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Title:Increase Dash’s awareness by advertising on YouTube
Monthly amount: 300 DASH (129127 USD)
Completed payments: 2 totaling in 600 DASH (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-01-17 / 2018-04-17 (added on 2018-01-20)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 768 Yes / 344 No / 46 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 51 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Dash Requested
This is a 3-month project that will require 300 Dash/month (900 dash/total)
Full breakdown of cost is below.

Description of the project
Google’s largest third-party YouTube advertising partner, Strike Social, will promote Dash’s introductory video on the world’s second most viewed website: YouTube.

In a moment the world is interested in digital currency and
cryptocurrency, there is an opportunity to increase awareness
surrounding Dash. As the second largest search engine in the world,
YouTube is the best platform to promote a video ad focused on it. The
platform reaches 1.5 billion monthly users across the globe.

The video will be promoted in five (5) of the most popular countries for
Dash: U.S., Netherlands, Germany, France and Japan (where we'd promote
the Japanese version of the ‘What is Dash?' introductory video). YouTube can automatically
add subtitles to account for the local language in all five countries we
are targeting. These five (5) countries make up over 75% of the total
number of Masternodes.

This video promotion will ensure that awareness of Dash increases, that
video views are added to the view counter and that viewers engage with
this ad.

About Strike Social
Strike Social harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to drive
the best outcomes in YouTube and social media advertising. Through
media-buying software and service, Strike Social helps major agencies
and brands, such as Beats, Xbox, Honda, Mattel, Lionsgate and Trunk
Club, scale their campaigns. With a workforce presence in 16 major
markets — including headquarters in Chicago and offices in Kraków and
Manila — Strike Social was recently named the No. 17 fastest-growing private company in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine. Learn more at

Visit our news center to see what the press has been saying about us:

We recently started accepting payments in Dash. Learn more about our global campaign to promote Dash here:

(Ryan Taylor, January 18, 2018 TNABC Miami)

How can Strike Social guarantee results?  
By running the video as a YouTube TrueView Ad.

YouTube Trueview Ads are those ads that can be skipped after five
seconds. These are a great advertising option as you only have to pay
for views if somebody reaches the 30-second mark of the video. If they
skip before hitting that threshold, you aren’t charged.

This ad method also ensures payment is only needed if Strike Social
reaches an engaged viewer. It is a win-win situation — viewers only
watch videos they are curious about and we know all the views come from
people that are really interested in the video.

How many views does the budget allow for?
The plan is to run this campaign for three (3) months to reach everybody
interested in digital currency/cryptocurrency in the five countries
mentioned above.

Strike Social’s data science and planning tools have identified the number of people that fall into these interest
groups across each country. It’s recommended that we ensure there is a
set amount of total views per country in order to be successful. Please
see below for views needed to achieve the desired results.

  • United States:
    • Views Needed: 3,050,000
    • Cost Needed for Views: $244,000 USD (~300 Dash)
    • Overall Estimated Reach: 9,760,000
  • Japan:
    • Views Needed: 2,025,000
    • Cost Needed for Views: $182,250 USD (~225 Dash)
    • Overall Estimated Reach: 6,480,000
  • Germany:
    • Views Needed: 1,300,000
    • Cost Needed for Views: $130,000 USD (~160 Dash)
    • Overall Estimated Reach: 4,160,000
  • France:
    • Views Needed: 1,135,000
    • Cost Needed for Views: $113,500 USD (~140 Dash)
    • Overall Estimated Reach: 3,632,000
Why do we want to promote the introductory video?
Strike Social recommends promoting the introductory video 'What is Dash?' because, for an audience that is learning about Dash for the first
time, it tells a clear story about what Dash is and what it does.

In order to make consumers aware, they need to understand what Dash is.
This video accomplishes that. Besides, it already has some traction with
100,000 views for the English version and almost 2,000 views for Japan.

This is also a great first video to be followed by additional paid campaigns to support other video series, such as ‘Dash School.’

Why did we choose YouTube to drive awareness?
There are 1.5 billion monthly YouTube users across the globe with over one billion hours of video footage being
watched each day. YouTube viewers also spend an average of 40 minutes
per session on YouTube, which means they are engaged.

These are just statistics on the platform itself. How about advertisements on the platform?

Recent studies show that advertisements on YouTube generate on average a 17% lift in brand awareness and a 13% lift in consideration.

How will we reach a qualified audience?
YouTube is a great platform to reach an audience that fits within your target. Why?

YouTube allows you to target various interests, create custom audiences
and tap into what keywords viewers are searching for. The targeting
options also allow you to target people that have already shown interest
in Dash (a process called remarketing).

