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Title:Shift Communications Public Relations Budget Request
Monthly amount: 110 DASH (7901 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (6 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-11-15 / 2020-05-13 (added on 2019-11-16)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 495 Yes / 504 No / 30 Abstain
External information:

Proposal description

Note: proposal owner on DashCentral is Glenn Austin since the Dash will be delivered to a DCG controlled account.  Once converted to USD it will then be paid to Shift Communications.

For the past six months, SHIFT Communications has been the agency of record for Dash. Our remit has been clear: drive increased awareness and media coverage of Dash. In a crowded, rapidly evolving crypto world, where the global share of voice is dominated by a few players, this was and remains no easy task. But SHIFT continues to be committed to the challenge. We are emboldened and inspired by the breadth, sophistication and -- perhaps most importantly -- enthusiasm unique to the Dash network. Your energy — from DCG to Dash embassies to the deep discussions on forums — is infectious, and we are eager to continue our active involvement helping the world understand why Dash is well-positioned to win long term.

SHIFT has worked very closely with Dash embassies, Dash News, Dash Watch and the DCG team to coordinate a wide range of PR activities, including media relations, communications strategy/counsel, events support and content development. Following our onboarding, a standard learning process which included a number of kickoff calls with key Dash stakeholders, SHIFT dove head first into supporting on a number of strategic global partnerships, mapping out a healthy cadence of news and began initiating conversations with key members of the media. 
We came into the partnership with a healthy amount of external perspective and skepticism, a necessary approach in a space full of eager evangelists. We took a step back, examined the broader crypto media landscape and gained a deeper understanding of the ingredients that make a good story, which publications matter and what perspectives/topics resonate in 2019.
The result: a strong cadence of company and partnership announcements that highlighted the utility of Dash for a wide range of use cases unique to today’s climate, significant coverage in a range of crypto and general finance/business publications and expanded Dash’s spokespeople who engage with (and ultimately are quoted) in the media. We also garnered  trust from the broader Dash network that SHIFT can and will provide thoughtful and accurate communications guidance.
Additional key successes include:
  • Full-network collaboration: SHIFT has worked closely and had consistent collaboration with the full Dash network (attending regular meetings), including DCG, Dash Watch, Dash News and D-A-CH Embassy;
  • Turned a page with CoinDesk: SHIFT built a strong relationship with the site’s editor, resulting in five pieces of Dash coverage in CoinDesk in the past six months (all positive);
  • More accurate understanding of the DAO: Ryan has consistently been referred to as the CEO of Dash Core Group (vs. just “Dash”) in the media since SHIFT has taken over.
  • Momentum with mainstream media: SHIFT helped secure Dash coverage in two well-read mainstream publications, Bloomberg and The Street. Though we still have more work ahead to consistently crack into mainstream press.
  • Crisis support: SHIFT advised on response and messaging for three potential crises tied to Dash (none of which, thankfully, fully materialized).
  • Significant media relations engagement: SHIFT engaged with about 50 members of the media in the crypto, finance and general business sectors in the past six months, including proactive and reactive engagements.  
Key SHIFT-driven media headlines include:
Below is a closer look at key success metrics (media coverage, briefings, announcements supported) SHIFT has supported since partnering with Dash.

  • 4 announcements written/supported by editing (, Aircoins, 2gether, Blox)
  • 14 total pieces of coverage including TheStreet and CoinDesk
  • 1 media briefing secured with CCN
  • 1 blog written (eGifter)
  • 3 announcements written/supported by editing (0.14, Travala, BlockchainIntel)
  • 22 total pieces of coverage including Yahoo! Finance and Fintech Finance
  • 1 media briefing secured with Crypto Briefing 
  • 1 blog supported by editing (Venezuela)
  • 2 announcements written/supported by editing (Uphold, Farmarket)
  • 10 total pieces of coverage including The Cryptonomist and AMB Crypto
  • 4 announcements written/supported by editing (IQ CashNow, Coinbase Pro, Coinbase, UTrust)
  • 40 total pieces of coverage including Bloomberg and Decrypt
  • 2 media briefings secured with CoinDesk
  • 2 announcements written/supported by editing (BitGo, Coinify)
  • 23 total pieces of coverage including The Wall Street Journal and Finance Magnates
  • 2 media briefings secured, with BTC Inc and CoinDesk
  • 1 thought leadership piece supported by editing 
  • 1 announcement written/supported by editing (IndoDax)
  • 1 total piece of coverage in Blockchain Reporter
  • 1 media briefing secured with Crowdfund Insider
  • 1 guest post, from Liz R. on women in blockchain, SHIFT is pitching broadly

