Proposal “DASH-PanAfricanExpansion“ (Completed)Back

Monthly amount: 36 DASH (870 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 108 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-08-17 / 2018-11-15 (added on 2018-08-07)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 0 Yes / 0 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description


  • Travel Dash to the capital town of 3 French Speaking Countries in West Africa.
  • Weekly Online Dash Ambassadorial Education and Training for Africa expansion. Theme: Hour of Dash every Thursdays.
  • Walk DASH to Merchant Twice Weekly 
  • Online Shopping Website Integration of Dash. 
  • Sponsorship and Partnership with Reputable Organizations for more Newbies and Wallet Downloads thus creating more Users.
  • 10,000 Wallet downloads, Education about Dash achieved 
  • 300 Merchants/Vendors Accepting DASH in Africa.
  • 200 Trained Stalwart, Ambassadors and Agent in Togo, Benin Republic and Cote diviore. 
  • YouTube Videos of all our recorded Activities to serve other regions in Africa.



Africa Ambassadorial Online Training: 6th,13th,20th,27th Of September 2018
Business Pitch to Potential Users and Merchants:3rd September 2018 to 10th September 2018.
DASH Capital Conference: 15th September 2018.
2 days Intensive Training for Merchant: 11th and 12th September 2018
Online Shopping Website Integration of Dash
Africa Ambassadorial Online Training: 4th,11th,18th and 25th of October 2018.
Business Pitch to Potential Users and Merchants:1st October 2018 to 8th October 2018.
DASH Capital Conference: 20th October 2018.
Intensive Training for Merchant: 13th and 14th October 2018
Online Shopping Website Integration of Dash
Africa Ambassadorial Online Training: 1st,8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th November 2018
Business Pitch to Potential Users and Merchants: 5th November 2018 to 12th June 2018.
DASH Capital Conference: 17th November 2018.
Intensive Training for Merchant: 15th and 16th November  2018
Online Shopping Website Integration of Dash
1.     Increase our Monthly Active DASH Wallet to 98% of Monthly Downloads with 2,500+ Dash Android and iOS Wallet Target.
2.     Expand the Reach of DASH into 6 Africa Countries making our coverage to be 13 Africa countries.
3.     Achieve 20 Online Shopping Website Integrating Dash as payment method in Africa.
4.     Launch Operation Merchant Drive for at least 20 Active Merchants Monthly from 6 Africa Countries.
5.     Weekly training for Ambassadors, Merchants/Vendors,OTC Agents themed DASH HUB THURSDAYS.
6.     Increase our partnership and integration for DASH asthe Lead DAO project in Africa.
7.     Continues mounting of Dash Booth at Events, programme to assist Newbies get into DASH.
8.     Dash Exchange stand for changing Dash into Fiat and Fiat into Dash at our Conferences/Workshop.

Dash Hub Africa officially launch its Pan Africa Integration and Expansion Project focusing on the French Speaking Countries (Togo, Benin Republic and Côte diviore) in order to create entrant into other Africa countries for Dash Digital Cash, Get more Users, Recruit more Merchants and Vendors to Accept Dash in all Create an enabling and growing Ecosystem for Africa territories.

Our First Proposal which passed in the March 2018 DAO Cycle has achieved a lot in Africa creating Over 3,000 Wallets, 40+ Ambassadors and Outreaching into 7 Countries in Africa. TRANSFORMING AFRICA INTO DASH HUB PROPOSAL LINK
Last Month the Project became successful with amazing coverage from Media and Crypto Outlets in Africa showing the tremendous efforts out together to achieve Dash growth in Africa.
Blockchain technology and DASH is rapidly gaining popularity all around the world. Ever since its entrance to Africa, DASH has been used to provide a solution to the various problems plaguing the continent from Remittances to Merchants Acceptance and Daily Usage. DASH Digital Cash seems to hold the key to build a financially inclusive digital economy in the continent. It could also help to
solve Third party Influence (Government and Banks) and get Unbanked and Underbanked people to save Money and get value for it using it numerous amazing features like Instant send, Private send, Decentralized Autonomous Organization and Self-funding, Self Governance Ecosystem.

