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Monthly amount: 300 DASH (15887 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2022-07-12 / 2022-10-10 (added on 2022-07-16)
Final voting deadline: in 7 days
Votes: 415 Yes / 103 No / 21 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 102 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description


1. Summary

This proposal is a continuation of the Dash Marketing Hub, an official fork of the Dash Incubator, focused on grassroots marketing and promotion of Dash, and on community energizing/engagement.

This cycle we are continuing with the more decentralized leadership which replaced the initial single Proposal Owner role with the Director roles. Hub Directors at this time are myself (TheDesertLynx), Kanuuker, and Pozo, with one (myself) acting as a Treasurer (no change since last cycle). Full details on governance particulars can be found in our Rulesdocument, with no changes since last cycle and changes since the previous cycle remaining highlighted in yellow.

Current Admins (in addition to the Directors who also act as Admins)
remain unchanged and are GreekNick, Rion, whysmh4dash, and VVALTER_DASH.

2. Updates

Here are updates on our progress. In brief, DashDirect’s virtual card launch represented the majority of our focus last cycle. Unfortunately, the program was suspended, and naturally we were unable to execute our promotion strategy as the product we were prepared to focus all our resources on promoting simply ceased to exist. In retrospect, focusing so heavily on promoting a single product presented certain risks, and while a heavy DashDirect focus was unavoidable given the circumstances, we do consider this a hard lesson learned. However, the majority of the funds earmarked for this purpose thankfully remain unspent, in particular those for a Brave Browser campaign (please see this decision proposal to vote on how the funds are used), meaning that we can come out strong this quarter with a variety of promotional initiatives.

We have continued to build and solidify our social media distribution channels and land media appearances, securing appearances on four additional shows this past quarter. We completed an ambitious Dash ecosystem infographic project, which has since been moved to the Incubator to develop it into a living and more permanent resource. Additionally, after being unable to secure assistance for the better part of a year, we were finally able to produce videos of Dash’s Bitfy integration (one of the Dash Investment Foundation’s key investments) live in Brazil, showing Dash’s ability to be spent at millions of merchants in the country.

This quarter we are working closely with the Dash Core Group product and marketing team to coordinate on landing pages and other resources to promote key products more efficiently than we have previously been able to. This represents key cooperation with DCG that we were not able to secure in past quarters, and we’re excited for the benefits this synergy can deliver.

Below is a breakdown of our available budget and expenditures over the past quarter:

3. Roadmap

Here we give our current priorities to the areas of funding in Hub, to enable better management and allocation of resources between Bounties. Our priorities have shifted significantly since last cycle due to the suspension of the DashDirect virtual card program, which previously made up the majority of our focus. These will be updated at least in each Quarterly proposal, and are referenced in our Rules.
  1. Top Priority
    1. Promotion of the new Dash mobile wallet complete feature set via social media boosting, advertising, and partnerships with media outlets and influencers
    2. Promotion of the in-wallet CrowdNode staking feature, particularly the upcoming trustless shares option
    3. Promotion of the upcoming THORChain integration to maintain interest and visibility
  2. High Priority
    1. Continue to showcase DashDirect’s real use case of allowing users to easily spend their Dash
    2. Promotion of Bitrefill’s bill pay functionality to close the living on crypto loop
    3. Highlighting Dash’s DAO and the long-term sustainability and trust in the project this imparts, even in bear markets
  3. Medium Priority
    1. Increasing Dash’s public visibility through securing media appearances and article placements
    2. Securing interviews for key DCG members, developers, and other key ecosystem players
    3. Creating supplemental Dash content not including depictions of its use as a payments system
  4. Low Priority
    1. Any bounties not focused on or a dependency of the above
3. Ask

This quarter the base monthly funding ask remains at 300 DASH. This represents roughly 6% of the total Dash treasury. Due to the decrease of the price of Dash, this amount represents a significant budget reduction since last cycle, however with additional treasury constraints such as new supplemental asks from Dash Core Group, we will make due with less purchasing power.

