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Title:Allocate +100 DASH to Dash Crypto this month (#3)
Monthly amount: 100 DASH (38050 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (24 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-07-16 / 2021-07-01 (added on 2019-06-27)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 17 Yes / 706 No / 44 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 1142 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Allocate +100 DASH to Dash Crypto this month (#3)
Instead of taking an all-or-nothing approach, where our single proposal either passes or doesn't, MNOs now can allocate the amount they think we should receive. 

´╗┐Follow our results and decide how much to allocate us for the work we do for Dash each month. 
To allocate: 
- 450 DASH, vote on all proposals. 
- 300 DASH, vote on the 3 +100 proposals with the highest Yes votes. 
- 250 DASH, vote on the +50 and the 2 +100 proposals with the highest Yes votes. 
And so on. 
The amount can be voted and adjusted each month by voting Yes or No on each proposal. For context, 400 DASH is 7% of the budget, and Dash Core Group takes 60%. 

For MNOs, this means more control and more options over how much we receive, and also eliminates the cheap/expensive debate since each MNO can decide how much to allocate each month. 

For us, we hope this will prevent a desperate situation again by going several months without any funds, and lower the risk of small disagreements causing our employees and team members not to receive their salaries. 

+50 DASH  Allocate +50 DASH to Dash Crypto this month
+100 DASH (#1) Allocate +100 DASH to Dash Crypto this month (#1)
+100 DASH (#2) Allocate +100 DASH to Dash Crypto this month (#2)
+100 DASH (#3) Allocate +100 DASH to Dash Crypto this month (#3)
+100 DASH (#4) Allocate +100 DASH to Dash Crypto this month (#4)


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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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2 points,1 year ago
There appears to be and old DashCrypto proposal that has just got voted through. This was for 240 DASH (40K) and there are still appears to be remaining payments on that old proposal if MNOs do not vote against it passing again:

It seems to me that by posting many SPAM proposals JulioDash took the attention off the old proposal to allow it to go through with just 17 votes.

I am now also changing my votes on the old DashCrypto proposal to "no" I personally do not want that proposal to go through for next funding round for reasons I gave in this proposal.

I suggest MNOs also reconsider their votes on that proposal based on the responses given by JulioDash

I think we also need some means in place to prevent this type of issue happening again. We should be able to easily see all proposals open by any single proposal owner all in one place. If we had, I'm sure that old DashCrypto proposal would not have been allowed to go through. If I had notice that old proposal was still open I would have voted against it passing this month.
5 points,1 year ago
Voted no. I strongly dislike the approach this budget proposal owner is taking, the message its using and the spam of additional budget proposals it brings with it.
3 points,1 year ago

Absurd 24 months!
1 point,1 year ago
24 months?
1 point,1 year ago
Oh, the payment schedule duration in the proposal is for 24 months