Leveraging the strong momentum SHIFT has built with Dash in our first six months, the next six months represent a tremendous opportunity. We plan to not only support Dash on media relations and strategy around company news and milestones, but also turn a spotlight on thought leadership and rapid response angles that appeal to mainstream publications (i.e. TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, TheVerge). We’ve had some success with placements in TheStreet and Bloomberg but want to dedicate more energy on seeking ways to insert Dash into publications with a broader audience, contributing to the ultimate goal of widespread adoption. 
The broader crypto climate is ripe with opportunities to do so; the uncertainty of Libra, plans to launch state-run tokens, geopolitical issues driving new adoption in new regions of the world ... there is no shortage of global topics that bleed into the world of crypto, and the broad Dash network features no shortage of thoughtful points of view. SHIFT aims to nurture the network’s informed thoughts on such topics and connect them with mainstream press in need of such expertise.
In addition to driving awareness of Dash in mainstream outlets, we also want to double down on mediums like podcasts and broadcast opportunities, which are an impactful way to convey Dash’s value to consumers and investors and reach new audiences.
None of this can be done in isolation; much of SHIFT’s success to date has been the result of close collaboration with the greater Dash network, including D-A-CH Embassy and Dash News, among other key stakeholders and projects, all of whom are doing tremendous work on the ground all over the world. Should we gain funding approval, we will continue this approach, acting as to be a resource for the team and provide strategy and messaging along with media outreach for Dash announcements and partnerships in any and all regions. 
Lastly, SHIFT hopes to expand the roster of spokespeople for Dash. Serious, mature organizations understand that their audience responds well to different voices and perspectives within the company. SHIFT recommends more frequently tapping voices beyond Ryan for a wider range of topics.. Over the next six months, the SHIFT team looks forward to engaging with more people in the Dash network to drive new story ideas across the globe, which will help us engage more deeply with more press.

SHIFT prefers a monthly retainer model and – because every budget is within a set budget range – there is no fiscal incentive to favor one client over another. Our model allows us to design scopes of work that are tailored to the needs of each individual client and – because we do not have any anchor accounts – all clients get the unvarnished counsel of a fearless PR team.  
We invoice on a fixed expense model, which makes it easier for our clients to budget. Additional expenses require approval from the client. 
To date, SHIFT has been operating on a $10k/month budget, which we recommend continuing. However we recognize the challenges that come with Dash’s currently reduced price and believes in the long-term outlook of Dash. We reduced the fee as a result, however we do ont recommend operating on a $7,500 budget long term.
$7,500/mo budget: 
  • Communications Strategy: 25% budget: Advise on strategic communications campaigns
  • Media Relations: 45% budget: Build target lists, engage media, support 1-2 campaigns/month
  • Content Creation: 10% budget: Develop 1 blog post/bylined article per month
  • Speaking + Awards: 10% budget: Pursue speaking submissions and industry/tech awards
  • Account Management: 10% budget: Maintain detailed account tracker, reporting

SHIFT is part of Avenir Global, a global network of PR and marketing firms that also includes NATIONAL Communications, AXON Communications, Padilla, FoodMinds, Madano, Hanover and Cherry under its umbrella. We are unique in our approach to public relations. While our bread-and-butter is still earned media and influencer relations – convincing media to write stories about our clients and the issues they care about – we also know that getting great media coverage alone isn’t enough when it comes to surpassing your goals (and ours). 
We’re firm believers in being able to measure the impact of PR beyond impressions or mastheads. We believe PR should be tied to your business, marketing and adoption goals and that it should, in turn, be measurable. We take communications seriously – and combine both our passion for creatively telling stories that resonate and matter, with the science and analytics of being able to measure the value of what we do.

Over the firm’s roughly 20-year history we have worked for a diverse portfolio of clients spanning B2C, B2B and enterprise technology, with deep expertise with fintech, cybersecurity, healthcare, and the legal cannabis industry (via our sister agency NATIONAL Communications). We have a proven track record of helping define new categories and garnering attention for new endeavors. Our team is tech-savvy, passionate about media and puts clients first.

We’re eager to continue working closely with Dash as your agency partner to tap into momentum and relationships we’ve built to tell deeper, richer and more compelling stories in new places. We’re eager to continue collaborating with the broader Dash network to unearth new voices, new use cases and new partnerships. And we’re eager to harness the energy and breadth of the network to help the world understand why Dash is the future of payments. 

The core team is comprised of senior practitioners who you can expect to be hands-on with you from the start and beyond. We will add additional support/resources in alignment with the full scope of work, should we be selected as your agency partner.

