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Title:How To Get Every Musician In The World Using Dash: Pay Them 10 Cents Per Stream & Give Them Things To Spend It On (end-to-end closed economic loop)
One-time payment: 130 DASH (21570 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-06-18 / 2018-07-18 (added on 2018-06-08)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 103 Yes / 237 No / 29 Abstain

Proposal description

Hello Dash Community, 

By offering to pay 10 cents per stream to musicians, we can offer a service that would see tremendous demand while solving a massive real world problem. 

Feedbands is a five year old music streaming service. On June 4-6 we tested a feature where we paid our artists 10 cents in Dash every time a song of theirs was streamed. During that time, we were able to:
  • fix some bugs (not all streams were paying)
  • test out some fraud preventative features (can discuss in private with MNOs)
  • poll our artists on their desired payment frequency
  • evaluate the general reception to the feature
During the days that we ran the test, artists from around the world earned small amounts of Dash each time a song of theirs was played. 
  • Technological capabilities. Working with over a hundred artists averaging 100 streams per day, we generated over 20,000 payments to artists in real time as their songs streamed. Each payment is verifiable by copying the recipient address from the block and pasting it into the Feedbands search bar.
  • Polling results. Our poll found that 50% of our artists prefer to be paid in real time with each stream, with an even distribution after that preferring daily, weekly and monthly payments.
  • Anti-fraud features: the few anti fraud features we tested worked properly.
  • General reception: The general reception was fantastic. Many artists posted on twitter and facebook about their music and about Dash See here. Artists are excited to earn decent money for their streaming, and at the rate of 10 cents per stream, this experiment paid 100x more than Spotify pays per stream (currently .1 cent).
  • Verification: every streaming payment was verifiable in the blockchain by copying the recipient of a streaming payment, pasting the address into the Feedbands search bar to reveal the artist it was sent to. We can go over a few examples in the comments if people would like to test this.
Our goals through this initiative are to:
  • Create an automated, scalable way to distribute dash
  • Create a distribution channel that it is relatively passive but not a "giveaway"
  • Create a new userbase for Dash: people earning small amounts on an ongoing basis and not as an investment, making their Dash "spendable"
  • Pay artists an extremely competitive rate for streaming.
  • Create and implement a powerful use case for Dash.
  • Get people excited about Dash. 
We would like to keep this distribution channel open and flowing to the artists streaming on our site and welcome more artists into the program. There are still many elements in this equation that need to be figured out, so we are only asking for enough money to keep the channel turned ON for a month, and a small development budget to build out some features that were requested (daily / weekly payment batching, facial recognition / identity verification checks for new artist signups).

Requested budget:
95 Dash: to be distributed directly to artists with every transaction and recipient publicly verifiable
30 Dash: development budget
5 Dash: proposal reimbursement

Note: we are aware it is a very tight month. If this proposal has support but does not pass due to budget restrictions, we are happy to resubmit next month. However, we wanted to give the network the option to turn on this distribution channel beginning July 1, hence the proposal this month. With this budget we can turn the feature back on and adequately pay for current volume. 

Benefits to the Dash Network:
  1. Distribution. Getting Dash into more people's hands is an important task for the network to undertake, as it creates network effects. Many people believe that Bitcoin is not primarily a currency, but a network effect. 
  2. Terrific PR. Paying artists 100x more than Spotify and "fixing" the "broken" streaming economics is a tremendously newsworthy endeavor. Dash can get that attention, or someone else can. 
  3. Enthusiasm and Excitement. The musicians who will be earning this Dash will feel tremendous goodwill towards Dash. You can already look at some of the twitter posts people have made about this. People are EXCITED and RECEPTIVE. See here
  4. A new type of user in the ecosystem. Up until now, most of the people who have Dash have purchased it probably do not want to spend it. By allowing lots of people all over the world to earn small amounts of Dash, we have a new type of user in our ecosystem: someone with small, disposable and spendable amounts of Dash. 

We have a number of ways that we plan on reaching sustainability with this initiative, including selling advertising and subscriptions. We do not plan to rely on Dash treasury funding forever, but hope to eventually create a business where we are purchasing the Dash to distribute. This is a goal and a hope and something we will be working towards, but there are no guarantees we will be able to achieve it. It is an experiment in distribution at this point.

In fact, one sustainability initiative is already live: where are our artists can take the few dollars they have made streaming and buy music gear like guitar picks and instrument cables and also hundreds of household basics and pay in Dash without going into fiat. We are going to be allocating 100% of the profits from Dashfair back into the streaming payout pool without first converting to fiat.

Managing expectations with our artists
Currently we are telling our artists that the Dash per stream is not guaranteed in any way and just something we are experimenting with. There is no guarantee any stream will be paid or that payments will be available for any specific period of time or on any specific days. It is all purely experimental at this point with no expectations.

Earning crypto is the next phase of crypto
Bryan Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, famously tweeted that most people who have entered crypto are investors, and the next phase of the crypto space will be ignited by people earning crypto instead of buying / investing.

We believe Dash needs a real and tangible strategy to help many people around the world to earn small amounts that does not involve the technical and financial challenge of mining.

