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Title:Official Dash NewsRoom [PR / Communications / Outreach]
Monthly amount: 200 DASH (28331 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 600 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2021-02-12 / 2021-05-12 (added on 2021-02-10)
Votes: 812 Yes / 80 No / 4 Abstain
External information:

Proposal description

Requested funding is as follows:
3 month proposal
200 Dash per month ($23,000 USD @ $115 USD per Dash)
5 Dash proposal fee reimbursement will be deducted from ask.

Note: Should any funding remain, we will apply it toward future expenses and marketing efforts.

Please scroll down to the Future Plans section in the proposal description if you are already familiar with Dash NewsRoom operations. In addition to business as usual operations we're working with Cointelegraph on the creation of a Dash Investment Thesis industry report.

What is the main objective of this proposal?
To improve Dash's communication and media outreach in an official capacity by bringing public relations (PR) efforts in-house by creating positive change and delivering results.

Who is submitting this proposal?
This initiative and proposal is led by Mark Mason who will be directing the NewsRoom team to improve media and PR efforts on behalf of the Dash network which also includes several part-time members in the team including translators and freelancers to perform jobs when required.
This proposal is funded and managed independent of Dash Core Group. We have a strong collaborative working partnership and agreement with Dash Core Group. Dash Core Group is in full support of our efforts and strategy.

What does this proposal fund?
  • Dash Newsroom at
  • Original video content for the official Dash YouTube channel.
  • External Media Coverage and PR.
  • Graphic and Content Creation for Dash’s Official Social Media.
  • Support DAO funded Biz Dev teams in PR and Marketing.
  • Cointelegraph Industry Report - Dash Investment Thesis.
  • Dash advertising and marketing campaign.
Dash Newsroom
The newsroom unifies collaborative efforts by all DFO’s including DCG performing business development by providing assistance with partners and an official outlet for announcements.

External Media Coverage and PR
The DashNews team works with a team of journalists on the creation and development of concepts for unique news articles about Dash. This includes writing, pitching and lead generation securing placements on publications. In addition Mark continues to network independently with media and journalists as a key point of contact for Dash liaising and providing quotes for publications.

Dash Content Creation and Social Media
The Dash NewsRoom team is currently in the process of publishing the video series 'How Dash Fixed It' on the official Dash YouTube channel and will soon publish 5 standalone videos supporting the Dash FastPass education section.

The Dash NewsRoom creates and publishes content for the official Dash social media accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram via Buffer which includes marketing support with additional graphics to promote press releases for partnership announcements across the ecosystem. Mark also syndicates news updates on Blockfolio Signal.

To help bolster and professionalize Dash's social media efforts. The Dash NewsRoom offers its services to DCG with the creation and publication of official communications such as product update videos with DCG Head of Product, Dana Alibrandi to informative resources such as the recent regulatory video presentation with DCG CEO, Ryan Taylor.

Based upon community feedback requesting a DCG / CEO Q&A session. Mark is currently communicating and making plans with Ryan Taylor to host and manage a new format for a Q&A video live stream that will be broadcasted on several social media platforms. We hope to have the first Q&A live stream completed by the last week of February.

The Dash NewsRoom recently created a Telegram static and animated sticker set. We also made digital stickers available for download on the official Dash website. We will continue to expand these graphical assets for the Dash community to increase brand awareness.

The Dash NewsRoom recently created a Giphy brand account for Dash that is close to achieving 2 million views. You can search and share Dash GIF animations with friends and family via Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat and more. There are many SEO advantages. By using Giphy it helps to improve Dash brand awareness including project discovery as animated graphics show up on Google Images etc. Giphy is a top search engine ranked position website. Each GIF uploaded has the official Dash website linked as the URL source which helps towards improving Dash's domain authority. The more that the GIFs are viewed, searched for and shared by the community the greater the reward for Dash as it creates a positive feedback loop. We will continue to add new assets and also complete migration to Tenor so the GIF assets can be utilized on other social media platforms such as Telegram.

Business Development
Mark is actively involved with business development performing a crucial and fundamental role in communicating as an ambassador for Dash. This involves onboarding and introducing the DCG Biz Dev team to new high-level integration opportunities for the network. Mark remains committed to seeing Dash succeed and is the chair and moderator of the weekly Biz Dev coworking meeting with DCG and other DFO's lending his experience, history and contacts, giving his time and efforts into helping facilitate onboarding new partners for Dash. Often big partners want something in return for integration and Mark more often than not plays a key role in the process of onboarding many partners by offering media exposure via video interviews, podcast appearances or simply by raising awareness on social media with video or graphical content.

Future Plans

Dash Investment Thesis - Mark has brokered a deal with Cointelegraph on the creation and distribution of an academic industry report for Dash.

Example Cointelegraph Industry Report For Reference: DeFi Adoption 2020: A Definitive Guide to Entering the Industry

Scope - The academic industry report will provide substantive data-based analysis and research on Dash as an investment.

Pain Point - We need to increase institutional and professional investor demand and awareness for Dash. We currently do not have any resources or materials tailored in a format designed for professional investors including those from the legacy financial world that manage assets outside of crypto (Gold, Stocks, Bonds, Forex etc). Institutional investors don't make investment decisions based on low-quality editorial articles but on solid financial research and analysis. 

Currently we don’t know which crypto funds are invested in Dash. This report will establish contact and report on which crypto funds are invested in Dash by communicating and surveying the top 200 ranked crypto funds.

