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Title:Russian-speaking community's engagement, awareness and expansion
Monthly amount: 120 DASH (3617 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 120 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2024-04-09 / 2024-07-08 (added on 2024-04-07)
Votes: 553 Yes / 145 No / 20 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

This proposal is for the second quarter of the Russian-speaking community's engagement, awareness and expansion. 


What was done?

YouTube (114 subscribers, almost 5000 views)
I'll start with YouTube, I'm focusing on creating educational content about Dash as I think it's very important, not only because there is a need for it, but also YouTube in the long run is very good for organic attraction of new users and their familiarization with Dash.

As planned I prepared a cool detailed video tutorial on Trustless Dash steaking in CrowdNode, which was published and generated good interest from the audience.

In addition, a couple of days ago the first of a series about the Dash platform was released. I took as a basis the videos that were previously published on the official YouTube Dash, but they were revised, updated and qualitatively voiced in Russian. The next 4 videos will be published on a weekly basis during April.

Now in the process of creating other videos, approximately I can highlight this list, but most likely it will still undergo changes.

Installing and using Electrum, Installing and using Dash Core, GPG check, Installing and using Dash mobile Wallet (waiting for DashPay release)

In mid-January 2024, I got access to the official English-language channel about Dash - and now it regularly publishes interesting and relevant information about the Dash ecosystem.

Before that, the channel was dormant since July 2022... I'm gradually reviving it, now it has more or less normal activity. Thanks to Joel, Splawik and others who helped spread the word that Dash has a good channel on Telegram again.

Graph of subscribers number

In general, you can see that all new subscribers are interested in the content and they stay on the channel and are active.

You will always find in the English-language channel all the necessary and relevant information from all corners of the Dash ecosystem. For example, news, articles describing important video podcasts are released, introducing users to a more detailed understanding of the project work, and therefore a better understanding of its benefits.

But I would like to point out right away that I am mainly focused on working with the Russian-speaking community, so the Russian-language channel has unique posts that the English-language channel doesn’t have.

Graph of subscribers number

The news channel ( still publishes unique content in Russian. Gradually, a kind of sales funnel is being created, consisting of a system of linked informational posts that introduce new people to Dash and its ecosystem and get them interested in it. (Sounds easy, but it's actually quite a big and complicated job)

On the graph of subscribers, you can see a big increase in their number at the beginning of March, it is connected with our chat AMA with the CommEX Regional Director in honor of the Dash listing. And you can see that most people subscribed to the channel and continue to read it. Thanks to Marina and Dash Growth for organizing and hosting this AMA.

Speaking of CommEX. Back in early December 2023, I contacted the regional director of CommEX and he expressed interest in listing Dash, and after that, CommEX representatives were sent to Dash Growth. In the first days of March, the Dash / USDT pair was listed, but unfortunately at the end of March, the exchange announced the termination of its work, which was very unexpected. The reason was probably some kind of affiliation with Binance and sanctions. The current management of Binance may have received an unambiguous hint that everyone understands everything perfectly and it's time to stop, especially considering that the trial of the former head of Binance CZ is still pending.

If we talk about VK (, there was a small test purchase of advertising, the experience from which will be used later, the number of subscribers has increased by about 2 times and is now 68 people. VK is pretty well indexed, so we publish our posts from Telegram there, as well as translations of every DashPay post from Twitter (X). 

There are no significant updates on Bastyon (, it still publishes the main and most important news posts about the Dash ecosystem. At the moment it has 66 subscribers.

Articles, during Q1 2024 there were 3 articles published on ForkLog (, and other articles that found their place in ( and

As new words are added, the main resources about Dash through Transifex are being translated and corrected. About 4,000 words were worked on during Q1.

In addition, as planned, I have increased working capacity and improved the quality of content by delegating some tasks. This has expanded the scope of my work, and I think it's noticeable.