This project intends to reach about 45,000 people in 3 Africa countries (Togo, Benin Republic and Cote diviore) in 3 months’ Time frame. We want to get in touch with Entrepreneur's, Business owner, Restaurants, Individuals to Use Dash for settlement of Bills and payment of Services like Airtime, booking Airline flights and accepting its Online and In store (Merchants and Vendors).

Dash is a revolutionary digital money system which serves as a means of payment, for basic utility payments and use for transactional purposes (remittance and donation). The problem with cryptocurrencies is the lack of real life use and with the true features Money Dash has the Ecosystem is steadily growing and turning to become the best choice to all in Africa.
Our target in the proposal are Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Youth, Vendors and Companies in Togo, Benin Republic and Cote diviore in order to increase DASH Awareness and Adoption by spending and utilizing DASH in real life scenarios thus creating an Ecosystem in Africa regions.
However, despite the numerous benefits, DASH holds for Africa, A lot of Africa still need to be Educated and Get them
Involved using Dash Digital Cash Services every day. Africa population had an estimation of 1,290,221,906 billion people; Africa has remained one of the poorest regions in the world with about two-fifths of its Population living on less than $1 per day. Although some countries have great economic performances, none of them have however been able to make a drastic change in the poverty ratio. 

However, DASH is offering a way out for the continent and providing people with Low transaction fees, Self-Funding and Self
Governance Ecosystem to solve Hyperinflation and economic crises for better
lives for all.

So therefore, the need to launch a Pan Africa Integration Projects from Dash Hub Africa.


1. Increase Dash awareness and rampant adoption by businesses.
2. Expand the usage level of Dash in Africa.
3. Mainstream media would help publish and propagate the funfair creating an environment for new wallets creation and
newbies acceptance.
4. Impact on the lives of the French speaking populace and teaching them about the newest revolution of money (Dash Digital
5. Create an enabling ecosystem for newbies and support needed about the Technology.

Notable Achievements
Our Future Plans
We Plan to expand our pan African project which will focus Massive Usage, Adoption and Businesses Acceptance into East and Central Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, Botswana, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe) and all other Africa Countries (Southern and Northern Africans).
These countries have one of the biggest remittance markets in the world. Apart from this we also have partners with Omega Links International and Handsup Foundation in Nairobi, kenya to help us transform Africa into first Dash Nation.
Also, the rapid growth of Dash hub Africa team and Ambassadors anticipate for a DASH Consult or Venture, Website to make our activities more structured and formal as we expand and deal with major firms and government officials.

We are planning of Dash Freelancer and Agent Recruitment,This group of people would be employed and paid with Dash monthly to execute some task to help outreach to more businesses and increase partnership for Dash Hub Africa.  As we move forward we are brainstorming ways the advertising can more directly foster adoption.


  Amount   (US$)

  Amount   (DASH)




 15th  September 2018.
 20th  October 2018.
 17th  November 2018.




 Travel DASH to Capital Town of


 Voting In  progress


 3rd  September 2018 to 10th September 2018.
 1st  October 2018 to 8th October 2018.
 5th  November 2018 to 12th June 2018.




 Business Pitch to  Potential Users and Merchants

 Voting In  progress

 11th and  12th September 2018
 13th and  14th October 2018
 15th and  16th November  2018




 Intensive Training  for Merchant

 Voting In  progress


 6th,13th,20th,27th  Of September 2018
 4th, 11th,  18th and 25th of October 2018.
 1st, 8th,  15th, 22nd, and 29th November 2018




 Africa  Ambassadorial Online Training

 Voting In  progress

 1st September 2018  to 31st November 2018.




 Online Shopping  Website Integration of Dash

 Voting In  progress
Estimated RequestedAmount
  • Total USD: 21,180.30
  • Estimated DASH: 102
  • Duration: 3 Months





 Travel DASH Capital Town


 ·         Travelling and Transport
 ·          Publicity & Advertising
 ·          Dash Branded Shirt
 ·          Materials for Training
 Catering and Drinks
 Sound system and Lighting
 Video Coverage
 ·          Photography  and editing
 Media Engagement
 ·          Flyers and posters for event outreach.