Strike Social has built a proprietary recommendation engine that uses historical YouTube performance and social media listening to find the perfect audience on YouTube.

A full targeting plan has been developed and will be translated into the
language of each country. Strike will use all the keywords present in
the targeting plan at the beginning of the campaign. Then, keywords and
audiences that aren’t working will be paused in real time. The keywords
and audiences that perform well will be optimized for maximum

Granular, 24/7 optimization guided by machine learning leads to the best performance in the YouTube advertising space. As a global company, we are able to have media buyers monitoring the performance of
campaigns night and day. On top of that, our AI-powered technology helps
improve performance to drive optimal results.

Metrics that matter
Strike Social will guarantee a set number of views per country that will
be reported on to show that viewers are engaged with Dash. It is always
Strike Social’s job to try and beat the guarantee so there is an
over-delivery of views to the video.

Strike Social will also conduct a brand lift study that can effectively determine if the video advertisement drove a lift in brand awareness or consideration.

This study provides ancillary metrics to prove if the campaign worked or
not. The benchmark will be a 17% lift in awareness and a 13% lift in

How will Masternodes know what’s going on
Strike Social’s dedicated campaign managers will be posting weekly
updates recapping campaign performance to ensure Masternodes are able to
keep a pulse on the campaign.

This recap will include views by country and also insights such as which audiences and keywords are working.

Masternodes will also notice that the video view count will be going up as the campaign is flighted.

This will be a 3-month long campaign starting on Feb. 1, 2018, and
running through the end of April. The campaign will be evenly split
between each month.

Future iterations
Strike Social believes that there are many more extensions of this
campaign should the Masternodes find our YouTube proposal successful.
These extensions include:
  • Running the video in other successful countries beyond the original five.

  • Creating additional videos with more information on Dash and serving those advertisements to viewers of this introductory video. This is
    called sequential remarketing and leads to high engagement.
    • One example would be to promote the ‘Dash School’ series.
  • Running this video across other channels that Strike Social can support such as:
    • The open web
    • Facebook/Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Amazon Video
  • Creating a video that is specifically for merchants and targeting merchants/business owners vs. individuals interested in cryptocurrency.

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1 point,10 days ago
So sorry to see this one get voted out last month. For anyone not monitoring the stats on this, Strike Social DELIVERED. This is VALUE.

Please keep posting proposals, Strike Social, even though this one didn't make the new smaller Dash budget.

Thank you.
0 points,9 days ago
I hope you guys get voted back in this month, too. Thanks for the good work delivered so far.
2 points,1 month ago
Thanks for all these detailed updates, Strike Social!! Please expand to ALL the countries and let us buy MORE views!
1 point,1 month ago

Please find an updated report with data from February 1st - February 22nd:

Here are some of the important highlights of the campaign so far:

1. The campaign has generated ~2,000,000 views for the Dash How To Videos in English and Japanese. This shows that the campaign is well on track to hit and/or exceed the original views expected.

2. The video completion rate for the videos is at 36%. This means that 36% of the people that are 'served' the video on YouTube finish it. The benchmark for this is typically 10% so this is well out pacing the benchmarks.

3. The video is performing extremely well against an audience that is trying to seek out the 'best cryptocurrency' or 'investment ideas.' To us, this proves that Strike Social is reaching an audience and helping to educate/drive awareness.

4. Women are slightly more engaged with the videos than men and Strike Social will continue to keep these learnings in place as we continue to optimize.

Strike Social is working with Google and expects to have Brand Lift Study results in the coming weeks. We will be sure to update a report as soon as possible for that.
2 points,1 month ago

Another updated report in the link below with data from the beginning of the launch through Monday, February 19th.

The campaign has eclipsed 1,750,000 views across all (5) countries.
2 points,2 months ago

Sending through a link to another report that features the following:

1. Performance across each country
2. The best performing and worst performing keywords
3. Performance across device and gender

Please let me know if there is any feedback. Thank you.
2 points,2 months ago
Hi! Checking in with another reporting update as we wrap up the week.

I had a productive call with Ogilvy and Fernando earlier this week. We are getting closer to new videos. And then, we will also have additional creative options for future proposals.

Here is an update on the latest video view tracker:

-US: 230,799
-France: 164,506
-Germany: 155,544
-Japan: 117,996
-Netherlands: 93,533

Total Views: 762,378 since February 1st

The keyword that is generating the most views is 'financial news.' The keyword that is generating the most engaged viewer is still 'best cryptocurrency.'

We will continue to have detailed reports 2x/week. I'll also share the Awareness study results once ready in the coming weeks.
2 points,2 months ago
Hi! As Patrick mentioned, we plan to update creative in the near future. I have a call with Fernando and Ogilvy today.