In Q2 - early Q3, I will expand the Russian-speaking Dash audience and generate interest in Dash so that by the time the platform is released, you don't have to rock the media field from scratch. My goal is to significantly increase awareness and interest in Dash among the Russian-speaking crypto community and beyond. I recognize that new market participants are currently attracted to new projects and meme tokens, but I think that Dash has something to offer the market as well. I will use Telegram as the primary platform to promote Dash to diverse audiences through a series of activities and targeted advertising. I already have plans for how to achieve tangible results and gather statistics on community growth and interest, which I will then present to the community. To create and implement something that can really improve the situation requires substantial costs of all kinds. Not only man hours for planning and careful and accurate budget allocation with maximum efficiency, but also resorting to the help of specialized high-class professionals and a certain budget.

The market is not empty, it is necessary to compete and fight for media space with other crypto projects, whose advertising budget is quite large.

I will improve the quality and increase the amount of content on various platforms, including YouTube, Telegram, ForkLog, Bastyon, VK, and others. I will also work on integrating Dash into various services and collaborating with partners.

Please see previous proposals for more information. | Current proposal

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-3 points,9 days ago
@varlamov - 5.03 million subscribers! Millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes!

A very interesting channel that accepts help.
Make arrangements with him to receive donations in DASH
1 point,9 days ago
It is already accepting donations in Dash via NowPayments
-2 points,8 days ago
Ilya Varlamov is a modern progressive blogger with a huge number of fans.
Agree with him about cooperation and advertising DASH on his channel!
It has an audience of more than 5 million Russian-speaking viewers from all over the world,
who are interested in politics, travel and actively use cryptocurrency.

A month has passed, you haven’t done anything and haven’t agreed with anyone about advertising on YouTube.
And you only have 538 subscribers and hopeless, unpromising marketing ideas to increase the price of DASH.
-4 points,11 days ago
Gang of scammers!
-3 points,23 days ago
Dear masternodes, think carefully and vote - NO.
VONNY has only 533 subscribers in the telegram group. And you pay him a lot of money.
VONNY did not react and did not add DASH to the multimillion-dollar YouTube channels as requested. Because in his Dash_Ru telegrams there are the FSB and all these Rashists in cahoots and do not want the price DASH to rise!

They write repeatedly that the price is absolutely not important to them and the price increase is indifferent to them...
The Russian Dash_Ru community is being destroyed from within by the Russian FSB cyber security services.

VONNY is not able to push the price up and 120 DASH is a robbery.
Any advertising of crypto assets in Russia is prohibited by law!
VONNY will carry out the decrees of the leadership of an organized criminal group called: the Information Security Center of the FSB of Russia (CIB FSB), which was created on the basis of the Computer and Information Security Directorate (UCIB) of the FSB counterintelligence department and is part of the FSB counterintelligence service.
Located in the building of the former computer center of the KGB of the USSR. The CIB investigates crimes in the field of e-commerce and illegal distribution of personal data.
-4 points,1 month ago
I am very tired of empty promises and demanding huge sums of money from the budget. Work first, then paycheck!
Agree with the authors of FIVE youtube channels from the list and add DASH to them to receive donations.
Then I will personally change my vote and support you!

These youtube channels have hundreds of thousands of views and comments live every day, viewers from all over the world.
These youtube channels accept millions of dollars in cryptocurrency donations from all over the world to destroy Rashism (Russian fascism):

@Gordonua - 3.98 million subscribers,
@khodorkovskylive - 2.12 million subscribers,
@VolodymyrZolkin - 2.09 million subscribers,
@FeyginLive - 1.97 million subscribers,
@NevzorovTV - 1.93 million subscribers,
@omtvreal - 1.66 million subscribers,
@user-nm1yw1mf2t - 1.66 million subscribers,
@FREEDOM_TV - 1.15 million subscribers,
@PotapenkoTV - 1.05 million subscribers,
@pwrru - 1.04 million subscribers,
@MrGulagunet - 948 thousand subscribers,
@DenisKazanskyi - 827k subscribers,
@dmytrokarpenko - 395k subscribers,
@VVVMALTSEV - 151k followers.

They need anonymous DASH !!!
All these channels accept cryptocurrency, you need to add DASH !!!
-3 points,1 month ago
For example, the YouTube channel: @VVMALTSEV (Democracy V. Maltsev has 151,000 subscribers)
MONERO was added there, but DASH is not there.
And I told you all on telegram many times, contact the authors of the channels and make donations so that they start accepting DASH.
You don’t listen to anyone and stupidly send everyone to a ban.

