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Title:Update 12/24/18 - Pilot For Professional Proposal Evaluations 'Dash BE'
One-time payment: 99 DASH (5489 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-12-17 / 2019-01-16 (added on 2018-12-02)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 100 Yes / 217 No / 81 Abstain

Proposal description

Update 12/29/18

We extend our gratitude to everyone who reviewed our offering to the DOA, and voted yes.

Should our services be requested in the future, we will be ready to work.

The community can engage our services by sponsoring the proposal fee. We will then deliver a full scope proposal, which will evaluate multiple proposals each cycle.

The proposal for the pilot was $9,500. This was reduced from the full scope, which was $19,500. The future proposal will be very similar to our initial proposal, and replies to questions may therefore be repeated. New evaluations will only be undertaken if we are awarded the project.

For examples of our work, please see copies of our reports on Anypay and Dash Embassy Thailand.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bryan at

Update 12/24/18

We evaluated Dash Embassy Thailand's current proposal. 

Click here for the Audio Summary and the Full Report.

Here is the work that went into this evaluation:
On December 14th we examined all the active proposals. Then the three of us began researching DET. The evaluation went on from the 15-17th. On the 18th we combined research and discussed findings. On the 19th the report was created. On the 20th it was proofread and enhanced. On the same day the video summary script was written. On the 21st the video was filmed. On the 22nd the video was cut and edited. On the 23rd all the deliverables were reviewed and sent back out for final modifications. Today the deliverables were uploaded and posted.

Original Proposal

Hi, my name is Bryan Courchesne and I am a registered investment advisor. The license associated with the business allows it to advise and manage digital assets for clients, some of which hold masternodes. I have been providing my clients with research on Dash and a portion of that could be built out and be of great benefit to the community. Currently, MNOs have no way to professionally analyze and evaluate proposals. It is a cumbersome task that requires expertise.

Proposals often widely vary in both structure and content, making it difficult for MNO’s to appropriately research them prior to making their voting decisions. It is highly inefficient for each individual MNO to conduct their own research on each proposal during each cycle.

Dash BE (Business Evaluation) will evaluate key proposals and provide full reports on them, in addition to video summaries.

Bryan Courchesne - Project Manager
  • The founder of Digital Asset Investment Management (‘DAIM’), a licensed investment adviser for digital assets.
  • Prior to founding DAIM, Bryan managed groups of sales traders at broker-dealers in New York City. During that time he became an Options Principal and General Securities Principal, and he holds the Series 4,7,24,55,63, and 65.
  • University of Florida 2003.
  • Linkedin.
Ryan Knowles - Analyst
  • Research analyst at The Crypto Company.
  • Stanford University 2016.
  • Major: Science, Technology, and Society.
    • Concentration: Innovation and Organizations.
  • Linkedin.
  • Roles:
    • Review, investigate, and report on proposals.
    • Content curation and presentation construction.
Rotating Analyst
  • This person could be a specialist, consultant, or member of the community.
  • Roles:
    • Review, investigate, and report on proposals.
Aaron Frolow - Editor
  • Government investigations, Australia.
  • Roles:
    • Aggregate research data.
    • Proofread and edit reports.
Blackline Media - Audio Visual
  • A professional video production company.
  • Website link.

  • Dash BE will perform ongoing, comprehensive analysis for the Dash DAO by evaluating the potential impact of key proposals, and by providing contextual research on the operational efficiency of the DAO.
  • Dash BE will analyze the DAO and Dash proposals, and report on how they compare to:
    • The crypto industry and
    • The traditional finance industry.
  • The analysis will be conducted on the following aspects:
    • The value proposition;
      • How do the hypotheses and strategies relate to the business?
    • The legal framework;
      • Is there a formal business arrangement and/or licenses?
    • The team;
      • Why are they suitable for the project?
    • Application of funds;
      • What are the strategic values and how will results be achieved?
    • Proposal price;
      • How is the budget allocated and how can prices be compared?
    • Macro environment;
      • How is it comparable to traditional business environments?
    • Market validation and product-market fit;
      • What can be determined from their market validation, market fit, and description of the end user?
    • Strategy, milestones & delivery;
      • How will the strategies be implemented?
    • Complexities; and
      • What could be difficult and cause potential failure?
    • Risks.
      • What are the security, reputational and regulatory risks?
  • If an evaluation is being undertaken on a proposal that is a renewal, comparisons will be made with Dash Watch.
  • All of the analysis will result in the formulation of a professional report.

