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Title:Dash Hub Africa New Proposal ""
Monthly amount: 73 DASH (3465 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (6 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-11-16 / 2019-05-14 (added on 2018-11-05)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 64 Yes / 196 No / 18 Abstain

Proposal description

Dear Dash Community and Masternode Owners, we hereby submit our Proposal Dash Hub KUMASI, GHANA Business Development, Merchants Expansion with Dash Buy Back, Remittance Market Online Shops Integration, Billboard Advert And Radio Outreach  (December to May 2019) 




This proposal intends to on board Merchants, Investors and Businesses in Kumasi, Ghana by introducing Dash Hub products and services through our Outlet, Educate Newbies to save Dash long term on Crowdnode and Uphold, Add value to existing and potential Merchants through Mainstream Media Outreach and Adverts. Development of Cost effective Business centric strategy for Dash to scale accordingly in KUMASI (2nd city of Ghana) from December 2017 to May 2018.
The team has decided to scale up our strategy by approaching Merchants and Businesses to grow steadily and improve upon Dash usage record through Dash Buy Back
Strategy and product introduction as value creation strategy and Outlet to serve Customers.
The current upgrade of AnyPay Point of Sale And Spark Point of Sale to accept Ghana Cedis Denomination, We can now easily set up Merchants to accept DASH and people can live some aspect of their life relying on Dash (Airtime, Shopping, Bill payments and Subscription) never having to touch fiat (political money).
It is expected that through this proposal we can on board more Merchants and continue creating Real time use case of Dash in Ghana with the focus of becoming self-sustained hence
fund our operation through revenue generated from Dash Hub Product and Services. 

Dash Hub KUMASI,Ghana expansion strategies are set to achieve 800 Agents/Vendors, 800 Businesses/Merchants, 300 Online Shops Integration And 6,000 New Users in Kumasi, Ghana in 6 Months.
  • Open an Outlet/Business center for Dash Buy Back/ Easy liquidity, Consulting and Support to Merchants.
  • Self-Sustaining team upon operating Dash Hub Kumasi,Ghana.
  • Create Additional Value for existing and Potential Merchants by introducing Dash Hub Products and services.
-Android Phones to serve as Point of Sale Device
- Dash Buy back and Easy Liquidity
- Support and Training
  • Partnership with 800 Over the Counter Exchange for Dash Buy Back and Easy Liquidity for Merchants.
  • Business Development Plan for self-sustaining team progress for 12 Months (1 year).
  • Weekly Online Merchant Education and Training for progressive result in KUMASI,Ghana
  • 6 Months Mainstream Media Splash (Radio Station and Live presenter Mention) for product Advert and Promotion in order to motivate our
  • Merchants/Agents to continue accepting Dash
  • Integration of Dash on 300 Online Shopping Outlet, Exchanges and ensure prompt Delivery to Customers paying with Dash.
  • As Merchants number grows, Users Wallet Downloads grow accordingly by creating more people to spend Dash.
  • Increase our partnership and Integration for DASH in Ghana.
  • YouTube Videos of all our recorded Activities to serve other regions in Africa.
  • Submission of weekly Masternodes Update and Progressive Report
Since November 2017, when this initiative was created DASH HUB AFRICA insight is to teach, educate and empower Africans about the use of DASH as a payment solution in Africa. We have grown predominately Thanks to the Masternodes Network for our continues support, DASH HUB AFRICA currently operates in 8 Africa countries (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Togo, Ivory Coast, Benin Republic, Ethiopia and Uganda) with Ambassadors and Stalwarts contributing their quota in increasing Dash real case use in Africa.
Nevertheless, Masternodes Network and Dash Community have got issue with identifying which project belong to who from Africa with this in mind, Dash Hub Africa has restructured our plan and rebranded our strategy for easy identification, Increased Merchant onboarding, continue partnership with existing industry players and stakeholders.The need for the creation of DASH HUB KUMASI, Ghana Outlet.
Betty Place Restaurant is one of our merchant accepting DASH in Nyeri, Kenya and now making headline on BBC World News
Even due to lack of enough funding we continue pushing adoption and paving way for more real time use case of DASH in Africa in-africa/ lack-of-funding-venturecanvas/
BITCOIN News Channel in Africa now capturing our work and ranks DASH as the best alternative to Cash.
Headlines and Article showcasing the power of DASH in Africa.
  • in-africa-despite- lack-offunding/24601/
  • in-africa-aims-to-make-cryptocurrency-payment-aneveryday-concept__news_516685