 Business Pitch to Potential  Users and Merchants

 ·          Conference  Center
 ·          Conference  Material
 ·          Snacks  and drinks
 ·          Food  and Catering
 ·          Banner and Dash Booth
 ·          Video  and Editing
 ·          Photographer  
 ·          Organizer  



 Africa Ambassadorial Adoption/Training

 ·          Publicity & Advertising
 ·          Cyber  Café
 ·          Back  drop
 ·          4G  Internet Access -$150 (Live Video on Twitter and Facebook).
 ·          Miscellaneous  Expenses



 DASH Give-Away

 ·          Recharge  cards on kikoo and bitrefill 500attendees*$1= $500
 ·          Newbies  Give-away
 ·          Miscellaneous  Expenses



 Intensive Training for  Merchant

 ·          Tent  and Stand
 ·          Chairs  and Table
 ·          Event  Management
 ·          Sound  system
 ·          Generator  and Fuel
 ·          Electricity  
 ·          Security  
 ·          Photographer  



 General Expenses

 ·          T  shirts and Lacoste
 ·          Flyers  and Poster
 ·          Dash  materials at the stand
 ·          Graphics  Designer $80
 ·          Technicians  $120
 ·          Miscellaneous  







 3 Months Timeline for Execution

 Monthly amount multiplied by 3 months to be held in TOGO, BENIN  REPUBLIC AND COTE DIVIORE.







 Proposal Fee Reimbursement + Contigency



Total $22,426 at Dash rate 5th August 2018 $207.65
Requested Total Value Monthly: 36 Dash
In case of Increase in Dash value, surplus will be transferred to the next phase of our project.

Dash-hub Africa isa grassroots project based in Africa funded by DASH DAO. Our goal is to outreach, teach, and grow DASH Digital Cash in Africa; through Outreach, Promotion, Projects and Integration of Cryptocurrency into the Africa economy. Our mission is to ensure that Dash community grows and strengthen into a positive social movement behind some of the most amazing and revolutionary technology of our time through relentless tenacity and commitment to work and task ahead of us.

DASH HUB Strategy.

Dash Hub Africa team will continue transforming Africa into Dash First Nation, continue creating partnership with organizations and enterprise focused on achieving DASH goal thus massive adoption, integrating more Businesses to adopt DASH as a means of payment in Ghana and beyond and lastly, continue increasing adoption by scaling up both Merchants and Users.

Profile of DASH Hub Africa Team

1.     Project Coordinator
I'm Abdullah Adeleke popularly known as Ultimatecrypto on all DASH Communication platforms. I hold Bachelors in Integrated Business Studies and Post diploma in Computer Science from All Nations University College. I am Dash Stalwart and Cryptocurrency advocator. I currently serve as the lead Dash Ambassador in Africa. Also, I am an online promoter/marketer for Ultimatex Electronics West Africa, An affiliate marketer at Currently the CEO and head of Dash-hub Africa, a team advocating and integrating Dash Digital Cash into Africa.

2.     Asst. Project Coordinator
My name is Faruq Tahiru, Assistant Project Coordinator at Dash-hub Africa. I hold Masters in Industrial relations and Personnel Management from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, I am a Cryptocurrency investor and I have been advocating for Blockchain and
Cryptocurrency adoption since 2016 in Africa.

3.     Media/Graphics Designer
I am Mike, a graphics designer at A2Print Kumasi Ghana, I hold professional certificate in Media and graphics from IPMC Ghana. I pledge to stick to DASH professional design and promotional graphics as posted at [i][/i]
Proposal Information
Previous proposal
Report and Evaluation
Update will be posted on all Dash official channels (forum, discord, reddit, twitter and telegram)
Comprehensive report submitted to Dash watch and on the pre-proposal link
Dash discord: dash-hub-africa Channel
Dash Reddit:
Facebook page DASH-HUBAFRICA. [i][/i]
Twitter handle for DASH-HUB Africa [i][/i] 
YouTube channel [i][/i]
Thank you for your continual Support, DASH HUB  AFRICA is gradually transforming Africa into DASH WORLD.

