Proposal “TransformingAfricaIntoDASHHub“ (Closed)Back

One-time payment: 92 DASH (2670 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 92 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-03-19 / 2018-04-18 (added on 2018-03-07)
Votes: 893 Yes / 103 No / 11 Abstain

Proposal description

Expanding Outreach of DASH in Africa (APRIL TO JULY 2018)
n gist, This proposal intends to hold 4 Conferences,Workshops, Local Cryptocurrency Exchange Adoption, Training of 40 New Ambassadors for DASH, Recruiting New Merchants for online and offline p2p exchange of DASH to Fiat and above all lays the foundation for pan Africa project into (East Africa, Central Africa and South Africa) countries. 
Execution Timeframe: 1st April to 31st July 2018 (4 Months)


Preproposal Link: [b][/b]
This proposal is been escrowed by Green Candle, one time estimated proposal cost requested for Monthly payout to Dash-hub Africa based on the milestones outlined in this proposal for proper coordination, value for money and as a first time proposal Owner.
The proposal lays the foundation for Pan Africa Integration into East Africa,Central Africa and South Africa nations to make DASH Digital Cash go mainstream, increased adoption and everyday usage as the future of money.
It is applauding to see more outreach programs and projects in Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and other part of Africa from DASH Ambassadors and members but more is needed to be done to close the gap as the increasing acceptance, demand and  usage of DASH and Cryptocurrency by people, businesses and government in Africa is incredible and impressive.

Dash-hub Africa team project aims to increase awareness and adoption of DASH Cryptocurrency and make DASH go mainstream in Africa more especially among the Youth, Entrepreneurs, Business class, people trained in IT, High School and College Students, professionals and working class as the future of money.

Our major developments and strategies are to increase Adoption and everyday Usage of DASH for payment of goods and services (Business and Merchants Adoption) in the country after which foster minds on the development of Pan Africa integration (East Africa, West Africa and Southern Africa Projects).

Our target is to organize classic outreach through handled by Our Ambassadors Monthly workshops/conferences in 4 selected Regions based on needs and demand, Radio and Media Discussion/talk, Bi Monthly training and orientation for New Ambassadors/Merchants, 2days Local Cryptocurrency Exchanges Interactive Session, Business Adoption Crusade, Street talk and walk to discuss Blockchain technology and DASH. Digital Signage displaying Dash Digital Cash features for public visibility.
The project will educate and practically train Youth,Entrepreneurs, Business class, IT Specialist, High School and College Students, Professionals and Working class for massive adoption and increased usage of DASH as a medium of exchange and all the benefits and advantages of using DASH against any other cryptocurrency or digital money (Mobile money). The workshops/conferences shall be open to all interested persons including CEOs of businesses, Investors, the media (TV, Radio, online & print) and the general public at large. 

Each of this monthly conference/workshop is expected to record at least 300 participants whereas the radio discussions will be heard by about 45,000 people with phone in sessions for questions and answers. DASH tokens will be given to participants at each event and listeners who phone in and answer questions during the radio programs.

The motivation behind this project is to promote DASH through education and marketing for massive adoption and everyday usage as means of payment in Ghana and Africa at large.

ACTION PLANS: All participants would be trained on howto set up DASH wallets Android, IOS, Core and paper wallet and how they can also promote it through their social media accounts and also bringing more ideas to promoting DASH to increase adoption and frequent use as means of payment. In addition, Ten (10) Participants from each Monthly Regional Conferences and Workshop who seems active and demonstrate excellent understanding of the Blockchain technology and DASH technology would be selected and trained as Ambassadors for DASH towards our Pan Africa project into Kenya, Ethiopia, and Botswana. (East Africa, West Africa and Southern Africa Projects)


So therefore, we intend to embark on this maiden project in the form of a tour and media integration to educate the general public including Business people, Entrepreneurs, Youth, people trained in IT, Tertiary level students and public
at large. We are planning to hold 4 major regional Workshop/Conferences and Digital Signage for public visibility in Ghana (Eastern Region, Ashanti Region, Volta Region and Greater Accra) where Tertiary Institutions (Universities,
Polytechnics and Training School) and Businesses (Local and Foreign enterprises) are majorly situated.

Also, we intend to put DASH into the public media through Outdoor Digital Display. This is a modern Advertising system that uses Giant screen to display products, services and how it is always seen at strategic point for public views. We intend positioning DASH on this screen in Cities and towns in Ghana for 4 Months.