In the meantime, I want to share initial results as we're a few days into the campaign.

Currently, the campaign is going extremely well! It's well exceeding industry benchmarks. The English version of the video has garnered 480,000 views while the Japan video has garnered 108,000 views from 2/1 - 2/5:

-US: 158,000 views
-France: 125,000 views
-Germany: 120,000 views
-Japan: 108,000 views
-Netherlands: 76,000 views

34.5% of people that are shown the English ad are completing the video compared to 35% of people in Japan. These statistics are well above video completion benchmarks, which are ~10% for a video over 90 seconds. These strong metrics indicate that we're finding the right audience that enjoys the video.

Few other key, initial stats:

-We're optimizing the campaign a bit towards viewers on their desktop. The video completion rate (VCR) is 37% on desktop.
-The most engaged age group are those between the ages of 25-35 (38% VCR)
-Females are slightly more engaged than males (35.6% VCR vs. 35.1% VCR)
-Viewers that are interested in technology and financial services are the most engaged (41% VCR)
-There are (2) keywords that viewers are searching for where they are most engaged when shown the Dash video -- 'Best cryptocurrency' and 'Bitcoin trading'

What's next:

We will continue to provide 2X reporting updates/week and should have the Brand Lift Study results in the next few weeks, which show how much this video is providing a lift in awareness for the audience.

Please let me know if you have any other specific questions or requests for future reports.
2 points,2 months ago
Hi all, just a quick update, as Aselby mentioned the ads are running. We'll get you a report tomorrow. I want to make sure you know how seriously we take your feedback. We did speak with Fernando and Bradely before launch. We discussed waiting for a better video. I don't want to put words in their mouths, but I think we all thought it'd be wise to go ahead and run with this one until the new creative from Ogilvy is was released. We agreed that we'd swap this creative and run the new stuff as soon as possible. The reason we're running this video and not waiting is because of what Facebook recently announced regarding their new Crypto policies - very disappointing. If you missed it: In parallel, we are working with our Facebook rep; we'll keep you posted if anything changes. Cheers!
1 point,2 months ago
Hi! I work with Patrick at Strike Social and head up Client Services. Confirming that this campaign has launched. Our team will be providing reporting and check points throughout the next three months to update the community on performance.

Thank you for passing our proposal. We're excited to share positive results with everybody.
0 points,2 months ago
I think the proposal is a good one, but we really need a better video for this use case.

"If you're watching this" (obviously I am, but it's an ad, I would rather not be watching it)
"you're probably wondering, 'What is Dash?'" (no. no, I wasn't wondering. Let me watch my video)
2 points,2 months ago
On second thought, this is also the kind of memorable, obnoxious feeling video that would eventually make me curious what they were trying to tell me about. This might not be the worst thing.
4 points,2 months ago
I fully support spending money on advertising campaigns to promote awareness about Dash.

However, now that we are looking at million dollar ad budgets, I would really like our community to create a video with much higher production value. I feel that the current video might do us a dis-favor by making Dash appear much scrappier than it actually is. A higher quality video should also be able to generate a much higher engagement rate and conversion rate.

Do we know if anyone in the community is working on an updated video or are we waiting for the new brand guidelines from O&M? If not, I have some very talented animation studios in mind that could put together an updated video.

Looking for community feedback on this one!
1 point,2 months ago
I like the proposal in theory but cringe at the thought of that low budget, tacky video being shown to a wide audience. This will not give people a good first impression of Dash.
3 points,2 months ago
I agree, time for an updated intro video.
2 points,2 months ago
1 point,2 months ago
The hottest creative shops are 72&Sunny in Los Angeles and Droga5 in NYC.
1 point,2 months ago
Would it make sense to allocate part of the budget from this proposal to have one of these two studios put together an updated video?
1 point,2 months ago
Ogilvy Spain is getting some creative together. It might be worth making some calls into a Droga5 but it would be a completely different proposal. I know you don't like the video but the like to dislike ratio is pretty impressive 95% Like and only 5% Dislike? My guess is Droga would be close to a million take 5 months if we could get them but i'll make some calls tomorrow.
1 point,2 months ago
For example:
3 points,2 months ago
Patrick thanks for validating you are in control of the linked in account you referenced above for all those who are looking for validation I did connect with Patrick and will endorse him and this project. Good Luck!
2 points,2 months ago
Thanks Brian!
3 points,2 months ago
Easy yes. Was hoping to see a superbowl ad by now but targetted youtube ads are probably more prudent anyways.
0 points,2 months ago
MNO, Sydney, Australia. The way Google treated James Damore and apparently treats other "white men" in particular is plainly racist and sexist (law suit coming/link below). On one hand I honestly despise funding this despicable juggernaut of a company. But life was never meant to be all peaches and cream. MLK jr RIP.