Brief on KMA, The Kumasi Metropolis is centrally located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Its unique central position makes it accessible from all corners of the country. It is the second largest city in the country and the administrative capital of Ashanti. It is a fast growing Metropolis with an estimated population of more than two million people and an annual growth rate of about 5.4%. The Metropolis is about 254 kilometers; its physical structure is basically circular with a central located commercial area. There are concentrations of economic activities in the city. The first and most important location is the Central Business District (CBD), which embraces the Kejetia Lorry Park, the Central Market and the Adum Shopping Centre. The other economics nodes include the Suame Magazine (Vehicle repair centre) the Kaase/Asokwa Industrial Area and the Anloga Wood Market. Most industries which deal in Timber processing, logging, Food processing and Soap making are concentrated at the Kaase/Asokwa Industrial Area. There is also number of satellite markets in the metropolis. These include Asafo Market, Bantama Market, Oforikrom Market and Atonsu Markets. It is estimated that 48%, 46% and 60% of the Metropolis are urban, peri-urban and rural respectively, confirming the fast rate of urbanization. More facts on why Dash KUMASI, Ghana 


Following DASH Core CEO (Ryan Taylor) view on Community Q&A for last month September 2018: Forum Discussion "The DAO has an abundance of projects aimed at education, information-sharing, news-sharing, and websites to make the DAO more effective. These are important projects, and the local knowledge that oftentimes comes with these projects can be valuable at expanding Dash adoption. The DAO would benefit from the addition of local channel partners that are already in the payments space to help drive adoption to existing merchants and users. These could include payment processors, gateways, merchant acquirers, point-of-sales system vendors and servicers, independent sales organizations, loyalty & rewards programs, or even industry associations. A single partner in one of these categories - if done correctly -can help Dash scale its acceptance quickly to a large number of merchants. In addition, more local fiat on and off ramps in markets Dash lacks connectivity would be highly beneficial. The community can play a key role in introducing Dash to these types of services and requesting its integration"
We at DASH HUB AFRICA have decided to scale accordingly to achieve this goal through this proposal.

Notable Achievements
  • First DASH payment Video from Africa using Anypay POS
  • Achieved 65 Merchants from Ivory Coast, Benin Republic and Togo on in 3 months through our funded proposal on.
  • Currently achieving over 1700 Dash Wallet Downloads with an average active users of 890 Wallet Monthly.
  • Over 220 Merchants Dash Pitch Monthly, with over 100 Active Merchants and Over the Counter Exchanges for DASH in Africa.
  • DASH Roadshow in 8 Africa countries (Expanding DASH Outreach in 8 Countries- Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin Republic, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda)
  • Training over 35 Ambassadors, Agents and Stawlart for Dash Monthly through Online and Offline tools and strategy.
  • Cypto-Television Plus Reporting DASH Hub Africa Expansion project in Africa
  • Bitcoin Kenya, Discussion on DASH Ecosystem and plans for East Africa.
  • Sponsored and partnership at the West Africa Blockchain Conference in 2018.
  • Achieved partnership with Omega Links International in West Africa and Handsup Foundation in East Africa to help develop an Ecosystem for Dash massive adoption through Youth empowerment and development projects
Please Click Here for Full Budget.







 December  2018
 to  May 2019



 Business  Development and Dash Hub products
 -Android  Device to serve as POS
 -  Dash Buy back and
 Easy  Liquidity
 -  Support and Training

 Voting  In


 5th December
 Every  Month.



