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Title:Slack Tipbot And Community Engagement
Monthly amount: 225 DASH (6802 USD)
Completed payments: 2 totaling in 450 DASH (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2016-08-06 / 2016-11-19 (added on 2016-07-29)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 705 Yes / 1122 No / 0 Abstain
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Proposal description

  Update Month 1: [b]

[/b]   Bitcointalk:
  Anyone that wants to check out the Dash Chat Slack, click here

  The public slack is now picking up members and becoming the face of the Dash community.  We are over 500 members with 25 new members added each week.  We have 12 technical support contacts acting as an around the clock help desk.  We typically have over 15,000 messages each week. Slack is available on iphone, android, and browser which make communicating fast and easy in a chat like atmosphere.  Slack also supports easy file uploads and integrations with twitter and reddit to put news all in one place.

  A few unique aspects of our slack is that there are dedicated channels to budget proposals to help answer questions directly from the proposal owner.  We have also had live podcasts where members could ask questions in real time.  Many discussions have started projects like Canadash which will be a Dash accepting pop machine located in Canada.  We offer a great way for miners and masternode owners to talk about pools or hardware settings and configurations.
  After the community made suggestions from other successful sites that attracted users, it was determined that a bot that could tip and rain funds was key.  Naruby created a tipbot for Dash with a little help from Moocowmoo on security.  The tipbot can tip users, deposit, withdraw, provide Dash price in multiple currencies, and has a function to rain dash on all active users once it hits a certain amount. Recently, rain has been updated to sun for the summer.  The tipbot is getting used with over 50 Dash per month getting tipped out.  The plan is to add some security and features to make this bot work with other slacks and promote Dash further.
  One of the Dash Detailed episodes talked about a Dash jobs section on the forum, and it is still blank.  A few members have asked for certain features and have even pledged their own funds to make it happen.  Effectively, the community has offered to create jobs for some smaller projects.  We think the value of this slack to the community is growing and would like to offer incentives to members that contribute.

 I will list a few successful activities.
  • Exodus Wallet skin - 10 Dash went to the winner.  We had three very cool designs.  Check out the wallet released as a 1.0 today.
  • Articles in are all community efforts.  Most of the personally written articles were better than the paid articles from Vanbex.
  • Mining Channel - We helped many of the PinIdea customers fix miners. It is also a great way to optimize and try different settings.  This real time discussion is helpful when solving problems.
  • Dashstore - We started talks to create a dashstore to sell shirts and merchandise.
  • Iphone wallet on App store - current bounty is 300 Dash - this is all from pledges.  We have 2 developers discussion how to make a wallet that might get accepted.  (Yes they are talking with Quantum Explorer, and waiting on existing wallet gets approved/rejected)
  • 2FA - Again we had a user looking into how to make this work.
  • We also created the site to list current bounties.
 Tipbot – 25 Dash
Add key features to enable the @dashbot to be used on other slacks as a promotional tool.
  • Add cold wallet storage with hot wallet online with minimal funds.
  • Add multiple slack usage form the same wallet.
  • Server rental and maintenance.
Community Engagement – 200 Dash
  • A portion will be used for activities to gain community participation. Bounties will be used for innovate ideas and prizes will be provided for contests to engage community activity.
  • A small portion will go to the @dashrain or @dashsun to encourage new contributors and welcome people.
  • Donations will be given to support members answering questions on mining, masternodes, wallets, and general questions on slack, reddit, or other feeds in the support channel.
Total amount requested is 225 Dash per month for a 3 month duration.

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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0 points,7 years ago
Since our base value is from open sourced software.......we should always try to integrate tools that are open source and decentralized. What about ?
3 points,7 years ago
cross post.

I wrote most of this up last night and finished it up today before the bottom fell out of slack. It summed up my feeling at the time so i'll go ahead and post it....

It's sad to see this proposal fail but maybe it's for the best right now. maybe it can be reborn and reorganized with a few changes in the mod department and a adjustment in the funding.

I've just recently gone all in on slack and really love it, minus all the anti-dash drama of course. Most of mods have been very helpful with tech questions and other questions. Initially I had some issues with itw who personally attacked me and censored me for simply asking a question about the dashbot, but besides that it's been fun and exciting. A little drama is good but a lot of drama is bad.

All that said I don't think slack is worth $2500+ a month just for a bunch of people to sit around and chat “most” of the time. Is it worth half that or more? Yes, I think so. It was very helpful to me and I saw ABJ and others come in a few times and immediately get lots of answers and help with questions. I think it was Evan that talked about a 24hr phone line and irl dash branch offices where people could come get help and stuff and I think slack is the online version of that. However changes need to be made to make it more friendly. One of my first real visits there was a bit unpleasant because of itw (and buster, but buster apologized when I called him out so I think we're cool?) and I remarked that “this place is scary”. I recently just saw another member say slack was “scary” too, that's not good folks, that's scary for the dash brand.

