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Title:TEDx Salt Lake City Partnership
One-time payment: 60 DASH (1862 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-09-16 / 2018-10-16 (added on 2018-08-03)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 112 Yes / 449 No / 38 Abstain

Proposal description

Note:  This proposal is requesting funds from next month's cycle.  Please vote accordingly (see below for details).

Greetings masternode operators,

Nearly one year ago you voted for Dash to sponsor the 2017 TEDx event in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. This proposal is for Dash to continue that partnership with TEDxSLC for 2018.

Scope:          Dash premier sponsorship at TEDxSLC event
Schedule:     Event is Sept 8, 2018, but requesting funds from next month (Oct 1, 2018 payout)
Budget:        1 payment of 60 DASH to cover 12,000 USD sponsorship

2017 Highlights

Who / What
My name is Rion Gull, organizer of the Dash meetup in Salt Lake City.  In this proposal I represent both our local Dash Meetup and the volunteers organizing TEDxSLC.

Our local meetup has grown to 335+ members, without any financial support from Dash.  We've spent hundreds of hours building a great reputation for Dash in the wider cryptocurrency scene here in Salt Lake City.  Instead of asking for compensation we're asking MNOs to support this partnership.

TEDx events are locally-organized engagements designed to bring communities together with thought-provoking ideas.  Our local event is one of the most well-organized and successful operations in the country.  Last year’s TEDx event was a big success, due to both TEDx’s excellent sponsor advertising, as well as the generous support of many volunteers from the meetup. This year’s event will be even better as it will feature a talk on blockchain and we will be making better use of the sponsorship funds (see why section below).

Where / When
The event takes place in Salt Lake City, UT, USA, where we have a thriving cryptocurrency meetup scene [1][2][3][4][5][6].  The organizers of all the major crypto meetups (who I rub shoulders with regularly) have a high respect for Dash, due partly to last year's event, but also because they recognize Dash's advantages.

The event is scheduled for September, but we know the budget is strapped this month, so we've scheduled the proposal payout for next month (Oct 1, 2018 payout).  If MNOs show support this month I will pay the sponsorship with my own funds and get reimbursed after proving the event was successful and the proposal passes next month.

Two reasons to support this proposal:
1. To help build our local community through this event:
2. To show appreciation for our past uncompensated (and under-the-radar to the wider Dash community) work:

in addition, TEDx is very excited about Dash and will be accepting the funds in DASH (we aren't cashing into USD).  We will be helping TEDx take that one step further, paying their vendors and suppliers in DASH as well.

How (much)
We've kept the costs to the bare minimum: 
  • No compensation for our volunteers
  • No extra request for giveaway funds
  • No proposal reimbursement
  • Only the sponsorship: $12,000 (60 DASH @ 200 USD/DASH)
The advertisement cost per attendee is $12,000/2,000 = $6/attendee.
For comparison, the Voice and Exit conference funded recently was $18,750/500 = $38/attendee.

We will use any extra funds from price appreciation for Dash giveaways at the event.

I look forward to answering any questions and/or concerns you may have.

- Rion

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1 point,5 years ago
Is Dash going to be the subject of a featured talk? Or is this just a logo awareness thing?
1 point,5 years ago
Hello everyone, thanks for reviewing the proposal. With the exception of Stone, I understand the perspectives of those of you who have commented, and those who have voted no. Thanks to those of you who voted yes, either to show appreciation of my past uncompensated work for Dash, and/or for this proposal.

I submitted this as a service to TEDx and our local Dash meetup; while it would have been good for our Dash and crypto community, I stood to gain nothing personally. I hope that is well understood.

My excitement for Dash is as high as ever, despite this proposal outcome. I hope Dash Nexus passes so that people like me can get proper feedback on concepts (pre-proposals) much more effectively in the future.
0 points,5 years ago
Dash Watch August 27th 2018 Report on
Freedom Book Drop Sponsorship by rion
1 point,5 years ago
I appreciate the idea but I consider this promotional opportunity as totally non-essential and I can't even consider this at all in this bear market and tight budget.
-4 points,5 years ago
You wasted the shit out of treasury funds the last year so now you have to continue giving projects more treasury funds.
I want to encourage all MNO's to log in every month to deny all projects that sell dash into fiat for funding. I'd rather burn the treasury funds than continue to donate it to projects that spend it out on exchanges for all their expenses.
2 points,5 years ago
Did you even read the proposal, he is not cashing out to USD. And to reply to your baseless accusation the funds for last years TEDx (linked above) were never converted to USD go look at the wallet address, still sitting there.
3 points,5 years ago
Stone isn't reading anything, just spamming this same message in multiple proposals for some reason.
0 points,5 years ago
TED is perceived by many as church for secular liberals. Merely participating could be seen as taking ideological sides and therefore alienating some supporters or potential supporters of Dash. If we had a speaker as charismatic and skillful as Andreas Antonopolis, I would be more favorably inclined to support speaking engagements, but in the current market I believe the requested funds are more urgently needed elsewhere and could be more productively employed.
0 points,5 years ago
I largely concur. This proposal gets a NO at this point in time.
3 points,5 years ago
quote :

"The event is scheduled for September, but we know the budget is strapped this month, so we've scheduled the proposal payout for next month (Oct 1, 2018 payout). If MNOs show support this month I will pay the sponsorship with my own funds and get reimbursed after proving the event was successful and the proposal passes next month.''

Seems fair and considerate enough, you have my support for the 1 october superblock.
1 point,5 years ago
I was the proposal owner last year and I am glad rion is taking the lead on this years event. He significantly improved the outcome before, and i believe he will do whatever he can to deliver more than you expect. The first time you show up not all the doors are open however with continued support allows for things like vendor payments in Dash. Keep in mind that this is a non profit and just about all labor is volunteer. These volunteers have connections with almost every large company in the Salt Lake City region as well as other sponsors. These events help build the dash community as our volunteers experience team building and are reenergised. If this passes i'll be sure to make time to drive to SLC to volunteer for Dash.
3 points,5 years ago
This is an interesting proposal and it was neat to see Dash have a spotlight in this event, but under the current circumstances and the relative lack of benefit we've seen from previous sponsorship-based marketing proposals, I feel as though 60 Dash could be spent more efficiently and effectively on other proposals this cycle.
0 points,5 years ago
Hello Arthyron. I understand your concern about sponsorship-based marketing proposals. We'll be doing everything we can to *use* Dash as a currency here, not just cash it out and give them USD. Proposal description is now up, please check it out. Note that we're requesting funds from *next* month, not this month. Hope that helps to gain your support. Happy to answer follow up questions.
1 point,5 years ago
@Rion - I'll be sure to take that in to consideration, wasn't even aware that was possible...