We previously submitted a separate supplemental funding proposalto aggressively market the DashDirect virtual card launch. These proposal funds, combined with donations we have received from the community, [color=#333333]total[/color][color=#333333]ed[/color] 369 Dash, and were converted to approximately 20,000 USDT to fund a Brave Browser campaign, which reside at this address. Due to the suspension of the virtual card program, we’re seeking guidance from the network in repurposing these funds in this decision proposal.

4. Terms

All operations of the Hub funded by this proposal are subject to the latest Rules published here:

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4 points,26 days ago
Removing the reserve Dash and Brave ad funds for your pie charts, I see that Admin/Director compensation accounts for over 22% of Dash actually spent on marketing. Do you have any plans to reduce the adminstrative overhead moving forward?
-3 points,23 days ago
This is some of their full time job, I have no problem paying for work. Like you, these guys live and breath Dash 24/7. If I had $ to spend, I'd pay you more too!
1 point,25 days ago
From what I could tell a lot of task are being approved on a weekly basis. I asked for clarification in the MNO Discord channel but never received a response, so I'll assume that is what is happening.

For long-term continuing task (twitter etc) they should not need to be approved more than once per month, or really even once per quarter/per proposal cycle.
That would slash admin cost massively, from getting paid 4 times a month/12 times in a proposal cycle to once per month/per proposal cycle.
If that is what's happening then that's a hell of a grift! Say it ain't so guys.
0 points,25 days ago
Tasks are evaluated as regularly as necessary to ensure quality control. To let a key recurring task to go an entire month without admin evaluation is simply unacceptable.

Changing the frequency of task approval, payouts, etc. would have absolutely no effect on total amounts paid out. Admin fees are not a per-task bounty, but a percentage (10%, higher for very active admins up to 15%) of the task managed. This is to ensure that admin costs don't get out of proportion of the cost of our output. The same as the Incubator has done since the start.

Please feel free to read our Rules document to clear up any confusion on the basics of how we operate.
0 points,2 days ago
For a small team I don't believe admin should be a full time job. If you want to hire people full time for admin they should also do other tasks as part of the job.
2 points,25 days ago
Good to know.
I don't think Twitter and Facebook engagement needs weekly approval. Once per month would work for those, no? I mean its basically just you guys tasking, evaluating and approving each other right?

Can we get a pie chart of who is getting paid and how much per month. A chart for May and another chart for June would be helpful.
Kanuuker gets x amount per month, Pozo gets x amount per month etc. Including admin fees and task.
-2 points,25 days ago
We pay 10-15% administrative fee per task. You can view all payments on our spreadsheet.

And no, we have no plans on reducing our administrative fees. Compared to traditional businesses, our administrative (management) overhead is already very low.
3 points,24 days ago
I do know that the Dash Direct Brave ad campaign had to be pulled at the last minute, so it may have skewed the admin fees, just please, don't put reserve funds into a pie chart, it makes it hard to read.
1 point,23 days ago
No question, this month is complicated by the Dash Direct problem.
How about two different pie charts, one with and one without the reserve funds. Or maybe just a footnote on the one chart that xxx reserve Dash holdings are not included in the pie chart for clarity.


AND GET OUT THERE AND VOTE. Every Dash is Prescious for the next few cycles until the Dash price/value crawls out of the gutter again.
2 points,25 days ago
Can you at least look at the Strategist role Incubator plans on introducing?
1 point,25 days ago
Except DMH is not a traditional business, it is a DFO funded by the network, I'm sorry, but 22%+ Dash spent on Administrative/Directors is too high.
2 points,27 days ago
Dash Direct was going to be the centerpiece of our (for us) big ad campaign. Once that rolled out, we could do A/B testing, test venue A against venue B, etc etc etc. If I wasn't totally convinced that the legacy banking system was inept, I would think this was a planned attack against Dash. It certainly happened at an extremely critical time.