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0 points,5 years ago
Dash Watch October 25th 2018 Report on
DASH-PanAfricanExpansion by Ultimatecrypto
0 points,5 years ago
Our Dash Merchants has begin to yield real-time Dash transactions. Watch Betty Place Restaurant accepting Dash and Bitcoin as form of Payments.

BBC World News
0 points,5 years ago
Dash Hub Pushes Adoption Forward in Africa
0 points,5 years ago
Dash Watch September 26th 2018 Report on
0 points,5 years ago
We have submitted all necessary documents regarding SEPTEMBER 2018 to Dash Watch but delayed as a result of our ongoing progress at Ivory Coast.

Thanks for the continuous support!!!
0 points,5 years ago

Showcasing the power of spending Dash DigitalCash in Africa
-1 point,5 years ago
I had some questions about your proposal, also some suggestions that may make you more effective:
- Is your target to increase the number of wallets by 2500+ or to achieve a total of 2500+ for those countries during the proposal (so an extra 800 wallets)?
- Are these wallets downloaded through the Play/App store? If not how do you intend to track these installs?
- Do you speak French?
- Will you list all new businesses that adopt Dash on DiscoverDash? To make it easier for people to find places where they can buy with Dash.
- Are you collaborating with juwon123's Also making it easier for people to spend their Dash?
- What do you think about the viability of the krypto phones in Africa? Would it work? Have you tried reaching out to Core to see if launching them in Ghana would be a possibility?

0 points,5 years ago
1. We intend to achieve 2,500 wallets during the 3 months, 3 countries project.

2. At Dash Hub Africa we encourage our merchants and users to download Dash Wallet on iOS App and Android App which can be traceable at all time.

3. I speak French but not too fluent so we are working with the team already trained about Dash in this sub regions.

4. Kripto mobile project is a great and so laudable, If considered well would help both adoption in Africa as we introduce product along side payment service (Dash)
3 points,5 years ago
I truly wonder about real engagement ( including African online engagement/where is it? ). I would prefer the effort to be targeted to one region only. I'm voting YES nonetheless.
2 points,5 years ago
Thank you, we hope to re define our plans targeting more Merchants and Users in Africa.
0 points,5 years ago
i hope this guy doesn't post another multi month proposal again this month.
1 point,5 years ago
Dash Watch August 17th 2018 Report on
Dash merchants exhibition, radio live telecast + users adoption phase 2: Accra, Ghana West Africa by DashHubAfrica

Dash Watch August 17th 2018 Report on
Expanding outreach of Dash in Africa @Dash-Hub Africa (April to July 2018) by Ultimatecrypto
-2 points,5 years ago
I love this! Very good job, easy yes! Keep the trackrecord, documentation etc like this and you will always have my support, but I would like you to focus on fewer areas and try to get as many merchants as possible there and list them on ... try to follow the approach of the south-american teams in this regard. Thank you!!!
1 point,5 years ago
I was looking at your previous proposal, Merchants-Pitch-Youth-Education. It says you were going promote Dash in Accra (capital of Ghana) in July. But I can remember seeing you travel around in other African countries during that time. Can you elaborate on that? Did you still perform your activities in Accra?

Wouldn't flying to those other countries be a significant part of your budget? Or did you pay from your own funds?
1 point,5 years ago
There were a lot of videos in classes teaching about Dash, was that not in Accra?
2 points,5 years ago
Dash Hub Africa is a team of competent Dash Stalwarts. When I was away expanding Dash in East Africa somewhere in July, My team members in Ghana were also working on Our other projects in Accra.

Also, the funding for my trip to Kenya wasn't from Dash treasury. I raised Donation and Community members donated to us. So that we can continue growing Dash in Africa.

Thank you!

