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Title:Dash Reputation Management Platform
Monthly amount: 117 DASH (71502 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-02-17 / 2018-05-17 (added on 2018-02-09)
Final voting deadline: in 6 days
Votes: 191 Yes / 160 No / 43 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 438 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

UPDATE: I made a short video explaining Dash Monitor reputation management platform and walking through a mockup of the UI. Please note this is a mockup and the final version will have much more functionality.


We propose to build a DASH reputation monitoring system that will allow the DASH community to view and act on mentions, news articles, social posts, forums, telegram chats, and other relevant sources of information. Our platform will cover over 280,000 global news sources, social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram), comments sections, review sites, forums, message boards, chat applications, and millions of blogs. We believe this system is critical to maintaining and ensuring DASH's positive worldwide image and we ask for your YES vote.


We have already built the interactive User Interface. It can be found here (please click around on screen to navigate from page to page)



We propose to build a DASH reputation monitoring system that will allow the DASH community to view and act on mentions, news articles, social posts, forums, telegram chats, and other relevant sources of information. Our platform will cover over 280,000 global news sources, social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram), comments sections, review sites, forums, message boards, chat applications, and millions of blogs. We believe this system is critical to maintaining and ensuring DASH's positive worldwide image and we ask for your YES vote.

What is DASH Monitor?

DASH Monitor is a reputation monitoring system for mentions, videos, comments, social posts, and articles that mention DASH. A user will then be able to filter this data based upon sentiment analysis, location, language, date, source, keywords, and source type.

Analytics covering various data points will be visible to the community enabling better budget decisions in the future.

What this proposal is:

  • This is a proposal to produce a DASH reputation management platform that the DASH community can use to bolster and improve DASH's reputation on the internet.
  • This IS a proposal to produce a system whereby the DASH community can spread the word and educate the world through various sources about DASH in a systematic and coherent manner.
  • This IS a proposal to enable Masternode owners to have valuable data about where to focus treasury funds.
  • This IS a proposal to enable budget proposers the ability to focus efforts on the most effective messages to promote DASH and to identify the best locations, whether online or physical.
What this proposal is not:

  • This is not a proposal to aggregate pricing data.
  • This is not a proposal to aggregate exchange data.
  • This is not a proposal to intended for “investors” to make investment or financial decisions.

Below are images of our mockup highlighting the user interface:
Mentions Feed which aggregates over 280,000 global news, social, review, forums, and message sources. [Link]
DASH community members can drill down into comments on an individual mention, and comment, respond, and share. [Link]
Overlaying Mention and Sentiment Data across a World Map for big picture data visualization. [Link]
Drilling down into an individual hot spot to corresponding mentions. [Link]
Displaying Mention and Sentiment Data with advanced filtering capabilities. [Link]
Mentions saved by an individual user. [Link]
Login Page [Link]

How will DASH benefit from DASH Monitor?

We believe that DASH solves many of the problems in the cryptocurrency space and that the world should know about DASH. The best way to do this is by leveraging the current DASH community to spread the word through positive comments about low transaction fees, privacy, instant payments, and the power of the DAO.

The DASH reputation platform will allow the DASH community to monitor and respond to any type of comments, statements, and other information posted in over 280,000 online global news sources, social media sites, relevant forums, chat applications, millions of blogs, and other relevant places with information, posts, comments, and videos about DASH.

We will also display analytics such as geographic distribution of sentiment, source type, and content type. We will be able to identify key sources that drive positive and negative sentiment of DASH. Further, we will be able to tell the potential reach of various sources and content types to make better budget decisions in the future based on actionable data.


Our team of 4 developers, designers, and engineers will deliver a scalable web application the entire growing DASH community can use to monitor the sources and content listed above in real time at DASH Monitor. The application will require a user account, and allow a user to view, sort, and act on data in real time. We will include a full analytics suite so we can focus our efforts where it matters most and so masternode owners can make budget decisions based on data. Our proposal price includes all development costs, overhead costs, devops, data partners, user feature requests, and maintenance for an entire year.

Our technology stack will include a custom angular frontend, Node scrapers, proxies, rotating virtual servers, and custom Dynamo database architecture to hold all the data.

We will complete the development of this project in 3 phases. The first phase, which will take approximately 2 months to complete, will be a fully functional production system. The remaining 2 phases are designed to focus primarily on analytics, feature enhancements, user requests, and to add more data sources.

We also would like to point out that we will be building this software ourselves and not hiring a third party development shop. We have over 40 years of combined development experience and every member of our team has started, built, and had successful exits to industry leaders of their software. In short, we are experienced, have done this before, and have proven to be successful.