Reasons why Dash BE will be delivered and maintained:
  • Just how the project lead, Bryan Courchesne, built Digital Asset Investment Management as a regulated asset manager, he will similarly build Dash BE in accordance with professional standards.
  • The evaluation framework used has guidelines yet is flexible enough to be applied across all proposals.
  • Dash BE will evaluate the operational efficiency of the Dash DAO from the standpoint of an investor who is going to question the viability of projects.
  • Just how DAIM follows government imposed guidelines for providing information to retail clients, Bryan will furnish Dash BE deliverables in accordance with the same high standards.
  • This all ties together because looking at Dash as an investment, one must consider the projects it takes on and the probability of them succeeding.

Ongoing Deliverables
  • Monthly evaluation report(s).
  • A 2-5 minute video summarising each report.
  • Audio summary from the video.

Cost For Deliverables
  • Ongoing delivery of evaluations - 203 Dash $19,500 99 Dash $9,500 / period
    • Dash BE will evaluate a select group of impactful proposals.
    • Reduction in consideration of the tight budget and to get started as a pilot program.
    • Dash BE will evaluate the two most impactful proposals requesting between 200-600 Dash.
    • If the most impactful proposal is one requesting over 600 Dash it will be the only one evaluated due to the likelihood of complexities associated with it.
    • The full scope can come later if requested or when/if price recovers.
    • Dash BE will only be used for officially submitted proposals and not pre-proposals.

Benefits To Dash
  • Dash BE will provide MNOs with an efficient way to review and compare proposals.
  • Dash BE provides comprehensive data that is otherwise unavailable.
  • Broader context comparisons to the crypto space and the traditional business world.
  • Dash BE will save voters time by providing multiple quick reference deliverables in the form of:
    • A video summary;
    • An audio summary, and
    • Summaries in the report.
  • Dash BE will give MNOs more information in order to make better voting decisions.

Example Of Deliverables
  • Evaluation of Anypay's proposal titled "ANYPAY_JUNE_2018" (their proposal).
  • The evaluation used available information up until October 10th.

Click here for the Audio Summary and the Full Report.

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1 point,3 years ago
I'd encourage everyone to watch the updated sample report and video on Dash Thailand both because of what it reveals, but also obviously how it demonstrates the value that Dash Business Evaluation provides to the network.
2 points,3 years ago
This would definitely add value to the Dash community.

The additional information provided by the Dash BE team will help us better evaluate proposals, which should lead to improved ROI.

The sample report Bryan provided, gave me a much better understanding of the Anypay proposal. I highly encourage all MNOs who haven't done so yet to click the link at the very bottom of this proposal to see the detailed report!

Voting YES
0 points,3 years ago
The problem I have at the moment is simply that I'm not ready to entrust the funding decisions to a "corporate outlook" yet. I think we can still be grass roots and support small projects via a little trust, especially once prices recover. There is a lot of overhead that proposal owners already have to do, to account for their success and expenditures. Certainly, the larger the proposal, the more professional it should be, and we have resolved some of the problem with small group efforts by having Dash Boost, yet, my feelings on this proposal is that it will be stifling, You will become the "last word" killing any discussion by MNOs. I am just trying to express my initial discomfort with this proposal :) On the other hand, it would be nice to be told how to vote, but then, what is the point of voting?

It's what I like about Dash Watch. They just do the investigations on how well proposals are preforming, not telling the MNOs how to vote. There is a distinct difference.
0 points,3 years ago
Thanks for the comment TanteStefana. Dash Watch's services begin after a project is funded, if there is failure with a proposal it's too late the funds will be gone. Dash Watch does a great job of holding active proposals accountable. Our goal is to help identify what the proposal plans to do and analyze it for the likelihood of success before it gets awarded. From there its up to the MNO's to use or not use our recommendation.
0 points,3 years ago
I understand, and I see the value, I simply feel extra scrutiny at this time, is more detrimental (if it stops the network from funding riskier projects) I honestly think taking risks, even when only a few pay off, is much more beneficial for Dash. I'm in the minority, but it's how I see it :) I think there are more good people in the world that will do all they can to bring something good to the network than intentionally bad. a % of them will simply fail, due to inability, a % will always be scamming, and a % will be golden. We are world wide, and the areas of the world I would like to see bloom are in the poorest areas of the world. We have to take the risk to find our greatest people.
1 point,3 years ago
voted YES. good luck. budget tight these days. if this does not pass this time around, maybe try again next year.
2 points,3 years ago
I think there is a definite need for this type of service. Provided that a written resume can also be provided so that we can see at a glance the findings and the reasons for the conclusions. We need to make certain the decisions we are making are the best decisions, especially when there are limited treasury funds.