2 points,5 years ago
This team is nothing but amazing. They've been moving forward despite losing proposal after proposal. Please, lets help them out this month, lets vote yes for Dash Hub Africa!!!
3 points,5 years ago
Thanks so much @Tantestefana. We hope to continue growing the ecosystem of Dash in Africa. Please Support our initiative too!
2 points,5 years ago
You are really working hard on improving the adoption rate in Africa.Just this few days you have listed different merchant in Ghana. This is how we will win for Africa. Good Job. A yes vote on this proposal is what we need. Kindly introduce your people to the for electrical bills, TV sub, Giftcards and micro transaction. The version 3.2 will be out soon and that will enable users to order for Uber taxi, pay for flight tickets, hotel booking/payment and car hire and pay with Dash.
3 points,5 years ago
I think we’ve had enough hard time with Dash in Ghana this quarter of the year but despite all of the failed proposals from me personally, the support of DB and that of the relentless efforts of people like Ultimatecrypto still kept Dash among the leading cryptos in Ghana/west Africa. Dash-Hub Digital screen is live in the heart of Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana, we got Dash listed of eBitcoinics, the leading cryptocurrency exchange and I have signed a partnership with GhOne TV to promote Dash launching Dash commercials soon with the support of the Dash Community. This and many more major achievements have been made in Ghana for Dash including business adoption which are beginning to yield real-time Dash transactions. Dash Ghana Team have set a target for businesses accepting Dash to meet before we list them on discover Dash so those of you asking for number of businesses listed on discover Dash, please be informed that we (Dash Ghana team) collectively are looking forward to listing only businesses that practically accept and trade for Dash in exchange of goods & services. It is my kind appeal to all MNOs to support this proposal. Team Ghana which includes Dash-Hub need your support. Someday, when everyone will be given a chance to attend pan-African Dash conference (in planning) you will find out for yourselves Dash in Ghana/West Africa. A Yes Vote for this proposal is a Win for All.
3 points,5 years ago
Thanks for the continuous support @cryptolib
3 points,5 years ago
It's been a seriously tough few months for Dash Hub Africa, and yet their work hasn't even slowed down. I'm really hoping MNOs will agree with me, that these guys deserve our support. They don't just deserve it, they are a longer term project that will most certainly pay off in the long term! Please vote for this proposal, keep Dash Hub Africa going!
3 points,5 years ago
Numbers from the west coast of Africa are looking good. These proposals are clearly having an impact on usage. Strong support from me.
3 points,5 years ago

We appreciate your support on our previous projects.

Dash Hub Africa focus is to transform Africa continent into a place where Dash can be easily spend anywhere and anytime.

Even though the treasury is now tight but we need to continue efforts to make Dash become Number One Payment System and Merchant Solution as we work hard day by day to achieve this dream in Africa.

Check the list of Businesses that we got posted on Discoverdash Accepting Dash in Ghana, Togo and Kenya.

We need your Support on our Proposal to continue growing up Dash Ecosystem in Africa. A YES Vote for us is a Vote for Africa Dash Progress.

Best Regards!

Abdullah Adeleke
Dash Hub Africa
4 points,5 years ago

Dash Hub Africa is dedicated to add to value to Dash Users and Merchants in Africa. Watch the PHASE 1 of Our Dash Value Addition project in KUMASI, Ghana

Winners of Dash Value Addition project in KUMASI Ghana, PHASE 1...

We want to continue creating impacts on Life and real time adoption for Dash in Africa.

Thanks for your continuous support!!
0 points,5 years ago
Africa is understandably looking for foreign investment. This is because relative to the developed world, Africa is poor. Giving wallets to people with very limited ability to fill them with Dash on exchanges accomplishes what exactly? Africa has a historically poor record of returning value to investors. I would like to know why this proposal is different.
3 points,5 years ago
I think your thinking is backwards. Africa has immense potential. The only link to financial services stem from colonization practically, without that, there is no trade. This put Africa in a bad position for trade. It takes almost no time to unleash the potential of a country/continent. Look at China, that growth was all within my lifetime. Why should "Westerners" care? Because, hang on to your hats, there won't be a "Them and Us" in the future. But more to the point of self interest for someone banking on Dash, the explosion of trade that will soon happen from Africa, if primarily utilizing the Dash network will catapult Dash, will be reflected in the price of Dash, undoubtedly. If this takes 10 or 20 years to bear fruit, the fruit will be HUGE and juicy and sweet!
5 points,5 years ago
God, I need to stop hitting enter before editing my stream of thought, sorry!
4 points,5 years ago
As proven by records, Africa is relatively poor as compared to the Western world that is the main reason why we need to focus more in Africa as the market here offers long time positive result.