 Partnership  of Mobile Money Agent and Monthly
 Wages  based on target.
 § Dash Buy Back
 § Easy Liquidity
 § OTC Agents

 Voting  In


 Every  3 Months
 February  2019 and May 2019



 Monthly  Round Table
 Monitoring, Evaluation and Projections

 Voting  In


 Thursdays of every week December 2018 to May 2019



 Media  Outreach and
 3  Radio Stations
  120  Minutes Weekly Show
  Live  Presenter Mention
 Publicity  & Advertising
  4G  Internet Access -$150
 (Live  Video on Twitter and
  Miscellaneous  Expenses
 Airtime  on Bitrefill Media Splash
  (OTC And Talk show)
 2  Digital Billboard

 Voting  In


 December 2018 to May 2019



 Operational  Cost:
 Marketing, Stickers, Uniforms, Pop Materials

 Voting  In


 December 2018 to May 2019 (Self Sustained after date)



 Staff  Salaries
 Self-Sustaining team
 1  Project Coordinator
 1  Business Development
 1  Secretary
 10  Sales Agent
 10  promoters

 Voting  In

Estimated Requested Amount on Milestone.
· Total USD: 11,169.00
· Estimated DASH: 73
· Duration: 6 Months
Any leftover funds, perhaps due to an increase in the price of Dash, will be used to extend Our operations before requesting another extension in the future.

Account and Previous DAO Funding
In August 2018, Masternodes Network Voted for our proposal “DASH HUB AFRICA IN 3 WEST AFRICA COUNTRIES”  which 
Transaction Address:
August Cycle 2018
31.5 DASH Execution at Ivory Coast 13th September to 29th September 2018.
2.2 DASH Online Media Outreach September 2018
1 DASH Submitted Dash Boost to sponsor Ghana Blockchain Conference NOT FUNDED. 
September Cycle 2018
26.5 DASH Execution at Cotonou, Benin Republic 6th October to 19th October 2018.
1.5 DASH Partnership and Sponsorship (IAAS Blockchain Conference)
1.7 DASH Online Ambassadorial Training
5 DASH Irrecoverable proposal to Console after a System Crash due to power outage and gobject prepare not
found. Transaction Hash:2c62f2eddb738c9f8810b9a3412dddebbf015ffda1774fb1a660a4fbb39ec1d8
1 DASH Submitted Dash Boost “DASH HUB Business Development Plan” NOT FUNDED
October Cycle 2018
27.50 DASH Execution at Lome,Togo (Exchanged to Fiat @$151.50 per Dash)
1.5 DASH Online Ambassadorial Training November 2018
5 DASH Submission of DASH HUB KUMASI Proposal 
Available funds is 3.6 DASH
Dash Address:


Dash Hub FINTECH is a certified business organization with registration number BN194202018 under Registrar General Department Ghana in accordance with Companies Act 1962 (No. 151) Having got this license we created DASH HUB KUMASI Outlet. 

Executive Members of DASH Hub Africa 
1. Project Coordinator Linkedin
I'm Abdullah Adeleke popularly known as Ultimatecrypto on all DASH Communication platforms.I hold Bachelors in Integrated Business Studies and Post diploma in Computer
Science from All Nations University College. I am Dash Stalwart and Cryptocurrency advocator. I currently serve as the lead Dash Ambassador in Africa. Also, I am an online
promoter/marketer for Ultimatex Electronics West Africa, An affiliate marketer at Currently the CEO and head of Dash-hub Africa, a team advocating and
integrating Dash Digital Cash into Africa.
2. Asst.Project Coordinator
My name is Faruq Tahiru, Assistant Project Coordinator at Dash-hub Africa.I hold Masters in Industrial relations and Personnel Management from the University of Lagos,
Nigeria,I am a Cryptocurrency investor and I have been advocating for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency adoption since 2016 in Africa.
3.Media/Graphics Designer
I am Mike, a graphics designer at A2 Print Kumasi Ghana, I hold professional certificate in Media and graphics from IPMC Ghana. I pledge to stick to DASH professional
design and promotional graphics as posted at

Proposal Information
Report and Evaluation
Update will be posted on all Dash official channels (forum, discord, reddit, twitter and telegram) Comprehensive report submitted to Dash watch and on the pre-proposal link 

If you have any questions and/or recommendations, please direct them to @Ultimatecrypto on Dash Forum for swift response and notifications.
Dash Hub Africa have built a spotless reputation for Dash in Africa and we must retain it in order to keep existing Merchant Confident, Nurture new ones, Increase our Merchant On-boarding, Business usability In-store and Online and not jeopardize Dash speculator growth in Africa.



