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Title:TEDxSLC Sponsorship 2017 Fixed Proposal
One-time payment: 194 DASH (5383 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 194 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-05-20 / 2017-06-19 (added on 2017-05-11)
Votes: 546 Yes / 16 No / 11 Abstain

Proposal description

Note: The original proposal passed with +442  and over 90% approval but was not paid out due to a bug. The official report is here.

How did the malformed address happen?
I had copied the escrow address from coingun on slack and i assume that is how the space got added. The website validator did not validate against spaces. The bug is now fixed. 

What happened to the dash in the original proposal?
Those dash were never created. Had this happened to a larger proposal it could of caused a big hole in the treasury. 

Why the same dash amount?
Seems fair considering the circumstance, a new bug.  Because of the Escrow, I was to use my own dash/usd to fund the TEDxSLC i had prepared before and after the proposal submission to meet the requested timetable of TEDxSLC. I felt the approval odds were good before but once I saw above 90% approval I finalized preparing the payment for early last week. 

Has TEDx been paid?
Yes, just waiting on their website to get updated. I'm out of town as well so we are going to direct the funds to the same escrow address as before. In addition to the original plan I am planning to go to SLC to meet the staff(volunteers) and do some Q&A training on Dash/cryptocurrency in 2 to 4 weeks.  

Below is the original proposal text. 
TEDx Salt Lake City Sponsorship 2017

Forum Link

I’m proposing the Dash community becomes a premier sponsor of the TEDx Salt Lake City 2017 show on Saturday September 9th 2017 hosted on the University of Utah campus. It is an all day event which features 12 speakers and up to 1500 attendees including about 300 students. The Dash logo will be displayed on the intro of every TEDx video along with several other sponsors and a couple large corporations including Century Link and Adobe. Dash is almost guaranteed to be the only premier sponsor (the highest level) and will be shown in the best position on the video/banners/etc. This should make Dash the first crypto currency to sponsor a TEDx event that I am aware of.

Event Background
TEDx SLC started in 2011 and has become one of the best TEDx events in the United States. Some methodology originated at TEDx SLC has been implemented by TED and mirrored at other TEDx events. Last year’s videos resulted in over 4 million views online and previous year talks have been featured on the TED site. Not all TEDx events are the same and normally they start with fairly small audiences of 100 to prove themselves and after years or successful events they become approved for larger crowds. This event normally sells out well before the show date so watch for tickets if you would like to go.

This Proposal
$12,000 USD or 171.42 Dash @ $70 each & conversion fees.
+5 Dash for proposal fee
+17.58 Dash for travel/supplies. 2-3 trips to SLC. 4 nights minimum.
194.0 Dash.

@coingun/Jeff with the core team will handle escrow. Proof here

A 2nd proposal will be submitted by August for paper wallet giveaways. We plan to walk through the paper wallet process with the crowd. See below.

The Booth & sponsorship
I’d like to arrange to temporarily get some of the existing booth materials used at Miami if possible. We would have at least 4 people at the booth helping attendees with any questions or issues. Dash is likely to be the only booth at the event as most sponsors do not usually get a booth. We get 10 seats up front in the area that is usually $100 per seat and normal seats are $50. Seats will be given first to dash team members then to local Dash users.

Amanda Johnson
For full disclosure she has submitted a speaker application to this TEDxSLC event. The Dash sponsorship in no way improves her chances of speaking. However considering she has experience with public speaking as well as the fact that she is a Utah local increases her odds greatly over the hundreds of candidates. Most TEDx events try to use local speakers and we are lucky that both a highly skilled and large TEDx event and Amanda are in the same state!

My Role
I will be the primary coordinator at the event for anything Dash related. I will go to any pre-event meetings and teach anyone of the speakers or attendees time permitting. My name is Alex Wigley and I started my first business in 2004 after high school and have worked on a couple startups including running a booth at a couple trade shows. In 2014 I was a sponsor with a startup at TEDxSLC and attended in 2016 meeting staff and other sponsors both times. I currently work out of Southern Utah. I will travel to SLC for the pre event meet up with sponsors and speakers and the main event. I also plan to visit SLC in the months beforehand to meet with TEDxSLC staff as well.

The Dash logo will be visible on the top part of the sponsor slide, this is visible for 3 seconds before each tedx video. These videos go up on youtube channel and the ted site. The Dash logo will be scattered around on signage at the event. We intend to do some news worthy activities and hope to promote Dash every way possible.

Payment to TEDx
I will start the payment/conversion process using my funds and once treasury funding is confirmed. There is a small amount of room for conversion and price movement. I will cover the difference (reasonably) if the price happened to drop. Once TEDxSLC has confirmed receipt of the 12,000usd then the coins held in escrow will be transferred to my wallet. The Dash logo will be up on their website as well.

Why Utah? Why Salt Lake City?
Amanda & Pete are both local and Dash has a large meetup in the area. The startup community is strong. Utah is home to several large companies and has a high entrepreneur rate. Salt Lake City is much more progressive than other parts of Utah and has a fairly strong tech hub. People in Utah are less trusting of government and old systems than in many states. Thus far Utah is willing to challenge the government on money issues, especially with gold, much like Arizona. I expect Utah to be one of the first states to be supportive of crypto currency and press coverage should be easy to generate.

TEDxSLC will supply receipts directly to Jeff & anyone else. The Dash logo will be on the website shortly after receiving the funds.

Proposal 2 for Paper Wallet Giveaway (Will be submitted by August)
$7,500 USD allocated for giveaway. $5+ per attendee.
Travel expenses for Dash members arriving from out of state assuming they are available.

The Giveaway
The plan is to give paper wallets to the entire crowd and show everyone how to sweep a wallet. Each attendee would receive about $5 in Dash. I plan to have QR codes of non-profits that can receive Dash placed around the event as well for people who would like to give it away. Creation of the paper wallets will be coordinated with Jeff aka coingun.

Partner Information from TEDxSLC

Payment Address managed by @coingun Proof here

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0 points,6 years ago
The logo is on the TedX website, but it doesn't link anywhere. Would be good if it did...
0 points,6 years ago
Yes, i have a request in to link that to
0 points,6 years ago
Too bad Ted has gone down the drain though, right?
0 points,7 years ago
Good luck Amanda!
0 points,7 years ago
I did not get selected to speak, unfortunately. I applied, but was not selected.
0 points,7 years ago
Good luck, hope you have the best success during your conference.
0 points,7 years ago
Better than the entire monthly budget not paying out for all proposals, which happened one time!

Of course will support this
3 points,7 years ago
Will the Dash logo have the subtitle: "Digital Cash"? See,
2 points,7 years ago
I would like it to, I just need someone to make it on a blue with transparent background. I think it would look good with it in the same font as dash.
0 points,7 years ago
Hi!. I made it, if you need it let me know.
0 points,7 years ago
Yeah, if you could post a link to it or find me on slack @ampp
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You have my yes votes, sorry to hear about that bug in the proposal generator (which has been fixed btw).
0 points,7 years ago
I did read about this - sorry to hear