There are many YouTube channels where you can contact the authors and agree on monetization in DASH.
The Russian telegram community is hopeless, since many of you moderators and administrators serve in the FSB and other intelligence agencies.
2 points,1 month ago
This kind of guerrilla marketing will be used in the near future.

Your words that I don't listen to anyone and ban them are lies.

Your words that the Russian-speaking community chat was removed from the official site are also lies, in my memory and in the memory of the people I asked, there was no direct link to the Russian-speaking community.

And the link in the documentation to the Russian-speaking chat used to be there and still is (

The reasons for my request are described in the proposal, in the comments to the proposal, as well as on Discord.
-4 points,1 month ago
You are the real Rashists! You accuse me of lying, knowing that you are lying.
You use Joseph Goebbels' manuals exactly as they teach you in the FSB, yuck, disgusting.
On the official website of, I personally went to your channel on Telegram many times and gave the link to friends. There were two links and yours was removed.
The moderators in your telegram group Dash_Ru forbade communication and then deleted many telegram accounts, this is 100% true. You have several disgusting individuals working as moderators based on the propaganda principle of Joseph Goebbels and they are destroying DASH from the inside.
You venomously said “A type of guerrilla marketing” about how YouTube channels started accepting DASH for donations.
So MONERO pushes DASH into the abyss and is ahead again, helping Ukraine and the whole world fight Russian fascists.
I talked to you about this topic for a whole year, but you didn’t want to listen.

These YouTube channels are accepting millions of dollars in cryptocurrency donations from all over the world to destroy Rashists:
@Gordonua - 3.98 million subscribers,
@khodorkovskylive - 2.12 million subscribers,
@VolodymyrZolkin - 2.09 million subscribers,
@NevzorovTV - 1.93 million subscribers,
@user-nm1yw1mf2t - 1.66 million subscribers,
@FREEDOM_TV - 1.15 million subscribers,
@MrGulagunet - 948 thousand subscribers,
@dmytrokarpenko - 395 thousand subscribers,
@VVMALTSEV - 151 thousand subscribers.
They need DASH!!!

Start negotiating with channel authors to accept the DASH coin.
MONERO has already begun to occupy this niche. DASH community, fight for your audience, don’t fall below...

You and the telegram community Dash_Ru will not monetize the donations of the above channels because you are all from the FSB and you are Rashists!
-5 points,1 month ago
Apparently due to dictatorship and censorship, your Russian telegram group: Dash_Ru was excluded from the main website: in the contacts tab. is no longer on the official website.
You are discussing such nonsense there that people can’t stand it. But as soon as they make comments or complaints to you, you silence everyone forever.

What Russian content are you going to promote and advertise?
Half of Russia was flooded and people lost all their property, the other part of the country is being bombed, the whole country is in poverty.
Your demand of 120 DASH is not justified and I know for sure that you in your circle cannot figure out how to organize effective advertising in Russia or Belarus,
since everyone will be imprisoned instantly!

I’m already wondering who and why they gave you so many support votes? For what? Stupid...
3 points,23 days ago
Clown is already here.
-5 points,1 month ago
Telegram - dictatorship and censorship of no new people!
ForkLog has an extremely narrow audience.
Bastyon - blocked in Russia!
VK - children and Kremlinbots in the amount of 70 subscribers.

Why are you asking such a lot of money?
Your greed has no limits.
2 points,1 month ago
I see a lot of people may be confused with this proposal, so I would like to add few notes here.

Vonny is making great and solid social presence of Dash in the Russian community for a long time already with translating content, making articles, and sharing all recent news, basically non-stop content. He’s very active, well known member, and basically TDL type of guy, who knows and understands all technical specifics and goals of the Dash. Since there are nobody taking care of marketing in the Russian community, he is clearly doing very great things.

The PO's Telegram channel already has decent content that can engage much more people into Dash, but it basically reached its cap for a natural grow - in order to expand the content must be reposted, mentioned and called by various crypto related channels, communities and bloggers, and they almost always ask a price for that. Telegram is a perfect instrument for that - it has cheap ads and a lot of active users with good engagement rate.