In several past proposals that were large investments by DASH I voiced my opinions against the projects because I did not believe they were sound projects e.g. the team had continuously shifting goalposts, or the project leaders themselves were selling an idea, not a solid, well thought out plan. There were other points also which suggested the projects would not go according to the plan I picked these up from 25 years in business. I was correct in voicing my concerns on those projects however there were not many MNOs agreeing with the points I was making and they voted proposals through that I did not think were sound proposals. All the projects I thought had an issue ended up having an issue.

Perhaps if we had a service like this my views would have been heard and taken more seriously.

I have also, however, also made my own mistakes and supported a few projects that turned out to not be so good even though the concept of the projects seemed solid. On those occasions I learned it was not the concept, business idea or the plan that was at fault but it was more to do with issues with the people running the project. I simply did not have the time to do the background research on the team themselves to learn more about them. If I could have had that additional information on the background to the team I am sure I would have made better decisions on the ones I got wrong.

I personally feel it would be of great value to invest in a project like this to test it out.
1 point,3 years ago
Thanks for the comments. In our reports below the Summary in each section, we break down more areas and give reasonings. The way we begin to break down these areas can be found in the Operation section of the proposal.
-2 points,3 years ago
I to share concerns this proposal puts too much emphasis on the PO, ability.

FWIW. Hes an investment advisor, like the kind at your local bank, quite a simple course in no way or shape does an invest advisor have the professional capacity to act as a entity doing qualitative analysis on high risk business

You need someone with a background of a VC to assess quality and risk, not an investment advisor

Voting No thank you
3 points,3 years ago
I have to share my concerns with your feedback. To date I don't think I've ever seen you give any constructive, or positive feedback on any proposal. You've given so much negative feedback on so many proposals that I'm I've rapidly lost interest in what you have to say. We need people, preferably MNOs with skin in the game unlike "Realmrhack" who is not an MNO, that can provide positive as well as negative feedback i.e. balanced and constructive feedback. Someone that consistently posts negative feedback is to be questioned.
-4 points,3 years ago
Deepblue come on discord so i can whip my dick out and show you im an MNO lol
0 points,3 years ago
There are investment advisors at your local bank and there are investment advisors at VC firms. Vestigo Ventures is an example of a VC firm who’s General Partner, Mark Casady, ran a traditional investment advisory firm called LPL. DAiM is an advisor more narrowly focused exclusively on digital assets. Similar to a VC firm, Dash BE uses qualitative analysis to break down all the intangible, and difficult-to-measure aspects of an opportunity. Which leads to a quality assessment from which the risks of the investment can be identified. Additional supporting background for Dash BE stems from our analyst, Ryan Knowles, who also performs analysis on investment opportunities at The Crypto Company.
3 points,3 years ago
My concern with this proposal is that MNOs might rely too heavily on an opinion of an outside entity, which as you state would be to mark a proposal as “likely or not likely to benefit Dash”. Would this be done on a scale?

Currently, MNOs maintain a working relationship with proposal owners. This happens mostly via asking questions and requesting feedback during the proposal process. We have even seen it take place after the voting has completed. I don't wish to see anything that discourages that interaction as it has proven helpful in discovering proposal owners' motivations and in evaluating the quality of work completed.

We already have DashWatch which helps us to decide on proposals, particularly those that are up for a repeated vote. Repeated proposals represent the majority of all proposals today. The only difference between DashWatch and Dash BE is that DashWatch does not present MNOs with a measure of how likely a project would be to benefit Dash. They simply report on whether the promised work has been completed.

If this does not pass, why not give us a month or two of free services so we can see just how beneficial it would be? Perhaps allowing MNOs to understand what you are offering by actually doing it would make it more attractive for funding.

