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Title:Remittances, Biz Dev, Digital Cash Awareness Drive, General Adoption- Dash Nigeria
Monthly amount: 75 DASH (5120 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-03-15 / 2020-06-12 (added on 2020-03-04)
Votes: 568 Yes / 92 No / 15 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

Remittances, Biz Dev, Digital Cash Awareness Drive, General Adoption- Dash Nigeria
Q2 2020, April - June

Table of Contents
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Proposal Scope
  3. Previous Results
  4. Why Vote Yes?
  5. Budget Breakdown 

1. Executive Summary
For Q2 2020, we will focus on:
  1. Remittances 
  2. Biz Dev
  3. Digital Cash Awareness Drive
  4. General Dash Adoption

Using Dash for remittances and international transactions has always been a major strength of Dash backed by instantsend and low fees. We've launched remittance lines that'll see Dash being used for sending money into and out of Nigeria. To do this, we have partnered with Bitfxt and Naijacrypto exchanges to provide sufficient liquidity in naira for this operation, while we direct the traffic to them via proper marketing.

We'll continue our business development activities, integrating Dash into companies that'll enable Dash use by users.

We've also launched the Digital Cash Awareness Drive that'll see us distribute thousands of Digital is the Cash book for free, thereby increasing Dash awareness and onboarding new people into Dash.

We'll also continue providing support for Dash users, merchants and partners, and our social media activities also.

2. Proposal Scope:

A. Remittance:    
Our previous proposal aimed at promoting the adoption and use of Dash in remittances to Nigeria. Thus far we have successfully created Dash-remittance lines and over the next 3 months we will enable and support Dash remittance through the lines - Bitfxt  and Naijacrypto

It is also not enough to simply create the Dash remittance lines, we need to promote it to the public. To this end, we have a joint marketing campaign with both exchanges to drive the use of Dash for remittances on both platforms. Having more than one platform for remittances gives users a choice while forcing competitiveness to provide the best user experience.

Other methods of promotion we'll be engaging include meetups, newsletters, article and media coverage, video and WhatsApp marketing.

B. Biz Dev/ Integrations:
We'll continue to work closely with existing partners on strategies to promote the use of Dash. One of such has led to Gigalayer sending out a Dash promotional newsletter bi-monthly to over 6,000 subscribers/ users.

In Q2, we'll be rolling out joint marketing and PR with our partners. The frameworks are currently in the works.

We will also work on closing existing leads and replenishing our lead pipeline.

C. Digital Cash Adoption Drive

This involves us reaching out to regulators, financial organisations, fintech companies, universities and public libraries with copies of Digital is the Cash book. In the past, we’ve had meetups and events where we gave out some Dash as tips. This time around we look forward to giving out books as tips.

The book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License so anyone can reproduce it as long as it's not for commercial purposes.

In order to ensure maximum effectiveness, we are donating between 5 - 15 copies to organisations and in cases of giving it out to individuals, we are doing that through our partners. Some of them are;

  • Gigalayer: They will be giving out copies to individuals who make the most purchases paying with Dash on
  • Binance Nigeria: Currently organising a series of educational events across Nigeria, we have partnered with them to give out some copies to selected attendees at these events.
  • Campus BCAT: We have committed to donating 1,000 copies to universities and student tech/ finance clubs across 30 tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Campus BCAT is a crypto educational movement sweeping through tertiary institutions in Nigeria since 2019.

We will also be giving copies to regulatory bodies in Nigeria including;
  • Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN Abuja
  • Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation, NDIC Abuja
  • Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC Abuja
  • The Chartered Institute of Bankers Nigeria 
  • National Information Technology Development Agency, NITDA Abuja amongst others.

We have received applications for copies of the books from student organisations including;
  • Junior Chambers International
  • Nigerian Economic Students’ Association
  • Students’ Finance Club

We have made contact with the libraries of tertiary institutions including;
  • Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife
  • Oduduwa University Ipetumodu
  • The Polytechnic Ile-Ife
  • Nigerian Law School Kano

Impressively, we've also received applications from Cameroon, a French speaking African country, Kenya, Uganda and other countries. We'll be reaching them with copies of Digital is the Cash as we proceed.

Metrics and data for verification of the distribution will be submitted to Dash Watch.