That business sorry aside, your proposal looks sound your company has an alliance with the growing Dash payment network. YES from me.
4 points,2 months ago
10 million views for 1million usd , not bad , voting yes
2 points,2 months ago
"This will be a 3-month long campaign starting on Feb. 1, 2018, and
running through the end of April. The campaign will be evenly split
between each month." Look forward to it!
5 points,2 months ago
Very glad to have Strike Social onboard! Let’s see what they are capable of.
2 points,2 months ago
Is there a visible person behind this proposal? $280 thousand USD per month for three months... who is requesting this? Why is this not going through an escrow? I have never heard of Strike Social, but assuming they are ok, how do we know this proposal is really coming from them. Was there a pre-proposal?
5 points,2 months ago
@ec1warc1 In case you missed it, Strike Social was one of the major accouncements at the North American Bitcoin Conference. Ryan described them as “The world’s largest YouTube ad optimization firm”. The announcement at the conference was that they will support the integration of Dash payments to facilitate cross border business transactions.

The best chance of high exposure and effective ads on YouTube is definitely through these guys.

Great potential here although I do agree, the owner of the proposal needs to be confirmed.
6 points,2 months ago
I would envy the person who created the proposal in the name of someone mentioned by Ryan.
3 points,2 months ago
We just want to continue to do a great job. The release went really well and we're excited to help you all!
3 points,2 months ago
Hi ec1warc1, I'm the CEO of Strike Social; yes we posted this. Here are some links that might help you know more about Strike Social and myself.

Our partnership release last week:

Our results from last weeks press release. We reached over 130 million potential readers and were picked up by over 700 publications globally. There are more links and results on this thread.

Your partnership release last week:

Here's the pre-proposal link:

Keep in mind the $280K per month is for advertising, the money isn't going to Strike Social. The money is going to Google for 20M views. Does that help?
1 point,2 months ago
So, you're saying that Strike Social doesn't make a commission from this? I find it difficult to believe your company would work for free. Can you breakdown the amount of the contract that is for advertising and the amount that is retained by your company?
3 points,2 months ago
Hi AttorneyJohnFlynn, we guarantee our views, that has alway been our model. If we don't hit our view numbers we'll actually go out of pocket. Adwords and DBM are auction based platforms so the guarantee is our risk. If you look at the proposal you'll see the number of views, reach and guarantee in each country.
2 points,2 months ago
So, in other words, the fee is for the views, and whatever those views ends up costing, if it's less than the funds you receive, the difference is your profit, but if it's more, you're out of pocket?
3 points,2 months ago
Yes, and we typically over deliver on our guarantees. We're also the 17th fastest growing private company in the world over the last 4 years according to Inc magazine so we're pretty good at delivering repeatable best price and performance value to our customers on a global scale.

btw, John can you private message me? Strike Social is going to needs some tax advice on this stuff
3 points,2 months ago
John are you there?
1 point,2 months ago
Email sent.
0 points,2 months ago
agree someone need confirm this ohterwise no
-1 point,2 months ago
I need someone from Brad or Ryan's team to confirm that this pmckenna12 and proposal owner is the actual StrikeSocial CEO. I.e. Need this qualified.
2 points,2 months ago
Private message me on LinkedIn
2 points,2 months ago
After emailing him at his email account I spoke with him and he is the StrikeSocial CEO.
2 points,2 months ago
Thanks John, good talking to you too. I'll keep you posted after my other calls. Cheers!
2 points,2 months ago
I think they're both traveling. I met both of them in Miami on Thursday and Friday. I'm not sure what else I can do on this end.
-1 point,2 months ago
post on your linked in account a link back to this proposal so you can at least validate ownership of said linked in account
3 points,2 months ago
If anyone wants to connect on LinkedIn i'll connect talk to you, but I think it's really bad form to put a clients marketing proposal and strategy on LinkedIn. We wouldn't do that for any to any of our clients. I can post our partnership press release on my LinkedIn account would that work? Does that make sense?
2 points,2 months ago
It does make sense actually.
-1 point,2 months ago
Sure ok nuderstood, but anything to help validate identity would be good, even if you just make a small note here and then post it to your linked in account...unrelated but we can see you can access both accounts... We just want to make sure you are who you say you are, and maybe ryan or someone can jump in and verify your identity. Thanks
2 points,2 months ago
Ok, i'll think of something this morning and post it here.
2 points,2 months ago
thanks i messaged you on linked in
2 points,2 months ago
Yes that was awesome! Great connecting with you! Looking forward working with you.