Development Schedule

PHASE 1 - Months 0-2

This phase of the system will start with creating connections to data partners and building scrapers to get data. In parallel we will build a front end web application that gives users the ability to view, sort, comment, and save mentions in real time.

The phase 1 deliverable will be a fully functional production web application with the following features:

  • Simple Login System, User Authentication, and Profiles (How you get into the system)
  • Real Time Scalable Database Architecture (How we show you the data)
  • Partner and Scraper Connections to Database (How we get the data)
  • Data filtering (How you can use the data)
  • Mention Save (How you can come back to the data)
  • Mention Commenting System (How you can share your thoughts)
PHASE 2 - Months 3-4:

Phase 2 of the system will focus on delivering analytics data. We will take our evolving data set and deliver actionable data about sentiment, location, and sources. This data will allow masternode owners and budget proposers a better and actionable understanding of the world’s view on DASH, where sentiment and tonality is concentrated across the world, and the types of sources and subjects the world is concerned with, receptive to, undereducated on, or enjoying about DASH. We see this as an opportunity for the community to make better informed decisions about budget proposals and where to focus efforts on in the future.We will also make contact with Dash Central/ to incorporate a single sign on feature. This will allow users to have the same login for both Dash Central/ without the need to manage multiple accounts and passwords.

The Phase 2 deliverables will include the following features:

  • Full actionable analytics including, sentiment, location, source, medium, updated in real time.
  • Single Sign on from Dash Central or
  • We will begin to work on your user feature requests.
PHASE 3 - Months 5-6:

Phase 3 will primarily focus on user enhancements, notifications, and user feature requests. Specifically the goal is to make the system more efficient for users to build and save filters, view important information as determined by an upvoting system, build a notification system, and a custom user created daily/weekly/monthly digest of the latest DASH mentions delivered by email.

The Phase 3 deliverables will include the following features:

  • User mention up and down voting system.
  • Advanced filtering and filter saving.
  • Custom user created web and email notification system.
  • User created features.
Our Development Process

We have been developing software in an AGILE environment for over 40 combined years. The primary goal of an agile development process is to deliver working software and features in short periods of time called sprints. Each sprint starts with a feature set and includes testing and production deployment. Here is our process:

  1. We start by developing a list of FAQs --
  2. Then we generate answers to the FAQs to narrow the scope of our development and create a product roadmap (phases)
  3. Then we create wireframes based on the phases
  4. Then we create a mockup of the user interface. (We are here)
  5. Then we create user stories to define product requirements.
  6. We breakout the phases and implement agile development cycles.
  • Break each phase into 4 2-week sprints
  • Execute on sprints
  • Test
  • Deploy release ON TIME.
Budget Breakdown

3 Month Payment Schedule

What we will do with excess funds

In the event there is a substantial increase in the price of DASH we will use the excess funds in 2 ways. First, we will use them to fund future development based on user feature requests, adding additional data sources, and system improvements. Secondly, we will use excess funds to continue supporting the platform and the associated costs for a term in excess of the included development year. Obviously we cannot predict the future so it is our intention to use funds to keep the system functioning properly and running for as long as possible.

Our technology background

In 2013, Austin and EJ Archuleta started a software company called Scanther. As a startup, Scanther developed a broad range of products and was primarily positioned as a B2B SaaS solution for small business technology.

Scanther started out building “Smart Signs” that paired with a mobile website builder. This product attracted the attention of a Fortune 500 company with whom we eventually partnered. The Scanther Smart Sign system was featured on Mad Money on CNBC along with our partner.

Here is a video link to that product:

As the business evolved so did our products. Eventually our system evolved into a mobile app builder. Our unique selling point was that our apps could be created in less than a minute using only a business name and we could create both Apple and Android apps at scale. This system attracted the attention of a few potential buyers and in 2016 Scanther was acquired by Advice Interactive Group of Dallas, Texas.

Here is a link about the acquisition:

Our background with DASH. Education. Investment. Goals.

Our family loves technology and are avid DASH enthusiasts. We believe in the self governance and self funding model. We love the quick and effortless payments that protect the user’s privacy. Because of these reasons we educated and persuaded family members to invest in DASH in early 2017. As a result, most of our family members are DASH investors. Our goals are to spread the word about DASH, foster adoption, and ultimately increase its market capitalization through education and participation.

Past Successful Proposal

Dash at SXSW 2018:

Thank you in advance for your time.

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2 points,16 hours ago
Even that the voices are mixed I like what I see here so you get my votes. Good luck!
0 points,11 hours ago
Thank you for the support splawik21!
4 points,3 days ago
Voting yes. Good proposal.
9 points,8 days ago
Wow, Dash-boarder really had me confused with his comment. As it turns out, these proposals are different. I have a feeling many MNs voted no after that unnecessary comment by dash-boarder.