We have been able to organize several Meetups and Outreach for DASH network in the past, represented DASH at Conferences and trained new Ambassadors/Merchants to take up DASH evangelism and campaign.
In December 2017 – February 2018, DASH Hub team contested and won in Dash Force Meetup Contest and Presentation.

December 2017
, Meetup at Washington view Hotel Akyawkrom Ejisu and Christmas funfair at Hide-out garden
and pub won us .15DASH. Dash Force Report click on the link,
January 2018, we held a 3days DASH Crusade in Kumasi-Ghana that recorded 215 participants on the last day
Meetup at St. Basilica Roman Hill, Kumasi. This Meetup won us 2DASH reward from Dash Force Meetups and Presentation Contest.
February 2018, Dash Hub team was at Eastern region to hold Dash Force Meetups and presentation where we
recorded 78 participants and newbies. Report by Dash Force News

Also, we represented DASH at the just ended West Africa Blockchain Conference organized by AccraTech at Accra Luxury Lodge East Legon. Where about 7 West Africa countries represented including our Francophone friends (Togo, Côte divore and Burkina Faso). This conference got a total of 161 new wallets for DASH, 3 Businesses (Accra Luxury
Lodge, Coco Vanilla, Kevin Coffeehouse East Legon) and 7 Ambassadors for DASH which have undergone training and orientation about Cryptocurrency and DASH.​

Our Achievements can be viewed on Discord(dash-talk, dash-hub-africa and dash-meetups) channel, Telegram and Dash Forum @ultimatecrypto or Below is the planned activity for them:-

APRIL 2018:
The first region to start with is Eastern Region, this region offers the best opportunity for foreign nationals to adopt DASH as minerals and natural resources like Gold, Bauxite and Diamond are highly concentrated here. The Conference would be held in the regional capital KOFORIDUA (
It is expected to see about 400 participants and Crypto lovers both Foreigners and National as this region has 6 Tertiary institutions and 19 Companies where Mining and other activities takes place.

MAY 2018: The next region is Ashanti Region. The Monthly Conference would be held in Kumasi thus the Central of the region. Our expectation is to outreach to a population of 2Million people in this region. So we are optimistic that the conference would record at 600 participants both Youth and Working Class of people within Ashanti Region. 

JUNE 2018: Volta region according to region population in 2000 was 1,635,421 in which border in Aflao with Lome,
Togo. We are optimistic that this outreach will attract people from Togo and sub region. Expectation is about 300 participants at the monthly conference and workshop (

JULY 2018: The first phase of DASH Hub Conference ends in Greater Accra Region and also the capital and largest city of Ghana is Accra,which has an urban population of 2.27 million. The Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) has about 4 million inhabitants, which makes it the 11th largest metro area in Africa. (
This conference is expected to record about 900 inhabitants in the region thus both Youth and working class.

1. Organize a Monthly Regional Conference/Workshop in each region (Eastern Region, Ashanti Region and Greater Accra Region) to inform, educate and increase adoption for DASH in that jurisdiction.​

2. Organize a Bi Monthly training and orientation for New Ambassadors/Merchants to take PR duties and as p2p merchant for easy exchange for DASH to Fiat and Fiat for DASH in Africa.

3. Radio discussion and talk about DASH Cryptocurrency that would Outreach to people in the locality from core media houses in the region.

4. Organize a 3days Business Adoption Crusade in every region before the conference that would help recruit more Merchant, and get more business involved to accept DASH as means of payment in their outlets.

5. 2days Local Cryptocurrency Exchanges interactive session to discuss with them to include DASH in their business for easy exchange of DASH for Fiat and Fiat for DASH in every region.

6. Street talks and walks to discuss Blockchain technology and DASH with the youth and Working Class thus grassroots education strategy.​

7. At least 2 Video posted on our YouTube channel for potential newbies and participants.

8. Contracting advert agent for 2 Digital Signage displaying Dash Digital Cash features for public visibility in each region for 4 Months.

a. Videos, pictures and reports of this project will be sent to the DASH communication channels (Forum, Discord, Telegram and Sub-reddit) and also circulated on Dash-hub Africa social media platforms as ads(Facebook and
b. Digital Display Signage would be used to attract newbies and adopters into DASH Cryptocurrency.
c. 10 New Ambassadors will selected in each region monthly,trained and educated on DASH and Blockchain Technology ready for task into the pan Africa project.
d. All participants will be introduced and trained to be merchants that trade DASH as merchants for extra income, as enterprise either online or offline and as p2p merchant.
e. Team members are self-motivated and committed to task.
f. Participants will also be trained on Digital marketing,Business Planning & Execution, proposal writing, and how they can achieve their entrepreneurial goals through DASH Treasury and Community participatory activities like Dash force meetup contest and Dash Global Meetups.