Verifying transactions
For blocks where our payments occur, you can copy paste the recipient address into Feedbands search to see the artist it went to. Let's do an example together:

The following block contained some of our streaming payments:
  • If you look for transactions in the amount of .000322 this was us making payments to artists. 
  • The first such transaction in the block was to the recipient XxzDgk1e4bpL3LMTM5h57SJv4ecRe1pJCS
  • If we paste that recipient address into the search bar on we can see the artist is "The Movement"
  • 100% of our streaming payments are verifiable in this way.

Using the blockchain to pay artists 100x more than Spotify would be one of the most newsworthy things to happen in the music industry this decade. We would seek to seize that moment and opportunity for the benefit of Dash. 

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0 points,11 months ago
Dash Watch April 25th 2018 Report on
Continue Targeted Advertising At Scale: by feedbands
1 point,11 months ago
Love the idea, really think it's a bad month though :(
1 point,11 months ago
I like this idea. It primes the pump getting dash into the hands of people who will learn how easy it is to use, and all of its benefits.
Questions, comments:
1. Even if you offer payments in Dash at a value in USD cents, you still should do your accounting in Dash/duffs
2. How much Dash per month will be spent? How many months will the initial 95 Dash last? How many months do you intend to continue the promotion?
3. Does each download generate a new transaction?
Thank you! Good luck with this!
0 points,11 months ago
Hi, and great questions.

1. We plan to offer simple accounting reports in both Dash and USD.
2. Based on our streaming volume, the 95 Dash would last a month, maybe two at the most.
3. Each download does generate a new transaction, yes.
2 points,11 months ago
Excellent experiment. New use case. FeedBands is a proven producer in the community. *If* there's any room, I vote yes. solarguy
1 point,11 months ago
thanks solarguy!
0 points,11 months ago
I think it's great that a site like this can showcase the power of the network of Dash, but when we are paying so that others can listen for free, I thank become a whole different question. I think it's best you grow you're website organically, if there is a market for this it will grow from there, do personally I see it as a step backwards, seeing most people just use spottily now a day's. Than again maybe their is a niche market for these types of artists.

- It makes it look like the Dash network is processing ton's of transaction's, maybe some people will fall for these metric's.

- It's just more load for masternodes but no rewards because we are paying for it it the first place.
- Fake adoption, it could even be used against us
- It's not a sustainable, investment, or will MNO's share in the long term profit's if it will succeed
- 0,10 per one audio track is very expensive when you compare it to a monthly subscribition

Personally, I would advice you to take a different approach, this what I would suggest:
- No account is 3 free song's in totall
- Create an account and you'll get 10 free song's
- Want to listen more ? the need to upload dash to there account's
- Subscription based account's
0 points,11 months ago
Thanks for offering your feedback. Our company has been in business for five years and is profitable and can sustain itself without needing to take any risk like creating a paywall or fundamentally changing our service. We do think this would be a great way to distribute Dash, to get people excited about Dash, and to get Dash into more people's hands. We've never been able to offer a streaming royalty due to the economics of the streaming industry, and we think this could be a great way to achieve a mutual benefit.

The way we see it:

-gets Dash into more people's hands
-does so in a way that generates tremendous goodwill
-creates a class of economic participants who are earning Dash and not needing to buy it (currently only exists with mining and masernodes which are expensive and/or technical)

-generates many transactions (we will create batching features with funding)
-will not be able to continue indefinitely at a blanket 10c/stream, but rather is a limited time offering in the form of a distribution deal.
0 points,11 months ago
Would love to vote yes, but Core team proposals are more important and will have priority. Hope you come back next month and re-propose
1 point,11 months ago
Love the idea, can see real results when you were in testing with the Dash transaction count skyrocketting.

When there is budget available you have my yes votes for sure!
1 point,11 months ago
Thanks Stealth, we strive to have a measurable impact.
2 points,11 months ago
If this were submitted in a month where there was enough budget to fund it without de-funding extant proposals, I would gladly fund this, love all the creative ways you're trying to bring value to the network. One of your solutions is bound to stick and become a mainstay use case for Dash. If something gets de-funded and pushed far away from any hope of being funded again, I'll vote for this, but otherwise I hope you'll come back in the future. It was nice to see that huge bump in activity, and as a former musician signed to a label myself, I value what you're doing with your platform.
2 points,11 months ago
Thanks Arthryon and we too appreciate all the ways in which you contribute to the health of the network. We’re obviously huge fans of Dash and excited to build atop it. We fully realize that submitting this month was a bit unrealistic but we wanted to at least present the option and generate useful discussion.
2 points,11 months ago
Come on guys, let's give a chance to this proposal, during the test they doubled amount of dash transactions, and that's very cool:
0 points,11 months ago
I do like the idea but don't want to unfund other proposals for this so I will just abstain for now. If you do want to resubmit next month make sure there is enough budget available as Core is likely to request large sums again.
Also it is very important for me that you focus on making this sustainable.
0 points,11 months ago
We hear you loud and clear.
0 points,11 months ago
definite yes, any application that can add to the ecosystem especially one that increases a major metric for investors like tps is a yes.
0 points,11 months ago
How many months will it take for you to distribute the 95 Dash? When would you anticipate coming back to the treasury to ask for more Dash to distribute?
0 points,11 months ago
Based on current volumes the 95 dash would be distributed in approximately one month.
0 points,11 months ago
No because no buget left this month
0 points,11 months ago
I like the idea, but I don't think we are going to have room in the budget for this.