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Title:The Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust
One-time payment: 470 DASH (48682 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-01-15 / 2020-02-13 (added on 2020-01-10)
Final voting deadline: in 7 days
Votes: 408 Yes / 54 No / 12 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 108 Yes votes to become funded.
External information:
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Proposal description

Dash Proposal Funding Request 

At current Dash price of $55 we are asking for funding of $25,850 equating to 470 Dash. 
The amount requested includes a small buffer to help absorb volatility in the price of Dash and 5 Dash proposal fee reimbursement for DCG.
Currency conversion (
23,550 CHF to USD = 24,210.80 US Dollars (10th Jan 2020)

What does this specific proposal fund?
This proposal is for an invoice issued to the Dash Trust for outstanding payment for second half of 2019 and payment for the continuation of Trustee services for 2020 period. The total invoice amount requested is CHF 23,550.00. Please see below for full invoice payment breakdown.
What is the Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust?

Please see Dash Core Group CEO, Ryan Taylor’s forum post - Dash Core Group Legal Structure Details:

Who is the Dash Trust Trustee?
The Dash Trust is currently administered by Waheed Hussain of HELMS Family Office, S.A. in Geneva, Switzerland. He is a professional trustee who will carry out any legal instructions assigned by the trust protectors. 

Who are the Dash Trust Protectors?
The current elected trust protectors are Pieter Bakhuijzen, Raleigh Barrett, Michael Lewis, Mark Mason, Eric Sammons, and Perry Woodin, representing well-known community members and masternode operators, as well as members from media and outreach group Dash Force and cryptocurrency accounting and compliance firm Node40.
The trust protectors were elected by the Dash masternode network in March 2019. 
Trust protectors are elected annually, and the next election will take place in March 2020.
Invoice Item Breakdown (with discount applied):
  • Carried forward, Outstanding Annual Trustee Fee and Administration For 2nd Half 2019 CHF 7,600.00 
  • Annual Trustee Fee and Administration For 2020 CHF 12,000.00 
  • Time Spent: Trust Administration, Compliance and Beneficiary resignation and New Beneficiary appointment, Deed of appointments and various legal work in relation to Trust administration CHF 1,200.00 
  • Time Spent: Trust Administration, Compliance and Protector (x6) appointments, Deed of appointments and various legal work in relation to Trust administration CHF 2,350.00 
  • Inland Revenue filing of Trust 1 CHF 400.00 
Total CHF 23,550.00

Trust Protector Mark Mason was nominated to handle direct communications with trustee and lead negotiations on behalf of the Dash network. 

Mark’s notes on invoice, discounts applied and payments moving forward
1st Invoice item: Carried forward, Outstanding Annual Trustee Fee and Administration For 2nd Half 2019
This item was in place with DCG before current Trust Protectors were elected and the CHF 15,200.00 yearly fee was the agreed upon fixed amount. There is no movement on this cost. Trustee was only paid for first half of 2019 and this is an outstanding payment that needs to be paid.

2nd Invoice item: Annual Trustee Fee and Administration For 2020
Mark negotiated a 21% reduction for 2020 payment from CHF 15,200.00 to CHF 12,000.00. 
This reduced fee will be fixed and locked at CHF 12,000.00 for the network moving forward. It has also been agreed that the Annual Trustee Fee and Administration for 2020 will be inclusive of adding new Trust Protector appointments, Deed of appointments and legal work in relation to Trust admin after upcoming March election (the network will not be invoiced for time spent in 2020 when new Trust Protectors are elected and appointed). All additional work (Excluding appointment and removal of Protectors) will be charged. Approval from the Protectors will be requested prior to work being performed.

3rd and 4th Invoice Items:
Time Spent: Trust Administration, Compliance and Beneficiary resignation and New Beneficiary appointment, Deed of appointments and various legal work in relation to
Trust administration
Time Spent: Trust Administration, Compliance and Protector (x6) appointments, Deed of appointments and various legal work in relation to Trust administration
Mark negotiated a 22% reduction (CHF 1,000.00) for total time spent items totalling CHF 4,550.00 this invoice payment was reduced to CHF 3,550.00

5th Invoice Item: Inland Revenue filing of Trust
Inland Revenue expense can not be changed as this is a fixed cost.