Check out Google trend about Cryptocurrency in Africa;







 April 2, 2018




 (Koforidua)  Events; Preparations and
 traveling  to the regional capital,
 30Minutes  Radio and Media
 Discussion/talk on DASH, Business
 Adoption Crusade, Street talk and walk
 to discuss Blockchain technology,
 2days Local Cryptocurrency Exchanges
 Interactive Session, Bi Monthly training
 and orientation for New
 Ambassadors/Merchants and Monthly
 workshops/conferences, Digital
 Signage displaying Dash Digital Cash
 features for public visibility.

 Voting In  progress



 May 7, 2018




 Location: ASHANTI REGION (Kumasi)  Events; Preparations and traveling to the regional capital, 30Minutes Radio and Media Discussion/talk on DASH, Business Adoption Crusade, Street talk and walk to  discuss Blockchain technology, 2days Local Cryptocurrency Exchanges
 Interactive Session, Bi Monthly training and orientation for New Ambassadors/Merchants
 and Monthly workshops/conferences, Digital Signage displaying Dash Digital Cash features  for public visibility.

 Voting In  progress

 June 4, 2018




 Location: VOLTA REGION (Hohoe)  Events; Preparations and traveling to the regional capital, 30Minutes Radio and Media Discussion/talk on DASH, Business Adoption Crusade, Street talk and walk to  discuss Blockchain technology, 2days Local Cryptocurrency Exchanges
 Interactive Session, Bi Monthly training and orientation for New Ambassadors/Merchants
 and Monthly workshops/conferences, Digital Signage displaying Dash Digital Cash features  for public visibility.

 Voting In  progress

 July 2, 2018




 Location: GREATER ACCRA REGION  (Accra) Events; Preparations and traveling to the regional capital, 30Minutes
 Radio and Media Discussion/talk on DASH, Business Adoption Crusade, Street talk and walk to  discuss Blockchain technology, 2days Local Cryptocurrency Exchanges
 Interactive Session, Bi Monthly training and orientation for New Ambassadors/Merchants
 and Monthly workshops/conferences, Digital Signage displaying Dash Digital Cash features  for public visibility.

 Voting In  progress
Project Estimated Requested Amount
  • Total USD: 46,800.00
  • Estimated DASH: 78
  • Estimated BTC: 4.27147602





 Publicity & Advertising



 Graphic design, Prints, Banner and Pull up Banners.

 Dash Souvenirs (T-shirts, Flyers, Posters)



 Dash customized T-shirts, Flyers and posters for event outreach.

 Conference room and event center (All 3 Workshops/conferences)

 550*3 = 1,650  


 1 day presentation, 4 days for Monthly activities for merchants and  ambassador discussion

 Dash Token for newbies



 5dollars worth of Dash for newbies and new wallets.

 4G Internet



 Bundle for Monthly projects. 10GB.




 Photo taking, selection and enhancing

 Video editing



 At least 2 YouTube video on our channel.

 Video recording



 Complete recording and coverage of activities. At least 2 Video monthly  on Dash-hub Africa YouTube channel

 Hotel reservation (6 rooms at 3 star Hotel)

 88*6*3 = 1,600  


 4 Nights in every region for activities with Dash hub team and  ambassadors.

 Traveling and Transport



 Bus tickets and Uber fees for the region.

 Per diem and Feeding



 4days Food and Feeding at the region.

 Refreshments and Snacks at all 3 conference/workshops

 500*3 = 1,500  


 Participants’ refreshment and snacks and lunch in the afternoon for  participants.

 Workshop materials for Ambassador/Merchants.



 Pen and books for writing during conference/workshops..

 Media Engagement

 425*2 = 850  


 2 Radio discussion and talk in the region.

 Digital Display Signage

 450*2 = 900  


 2 Giant display screens in every region for 4 Months.

 Contingency and Etiquettes
 2% Estimated Expenses




 Dash Hub Members Token



 Motivation for Team participants and commitment to this project.





 4 Months Timeline for Execution



 Monthly amount will be multiplied by 4 months to cover the entire  budget in which payout based on milestone delivery below by green candle





 Proposal Fee Reimbursement + Proposal Risk


 5 + 5  

 Thanks to @ultradar on discord for the proposal fee and @cryptoteller  for earlier proposal fee.