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0 points,3 years ago
Friendly reminder to Masternodes: All your votes from last month are cancelled, null and void. Unlike previous months where successful proposals can kind of coast because all their YES vote carry over, this month, THEY DON'T. Please go vote so that we don't leave deserving proposals high and dry. If you are having problems voting, this thread will likely solve your problem, otherwise ask.

The clock is ticking.....17 hours. Let's get after it!
0 points,3 years ago
1 point,3 years ago
6 months is too long.

The bulk of the Dash seems to be spent on "Execution" at various places but there is no links to video or pictures or telling what was accomplished. Please provide more info on what the Dash was spent on.

August Cycle 2018
31.5 DASH Execution at Ivory Coast 13th September to 29th September 2018.

September Cycle 2018
26.5 DASH Execution at Cotonou, Benin Republic 6th October to 19th October 2018.

October Cycle 2018
27.50 DASH Execution at Lome,Togo (Exchanged to Fiat @$151.50 per Dash)

The last one was over $4000 dollars, the others even more i'm assuming, what did we get for that?
2 points,3 years ago
Ao after all the no votes and your proposal not.passing you sneakily change the topic to make seem as if you had requested that the project be down voted LOL
0 points,3 years ago
Dash Hub Africa continues to focus on Payments and Usage of Dash as alternative Cash. (Spending Dash at Box light, Nairobi-Kenya)
1 point,3 years ago
Dash Watch November 26th 2018 Report on
DASH-PanAfricanExpansion by Ultimatecrypto
5 points,3 years ago
Foy anybody thinking to vote for this proposal. Please read this report. It's not good.
-3 points,3 years ago
Please support to grow Dash in Africa, Need 440 Yes Vote to become funded.

From your masternode cold wallet (the one having your 1000 DASH vins and where the revenue arrives).

To vote from dash-qt (graphical wallet), go to Tools > Debug console and type:

gobject vote-many 909ab2de384d7e19b28145023c0b156705a6e2a39b06ffb8eb8e0ba55cf3a378 funding yes

Link to proposal on Dash Central

To vote from dash-cli (command line, dashd must be running), type:
dash-cli gobject vote-many 909ab2de384d7e19b28145023c0b156705a6e2a39b06ffb8eb8e0ba55cf3a378 funding yes

Please Note: Africa economy is an emerging one and Dash can help change payment trend.

Please support and Vote Now.
Thank you!
Abdullah Adeleke
5 points,3 years ago
@ultimatecrypto we know how to vote we have been doing it since 2014 most of us.

I think we can handle it, spamming your own proposal continuously or dash nation channels will not get you any positive votes

Thank you

Voting NO
-4 points,3 years ago
voting YES. I like the mention of CrowdNode. Sheer investment in the Dash ecosystem is probably the No.1 best thing Africans can do at this point (CrowdNode assists that/ Uphold too/ Exchanges etc). The remittance market is probably No.2.
Ideally, Dash needs it's very own Bitpesa like platform.
-1 point,3 years ago
Thanks so much @Criticalinput, we hope to revive the growth of Dash in Africa through this proposal
-2 points,3 years ago
Keep up the energy guys! Voting yes, and hope others will help fund Ghana/Nigerian projects this month so they can make some headway! You've always done good work.
0 points,3 years ago
yes from me, good luck.
0 points,3 years ago
Thanks for the support, We are dedicated to continue working hard.
-1 point,3 years ago
High Charge back on transactions and Remittance fees are killing us Everyday. Dash offers the best solution with Low transaction fee, Instant send and private send. DASH HUB AFRICA Investment Conference...Video loading
-2 points,3 years ago
Another EXCHANGE Integration this month for Dash Users and Merchants to access liquidity. Dash to Ghana Cedis and Ghana Cedis to Dash 24/7

eBitpoint exchange, One of the highest ranked exchange in Ghana now integrates Dash to their platform.