Conclusion of negotiations:
Trustee services for 2020 period and moving forward will be 12K + 400 for Annual Trustee Fee and Administration plus Inland Revenue. This payment will be inclusive of expense of appointing new Trust Protectors after March election.

Network Proposal for Invoice Payment:
The Trust Protectors have instructed Dash Core Group to sponsor the 5 Dash proposal fee and to escrow payment to Trustee if proposal passes.

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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5 points,2 days ago
This is wayyy too expensive, sorry but have to vote No
1 point,4 days ago
If the price of Dash is 130$ at time of payout, will this carry over into future years? And if yes, how could that be made as transparent as possible?
2 points,4 days ago
Hi quantumexplorer, Dash Core Group is escrowing payment. Dash Core Group CMO Glenn Austin will create a separate balance for trust expenses if proposal passes that will be custodied on the Trust's behalf. So any additional funds remaining can be used for future trust expenses. This is my understanding, I trust and thank Glenn Austin for his cooperation on this matter.
2 points,3 days ago
Thanks for the clarification.
2 points,4 days ago
*Correction* CFO not CMO

Dash Core Group Glenn Austin Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
18 points,6 days ago
My main concern is the size of the ask, would have rather it was broken up into more than one payment than a lump sum with the tight budget we have right now, but will vote yes if it looks like it will fit into the budget without cutting off critical infrastructure like Electrum.
19 points,6 days ago
Voting abstain for now.
-15 points,4 days ago
Easy yes. No other crypto project can employ the dev team. They are all at the mercy of the dev team. Dash is not, so let's keep it that way.
1 point,6 days ago
I would like Ryan or someone from the DAO to confirm proposal is legit.
-12 points,6 days ago
I also confirm that this proposal is legit.
-11 points,6 days ago
Yes, it's legit. I'm one of the trust protectors who signed off on it.

-17 points,6 days ago
Voting yes, as this is critical infrastructure IMO, but second ABJ’s comments that the Trust needs to be more present and contactable.
-13 points,5 days ago
As mentioned below - I think there's a disconnect here between perception and reality regarding what EXACTLY the elected TPs are there to do.. The answer is nothing, unless the network instructs us to do so, as per the guidance set out in the 'Governance mechanisms' section of the post below:

We're not here as therapy or counselling for disgruntled community members, we're here to resolve any disputes that cannot be resolved via network consensus and to act as legal custodian for the assets of the Trust (namely DCG Shares at present) on behalf of the network.

1 point,1 day ago
Given that the main goal is to do nothing, I don't understand why that costs $12,000 per year.
19 points,9 days ago
Is there a binding budget for 2020? Or will there be more surprises?
15 points,9 days ago
$26,000 for what?
Sorry, but this looks like a money wasting, elaborate SCAM to me! Voting no +1

Irrespective of sharing your opinion on this one (and only this one!) do you really need to comment each and every single proposal in a negative way?
As far as i'm concerned, you can keep on doing this, if it makes you happy and if you haven't anything better to do.
But you should disclose the reason why you take the time and effort to comment each and every single proposal.
What's your motivation?
Do you hold a couple of Dash coins and are truly worried about Dash's future? Is it really that?
Difficult to believe.
-10 points,8 days ago
Do you want DCG to be legally owned by the DAO, or not?
The Dash Irrevocable Trust is one of the things that separates Dash from every other project. It's not free to administer a trust. $12K per year is a bargain for a legal structure, one of its kind, that keeps the DAO in control of its development team. This is a mandatory expense. And thank you to Mark Mason for negotiating the discount.
14 points,8 days ago
"administer a trust" LOL
There is NOTHING being done or accomplished by whoever "administers" this trust.
It could be done with a tiny fraction of this cost.
Stop negotiating and contracting with moneygrabbers and fraudsters, and stop wasting DAO funds in an irresponsible way.
Tired of seeing the DAO being constantly ripped off by such bogus shell entities while some MNO still think its great.
Seems like whatever you guys setup turns out to be a money waste, if not an outright SCAM.
Shame on whoever set this up in such an expensive wasteful way.
-14 points,8 days ago
The fact that you stated "administer a trust" as if this is some foreign or laughable concept signals to me that you don't know what you're talking about. If you have no experience in this area, at least do some research about what that means, and then consider the nature of this particular trust.
0 points,1 day ago
I don't know about Jules, but I'd happily admit that I don't know what I'm talking about. But given that, as walters says above, the goal of the trust is to do nothing until something needs to be done, $12,000 for doing nothing seems like a lot of money to me as well.