 Escrow fee/Charge
 (Proposal 50-100DASH)



 Green candle is a notable escrow service for Dash

This proposal is expected to cover 4 major Regions based on needs and demand of the people.
(Eastern Region>Ashanti Region>Volta Region>Greater Accra Region) So therefore it would be a 4Months project.
78DASH + 4DASH Escrow Fee + 5DASHProposal Fee + 5DASH Proposal Risk= 92DASH
Note:The Dash rate used is $601.93 as at 03-March-2018 (Amount reduced by 5dash as posted on the pre-proposal using current Dash Value). In case the price increases within the project period, We will apply it towards additional highly targeted Publicity and Outreach for DASH in following Month.

Finally,this project brings tangible benefits by taking DASH directly to the streets and people of Ghana by getting them involved in everyday use of the currency for daily transaction and usage. My specific aim is to increase market capitalization by focusing efforts on under-served and niche markets more especially weak economy system where Cryptocurrency could serve greater purposes.


Dash-hub Africa is a team of 6 youth Advocates who are DASH and Cryptocurrency enthusiast and intend to grow DASH Digital Cash through Campaigning, Outreach, Projects and Integration of Cryptocurrency into the Africa economy.

Profile of DASH Hub Africa Team

1.     Project Coordinator
I'm Abdullah Adeleke affectionately called Ultimatecrypto on all DASH Communication platforms. I hold Bachelors in Integrated Business Studies and Post diploma in Computer Science from All Nations University College. I am Dash enthusiast and Cryptocurrency advocator. I currently serve as a Dash Ambassador in Africa.
Also, I am an online promoter/marketer for Ultimatex Electronics West Africa, An affiliate marketer at Currently the CEO and head of Dash-hub Africa, a team advocating and integrating Dash Digital Cash into
Africa to empower youth and promote entrepreneurship.

2.     Asst. Project Coordinator
My name is Faruq Tahiru, Assistant Project Coordinator at Dash-hub Africa. I hold Masters in Industrial relations and
Personnel Management from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, I am a Cryptocurrency investor and I have been advocating for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency adoption since 2016 in Africa.

3.      Communication Expert 
I am Shayibu Yussif known as Dashminded on discord. AHigher National Diploma Holder in Computer Networking Management. I am in charge of communication at Dash-hub Africa, I am dedicated to task as an Ambassador and I strongly believe DASH and Cryptocurrency is truly future of money.

4.     Event/Plan Strategist.
Afful Bismark is my name, A Digital and Network Marketer. I hold a diploma in Information Technology from Ghana Technology University College. Afful is currently the event and plan strategist at Dash-hub Africa. I have been behind the scene of project organizing and planning. Expect professional touch in this project execution.
5.     Head of IT/Senior Developer.
Hi buddies, I am Eric. A Business minded man and currently holding the position of a Developer and Head of IT at Dash hub Africa, Have attained Certificate in computer Science and very poised to bring all the best in me help make DASH the world most patronizing cryptocurrency. Dash Hub Africa team have started hitting the ground to take DASH to the next level in Africa.
6.     Media/Graphics Designer
I am Mike, a graphics designer at A2 Print Kumasi Ghana, I hold professional certificate in Media and graphics from
Institute of Professional Management College Ghana. I pledge to stick to DASH professional design and promotional graphics as posted at[i]

It has come to my notice through Dash Ninja that I missed to enter the escrow payout address and my Dash core wallet is stated for payout, I have emailed @jeff thus coingun the leader at GreenCandle Inc, and it has been resolved Escrow takes control of the fund immediately after payout. In any case, DASH Hub Africa pledge to use fund in accordance with the proposed Timeline of ( 4 Months ), Deliverables and major milestones stated below/here to increase Adoption, everyday use of DASH for payment and an ecosystem in Africa.
Thanks for the Understanding.

 DASH-HUB AFRICA-Communication Channels

dash-hub-africa channel on discord DASH Nation for community projects updates and for community projects updates and achievements. 

The team created a
 Facebook page named DASH-HUB AFRICA . [i]
Also,ensuring effective communication with potential and current newbies is
We have created a Twitter handle for DASH-HUB AFRICA [i][/i] 
YouTube channel [i][/i]
Thank you for your Consideration, We would appreciate to have Speakers via Skype for some of the events.
If interested kindly reach to the project coordinator, @
Ultimatecrypto on Discord or forum

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1 point,6 years ago

Report of Android Wallet Achieved
Ghana March 1: downloads (total installs): 881, active installs (429).
May 6th: downloads (1274), active installs (561) -- all data is attached for this time period.
android wallet
Dash Hub Africa Facebook
Dash Hub Africa Twitter

Hello Dash Community, we are so pleased to inform you that the month of successful with a lot of
achievements and over delivery of milestones. About our proposal “Expanding Dash Outreach in
Africa” escrowed by during May 2018. Your suggestions and opinion to improve
our work are very welcome.