Regardless of why it happened, it certainly threw a wrench in our marketing plans. That's hardly the fault of the Marketing Hub. In my view, the best thing we can do is try some smaller things that don't involve Dash Direct, and pile up Dash until we have something else big to shout from the rooftops.

I very much appreciate that the admins of the hub rapidly polled the Dash community for guidance in how to proceed in this awkward position. This is a fantastic example of more and better communication (aka transparency) in the Dash ecosystem.

For this post, I speak only as Solarguy, not as Trust Protector.
0 points,2 days ago
> I would think this was a planned attack against Dash. It certainly happened at an extremely critical time.

Of course it's an attack. Them being inept does not preclude that.

If you think the system is not against Dash you will fail again and again in the same way.

> That's hardly the fault of the Marketing Hub.

Yes it is. You need to think and build in ways that CANNOT be attacked....


You are like a guy in a submarine being surprised he cannot go outside for a walk.

You cannot escape being in an economic war by pretending to be a tech startup. The war is real whether you close your eyes or not.

This means:
* All projects, especially including core, should be paid directly from the treasury and NOT have registered offices etc..
* Forget ANY projects relying on traditional finance and exchanges.
* Prioritize P2P solutions, small merchants, ATMs and decentralized blockchain solutions.

It would not surprise me at ALL if one day or even tomorrow the whole core team was arrested.
4 points,28 days ago
Per month
1. How much are we paying for the twitter post?
2. How much for Facebook?
3. How much for insta
4. How much for tic tok?
0 points,25 days ago
Twitter: 18/mth
Instagram: 14/mth
Tiktok: 14/mth
Facebook: 18/mth

Regarding each platform: we are happy with how twitter is going and don't plan on any changes. We are not happy with Instagram and TikTok and are discussing what we want to do about them. With Facebook, the account is being run well but there's not enough engagement so I will be lowering the rewards to a more appropriate level.
1 point,25 days ago
Thanks for taking the time to answer questions, I really do appreciate it.
I like the Twitter engagement but not sure it is worth almost $1000 a month, I guess it is what it is and I'm glad we are engaging more there.

Facebook engagement has been dead for many many years. Multiple people/teams have tried to no avail. 18 Dash a month for FB is outrageous, I would not allocate more than $100 a month. Same goes for Insta, Tiktok and any other platforms y'all are engaging on, unless there are KPI's that would justify more.

What other platforms are we paying for engagement on and how much are we paying monthly?
0 points,26 days ago
Sorry, I'm currently out of town. As soon as I get a chance, I'll get you those numbers. However, you can view them on the trello board. Just keep in mind we increased the rates recently due to the price drop.
5 points,1 month ago
Hi TDL, can we have some pie charts showing breakdown of how the Dash was spent, eg on what and to whom? MNOs need to gauge the effectiveness of the DMH and be able to input on the direction as well. $233k paid to date, it's sensible that we ask the question if we got more value back than what we've invested.
1 point,28 days ago
Added, apologies for the delay.
5 points,29 days ago
2nd that!
Can we get a pie chart so we can see where all the money is going. The detailed accountability payout documentation is amazing (I wish DCG would do that) but there is so much it is overwhelming. It needs a nice clean pie chart so we can easily see who is getting paid and for what.
I like the DMH twitter engagement and that seems to be the most effective part of DMH IMO. From my brief observations it looks like the tik tok and insta are way overpaid for the results I’ve observed. A pie chart and some KPI's would help to see what is going on there without spending hours trying to comb through the spreadsheet data.
1 point,1 month ago
Voting No.

Over one year of operation and 3000+ dash received. There is no chance that the hub has generated even 3000 dash in sales.
2 points,29 days ago
I am leaning that way, but it is not a total waste, the twitter engagement is strong, the tik tok and instagram is rancid, I think they just need to cut their failures and try new things. I'm willing to fund them if they agree to some changes.
5 points,29 days ago
Simply Blake is doing great work on LinkedIn as well, I like the results he is posting in DMH Discord channel.