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Title:Russian-speaking community's engagement, awareness and expansion
Monthly amount: 40 DASH (969 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 120 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2024-01-10 / 2024-04-08 (added on 2024-01-03)
Votes: 570 Yes / 35 No / 48 Abstain

Proposal description

You can read the general gist of the proposal in the introduction section of my past proposal.

If you would like a brief overview of the proposal, please refer to my commentary under the proposal.

But before the proposal, I want to make an announcement.

The first block of Dash was mined on 19 Jan 2014 1:40 AM UTC, so the birth date of Dash can be considered to be the 19th, as this was the date in most time zones at the time of mining 1 block.

And it will be the 10th anniversary of Dash (19 Jan 2024 1:40 AM UTC)

Let's start from this beautiful day, every Dash birthday, celebrate Dash Key Proof Day, as well as Dash World Mixing Day.

How to Participate:

  • Withdraw all Dash from exchanges, even if you are trading, give yourself a day off)
  • Use a wallet with coinjoin functionality - Dash Core, and mix all Dash all day
PS: We believe that also Mikhail will release Dash Electrum with working CoinJoin before this date (There's a good chance)


Now modestly back to my proposal.

What have I done?

The first thing to say is that it wasn't exactly planned originally, but thanks to Dash Italia, I remembered it and put it to work. In October 2023, I got access to translate the resources in Transifex into Russian. So far I have made 100% progress in the main sections, namely Dash Core, Documentation, Dash Electrum.

Over 5,000 previously translated words have been corrected, and almost 50,000 new words have been translated. Only Dash Graphics and Dash Videos remain to be gradually translated, I haven't done it yet because I'm not sure if it's up to date or if it's necessary at all, but I'll get to that. In general, I am waiting for the need for a new translation.

The first thing I planned was to focus on Dash's presence in Telegram and secondarily in VK. These are popular messenger and social network in CIS countries.

In Telegram, a handy mini ecosystem has been created.
There is a welcoming channel (@Dash4ndFuture) that has infographics and basic information about Dash, and actual links to resources within Telegram, to be more specific:

  • Link to chat about Dash (@Dash_ru)
There were no significant changes in the chat. But it is worth noting the increase in subscribers from 1526 to 1646.

  • Link to news channel (@Dash_ru_channel)

It also got some subscribers at first (because probably some of them lost interest in Dash and when I started posting news, they left the channel because of the increased activity), but now the number of subscribers is growing. I started posting the channel on September 8th, then there were 446 subscribers then and now - 465.

It asked for real statistics, so here's the number of publications, which has increased a lot. People started getting quality content in Russian about Dash on time. That is 7-8 times more content than was usually published. And this content is of much higher quality than short "spam-like" posts...

The channel publishes news fully adapted to the Russian-speaking audience, and if necessary, articles are written and published on ForkLog, Habr or other resources. If there are new articles in English, they are also translated and published. The channel provides information about all events and broadcasts, and almost all videos/streams published by projects within the Dash ecosystem are either short summaries or rather long and comprehensive articles. For example, every DCG development update is a full structured article with all the information from the stream. We also publish a weekly wrap-up post that summarizes the previous week's events.

The channel publishes news which are fully adapted to the Russian-speaking audience, and if necessary, articles are written and published on ForkLog, Habr or other resources. If new articles in English appear, it is also translated and published. The channel provides information about all events and broadcasts, and almost all videos/streams published by projects within the Dash ecosystem results in a short summary or rather in a  long and comprehensive article. For example, every DCG development update becomes a fully structured article with all the information from the stream. We also publish a weekly wrap-up post that summarizes the previous week's events.

  • Link to dash support bot (@DashHelp_robot)
This is a newly created telegram bot that you can use to get technical support on Dash and generally get answers to your questions. It is oriented towards Russian-speaking users. And it is a good complement to the @Dash_ru chat room.

Due to the language barrier, not everyone speaks enough English to properly translate their problems, and not everyone is willing to register on the site and leave a ticket (and not everyone finds the site, as practice shows).

English news telegram channel (@Dash_on_pulse)
It was decided to run another news channel in English, because the official one is R.I.P. In general there are about the same publications as in the Russian channel. At the moment this channel has 50 subscribers.

VK ( (0 to 30 subscribers)
Already had an old community in VK, but due to some technical problems, was organized a new community Dash Russia, currently 30 subscribers. VK is the most popular social network in Russia, with a fairly wide age range. Publications in vk duplicate all the information from Telegram. Also VK is quite well indexed by search engines, so now it is quite easy to find information about any event related to Dash through search engines, and this is very good.

Bastyon ( (47 to 54 subscribers)
The most important posts from Telegram are published here.

The second thing I wanted to do was to write articles about Dash.

I published articles on ForkLog, some articles were translated and published on Habr, the rest of the articles were published on or directly as articles on the social network. One article with a timeline of the Block Reward change was also published on the Dash forum. But recently the domain was bought and on the basis of gitbook a site was created where all the main articles previously published in were transferred, i.e. articles about Dash innovations, plus a general article about Dash and a couple of tabs with useful resources, information about wallets, where to buy Dash (DEX, CEX, brokers) and so on.

Actually, all the publications that were previously published on will be on the site, and it will be filled with some more practically important articles and generally completed.

Third, is the publication of various videos about Dash. A YouTube channel ( (17 to 78 subscribers) (298 to 2700 views) has been created.

There are already a lot of different videos published in Russian, there are several completely homemade videos and localized videos from the official Dash YouTube channel. This video is about Dash functions, with recording of manuals on their use, useful advantages that Dash gives. Description of tools, utilities for Dash, recorded together with the developers. 