Alan Dunton, Managing Director: Alan leads SHIFT San Francisco, balancing his time across client relations, team growth, and business development. A 20+ year industry veteran, he brings a broad range of communications and marketing expertise and insight to SHIFT from both agency and client-side positions. Since joining the ranks during the original dotcom boom, Alan has remained fascinated with the development of new technologies and the evolution of how stories about the people and companies behind them are shaped and shared. He has diverse fintech experience, which includes Coinbase and Uphold.

Darren Weiss, Account Director: With a decade of experience working with some of the fastest-growing companies in the Bay Area, Darren has a track record of decoding and bringing to life the most complex stories his clients have to offer and making them pop. Darren brings extensive experience working with a range of enterprise/B2B tech companies, including those in fintech, IoT, storage, mobile and crypto ( at large and small public relations firms.

Sara Dodrill, Account Manager: As an account manager, Sara serves as the primary day-to-day contact for clients and is responsible for overseeing the successful execution of client programs including media pitching, setting editorial strategy, delivering high-quality written materials, etc. Sara’s client experience ranges from consumer apps and electronics companies (eero,, Cemtrex) to enterprise clients in the data, travel and healthcare spaces (Rambus, Tripactions, Cutera). Before entering the PR world, Sara worked in TV news as a field reporter and producer, most recently for KRON4 News in San Francisco. 

Alicia Vazquez, Account Executive: An account executive in San Francisco,  Alicia provides support for the team in the form of media database creation and maintenance, speaking and award program management, social media program support, coverage tracking and reporting on metrics to ensure quality client services. She has a passion for storytelling which propels her to constantly search for hidden treasures to make clients shine. 

SHIFT is not solely a crypto agency. We support a diverse portfolio of clients that enable us to engage a wider swath of the media landscape. Because we don’t live and breathe digital currency, we approach the work with a healthy – respectful – amount of skepticism. This is valuable to companies like Dash that are rebuilding their brands while also helping to repair the optics of their industry. If your agency partner is the last line of defense between you and the media looking for a salacious headline, you want us to ask the tough questions first.
To help us do our best work, our clients can approach our relationship with clear objectives and a desire to work together to achieve them. Our best clients collaborate closely with us, provide real-time feedback and treat us like members of their core team.

To ensure that we’re doing our best work throughout the partnership, we establish agreed-upon, metric-driven program objectives and hold ourselves accountable to them on a monthly and/or quarterly basis. We analyze performance by conducting internal account performance reviews led by our senior leadership team, by soliciting unvarnished feedback from our client partners at regular intervals to ensure our teams get the feedback needed to course-correct on the fly, and by pulling in additional team resources to push through creative and strategic challenges.
We know that planning will only take us so far. Plans change, timelines shift and curveballs get thrown. You need a partner that knows how to keep a plan on track, but also has the flexibility to change directions to support your business needs.

Please see the proposal posted on Dashnexus for capabilities not covered by this specific budget request.

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3 points,6 months ago
Was the recent incident with moocowmoo's masternode shares covered by SHIFT's crisis support? Even though the connection drawn with DCG may not have been fully justified, it made a lot of headlines that reflected negatively on DCG. I would like some insight into what action (if any) was taken specifically by SHIFT to assist Dash/DCG in the days we were getting flooded with negative press prior to the open house?
2 points,7 months ago
Why is there no buzz around the open day ? I see zero news that is not dash force published ?
2 points,7 months ago
There has been no communication between SHIFT and the community which is disappointing. Will any steps be taken to improve this?
0 points,7 months ago
I believe SHIFT have performed well enough under difficult circumstances and we would be shooting ourselves in our collective feet to de-fund them now. Voting yes.
-4 points,7 months ago
DCG should have a professional PR firm at their disposal. We owe it to DCG.
4 points,7 months ago
Please note that this proposal is from Shift Communications itself, however, due to limitation with receiving funds in a custodial wallet, the proposal was posted by me. All of the language from the proposal is by Shift. Also, they are commenting on the proposal in DashNexus.
2 points,7 months ago
Been informed by DCG:

Shift doesn't have commenting ability on Dash Central, they have responded to comments here over at Dash Nexus.
2 points,7 months ago
Quote from @Glennaustin in his text above" Plans change, timelines shift and curveballs get thrown. "

DCG were late 2 whole years for delivery Evo, so yes, we are going to need VERY flexible partners to spin that out to look good.

