to cover previous expenses and fund our team for further development. We are able to deliver MVP and catch the momentum, give it to the people and give both DIF and BinarApps to plan the future.
0 points,3 months ago
Yes its ready!
3 points,3 months ago
This is a very well prepared proposal.
Looks really solid with the right people behind.
I know their advisor and it is a top person.
Wish you luck guys as looks like you need it.
0 points,3 months ago
Thank you!
0 points,3 months ago
All opinions and suggestions much appreciated. Please let us know what do you think. We want to contribute to the Community and would love to hear what's right and what's wrong with our idea. Thank you!