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Title:Dash Marketing Hub Decision Proposal: DashDirect Ad Campaign Funds
One-time payment: 5 DASH (265 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2022-07-12 / 2022-08-11 (added on 2022-07-14)
Final voting deadline: in 7 days
Votes: 276 Yes / 43 No / 132 Abstain

Proposal description


This is a decision proposal to decide how to use the funds previously earmarked for the DashDirect advertisement campaign.

We previously collected funds (300 Dash from this proposal, 69 Dash from donations to our donation address) to run an advertisement campaign to promote the full release of the DashDirect MasterCard program, including a Brave Browser campaign.

Unfortunately, DashDirect’s card issuer terminated the program, and as such the product we intended to advertise no longer exists. DashDirect is in search of a new partner, but even under the best of circumstances this may take until the end of the year or even beyond before the program is up and running again. In the meantime, we have 20,000 USDT (Brave’s requested payment method) standing by at this address.

As such, we are requesting input from the network as to the best course of action for the earmarked funds moving forward. Since we requested funding from the network for a specific purpose, we feel the need to ask the will of the DAO when we are no longer able to meet our previous obligations due to circumstances out of our hands. Please vote for the proposal as follows:

Vote YES: Earmarked funds will be repurposed for another advertising campaign
Vote NO: Earmarked funds will remain earmarked for DashDirect if and when a new virtual card program is released
Vote ABSTAIN: Earmarked funds will be re-converted to Dash and used for normal Hub operations

We will abide by whichever vote type (yes/no/abstain) receives the highest number of votes. We look forward to your guidance!

Thank you,

-TheDesertLynx, Kanuuker, and Pozo

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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1 point,23 days ago
Get out there and vote folks! Because of the low valuation, every Dash is precious right now.

-3 points,26 days ago
Can the DMH Directors at least let the voters know which option they feel would work best in the Network's interests vis-a-vis advertising and promotion? You have given us no executive direction on this matter,
2 points,25 days ago
That may be a bit counter-intuitive. We are genuinely seeking to honor the network's wishes here, not tell them what we want to do and then hold a vote as a mere formality.

All three outcomes give us plenty to work with.
-1 point,23 days ago
But the Directors have to some opinion what theyw ould prefer to see, I think that is a fair question to ask."
3 points,29 days ago
Voting ABSTAIN because you don't have anything else better to move with right now.

When you are ready to move with an alternative or if DD is ready again, you can convert back to cash, thanks!
3 points,1 month ago
I see a pattern of all these crypto cards always being shut down. I had one myself once.

I do not think this is random, we are fighting the banking system and you all need to understand that. We are NOT some tech start up, we are a THREAT to the SYSTEM.

As such everyone in general should think outside the system:
1. Devs/Core teams should get paid from the treasury anonymously rather than register companies or foundations.
2. Any crypto VISA or Mastercard will ALWAYS fail. Especially if it sees any level of adoption.
3. Focus should be on easy real life P2P use rather than centralized fiat bridges like exchanges. And yes even P2P exchange over ATMs.

For this reason I will be voting yes x16 for redistribution of the funds (which is smarter anyway than letting them sit around).
1 point,29 days ago
Yes means to hold funds in USDT for another Brave Ad campaign, if you want funds redsitributed back thru Dash, the vote would be Abstain.
0 points,29 days ago
x16 ? Are you kidding me? i have only one MN :(
How did you obtain so many masternodes? (if you don't mind me asking)
3 points,1 month ago
Any chance the earmarked funds can be set aside and further increased (through additional Dash Marketing Hub budget proposals) for the promotion and marketing of our upcoming Dash Platform release on Mainnet next year ?

We (The Dash community) need to start making reserves for this, as our Dash Core Group is now thanks to the crypto winter in full survival mode and to my best of knowledge is not setting aside funding for this.
3 points,1 month ago
Absolutely, and that can be one of the YES options. The challenge is that if too many promotional activities are put on hold until Platform is released, that puts us in a weaker position, both in terms of value of the treasury and in Dash's public visibility, for when the final release happens. Dash has largely been pursuing this for "wait for Evo" strategy for 5 years now, in my opinion to our detriment, as the project's visibility has shrunk, diminishing impact a Platform release would have.