Africa usability is certain as more people spend Dash on basic utility like Airtime on, Electricity and Water bill payment and others.
The Return on Investment will be great at the end and we would achieve Active Massive Adoption and Usability of Dash in Africa.
2 points,5 years ago
Hi Billyjoeallen and ultimatecrypto,

Africa isn't a poor continent as portrayed. Nigeria has the largest trading volume in Local Bitcoins, and Nigeria is second, Ghana 3rd in the volumes of Paxful!
2 points,5 years ago
Why not increase adoption in your locality rather than focusing on 3 other regions (13 in total  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)? This is a big issue I have with a lot of proposals that come in from Africa. There is next to nothing on Discover Dash that lists businesses on Africa accepting Dash and all of a sudden there’s a massive drive happening despite the countless Africa proposals that have went in and apparently done nothing. If there really is mass business acceptance of dash in your locality why not look to solve some of the other pain points from the consumer side such as accessibility to buying dash, etc? Again, why aren’t you putting 100% of your efforts into Dash’s adoption in your community? Leave it to someone else to establish it elsewhere!

200+Trained Stalwart? Flag
5000+Wallet downloads? Flag
“Massive” Merchant Drive? Flag (Seen these buzz words in a lot of other African proposals, basically meaningless)

This proposal, like many of the Dash Africa proposals before it, is full of hype and is so open to manipulation in most of it’s claims that there’s not much you’re accountable for. I would rather divert any funds available this cycle to efforts in South America right now; there is more concise and prevalent community formation in that regions. No from me, please convince me otherwise with solid evidence of what you’ve achieved so far and where the value is here. I really can’t see it.
4 points,5 years ago
Hi @ageless

Dash Hub Africa has traceable and trackable achievements for Dash in Africa. For instance in May 2018

In Ghana, we have 19 Community Team working and contributing their quota for Dash growth and Dash Hub Africa has successfully grown Dash outreach into 7 Africa countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Cote diviore, Kenya, Benin Republic, Uganda and Ethiopia)

Our plans is to make Dash spread like wild fire in Africa, Don't forget DASH is a currency for all not for a segment of the world or country "In as much as Africa economy offers the best opportunities and Market for mass adoption Targeting Everyone is key"

At Dash Hub Africa, we do Real time adoption not listing race. For instance, last month I was in Kenya, I got some numbers of businesses to Accept Dash but non of those business are listed on, The condition is that we see what growth you can offer for Dash in your locality and the progress in daily transaction of Customers spending Dash then we consider you listed on
Don't forget I can convince more than 1,000 Businesses to accept Dash in a week but what impact does it add to Dash Network and how many people transact paying with Dash that is why we have a focused plan to grow this business to create impact for Dash in their business area.

I hope this will convince you, to keep supporting our grassroots work and the progress we are making everyday for Dash in Africa.

Best Regards
Abdullah Adeleke
Dash Hub Africa
1 point,5 years ago
I agree with ageless that it would be a better strategy to focus on one or few localities instead of the whole continent. From my observations, crypto is not something that you can just spread on the road going from town to town or country to country. Each business or community that is introduced to crypto needs continual attention/cultivation after that first introduction.

I can't say enough about the enthusiasm you and your team have for the project, and I don't doubt that you guys have put your heart and soul into this for quite some time now. But in considering the entire treasury right now I have to make some difficult decisions, and this is not the only proposal where I feel that I need to cast a painful 'no'. Hope you understand and good luck -
2 points,5 years ago
Hi @troydash

Our team is already in Togo, Benin Republic and Cote diviore.
Dash Hub Africa have team members in 8 African Countries who are contributing their quota to Dash Network. The aim of this proposal is to integrate 3 countries out of 8 coverage area to accept Dash and increase usage from Africa.

Hope this convince you and we hope that you give us your support. Thank you
5 points,5 years ago
I've watched this man do SO MUCH for Dash all over Africa.
4 points,5 years ago
4 points,5 years ago
Yes from me.
5 points,5 years ago
Thanks @qwizzie for supporting our progress for Dash in Africa
5 points,5 years ago
Looking good. Hopefully we can squeeze this one in to the budget.
5 points,5 years ago
Thanks, We are so happy to grow this Ecosystem together.