Proposal owners should be empathetic to fellow proposal owners instead of actively working to torpedo competition through such foul means. Any which way, it is a Good proposal, voting yes..
9 points,8 days ago
@Dash-Boarder, I made a video going through and explaining what it does, walking through the UI, and how it is different than anything Dash has or is proposed. You can view the video here:
-11 points,9 days ago
This is a very similar proposal to 2 others this month....
6 points,9 days ago
@Dash-boarder, I understand you have a current proposal that you believe competes with this proposal, however, your proposal is not similar to mine at all. Frankly, I am surprised you would cross-post on my proposal's comment section.

To clarify, Dash-Boarder posted a proposal to build a system that he describes, inter alia, provided for:

"Centralizing and measuring all of the data (pricing, transaction, user adoption) can only help you the MNO's understand the eco-system that you are managing!"

This is the first line of his proposal.

When viewing his demo (proof of concept), Dash-boarder proposed a system to aggregate FINANCIAL data on DASH. Plain and Simple.

My proposal, Dash Monitor, provides a reputation management platform for the Dash community and much needed external information on where to focus proposals and what messages will gain the best traction. It has nothing to do with the aggregation of financial data.

@Dash-boarder I wish you the best of luck with your proposal.
6 points,9 days ago
Thank you @Cryptobadger for clarifying. I agree that the Dash community needs a Reputation Management and Sentiment Analysis Platform, and that we DO NOT have one despite nearly constant attacks on Dash in blogs, on social media, and in comment threads. Your proposal seems designed to do just that. DashWatch by paragon is an inward facing analysis site and not the same as this proposal.
-7 points,9 days ago
Exactly. We already have this covered by paragon. Why do people vote yes on something that's already been done by someone else and received funding?

OP needs to get in touch with paragon and join DashWatch.
Voting no because of redundancy of efforts.
8 points,7 days ago
Macrochip, I disagree, I only barely voted yes on this proposal based on the price, but I saw a positive ROI and use cases of this proposal that could tie into services important to dash. It’s different from what paragon is doing, cryptobadger sumarized the differences well so I won’t go into them.
8 points,9 days ago
@Macrochip, I appreciate the feedback, however, I respectfully disagree. DashWatch and my proposal (Dash Monitor) are different in goals, reach, scope, and users. There is no redundancy here.

I would like to clarify a few things here to eliminate your confusion regarding the problem my proposal, Dash Monitor, solves and DashWatch.

In the first line of the Dash Watch proposal, Paragon describes it as, " organization and website called DashWatch ( which tracks each proposal's status and performance fulfilling its scope, schedule, budget, and communication goals." This goal is far different than Dash Monitor for the following reason:

DashWatch aims to track the progress of a PROPOSAL and its lifecycle in an effort to monitor progress performed by active PROPOSERS in the Dash network.

Dash Monitor is tracking Worldwide mentions of Dash on over 280,000 news, chats, social media sites, blogs, and other sources on the internet, in an effort to provide data on where to focus proposals, the most receptive messages, and to provide a reputation management platform for the Dash community.

These are two very different systems. DashWatch is an INTERNAL monitoring tool that monitors funded proposals within the network. My proposal, Dash Monitor, is an EXTERNAL monitoring tool and monitors worldwide sources about Dash.
7 points,6 days ago
Thanks for clearing that up. That user truly misled me. I'll change my vote.
1 point,6 days ago
Thank you for your support!
8 points,12 days ago
This proposal fills an important need for Dash. A systematic information gathering and analysis tool like this is valuable and useful to Dash. Most importantly, the information will be actionable. The ROI to Dash will only grow as trend analysis and historical data make the entire project even more valuable over time.

Virtually every single well run major organization has a system implemented that does exactly this - why? - because they are effective, yield a ROI, and because information about your product/organization is invaluable.

Instead of having just a few Dash emmisaries, we can have an Army of them, all mobilized around this platform. That is powerful.

As a MNO I have voted YES and encourage my fellow MNOs to do the same.
10 points,13 days ago
Sounds potentially promising, some questions though :

1 - "Our team of 4 developers, designers, and engineers" -> How many people in what roles? Sorry this was not clear to me.

2 - "Simple Login System, User Authentication, and Profiles". Why are we logging in at all? Shouldn't most of the site be visible unauthenticated?

3 - Will there be a public or authenticated API?
9 points,13 days ago
Thank you for your questions.