1. The contractual document of the first Dash Led Billboard in Ghana.
2. 1
st May, Led Billboard Advert in 3major cities in Ghana
YouTube Video:
3. 18th May, Dash Business Discussion on Radio station
YouTube Video:
4. 19th May, Live Presentation KTU Radio station
5. 21th May, Ambassadorial training in eastern region (Dash School Video)
6. 19th
– 21
st May, Eastern Regional Conference and Workshop, YouTube Video
7. 30
th May: Graphics design for next month June projects and Banner to suit the new Dash

Additional Achievements
1. The team created a partnership with Ghana Education Service to empower and train young
ones age 15 to 25 years about the revolutionary money Dash Digital Cash.
2. Dash Hub Africa sponsored Omega links at their International Symposium for Sunyani
Nursing School where `10 Ambassadors were groomed for Dash.
3. Over 20 Live tweet videos on our channel to show our progress of work and achievements in
the month of May.
4. Our YouTube Videos uploaded was 6 in the month of May
5. Exclusive Interview with the crew of Y FM to discuss Dash Hub Africa achievements in
6. Ghana Expofair projected funded by Dash boost the team was present to facilitate.
7. Dash Hub Africa training for Ambassadors in East Africa Kenya and Ethopia have
commenced and our first webinar discussion will soon be published.

Dash discord: dash-hub-africa Channel
Dash Forum:
Dash Reddit:

Thanks to GreenCandle_ jeremy and jeff for the guidance, Masternode Owners and everyone
who supports our work, expect more greatness from Africa Dash Hub. We enjoy being a part
of Dash Nation and helping Dash to increase adoption and becoming the best payment
solution in the world.
1 point,6 years ago
Dash Hub Africa Facebook
Dash Hub Africa Twitter
Hello Dash Community, we are so pleased to share with you the results of our work on our
proposal “Expanding Dash Outreach in Africa” escrowed by during April
2018. Your suggestions and opinion to improve our work are very welcome.
1. 9
th April, Dash hub Africa held it first ever Radio talk and discussion at #1 Urban Radio
station in Africa, Ghana.
YouTube Video:
2. 14th April, We presented at the Saborcita Rico KNUST Investors Business Dinner Night
YouTube Video:
3. 16th April, Contract discussion with AK publication and advertising agency for Digital
Screen Ad display.
4. 17th April, Radio Talk and presentation at Focus FM 94.1, Substation of Citi News
5. 18th to 22nd April (5 DAYS), Africa dash hub stream into Central region, Ajumako
2 days: Street talk and discussion about Dash Digital Cash with youth and working class.
2 days: Training and recruitment of Dash merchants and ambassadors for a strategic plan
for Dash pan Africa project.
1 day: Regional Conference/workshop @ UEW Ajumako campus, Lecture theatre. Over
500 Attendees present.
6. 24th April: Digital Signage contract signed and part payment made for 2 Giant screen to
display Dash Digital Cash for public visibility for 4Months.
7. 30th April: Graphics work done on the Digital screen video and launched on the display
Additional Achievements
1. The team was at Sunyani Technical University on 7th April, to mount a Dash Booth and
Discussion Desk at the :DASH ROADSHOW IN GHANA organized by @cryptolib
2. At the AIO2018, 2nd Edition of Gh. Fair_ Dash booth was mounted on the 14th April.
Dash Sponsored SRC Week at Koforidua Technical University, with Dash Strongest
Competition 27th April.
4. Float and Street walk Dash exclusive discussion in Koforidua on 28th April.
5. 20 New Ambassadors and Merchants recruited for Dash undergoing training at
6. Over 9 Videos uploaded on our YouTube Channel for learning outside attending our
regional conference and workshop.
7. Dash Hub Africa partnership with Handsup Foundation to grow Dash ecosystem
(Conference, Workshop and Merchants/Ambassadors recruitment) in Kenya, Ethiopia,
Uganda, Botswana and Zimbabwe. First partnership project is on 26th May 2018.
Dash discord: dash-hub-africa Channel
Dash Forum:
Dash Reddit:
Thanks to Greencandle_ jeremy and jeff for the guideline, Masternode Owners and
everyone who supports our work, expect more greatness from Africa Dash Hub. We
enjoy being a part of Dash Nation and helping Dash to increase adoption and becoming
the best payment solution in the world.
0 points,6 years ago
voting YES . Looking forward to updates
3 points,6 years ago
Looking forward to seeing your work. Good luck, voting yes.
2 points,6 years ago
You have my support. Thank you for you proposal.
2 points,6 years ago
Nice going man! A well thought-out proposal.