This Exchange offers 2 Products to Customers
1. Buy or Sell of Digital Currency.
2. Peer to peer market place with escrow service availability

We are dedicated to continue building Dash Hub in Africa.

Thank you!

Abdullah Adeleke
Dash Hub Africa
9 points,3 years ago
You requested funding of 15.00 Dash from @dashboost
Please explain why you suddenly require over 29x times that amount (438.00 Dash) ?
-6 points,3 years ago
We requested 14Dash +1Dash proposal fee reimbursement for the Business Development Plan of this proposal through Dash Boost (NOT FUNDED).

Business Development plan is a one time project which is captured in the first month of this proposal (December Cycle Budget) but in the case of this proposal, we have detailed projections and strategy to achieve a self sustaining team through Dash Hub Outlet, product and services.

Our team are dedicated to make great progress to Dash Adoption in Ghana, As we have in the past focused in 8 Africa countries and now through recommedations and comments from MNOs we want to expand region by region.

Your support is vital for a self sustaining strategy and more usage of Dash in KUMASI, Ghana
2 points,3 years ago
Forgot to mention my last point.

6) the proposal length of 6 months is extremely long.

Especially given the prior circumstances in Africa where there has been very little ROI or deliverables that have been measured.

Thank you
-5 points,3 years ago
Dear @RealMrHack
1. The budget breakdown of 18.50Dash for 1 year rent is to enable us acquire an office of operation (Dash Hub Outlet). Please note that the office has been secured through an Agent and the amount in the said budget will be paid when we get funded.

Secondly 13.5 Dash in January is slated for office setup, Furniture and Fitting, Equipments and supplies needed for effective operation of an Outlet.

3. Please note we are not giving out Money, It is a strategy to get more people using Dash (Imagine a Newbie setup a Dash Wallet and receive $5 to have a real feel of Dash on Bitrefill) and more merchants accepting Dash.

4. Advertising and Marketing is an important tool needed to drive adoption, In our past proposal in Ghana we attracted alot of people through our "Digital Display Screen" PLEASE WATCH: but this proposal aims to employ quality marketing tool such as Radio Stations, Giant Screen, Press and Media to achieve our goal in KUMASI, Ghana.

5. 14Dash for Business Development Plan (feasibility study, market research, analysis and product introduction) all these are captured in the NOT FUNDED Dash Boost proposal.

Lastly, We have in mind the circumstances regarding Return on Investment, Deliverables from Africa and situations we presently in BEAR MARKET making the treasury fund limited and concentrated on where matters.

So we designed a plan to spread this proposal funding into 6 Months and afterwards the revenue generated from our operations (Dash Hub Outlet) will be used to continue expansion drive of Dash in KUMASI, Ghana.

Hope this clarify all your concerns, As we hope to achieve more greatness for Dash in Africa.
2 points,3 years ago
@ultimecrypto please clarify the following;

1) your budget breakdown indicates 2,830.50 or 18.50 dash for 1 (one) year of rrnt payments in advance
2) your q2 budget again mentions rent partially $2,065.50 or 13.50 dash.
3) 48 DASH!! IN GIVE-AWAYS!!! Or 9800$ usd!
5) 14 dash or $2,142 on an ambiguous 'feasability study, seems like a replay of kuvacash words, to hype it up.

As you can see above majority of the cost breakdowns are marketting when MNO have been reluctant yo approve marketting initiatives during a bear market.

Its quite clear from the numbers from.on-set that this may be a questionable proposal

Will be voting NO

Thank you.
2 points,3 years ago
4) idea it could be much better to advertise in bear-market as consumers can become first time investors in Dash at much lower prices
-4 points,3 years ago
Hello MNO's

Kindly View our proposal, We have redrafted it to suit the present situation of the BEAR Market with ROI and also strategies we intend to employ will achieve great results.

We have started delivering quality for Dash since 2017 and we don't want to loose the footprint we have created

Please consider the growth we have made so far and give us a chance to continue this progress for Dash in Africa.

Thank you!
-1 point,3 years ago
yes from here