I suggest VONNY to add his calculations, promotion costs, accounting into his proposal so that MNOs can keep track of resources spent and count deliverable outcomes. That way we can see whether our efforts worth it or needs to change directions.
1 point,1 month ago
So you are the Russian version of Joel (The Desert Lynx) ?
0 points,1 month ago
100% YES!
0 points,1 month ago
If the similarity is that we're doing marketing, then maybe.
-2 points,1 month ago
Telegram: Your subgroup: Dash | Cryptocurrency news
528 subscribers in total. There has been no progress for many months, but several readers came a month - this is not a result.
120 DASH per month is too much!!!
1 point,1 month ago
All of my past proposals, were focused on content creation. And in my opinion, after my proposals, there is good regular content that is constantly improving. This is the first and basic step that was needed for further action.

This proposal, in addition to the budget for content creation, asks for a budget for marketing. And based on it, I already assume a multiple growth in reach, engagement and number of subscribers.
-2 points,1 month ago
Why are you getting people on the social network VKontakte?
You only have 70 subscribers there and you won’t have any more, since these are bots, and real people don’t want to go to jail and don’t use VKontakte.
You know very well that hundreds of thousands of users were brought to administrative and criminal liability in Russia and Belarus for posts and reposts on VKontakte and many were sent to prison for many years.
1 point,1 month ago
First of all, these are not bots, these are people who have subscribed to the community themselves.

I don't force anyone to subscribe, and I don't plan to hold any significant actions in vk to attract people there. Vk itself is more of a funnel for Telegram and YouTube. The only reason why there is a community in vk is that it is well indexed. If it stops being important, we'll probably freeze work on the vk community in a blink of an eye.
3 points,1 month ago
I like your work, but I am troubled by the trend we see in your asks, from 20 to 40 Dash, now 120 Dash, where to next? 240 Dash? 300?

The output does not justify the input (Dash) IMO and I voting NO for the first month and then may change to YES in the second month or third month, this proposal really should be withdrawn and resubmitted with at most a 50 Dash/monthly ask. I suggest you try the MNOwatch proposal generator for best results.
0 points,1 month ago
The first increase (20-40 Dash) was due to the fact that I had reached my threshold of skills and time I could give, and it was time to delegate and improve the quality of what I was doing. I believe that a Russian speaking community and having good content for it, is important. YouTube (motion design, voice-overs created not by artificial intelligence and generally improving the quality of the material), and even day-to-day graphics and other content requires effort and time.

The increase that has happened now is due to additional funding for the marketing campaign. Now I did not spread it in 2 proposals, but in the future I plan to do it that way. If I see an opportunity and I have a plan to do something.

About the increase of the budget even more, such is not planned. If in the future there will be global ideas, they are already as I said earlier, will be through a separate proposal. In general, the media content is restored, now to hold a campaign that will attract new people and introduce new crypto users to Dash (and many really do not know about Dash). This will restore brand recognition, and then we can gradually work on building up the community.
2 points,1 month ago
Vonny, can you please repair the Discord invite Link displayed on your Youtube channel?
It seems to be invalid or has already expired :(
2 points,1 month ago
Thanks, fixed it to new never expiring links
1 point,1 month ago
Sorry man that is too expensive.
2 points,1 month ago
Proposal owner went from 40 dash for three months (total 120 dash) in his previous budget proposal to now requesting 120 dash for three months (360 dash). That is a hard NO for me.
-1 point,1 month ago
I like @Voncan's work, I told him so.
But have a conscience!
420,000 Russian rubles per month?! As a State Duma deputy, as a leading manager of an oil and gas enterprise?
Voncan, lower the bar) Or share: XpiP6X2UwxbU8AJJdPpWHCmd4Ke7HHw4Y7 )))
1 point,1 month ago
The key difference with them is that it's their salary for their work. With me, it's not just a salary, but an "advertising" budget that I can operate on. Their budgets don't come out of their salaries.
0 points,1 month ago
Your appetites are growing exorbitantly and unreasonably.
Definitely - no!