Do let me know about your plans for South Africa. We have a very vibrant and active Dash community here, as you know! The first group in Africa. So I look forward to collaborating with you in future!
3 points,6 years ago
Dear Ultimatecrypto,
A yes to see what you can do for Dash.
With the trust service GreenCandle Escrow it a +1 point.
With Direct proposal by the proposal owner + 1 point.
Good luck
2 points,6 years ago
We really appreciate the trust, This proposal as stated in its details would help Expand DASH outreach in Africa. Check on our previous achievements for DASH on discord #dash-hub-africa channrl and forum on @Ultimatecrypto
3 points,6 years ago
Ultimatecrypto, I like your persistance and even after last not passed proposal youdon't stop and move forward.
You have my support here. Good luck!
2 points,6 years ago
Thanks @splawik21, The passion we hold for the network is strong, no turning back always working more harder to make DASH becomes the most popular and used Cryptocurrency in Africa.
MNO's please VOTE Yes to enable us expand DASH outreach in Africa.
0 points,6 years ago
I am shayibu yussif and i am the communication director of this mastermind project. Dash Hub Africa is one of the fastest growing Dash Hub we have now in Africa. All strategies were planned accurately . The community can bear witness with our hardwork and determination to deliver when we are given this opportunity .The CEO of Dash hub Africa(Abdullah Adeleke) is one of the creative and vibrant hardworking young entrepreneur we are having in our territory.Thank you....cheeers !!!!
3 points,6 years ago
If we talking of Dash expansion, Africa shouldn't be overlooked. The adoption of Dash by the youths, entrepreneurs, business class,high school students,professionals and working class in Ghana will increase the usage of Dash as a medium of exchange. dash-hub-africa headed by Ultimatecrypto are doing very wonderful work in Ghana and we support the team to spread their wings to other Africa countries.
Cheers! @Ultimatecrypto
2 points,6 years ago
Thanks @megas, we vow to use this project extend Dash outreach and acceptance in Africa, Phase One is Ghana and the rolling for Phase Two would be Central and East Africa countries like Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia to mention few.
MNO's please Vote this proposal to help Transform Africa into Dash Hub and thus become the first Dash Nation in The world
3 points,6 years ago
An open letter to Masternode Owners

I’m writing to you and the community as a whole. I understand that many of you bought into Dash because you see it as a potential winner in the crypto space and that you can earn a steady income from running a node. The budget system is great, only as a business person, you don’t see the value of some of the apparently wasteful things that have been supported in the past, and you are going to do your darndest to put a stop to it! I appreciate that. Many of the things Dash has done don’t make economic sense. I keep hearing about the Rate of Income, and that we’re not seeing sufficient returns on some of the proposals. Unfortunately, I don’t think you understand what you signed on for. Please let me explain.

The cryptocurrency movement started by the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto, is a declaration of war against the incumbent banking system. There is no sweeter way of saying it. Of course nobody wants actual war, or any type of violence, however the incumbent system has utterly failed the people of the world in so many ways, and are undoubtedly the cause and source of all the wars around the world; the proof of which would be far too long a book to write here. This war can only be won Gandhi style, Martin Luther King Jr. style. We must win the hearts and minds of the world. We must grab as big a foothold in countries who have been decimated by bad governments and bankers. What you signed on for here is not a “business” that runs a balance sheet and must show profit. You signed on to a war.

If you have not noticed yet, The IMF’s Christine Lagarde had declared the need to “control cryptocurrencies”. The good news is that they can not, ultimately, control them. They can however block fiat access which would be a huge slowdown in adoption. You see, when Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin, he knew he already won the war. However, there are still battles to go through. They will not change the ultimate outcome, but they can cause a LOT of misery; probably even death, as it’s obvious that those in power will do anything to keep it. It does NOT have to go this way if we play the game of Chess well. They’re on the defense. Lets keep them there!

So what do we need to get us through these battles as unscathed and solid as possible? We need two things. We need to win hearts and minds of the people of the world and we need to get footholds in large areas where people use cryptos in daily life, not fiat. For this, Dash is the best tool, but the crypto community as a whole needs to band together to make this work! And because of our budget, Dash is in the best position to lead this charge.