I can picture the headlines now:

" Seven million dollars extra investment but DASH Evolution not yet out after 2 years of broken promises"

"Evolution" was the code name for DASH's revolutionary platform that was originally scheduled to be released in late August 2017. The DASH project promised to revolutionize the crypto space by enabling DASH users to send and receive their crypto using usernames without ever needing to see confusing crypto addresses that we know today. Evolution was touted as being a revolutionary step foward to bring DASH into the hands of everyday people, and spurred on by this many invested believing Evolutions was just around the corner. After 2 years of additional funding the long promised Evolution platform is only just scheduled to be released to testnet in December 2019. However this means it could still be many more months before a fully functional Evolution platform is finally released.

But are the DCG too late on their delivery? Will anyone care now? Yes, the release of Evolution is about to happen in the depths of the deepest bear market with the lowerst interest of crypto, could this mean that nobody would even care when it's finally released?

Meanwhile the Masternode network, who have dished an additiona 7 million dollars for the 2 years extra development time continues to praise the DCG without any critique, critisism, feedback or question.

Questions regarding delivery, funding, methodology and other important investment information have been raised by lone MNOs in the core team proposals over the 2 year period. However these questions were mostly in vain as requests for clarification have fallen on dead ears by DCG. The majority of Masternodes do not question the DCG preferring instead to vote their proposals through each month without reasonable or intelligent questions to hold the team accountable.

DASH currently stands at 21st position in coinmarketcap having fallen from its long term positon of 5th postion and at 60 USD per coin DASH has fallen from its all time high of 1700 USD in December 2017.

The above is the copyright ownership of Deepblue and may not be reproduced without written permission.

My comment is MNOs don't just sit there voting core team project in. Challenge them. Ask them questions. Hold them accountable that is the ONLY way we are going to get this team to perform they way they are supposed to be performing.
-1 point,7 months ago
This is not the place for your pompous attack on DCG. Without the efforts and sacrifices of DCG, we would not be here -- which is on the verge of launching Dash Platform.

It is not the fault of DCG that speculators currently don't value what we are doing. We are not here to buy you a Lambo. Get over yourself.
1 point,7 months ago
Its not a pompous attack, contrary to your assessment DCG deserves to be critiqued just like any other DFO that is how the system is supposed to work!
0 points,7 months ago
By "Here" do you mean #22 on CMC. Who's fault is it that most people in the crypto community don't know about instantSend and ChainLocks?
0 points,7 months ago
Sounds like you're saying we need a professional PR firm. This one should be an easy YES for you.
-2 points,7 months ago
Anything from Glenn is an automatic YES for me. Le't fund this and keep the momentum going.
2 points,7 months ago
To be clear, this is not a proposal that was posted by me. This a proposal by Shift Communications. See comment immediately below yours.
1 point,7 months ago
Do we have an October Dash Watch report? Last one I have seen was the September report.
0 points,7 months ago
I like what I'm seeing with SHIFT. Voting Yes.
1 point,7 months ago
We can provide much more cost efficient online marketing from regions like Asia or South America. DASH is a global movement, it can employ agencies all over the globe, why should the DAO work with an agency that is located in a country that has some of the highest salaries in the world? With 110 DASH as requested the DAO could employ 10-30 Venezuelans which would be shilling for DASH in several languages all day long. I think that would yield a much higher return on investment, as Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook algorithms do not care about quality, they care about quantity. Social Media marketing would be much more efficient than traditional paid articles are. SHIFT PR might be useful if you are working with traditional businesses, but in the case of DASH it is an online community with international opportunities.
0 points,7 months ago
What is our current monthly contract with SHIFT? Wasn't it $10K/mo before? Asking 110 Dash/cycle won't be $10K/mo at $65 Dash. Noted also that there was carryover that resulted in one cycle delay in renewal proposal.
1 point,7 months ago
Other than the Coindesk article, what have they done? We spent $33,540 on the last Shift proposal on 04-18-2019. At that time Dash was ranked #13 on CoinMarketCap. Now we are ranked #22. This proposal will cost $44,616 over the next six months. Given their past performance I don't see how funding this proposal makes any sense. Whatever they are doing it doesn't seem to be having any sort of positive impact on traders and investors.
1 point,7 months ago
Shift is only as good (or bad) as the client(s) that hire them. Again MNOs blame the wrong people.
4 points,7 months ago
Please correct your records and future publications dash does not have a 'ceo' all future articles should clearly state dash core group ceo

4 points,7 months ago
There's been talk that the PR company has failed in terms quality control of DCG's CEO's presentation on video interviews
2 points,7 months ago
Indeed, when they cant even figure out finer details, that dash itself has no ceo.

And that dcg is not willing or unable to communicate this effectively to shift
-1 point,7 months ago
In general i'm satisfied with this PR company and will continue to support them.
They have my yes votes.