Thanks for all your help solarminer and please don't take my constructive criticism the wrong way, you created a great thing, it just needs a few tweaks is all. Rant off ;)

ghes [Yesterday at 9:24 PM]
I would like to see this channel be nicer for new comers and how dash is a great community. I joined yesterday and I am scared.
Posted in #dash_chat
2 points,7 years ago
i agree with piggybank here, it is probly best at this point to distance yourself from InThewoods and his intent to spread rumors about forking Dash as much as possible.
3 points,7 years ago
How much DASH has InTheWoods been paid from this proposal to moderate Slack and spew his anti-DASH trash? Looks like 30+ DASH!

Get rid of him and this proposal might get funded again. Keep paying him DASH and watch the yes votes turn to no votes.
Do the right thing Solarminer and distance yourself from this toxic troll.

From the dash slack:

“inthewoods [Today at 6:06 PM]
Some of us are not emotionally attached to Dash because in the end it's just a vehicle for an idea. There are other vehicles. To some of us this is not a job and a virtual corporation or some interest bearing account. Evan was afraid community would splinter in two but maybe that's not such a bad thing I guess.
Posted in #dash_chat”

inthewoods [Today at 11:41 PM]
Babyg is a propped up guy. We've given him all this support so that he can take a dump on all the community. (edited)
Posted in #dash_chat

inthewoods [Today at 11:51 PM]
We are probably gonna have to fork into another project and find our own developers from within the community.
We can let the core have their crappy centralized bankster Dash.
with shady crappy proposals and a lack of an active community.
Posted in #dash_chat

inthewoods [Today at 11:56 PM]
This! Evan stopped coding long time ago and is just sitting there sipping cocktails at events with Daniel the top bullshit artist and a bunch of guys that just fill up space and eat up budget resources. (edited)
Posted in #dash_chat

inthewoods [Today at 12:08 AM]
Corruption is too strong when it comes to the Dash budget system at this point to get any significant non core proposals passed. Amanda was different because Dash needed a face and a spokeperson and even core team realized that. (edited)

inthewoods [12:54 AM]
remember guys, the word of the day is *fork*

inthewoods [12:55 AM]
We're seriously considering forking the project at this point. Devs that have suggestions or would like to be part of a future decentralized Dash not a one man show centralized bankster project, please send us your thoughts and ideas. We're open to suggestions.

And that's just a few hours worth of his toxic rants from Thursday evening.

Here's more from Friday....

“Evan, the lead dev is clueless when it comes to what's going on. He is a self described autistic guy who closes up in his ivory tower and he's got these 2 snakes Daniel and Babyg calling the shots, who managed to crawl around him, hijacked the project and misallocate budget funds to either prop up themselves or fund dubious proposals.”

“Here is some piece of trivia for some of you skeptics out there. NXT was a project doing fine but not great. Community split in two and some guys started NEM, which became more successful in terms of market cap. We can make that happen. Dash is just a vehicle for an idea, nothing more. We're not emotionally attached to for example.”
1 point,7 years ago
Thanks to slack I got my masternode up and running, with help from Perry of Node40, So I'm 100% voting yes. The Slack and Slackbot are essential ingredients in the decentralised aspect of Dash, and are helping new users for sure. I can testify as I was one of those new users not long ago. Thank you
1 point,7 years ago
1 point,7 years ago
I like the fact that this slack channel works as a live support DASH chat which is quite valuable. It's a no-brainer Yes vote.
1 point,7 years ago
we need better materials, we need more languages. this is so much overpriced for something that people are glad to do for free. people could actualy go to steemit and read stuff there and they will get money for it. if we are to tell them about various guides.
1 point,7 years ago
Is this is overpriced? This is less than one guy in the core group gets paid. This is to support creating a tip bot that can be used to advertise Dash in all Slack groups. It is to support the 12 members answering questions around the clock. It is also to give members contests to keep engaged and also pay for effort for articles, design work, etc. There is a reason Dash/forums is not used as much. People prefer a slack conversation. A 30 minute chat can resolve a 2 week forum discussion.
1 point,7 years ago
Oh, I noticed you are supporting reddit as well. Now you have my votes. :)
0 points,7 years ago
Sure, it really is helpful. But if 100 dash goes to actualy creating permanent content about what people wants most somewhere on wiki. then it will be great! :)
1 point,7 years ago
Worth a try~
2 points,7 years ago
Who couldn't support this!!!! On Slack we have a saying between @dash_advocate and myself (@dashmasternode)....Get S**t Done!

Great proposal Solarminer!
1 point,7 years ago
These kinds of things normally emerge when a talented community members gets bored and writes some code for fun.
I think just because we have the ability to pay for things we shouldn't try to monetize everything.

If go that road further no one will do anything without asking for money or will even feel dumb to contribute just for the fun of it.
0 points,7 years ago
This feels rushed (only 7 days left for discussion and voting ?) and contains a multi-period part which i like to avoid untill implementation of version 12.1
So i'm voting no
4 points,7 years ago
Pr is very important.....Slack has been a valuable asset for brainstorming and community motivation...just look at the Dash-Gigs page.....thousands of dollars have been pledged in bounties and all of that was generated though Slack...please reconsider
2 points,7 years ago
Proper discussion is also very important and currently this budget proposal only exists on Dashwhale.
It should be discussed here too :
1 point,7 years ago
Your wish is my command.
-1 point,7 years ago