If you have not noticed, the media is fully controlled by the governments today. There is no more freedom of the press anymore, except for small independent groups and individuals. Today’s mainstream media is pulled by the very same strings; not left, not right, none of that is even real. Who in America that isn’t brainwashed or mentally ill, really hates blacks, whites, browns yellows and purples? You really think “white” people care what color skin another person has? I’ll tell you, not any more than a black or brown or purple person is likely to hate a white or other color person. No, it’s a tool to divide and conquer. Birth control, abortion, wages, race; it’s all fodder to keep the people incensed and impudent. Nothing changes no matter who is in charge.

By supporting projects like The Free Thought Project, Ben Swann, and the crypto show (and their humanitarian aid arm) and more, we develop a relationship and allies. Our funding can empower free media, and in return we can expect that they will tell the truth about crypto. This is the absolutely best way to win hearts and minds in my opinion because even the most average of humans in the United States feels manipulated and that something isn’t right in the media, even if they can’t put their finger on it. If we can increase the reach of Truth in Media or any other such project, it will be the best tool we can hope for in this war.

Also, the importance of what we do in Venezuela and other South American countries, plus what we do for many countries in Africa cannot be under estimated. These are Dash’s and crypto’s foot holds. There is so much potential in Africa and South America, and digital currencies will free that potential. If you don’t know by now, you should know that it is corrupt banking or lack thereof that keeps the people in these parts of the world from participating economically in the world. If we get a real economy working in these parts of the world, these countries or areas have no debt, no love of western banking. They will be whole heartedly crypto. And nobody will be able to change that.

Either we win, or we drag this out forever, until the corrupt institutions of the world find a way to co-opt everything the crypto community have been trying to build. We look at the bottom line for what Ben Swann’s rate of return cost per click was, or we back media because it represents freedom as does cryptocurrency. We build a trust relationship with hard working young people in Africa, who are grass rooting their country and soon catapulting it to the top of the food chain, or we leave them and their potential high and dry because pictures aren’t enough proof, there “could” be waste in how they are functioning, or god forbit they “take us” for a dash or two. I don’t even think they’d ever even do that, they’re full of so much zest for building an economy in their homeland, but the narrow-minded fear we seem to have is starting to become irrational.

If you haven’t guessed by now, this letter to you, the Dash community is a request to support and vote for all the African, Venezuelan, Benn Swann, Truth in Media proposals because we NEED these people to win! Thank you so much for reading this and I apologize for posting this everywhere, but that is my intention.
3 points,6 years ago
I see alot of fortune for DASH in this proposal and @Ultimatecrypto have shown some level of competence and delivery in the past has I can recall both on discord and forum.
I believe he would deliver well and get Dash to more people in Africa, this time DASH need this proposal for more adoption and usage from Africa.
1 point,6 years ago
We appreciate your comments. This proposal offers good ROI and aim to get DASH to the people of Africa. DASH need expansion & more coverage in world and this is the purpose of this proposal.
2 points,6 years ago
I can think of nothing more important than getting our foot hold in any area of the world; any country even any city. The fact that Africa is burning Dash Blue is a testament to Dash's usefulness, but it's no slam dunk. We need a bunch of slam dunks! We need to keep the support going and give these awesome guys the support they need.

When people start to use dash, instead of speculating on it's price, Dash will start to shine. No other coin can do what we can do. We need to prove it with high transaction counts!!!! So lets get people to start trading/buying, etc... I don't know how we are going to do it, but Dash has to be easy to buy, so that people are willing to spend it and trade for it, and aren't afraid of running out of it (if they can buy more, they shouldn't feel that way). Anyway, we have got to get the infrastructure built in all areas of Africa and these efforts are only the start of that!
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Good luck UltimateCrypto you are working hard on bringing the community to Nigeria, hope you can soon reach more countries in the continent.
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From the looks of your previous work , It is crystal clear that you have so much burning desire towards expanding the frontiers of Dash Digital Cash and am very optimistic that when given the chance , you will perform beyond measure. Use this project to get Dash to every corner of Africa for these are the kind of proposals that are needed most in Africa.
Cheers !
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Dash-hub Africa appreciate your comment @Zambang.
We believe this project is going to expand the frontier and reach of DASH into unbanked area and Africa weak economy.
Thank you for helping us Transform Africa into Dash-hub.
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Listening to the video, I realize the importance of this proposal. For example, we get proposals from Ghana, Nigeria and SA. None from the mentioned countries, if this proposal is executed as stated, we will have Dash going on in other African countries and that creates a platform for continental integration. Not sure how he is doing it but I see some of the countries as visa free countries for Ghana and so if he have the links in these countries, then he can do it. Let’s give it a try. Cheers
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Thanks for watching the proposal video @cryptolib. We would love to collaborate with your foundation (Africa Dash Network) in the Phase 2 of this proposal for DASH expansion into more Africa territory, increased adoption and Merchants.
Cheers mate!
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Yes from me.
I like that you have had your pre-proposal up for a month before submitting your proposal, allowing plenty of time for feedback and discussion, rather than rushing it through.
I like that you have set up escrow.
This proposal is well written, detailed.
Your past work with meetups shows you are effective and that your heart is in it.
This is also a reasonable amount of money, and Africa is as important to Dash as Latin America. I trust you will do your best and that you will be effective. I hope this passes.
3 points,6 years ago
I also like that you submitted this early in the payment cycle, rather than at the last minute.
3 points,6 years ago
Like Unstoppable said.
2 points,6 years ago
Appreciative of the effort and persistence but I must vote no.