I look forward to reading your response to my concerns. I have not voted yet. Thank you.
0 points,3 years ago
Each report would have a recommendation and it will be up to the MNOs to decide how much to let it influence their voting behavior. If it was in our existing business model we would consider a ‘freemium’ offering. But like many proposals, we think it would be difficult for the community to cohesively assign the same level of benefit to our work. To help comprehend our offering and what will be delivered we have provided an example.

Thank you for your comments and questions.
2 points,3 years ago
I'm on the fence with this one and share concerns with ec1warc1 and other commenters.

On one hand, Dash budgeting would benefit greatly from more professionalism and better evaluation of proposals. Often I found myself wondering if a couple young folks, students perhaps, who had the time to dabble with DarkCoin back in the days, but who have no marketing, finance or economics experience, just got lucky enough to load up on enough coins to give them significant voting power. Then things get voted on on a whim, a gut feeling, or some notion of "cool". I've been running teams in sales and marketing for international companies for many years and if someone on my team had seriously proposed some of the things that passed here, I'd have suggested them to start looking for a new job. So anything that holds POs to higher standards and helps MNOs evaluate proposals in a more structured way would be very welcome.

On the other hand, I see potential conflicts of interest and am unclear scope and deliverables will balance.

If your evaluation ends up becoming a make it or break it hurdle, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with so much power concentrated in one hand, esp. since I've never heard of you before. And, more bluntly, how do I know you won't collude with POs to give favorable recommendations?

Also, after watching your sample video, I find it a bit thin. The 2.5 min consist mostly of rehashing the proposal itself; your own analysis goes from 1:50 to 2:35. I'd expect more than 45 sec of real content to justify the expense. So I'd second the request for a real-life test of your service with an upcoming proposal, not one that closed months ago. You may feel "freemium" isn't your business model, but this isn't a freemium model. It's providing a real sample upfront - standard practice in many industries, esp. for someone new on the block.

The other concern is with the selection of "two most impactful proposals". First, I think two is too few. I understand it's a pilot, but I'd like to know how you'd want (and could) scale this up if your pilot works out. Evaluating "a select group" as you said at first is too ambiguous. Second, how do you decide "impactful"? And the most impactful proposals could very well be no-brainers. In that case, are you just going to confirm what everybody already knows?

I'll abstain for now, but may change my vote later.
0 points,3 years ago
Thank you for the comments. Colluding would be a conflict of interest and would put the license of the firm at regulatory risk. Plus, we see that it could be very easy for someone to find out and suspect collusion. We do not want this risk when we want to provide a reputable recurring service.

It is tough to make deliverables that will make everyone in the community 100% satisfied.

For more please see the reply to Masternube below from 11 days ago.
0 points,3 years ago
@MasterNoodle and @ec1warc1 see the update to our proposal. We have evaluated Dash Embassy Thailand.
4 points,3 years ago
I like the general idea. I will probably vote yes for a proposal like this later next year. Abstaining for now.
2 points,3 years ago
Thank you for the future yes vote. It can difficult to decide when the time is right for a proposal. We feel it is important to improve efficiency as soon as possible.
1 point,3 years ago
The DAO has been needing an informed, expert analysis of proposals and their potential benefit--or lack thereof--to the network for quite some time. Some of us have business or industry or otherwise relevant professional experience, but many of us do not, and our voting power does not necessarily scale in accordance, so a tool like this is of indispensable value to the DAO.

There are many budget concerns, but you have to look at the big picture, you have to see the long-term impacts. Budget is currently a function of Market Cap and Market Cap alone, but this may not always be the case. If DashBE can guide the DAO toward more effective decisions, then that potentially increases the Market Cap and ranking of Dash and thus the amount of funding available for the Treasury. I see DashBE--at least in some form, even if through exploration it eventually takes different forms over time--as an indispensable part of the DAO's infrastructure, especially with Dash Ventures looming on the horizon.

When Dash Ventures hits, we're going to need people on our side with experience and expertise in this very nuanced field who can help us decide not only which projects to vote for or against, but also how much funding we leave in the Treasury for regular proposals vs. how much funding is allocated for Dash Ventures, etc. Most of us are not investors or fund managers, and most of us certainly don't perform that role professionally. Having someone on retainer who is and does is necessary moving forward, and in order to have all the kinks worked out and everything ready when Dash Ventures goes live, we need to start these sorts of projects far in advance. This will give us time to iron out the bugs, evaluate the partnership, and make a reasonable determination whether or not this or something like this is a service that will ultimately enhance the DAO.