However, when Platform does get a firm release date, we absolutely will deploy every resource possible to promote it, hopefully far beyond the resources we've had dedicated to DashDirect so far. So it isn't an either/or prospect, it's just a question of what to do with the funds we have sitting around right now.
2 points,27 days ago
Voting yes, thank you.
0 points,23 days ago

There will come a time when we want a big ad campaign, and the only way to pay that is to save up when we have the opportunity. Now is that time.

Voting yes.
2 points,1 month ago
I wish there were more information. As I understood it, there already is a deal In place with a good negotiated price with Brave, this you said you would like to repurpose with the same price negotiated. If this is not the case, I would like the option of putting the funds back into Dash, and even build up an arsenal of funds for a future, bigger campaign, maybe for a future project or for DD when they get their act together. What is the whole situation please? I don't see another project that we can replace DD with. Not one of the same caliber for building I of a user base. I'm not so interested in advertisement for investment opportunity companies. That's not a good use of our funds.
2 points,1 month ago
You understood correctly regarding negotiating a good deal with Brave. We can likely continue to apply this deal to a different campaign, as I'm sure it's all the same to them, as long as we don't string them along for too long.

As for the option to put the funds back into Dash to potentially go towards something bigger in the future, that would be ABSTAIN. As for options of potential near-term campaigns, please see my response to DavidGonzalez above.
3 points,1 month ago
@the_desert_lynx @Kanuuker @Pozo
is there an official statement from DashDirect, how high they estimate the probability of finding a replacement solution for a usable virtual card?

and last but not least, if voting yes, what will this "another" advertising campaing be about?
are there any plans or do you have any ideas, can you make some examples?
4 points,1 month ago
We are finalizing a few agreements with different providers. The goal is to have multiple programs in place, under the hood, with a simple UX/UI on top of it. This will give us redundancy along with more certainty. We have actually been in discussions with the card networks themselves as well, which is a longer process, but allows us to make sure the card network is aligned with us and understands what we are doing before we re-launch with different card issuers. The card networks we are talking to are very interested in working with us on the program. We are enhancing some of the program features as well, which will afford potentially a lot more functionality for the Dash community. I'm 90% certain, personally, that we will relaunch the program in a way that is bigger, better, and stronger. The goal is to do so within 3 months, with an outside possibility it will take longer. The technology has already been built on our end. We have the full card issuance, balance management, asset management, authorization and settlement platform, and the controllers for compliance in place. We are investing our time into developing the relationships we need to ensure long-term program viability and that comes in large part through discovering alignment, disclosing details, allowing the issuer to discuss internally, answering follow on questions, and continuing to iterate on that process until all parties are comfortable with the alignment.
1 point,1 month ago
To our knowledge there has been no "official" statement. It has been communicated semi-publicly that Ionia is looking into other providers, with a rough hopeful estimate of 3-6 months. Based on previous delivery times vs. optimistic estimates (almost a 6-month delay from initial estimates of release for the card program), personally I would be very pleasantly surprised if the program were back up this year, but I doubt it.

Top candidates for "another" campaign are:
-All-in-one Dash wallet with in-app buying, staking, and spending via merchant map (we're already strategizing on how to promote this with or without an explicit ad campaign)
-Trustless masternode shares via CrowdNode (when released)
-THORChain integration (when released)

Also note that repurposing these funds for a different Brave ad campaign in the short term does not preclude us from seeking additional funds for a campaign for DashDirect if and when a new card program is released.
3 points,1 month ago
FYI if anyone is having issues voting ABSTAIN in the first instance, you might first have to vote YES or NO and then an hour later change it to ABSTAIN. There is a network enforced rate limit to prevent you from flipping your votes too frequently.
2 points,1 month ago
Thanks for letting us know!