1. We have a team of 4 that consists of:
-(1) Developer/Designer
-(2) Developers (Engineering Backgrounds)
-(1) Developer/Project Manager

2. The idea behind a login wall was to prevent abuse of the system and to enable customization of the platform, saved searches, and notifications. Without a login some of these features will not work as intended. However, we are open to suggestions, and if the dash community wishes there to be no login then that is certainly something we can do. We can also do a hybrid, whereby someone, can simply view the data without a login and customization requires them to make an account. Since two of three potential outcomes involve authentication, we decided to make it part of the system. Again, we are completely open to suggestions here.

3. This is a great idea and something we can implement.
7 points,13 days ago
You have my vote, good luck.
7 points,13 days ago
Voting yes
2 points,13 days ago
Thank you for your support!
6 points,13 days ago
This is something I brought up in another proposal that I think would be very beneficial to Dash as a whole and MNOs especially, pretty much the kind of thing I was suggesting in lieu of other proposals, and at substantially lower cost. Of course continued funding will depend on whether or not you and your team can deliver, but if you can, you have my full support.
1 point,13 days ago
Thank you for your support!
6 points,13 days ago
I have been wishing for something like this for a long time. The Dash community needs a tool like this that benefits the entire Dash community and can serve as a rapid response tool to highlight the successes of Dash while allowing us to seek out and respond to the numerous malicious comments made about Dash in a timely and organized manner. Very thorough and well done proposal. You have my YES vote.
2 points,13 days ago
Thank you! We think this will greatly benefit the DASH community.
-11 points,12 days ago
No escrow, voting no. Contact Core for escrow and I will change my vote.
10 points,11 days ago
Sad that Dash got to this state of requiring escrow, which is complete centralization.

I actually encourage all proposal owners not to escrow to keep the proposal system decentralized.
-8 points,12 days ago
Im not sure this proposal has any interesting hallmarks

Also no escrow.. new users

Nearly 230k usd in funds..

Sadly i vote NO and encourage others to do the same unless proposal owner considers using escrow.
8 points,12 days ago
You are an idiot and just fooling around having fun. You are a little dumb though, because you are using the same FUD playbook on every proposal.

If you were a smart troll, you would actually mix it up, but you are peddling the same kind of negative comments on every proposal. Not very brainy.

If this proposal has no "interesting hallmarks" how does escrow help? Dont answer.
-10 points,12 days ago
Because neither am i a troll or an idiot like you..

And its not FUD hes a new user and is not even doing escrow plainand simple
-2 points,13 days ago
Thanks for your well thought out proposal. Great effort.

Unfortunately, I am going to have to vote NO as I dont see how this benefits dash in any meaningful. There are many many such tools out there that do this and something like this doesnt add any value to the network.

This would require substantial investment to get to the level that the other tools are already at and even if it gets there, doesnt do anything for dash adoption. I dont see the investment. I encourage you to work on other ideas with your skills.
-8 points,13 days ago
i personaly see not much value you asking for much Dash with no Escrow
voting no
-2 points,13 days ago
We already do stuff like this now and frankly only a small handful of community members participate and I don't expect that to change anytime soon. This could be useful in a year or 2+ but it will not be used much right now from my experience with this same sort of stuff.
The masternode part could be useful but not sure what exactly it is supposed to do or what the exact problem it is trying to solve.

Something like this is on my wishlist but not a priority now and definitely not at the current ask price. Feel free to join the 3 amigos after party Friday if you want to discuss this with some of the more active members in the community who would be the ones actually using this tech.

If you want to participate in these type of activities now just check out reddit or join discord and watch the main channel or go to #swarm or #troll patrol. I would love for something like this to work and maybe sometime in the future it will.
Most everything this aims to do is already being done now, just in a more decentralized less organized yet still effective way. If we have missed something please let me know and/or join in and help out.

-9 points,13 days ago
Quite a substantial budget without much ROI for the network

And without escrow too

Sadly my vote NO
-8 points,13 days ago
How come there is no escrow or pre proposal discussion with such a large budget?
7 points,13 days ago
Realmrhack is a jobless idiot who is having fun at the cost of proposal owners.. He is trying to sabotage as many proposals as possible with similar "questions". 9/10 proposals he leaves nasty comments on.. There is no point in trying to argue with this fool..
-9 points,13 days ago
Clearly your the idiot if you dont understand the proposal and ask price. As mentioned by other MNO aswell. Please go back to doing what you do best.
6 points,13 days ago
Like @Arthyron I believe the budget is substantially low for what is offered, especially compared to other proposals I have seen. The proposal details the deliverables in detail, which should explain why no escrow. A careful reader should see that. Did you also not see the link to the pre-proposal in the body of the proposal.