Obviously there are some projects that are more critical at this juncture such as Dash Core Group, Dash Nexus, etc--critical infrastructure projects, as I call them--but if we have any additional room in the budget this month, as a pilot I believe this will be well spent and potentially develop in to a second oversight wing in tandem with Dash Watch. The DAO has needed this for a long time, and I think Bryan and DashBE would be a good fit.
-1 point,3 years ago
Please don't call them "virtual currencies". That's a word people like Ben Lawsky use to denigrade cryptocurrencies.
0 points,3 years ago
Thanks for the proposal.
First off, you may be aware of Craig Mason's efforts along the same lines. FWIW, I personally found his service helpful, and I align with his general outlook on Dash and much more. Example of Craig's work:

Budget allocation: Obviously, without people continuously investing in Dash, the ecosystem would fade away completely. Dash needs to attract investors first and foremost. Secondary to this, Dash provides a payment system that can potentially benefit all manner of users across the planet.

Question 1: What are the main bullet point priorities you think the Dash treasury should seek to fund? (1st, 2nd and 3rd priorities at least).

Question 2: We may get what are basically start-ups seeking funding. Do you have any bullet point comments on this?

Question 3: We may get what are basically charities seeking funding. Any bullet point comments on this also?
0 points,3 years ago
What is a bullet point priority or bullet point comment?
0 points,3 years ago
I'm looking for a brief answer. 'In a nutshell'.
0 points,3 years ago
Here is an ‘in a nutshell’ response. We researched Craig Mason’s work early on in the formation of Dash BE and respect what he did. It led to components of Dash BE that we hope will benefit the widest range of community members.

Q1 - Ranking an outline of priorities the treasury should seek to fund would be a different scope of work from this proposal. However, we could create a report in the future that covers suggested goals and objectives.

Q2 - For start-ups, our evaluation could be heavily weighted on the team’s experience and the market validation and product market fit.

Q3 - If a proposal is ‘basically’ a charity then there could be some component that is not a giveaway and that should be explored along with clearly identifying what exactly the funds will be used for.

Thank you for the comments and questions.
0 points,3 years ago
2 points,3 years ago
How do you decide which proposals are most impactful?

The most impactful proposals aren't likely to be the ones hardest to make a decision on. It doesn't seem very useful to have only 1 or 2 proposals analyzed.

$10,000 for 5 minutes of video seems expensive. I understand a proper analysis requires a lot of effort, but if the result is only a 2.5 minute video per proposal then that doesn't seem like a very effect use of resources. Looking at the example video, most of it is even describing the proposal and the conclusion is only backed by very few arguments with little evidence. If you do have the arguments and the evidence, it might benefit from a different kind of presentation.

What would you do if the price of Dash goes up or down? Deliver more/less or is the deal fixed no mater what happens to the price?
1 point,3 years ago
Deciding which proposals are most impactful is complicated and could vary in the procedure. Initially, all proposals will be looked at from a top-down approach and could result in a few that are barely getting enough passing votes and one or two that are just below passing. A proposal that has a very high probability of passing could also be evaluated because it covers multiple cycles.

Outside of the most impactful proposals that are not likely to be the hardest ones to make a decision on, there are still other important proposals that will get awarded. And these should be evaluated to improve the efficiency of the treasury. We are proposing Dash BE as a pilot program. When we evaluate a few proposals the results will help MNOs vote and these results should help the whole community improve by shedding light on what can be done better.

As for the deliverables, we tested many different offerings. The ways members of the community look at proposals vary widely, from some who may just read the proposal title to those who do their own deep dive analysis. With this in consideration, we are aiming to cover as many people as possible. From the feedback we got, we came up with the following structure and who it would appeal to.
- Full report, comprehensive of the evaluation. For people who want to read everything.
- Summary, each section in the report has one at the beginning. For people who like a light amount of detail.
- Conclusion, at the end of the report. For people wanting the recommendation.
- Video summary, an overview of the proposal with the recommendation and key backup. For those who may not read the proposal and prefer just a video that is short enough to keep their attention.
- Audio summary, overview of the proposal with the recommendation and key backup. For those who want to just listen.

