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4 points,2 years ago
Unfortunately due to this poll containing two separate topics to vote on (an independent security audit on Dash Core Group and an independent code review on Dash Platform) and then putting in a condition that effects them both (pushing back the release of Dash Platform, until both are initiated), the poll gets invalidated from the start.

It should have been split in two separate polling proposals as people could have different opinions about each topic.
6 points,2 years ago
There is no point to initiate this until platform is on Testnet. It currently is on Evonet, which allows external developers to leverage the platform, and that was the goal of Evonet. As with any unfinished system, it is not hard to break platform in its current state, so there is no point of a security audit right now.

Our plan is to do an internal security review, first by platform team, then by all other development teams ( before hitting Testnet, at that point I think all community devs should try to destroy the system as best they can while it is on testnet. When we are past that phase a proposal like this makes very much sense! I think it should be more like a bounty though, but maybe even have both.
1 point,2 years ago
I would vote yes if this were to be done in parallel as opposed to delaying Platform, and if we weren't sustaining DCG with just enough budget for pretzels and ramen.
0 points,2 years ago
Apparently this is a poll that handles :

- an independent security audit on Dash Core Group
- an independent code review on Dash Platform

Coupled with a condition of pushing back the release of Dash Platform, until both are initiated.
0 points,2 years ago
' I therefore call for the release of Dash Platform to be pushed back until we have initiated an independent security audit and code review of both Dash Core and Dash Platform'

I am voting NO on this. Not only do we not need this delay, it could also backfire on those investors that are actually expecting some progress on the Dash Platform front and perhaps already working on Dapp development.

Also we did not need to stagnate our software development in the past for code reviews and i don't see a reason to start now. How can we even do a code review on Dash Platform when that is still in beta software form ? This whole immediate independent security and audit and code review comes across as a desperate move to just delay Dash Platform.
0 points,2 years ago
Also i would like to remind GrandMasterDash (who created this poll), that Dash has an extensive and thorough testing procedure already, where multiple partners of Dash are internally involved with testing Dash Platform. Frankly this poll is showing a remarkable lack of trust in Dash Core Group's testing capability.
0 points,2 years ago
Correction : Frankly this poll creation is showing a remarkable lack of trust of GrandmasterDash in Dash Devs testing capability and Dash Core Group as a whole.