Since you seem to know more, I would be happy if you could explain why it costs $12,000 per year to essentially do nothing.
9 points,9 days ago
This proposal is asking the treasury to waste money on empty, do-nothing shell companies and consultants and registration fees and lawyers.

These "charges" are a bottomless pit and once you start paying them, there is no end to them. None of this was told before setting this up and this is a classic hidden charges type of deal. Complete waste.
-17 points,5 days ago
-13 points,7 days ago
which other network is capable of owning its development-team? None, afaik. This is a main USP in this market to distinguish yourself from other cryptos. Most don't realize that, (yet). Vote NO, when you want to downgrade your investment.
-10 points,7 days ago
I support the network being able to own Dash Core Group. I also support paying any competitively-priced legal bills needed to do so. (I'm assuming this invoice is for a competitive price.)

That said, I'm sorely disappointed with the performance of the elected Trust protectors thus far. After nearly a year of being in office, you've not published one status report. Not one. Almost 365 days into the job, and the first we hear from you is an out-of-nowhere request for $25k?

What's more, as you know, I wanted to contact you as a group. But how? You have no website. You didn't respond to my public Reddit post requesting contact information. I eventually had to reach out to individual protectors via Discord and Twitter (Discord and Twitter!) to get an email address ( -- an address which didn't even accept incoming mail at first.

So to sum up, I support the reason that the Trust was created, but the lack of presence, updates, and contact-ability of its current protectors do not inspire my confidence.
-16 points,5 days ago
The reason the Trust hasn't been direct to the DAO previously is because the startup and initial funding costs came direct out of DCG budget. This will not be the case going forwards in future years.

I'm not sure what sort of status report you are expecting?

This is an overview of DCG legal structure and the roles of each entity involved:

I'd like to draw your attention specifically the paragraph titled 'Governance Mechanics'. Nowhere are we requested (or expected) to do anything unless explicitly instructed to do so by the network via a governance proposal. TPs and the Trust are not the primary governance mechanism for the DAO to exert influence over DCG. It remains, and always will be, the Dash Treasury directly. We are only there to step in when the primary mechanism fails to reach consensus and we are asked to intervene. The trust's primary function is to own and control DCG assets on behalf of the network.

This is not a job either, it's an elected office, we are not paid to do this.

I'm sorry you feel like we have not "performed" very well as Trust Protectors, in all honesty though I think there's a disconnect here between perception and reality regarding what EXACTLY the elected TPs are there to do.. The answer is nothing, unless the network instructs us to do so, as per the guidance set out in the link above.

Hope this helps clear up any confusion.

-12 points,7 days ago
There are trust protector elections coming up. Now would be a good time to find and convince some potentially better candidates to run. That being said, I do not think we should defund the Trust just because our initial trust protectors were a little shaky. We are in this for the long haul.
-20 points,7 days ago
We need to vote in a new (read: better) batch of trust protectors, but that isn't a knock on the system.

The fact that the community owns DCG is an innovation that we have to keep going. This is a small price to pay to keep our project decentralized and keep our control over DCG.
-13 points,8 days ago
Well, I'm in favour. Maintaining a legal entity of this type seems like a good idea. Having said that, there is zero chance that it will get funded. The masternodes as a whole are simply not going to all agree the money is well spent, some will, some won't, and it needs mostly all of them on board to get through.
-16 points,7 days ago
Let's hope masternodes won't be so short sighted in this instance.