We are looking at this as a pilot cycle and should the price go down we will still deliver on this proposal. If the price should rise significantly we will consider evaluating more proposals.

Thank you for your comment.
0 points,3 years ago
If the pilot is successful, do you plan to put in a big proposal to analyze many proposals next round, or would it always be 1 or 2?
I still feel that 1 or 2 is not useful enough but 10 or 20 would be too expensive.
0 points,3 years ago
If the pilot is successful and depending on the updates we make to the deliverables, we would most likely put in a proposal for our full scope (crossed out). The number of current deliverables reflects feedback given and the treatment of this as a pilot program. 10 or 20 evaluations may only incrementally improve efficiency and would be costly. At this point and likely after the pilot, we think our full scope will be the most beneficial.
0 points,3 years ago
I see a lot of buzz words but I have no idea what you just said there or whether you even answered my question.
0 points,3 years ago
You can message us on Discord and we can set up a call if you would like to talk further.
1 point,3 years ago
I think something like this is very desirable to help MNOs evaluate proposals, but there are aspects to this proposal that concern me. My chief issue is that this would centralize too much power in the hands of one person or small group. However fair and unbiased you intend to be this will still reflect the opinions and outlook of a few people in Dash BE. But since the community would be putting you in a position of considerable influence I feel there should be some checks and balances to ensure you provide a balanced and unbiased service and that the PO will have a fair opportunity for rebuttal.

Since considerable sums of money are involved there will be plenty of potential for controversy. What I would prefer to see is a way to include a broader range of opinions. Thinking off the top of my head, what about a YouTube panel discussion a few days before each voting cycle closes? Maybe start with a 3 minute pitch from each key PO followed by your BE video review, then a discussion between a panel consisting of the PO, you, some well respected community members and an independent moderator/anchor to keep everyone civil (Tao? Joel? Mark?). Maybe the Three Amigos or Cash Alternative TV could host the discussion once a month?
1 point,3 years ago
We understand the concern of becoming too centralized. The way we see it is that we don’t own a masternode and do not have direct control over any votes. MNOs don’t have to be influenced by our work, they can choose how to interpret our deliverables or not to use them at all. And in the end, they still need to choose which way they are going to vote. In order to provide a balanced and credible report, we plan to offer a call to the proposal owner before the report is finalized for discovery and discussion.

From the inception of this concept we have considered the potential for controversy and in our professional business practice, we operate in an emotion-free manner that is fair and orderly. When devising the different possible offerings, a discussion panel was considered. Here are the difficulties we see with that.
-Getting POs to cooperate and meet additional deadlines.
-Getting the PO, Dash BE, a few community members, and a moderator to all be available at the same time and then to consistently do it each cycle.
-Incentivizing people to participate.
-The additional time and capital that would be consumed.

A panel style review is something that could be developed in the future. For now, we see the need to get started so that we can make improvements to the deliverables and better serve as a resource that can help improve the efficiency of the treasury. Thank you for your thought out comment.
2 points,3 years ago
As much as I like this, I still see it as unworkable due to the amount of research required, and the time available in which to do it, as well as it's potential effects on the behavior of proposal owners. It would be great if this was part of the pre-proposal process. I must vote no.
0 points,3 years ago
We have been observing recent budget cycles and find that there is sufficient time to work but that it must be done both efficiently and effectively, in order to deliver. We are certainly not shy about the amount of work that is required, and the speed at which it needs to be completed. Dash BE will have varying effects on the behavior of proposal owners. We foresee proposals improving what information is given and the way it’s given. Owners should deeply consider what they are proposing and remove potentially wasteful components. We see the pre-proposal process necessary for new proposals; however, engagement and feedback in this process are low. If Dash BE was to evaluate pre-proposals the work may go unnoticed and be an inefficient use of Dash. There could be a time in the future where things evolve and there becomes a way to incorporate pre-proposals. Thank you for your comment.
0 points,3 years ago
Affecting proposal owners to make higher quality proposals would great.
This is also a goal of DashNexus, which will also have the pre-proposal process embedded in the proposal process.
It might make sense to wait until after DashNexus has launched to see how it affects the quality of the proposals.
0 points,3 years ago
We see DashNexus making information easier to access and digest. We do not find them providing in-depth analysis on proposals like we will.