We strongly believe that this campaign will introduce thousands of people to Dash and will also help with getting Dash a proper classification when the crypto regulations are released.

D. General Dash Adoption
Social Media Marketing:
Increased marketing of Dash via social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp 

Dash Nigeria Help/ Support Line:
More newbies and users keep reaching out to us with questions and issues that need support. These range from wallet issues, to buying Dash OTC, to shared masternode enquiries, to more education, merchant enquiries, etc.

3. Previous Results
  • Entered into a partnership with Bitfxt to establish a Dash remittance line at 1% fee, making it possible for users to receive Dash as remittances and liquidate for just a 1% fee.
Naijacrypto is a digital asset exchange platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital currency exchange. One of Nigeria's popular indigenous exchanges. Currently working with Naijacrypto to introduce a 0% fee for Dash transactions and remittances for the next 6 months. So far, Dash has been integrated into Naijacrypto and the promotion will be rolled out in March 2020.

Boundlesspay is a crypto-fiat payment gateway focused on Nigeria. Merchants will be able to accept payments in Dash with instant auto-conversion of it to naira.

  • Dash launched on yellowcard (we have also convinced them to drop LTC, BCH and ETH).
  • Dash integrated at gigalayer
  • Dash integrated into bitfxt exchange.
  • Dash integrated into quidax exchange.

In the works:
  • Dash partner MyCashEstate now rebranded to Risevest. Working on introducing Dash as an investment to their users. When concluded, Dash will be listed as an investment option alongside US Real Estate, US Stocks and Eurobonds.
  • Working with First Kudi towards Dash integration on their exchange and debit card. This will be completed by April 2020.
  • Promo rollout with partners scheduled for Q2 2020

P.S. We also offer technical support to our partners listed above.

Dash Nigeria new website launched with additional modules to the academy.

Learn with Dash: 10 videos in Pidgin English for learning and promoting Dash 

BitcoinAfrica; Dash Donates 1,000 books to Campus BCAT
Cryptobriefing: Dash Nigeria: Bitcoin dominance challenged by unstoppable adoption
Dash in Partnership with BITFXT to Make Cash Remittances to Nigeria at 1%
Dashnews: Nigeria’s E-Commerce Problems and Dash As a Potential Solution

4. Why Vote YES?
Proven team:
We have been executing the proposed strategy already successfully for a couple of months. We have been able to constantly increase all relevant metrics: Integrations, merchants, users, transactions and have recently branched out into engaging media partners. We are also a part of Dash Co-Working (DCW).

Low cost:
We’re constantly among the cheapest teams in the category “General Dash adoption”. We believe to have generated a high return on investment for the DAO and are pushing to get even more cost efficient.

Consistent adoption:
We don’t promise the pie in the sky. We don’t expect you to pay us many months in advance. We work step by step, unlocking new Dash adoption along the way. Support us and continue to see ongoing results month over month.

Nigeria is hungry for Dash:
Campaigns like #EndBankingFraud proves that Nigeria’s financial infrastructure is ripe for disruption. When we approach Nigerian consumers and merchants with Dash we are met with excitement about all the new possibilities Dash offers them. We’re introducing reliable payments, free “banking” infrastructure and economic cross border payments, capabilities that many Nigerians are experiencing for the first time and are reaping the corresponding strong results.
This tweet on a Dash Adoption cycle in Nigeria has over 9,000 impressions.
Instagram video with over 11,000 organic views.

5. Budget
In depth budget
75.36 Dash per month for 3 months price @88USD 3/3/2020

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1 point,4 days ago
Thanks for voting Dash Nigeria. We appreciate & will deliver on our proposal.

Thanks again.
2 points,7 days ago
So i am asking me sometimes why people who vote no don't explain why they do. 4 vote to pass let make this proposal funded guys, Nathaniel deserve it.
1 point,7 days ago
Thanks Carlo, our hopes are high on being funded.
2 points,7 days ago
This is a very good proposal with a solid use case. Would the last minute NO votes like to explain their resistance?
1 point,7 days ago
Thanks for your support. The recent "NO votes" have been surprising. It'll be good to hear their reservations.
3 points,13 days ago
perspective: very good progress by Nigeria team to find a realistic use case (remittances) to try for. Whereas other teams (Germany, Brazil, Thailand) are struggling to find a realistic use case
3 points,13 days ago
Thanks for the support.
3 points,18 days ago
An interview with Nathaniel Luz, lead of Dash Nigeria.