YouTube is a very good tool to get traffic in the long term, so I will continue my work with it and soon I expect to publish a new video about TrustLess staking in CN, plus some other videos, such as a qualitatively localized series of videos about Dash platform by Amanda.

What is the reason for doubling the requested budget?
First proposal was aimed to create a continuous informational flow in Russian which covers all relevant Dash related news and updates. This is done for now and some quite significant day-by-day maintenance efforts are necessary now to keep it up to date.

On the other hand, there are a lot of marketing related activities that are urgently necessary to promote Dash and to increase its acceptance.

Due to the unclear crypto-regulation in CIS countries it is not possible to perform "classical" marketing activities. Rather it is planned to do more native marketing like e.g.:

  • Dash Integration into services with InstantSend and ChainLocks support
  • New Dash videos on crypto channels but not only
  • Dash use experience reports - Travala, BitRefill, Swappin and similar
  • User interactions in game form with rewards in Dash
  • Ad in VK/Telegram

In order to realize this I am planning to delegate informational activities to other people whereby I will continue to manage and to closely follow this activity.

This will allow me to direct my efforts on marketing activities which also require some budget.

Who I am.

I'm Voncan (Vonny), crypto enthusiast and familiar with Dash since 2019. I have experience in communication and cooperation with people from most DFO. At the moment I am preparing the realization of many good ideas to improve the presence and use of Dash in Russian-speaking countries, and at the moment I have a considerable amount of time to work for the benefit of Dash. Since about the end of 2020 I have been a moderator of the Telegram chat of the Russian-speaking community: @dash_ru, from the end of 2023 as a moderator of the official Dash chat in Telegram. I myself use Dash in my life wherever possible, and I am very happy that there is such an opportunity.

My Telegram account is @V_O_NCAN, if you have any questions about the offer you can write to me in English or in the chat @Dash_ru.

In general, Dash with optional privacy and the ability to transfer to anyone, anywhere, as much as you want and when it is convenient, is just what can help many CIS citizens now.

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-2 points,4 months ago
How do we know you dont buy fake followers with the money you get from the budget?


Will you organize an Encointer meeting, or any other proof of personhood protocol meeting, in order to prove that your followers are not fake?
2 points,4 months ago
Buddy, as one of the representatives of the Russian-speaking dash community, I can responsibly declare the following: this guy does a really great job! Before this person appeared last year, there was no fresh information about dashas in the Russian-speaking segment, which is one of the largest in the world. All that people who were interested in dash could find was information from 3-5 years ago. He did a great job of translating existing information and now this guy very quickly translates all the news, gives short summaries of video broadcasts, and creates training videos. He is up to date with all the new products and is always in touch, ready to answer questions from new people. And all this within the small budget he asks for!
Personally, I don’t care how many subscribers there are. Every day I see the result of this man’s work and vote for his proposal!
As Bob Dylan sang: don't think twice it's alright.
1 point,5 months ago
For me it's YES, he works hard.
1 point,5 months ago
VONNY does a great job on the Dash news channel in telegram @Dash_ru_channel and much more for the community. My support and voice - Yes!
0 points,5 months ago
Yes, a talented man with a bright mind. Always waiting for news on the pulse. Such a community leader should be promoted to millions of telegram channels.
Да, талантливый с ярким разумом человек. Всегда жду новостей на пульсе. Такого лидера сообщества раскрутить бы на миллионные каналы телеграм.
1 point,5 months ago
Definitely yes!
Однозначно да!
2 points,5 months ago
This guy doing enormous job in the Russian community, consider voting YES for this proposal. Almost non stop social media presence. Keep up!
4 points,5 months ago
I will be voting YES, we see a lot of adoption of Dash among the Russian speaking community and we should feed this desire to learn more about this crypto and make it more accessible to them.
1 point,5 months ago
I have successfully organized the flow of news and building up the amount of relevant information into the Russian-speaking field. This is the basis for everything, which also allows you to get new users in the long term with relatively small investments.

The power of DAO in the community

You need to start with the basic things that bring 80% results using 20% effort. Dear masternode owners, protect your investment, take some easy steps, create a news channel, or a chat about Dash in your language if you don't have one, talk about Dash and if possible invest your personal efforts, even if small.

For example, here is a wiki, a very well indexed and important resource.

Why wasn't the Dash DAO on the DAO list?
Why are local pages about Dash at best insufficiently detailed, at worst either abandoned or containing irrelevant information that misleads potential users?

Wikipedia is a great resource that both youtubers and people use as a source for their articles, a poor quality wiki is a source of misinformation and a further bunch of problems.

Now there is Dash DAO in the list of significant DAOs, the English and Russian article about Dash in the wiki can be considered quite complete and up to date.

So my message directly to YOU, if you know English and another language at a good level (preferably a native speaker), update/create the Dash article in your language based on the English wiki.

Also, native English speakers, please review the English wikipedia about Dash, and correct/rewrite something that catches your eye, for I am not a native speaker, English is not my first language.


And a message to DCG, please mark on the roadmap the release of Dash Core v20 done. As not everyone follows the news and many follow the roadmap.

Also maybe we should add those services that Maya Protocol gave us (El Dorado, THORWallet...) to the DEX section on Well, add komodo DEX (which used to be atomic DEX) there too.

CEXs delist Dash, but there's no word about Dash’s availability on DEXs on the official site… And that's a problem in my opinion
1 point,5 months ago