Africa is important but the methodologies in this proposal are costly, inefficient, and they don't properly scale.

For an Africa campaign where impressions and users can be obtained extremely cheaply, we should mimic dashmaximalist's viral approach (Getfreedash) that has worked successfully in Venezuela. We can't afford to pay this much per user when we now have a proven strategy that can get new downloads/users for $1 a pop.
3 points,6 years ago
I, for one, disagree with this assessment. While dashmaximalist's efforts are hugely important, they would not be nearly as successful without the ground teams in Venezuela or feedbands' ad-targeting wizardry, for example. It's not just about putting Dash in people's hands, but also having a network of users and enthusiasts who can field and educate and spark interest in the platform as a whole. If we want mass-adoption in a region, we need to hit it from every angle we can and see what works best in each region.

The world is not a uniform place where you can copy-paste and expect the same results. Each region, each culture, each language, each market will have its own unique features, and who better to test those waters and lay those foundations than people native to them with enthusiasm toward that goal? When in Rome...(or in this case Africa)...
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i agree with your disagree, so i'm giving this budget proposal my support.
3 points,6 years ago
Thanks @qwizzie, we appreciate your support to help Transform Africa economy into DASH hub.
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That's basically what i was saying just formulated better ;)
3 points,6 years ago
I agree with you, Arthyron.

This particular proposal may not see ROI but does place a growing team and contacts throughout Africa that will be leveraged in the future to help with even more projects. We aren't aiming for adoption with this. What we want to see is people from African countries joining Dash forums and asking how they can help.
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I think you are oversimplifying things. If we only had getfreedash for venezuela I don't think that would work out. But we don't we have conferences a dash help centre and soon business adoption programmes. All of this is required.

Most of those things are provided by this proposal. This is the groundwork to make getfreedash succeed in Africa when it expands to there.
2 points,6 years ago
@stustats. Making a comparison with an approach for massive Adoption in South America (Venezuela) cannot be justified to Africa economy.

The methodologies in this proposal for massive Adoption are justifiable, set milestone achievements in details and cost are scalable and present Value for Money.

We are on the ground, I have several times make enquiry from newbies, crypto users and Businesses on the best strategy to make Dash go viral in Africa and this strategy seems best and I will appreciate that you support this Initiative as Africa offers great opportunities to make DASH the future of money.

Thanks for the consideration.
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I agree with this argument, unfortunately. Voting no.

I'd prefer that UltimateCrypto were hired 'a la carte' through a different Africa proposal or someone like DF who has a budget for international meetups.
4 points,6 years ago
@GreatScot seems you're only looking at the Outreach accept of this proposal.
In gist, this proposal have Conferences,Workshops, Local Cryptocurrency exchange adoption, training of Ambassador for pan Africa project, recruiting new merchants for online and offline p2p exchange for Dash to Fiat and above all lay the foundation for pan Africa project.
2 points,6 years ago

This is where cryptocurrency has the advantage over banks. Dash can go into areas that banks refuse to reach.

When a laborer asks for payment in Dash and refuses fiat, that is when we win.
3 points,6 years ago
A win game ahead for Dash in Africa, thanks @RobbyDash01 we would ensure we deliver our best to make Dash serve as money in Africa.
2 points,6 years ago
You really work hard and I now understand why you want dash to shine in africa.there are a lot of good ideas in there which is going to ginger the people of Africa Ghana to be precise to patronize and choose dash to be their number one digital curency in terms of crypto. It will be of great opportunity to start some of what you said in your proposal to make Ghanaians take advantage of dash and crypto in terms of digital curency as a whole and let them gain their financial freedom. Thanks.