A Faltering Global Economy: Will There be a DASH Toward Digital Money?
2 points,22 days ago
Nate again congrats in your very good work in Nigeria, and congrats for this book also, and soon i am happy that it will be translated and giving away in Haiti. So i dont see any reason to vote No on your proposal and you are an Example in Nigeria and i really appreciate the effort you make to be that example. So good luck and we are waiting more from you because you have a lot to show us in Dash.
2 points,22 days ago
Thanks for your support.
2 points,23 days ago
Yes from me.
3 points,23 days ago
Thanks for your support.
3 points,24 days ago
Easy yes!
4 points,24 days ago
Thanks ma'am, we appreciate.
4 points,24 days ago
In-depth review of Digital is the Cash book by Qryptocentral.
4 points,25 days ago
African Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News Roundup for January and February 2020 - Digital is Cash Book mentioned
3 points,28 days ago
Another no-brainer Yes! vote for me. As a small aside, I should note that the "bug" that causes the previous Dash Nigeria to remain and display 3 months happens on other proposals as well. It happened recently with DashText as well, so I think its rather premature to aggressively attack this PO and proposal for such a triviality. It just goes to show the lengths our competition will go to in order to suppress our treasury and render it less effective.

But I whole-heartedly support this team and all the DAOs working together to improve our adoption globally. Dash Nigeria works with Dash Coworking, which is a brilliant initiative of Dash Embassy Dach IIRC, a loose group of DAOs that participate on shared conference calls and discuss adoption strategies, share leads, and assist other DAOs cooperatively with their integrations and operations. This streamlines their efforts, prevents stepping on each others' toes where applicable, and generally makes for a smoothly operating community.

So of course I completely support there efforts! The results they have brought, the book that Nathaniel has written, their twitter accounts and blog posts, all of the efforts of Dash Nigeria have been a considerable boon for our community and I believe they deserve our continued support. Join me and vote Yes! for Dash Nigeria.
4 points,28 days ago
Thanks for your support and comments. We appreciate.
-2 points,29 days ago
And its still active for another 3 months.

When will this greed stop?
4 points,29 days ago
See :

The last proposal of 52 Dash does not have three months remaining, its an older proposal that ends in a week. Do not rely on that '3 months remaining' on Dash Central as that seems to be a bug.
4 points,29 days ago
Yes, that's right. This is our only valid proposal atm.
3 points,29 days ago
Kindly see my response below as this is a false accusation - we have only one proposal up for voting.
1 point,29 days ago
Actually you have two proposals up :

1 proposal for 75,36 Dash (created yesterday, ends 12-6-2020)
1 proposal for 51,75 Dash (created december 2019, ends 13-03-2020)

Looks like Dash Central has incorrectly mixed your two proposals up somehow as the last (older) proposal leads directly to your new proposal.
4 points,29 days ago
Please ask rango to decouple your two budget proposals on Dash Central and have him change the '3 month remaining' to '0 month remaining' on your older proposal to avoid confusion. Right now your older proposal with 51 comments is not accessible, as its redirects to your new proposal.
4 points,29 days ago
I just noticed it & I've messaged him on the dash central channel on discord. Thanks.
2 points,29 days ago
Our last proposal which completed its 3 months validity period with the last supernblock payout will be automatically flushed out on the 13th of March which is in 8 days time.

Seems there's a bug in Dash Central causing it to show 3 months remaining, however, Nexus lists only this proposal in its 'active proposals' section:

Kindly vote YES for this proposal as it is our only proposal to keep Dash adoption going on in Nigeria for Q2 2020.

-2 points,29 days ago
You already have a similar proposal for same items you mentioned here. So your double dipping now
2 points,29 days ago
This is a false accusation.

This is our only proposal for Q2 2020. The link you posted is that of this proposal. Nexus shows a clear list of all active proposals here:

We remain committed to the adoption and use of Dash in Nigeria via remittances, international payments, biz dev, etc. Thanks.
2 points,29 days ago

Please explain why there are two budget proposals with two different amounts requested for funding and both proposals end up on the same site ?
2 points,29 days ago