Strategic Partners - To help onboard new clients and increase institutional demand for Dash. We will add multiple calls to actions throughout the report highlighting various strategic partner services aimed at institutional clients and professional investors needs. This will allow us to showcase our vibrant ecosystem with the biggest names in the industry covering a wide number of solutions for example BitGo for institutional custody and staking, Galaxy Digital for OTC trades, Quadency for trading bots and market making and more. We will encourage our strategic partners to create and fund promos or contests specific to Dash in exchange for free placement of half / full page ads with clickable hyperlinks in the report. The strategic partners featured throughout the report will provide a positive feedback loop as they will be incentivized to distribute the report once published, supporting and increasing Dash exposure and outreach with their network of contacts and social following.

Dash Investment Thesis Report Outline:
  • Editors, Authors, and Contributors
  • Forward
  • Contents
  • Highlights
  • Section 1: Overview, Philosophy, and History
  • Section 2: Dash as an Emerging Macro Asset: Returns and Liquidity
  • Section 3: The Dash Ecosystem: Custodians, Banks, Exchanges, Stocks, and More
  • Section 4: Blockchain is Evolving with Dash Platform
  • Section 5: Dash vs. ETH 2.0
  • Section 6: The Lasting Reign of Ryan Taylor: Improving Dash as a Store of Value
  • Section 7: The Dash Investment Foundation
  • Section 8: Regulation
  8.1 USA
  8.2 Europe
  8.3 Asia
  • Section 9: 2021-2025 Price Forecast
  • Section 10: Conclusion
How report will be distributed and shared by Cointelegraph:
  • The report will be published on Cointelegraph which currently gets 8 million views a month.
  • Cointelegraph will also publish an editorial article with a link to report on Cointelegraph.
  • Cointelegraph will send out links to the report on their newsletter email service to 250K+ subscribers.
  • The report will be highlighted on Cointelegraph ad banner on the homepage for 1 million impressions.
  • Dash and the Report will get its own dedicated Dash page on Cointelegraph.
  • The investment thesis will also be distributed on Bloomberg with 325,000 subscribers in 174 countries, as well as Reuters, Researchpool and Factset.
Cointelegraph will share report on social media platforms:
  • Twitter: 619.7K Followers
  • Facebook: 731,249 Followers
  • Telegram: 84,378 Members
  • Instagram: 83,600 Followers
  • Linkedin: 13,865 Followers
Cointelegraph YouTube = 90.4K subscribers. There is potential for the authors of the report to do a panel discussion about the key takeaways and investment insights to build traction and more exposure.
How report will be distributed and shared by Dash NewsRoom:
  • Emailing interactive PDF of the report to top ranked 200 crypto funds that were surveyed with request for meeting.
  • 250 physical copies of the report will be printed and shipped to top ranked crypto funds with an intro letter requesting a meeting.
  • Interactive PDF can be added to website.
  • Dash community will be able to download, share, or print the report.
  • Creation of PR outreach battle plan to spread awareness and deliver media coverage.
We can translate this report for the International community and also host the report on the official Dash website after publication. We'll have the ability to print copies of the report for exhibitions, hedge funds, meetups and also be able to distribute the report digitally. Essentially, as a network we can utilize the report how we see fit to professionalize and assist our efforts in Biz Dev communications.
In the weeks prior to publishing the report a media outreach battle plan will be created. I hope the insights of the report will attract and serve as the perfect opportunity to secure Ryan Taylor as a guest to discuss report findings on leading blockchain podcasts and YouTube channels.

Marketing and Advertising
Depending on Dash's price point due to volatility I will continue to pursue and create advertising campaigns for Dash. I was very happy with the results and performance from a recent Brave Browser campaign. I would like to allocate some funds from this proposal towards YouTube ads for Dash Platform and the new How Dash Fixed It video series. If the Dash price continues to appreciate we will apply it toward future expenses and scale marketing efforts.
Reporting and Transparency
Mark remains fully committed to reporting to Dash Watch and is in close communication with the team.

On behalf of the Dash Newsroom team I would like to give my sincere thanks to the Dash masternode network for your continued support.

Mark Mason

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0 points,7 months ago
"The timeline of the Dash Investment Thesis research report is currently set for publication first week of April 2021."

Any updates on this?
-1 point,7 months ago

February -- release expected first week of April.
March -- release expected end of April.
Apri -- release expected end of May.

With every month that goes by, you need only two more months to get it done.
-1 point,7 months ago
-3 points,9 months ago
Mark, Dash is now over 240 USD, I like your porject, but not at this ask
2 points,9 months ago
When MNOs complain we are doing enough marketing and then naysay proposals like this, it troubles me, let's keep DCG foxused on the code and let professionals like Mark Mason and Dash NEXT fuill the rest of our marketing needs, we don't need a monolithic approach to reaching the market, glad to see you are in the chips again, you have my support.
-2 points,9 months ago

You call this professional? It contains not one but two falsehoods. The first falsehood is the notion that the DIF is contemplating investing in Tesla and/or Coinbase. This claim is based upon a poll MM himself created. MM is not part of the DIF nor did he quote any DIF supervisor. I wish he would have included "Manned mission to Mars" as an option in the poll because then he could have written...

"Dash Investment Foundations Contemplating Funding Mission to Mars."

The second falsehood in this release is, once again, the fraudulent graphic that lists DashRetail as part of the DIF portfolio. It may be one day, but it is not at this time. That is a misrepresentation.
-2 points,9 months ago
I'm not a huge fan of this proposal, I think it is opaque at best when it comes to where money is going and I don't like Mark Mason. I think his involvement as part of the DFN for so long and pretending they were doing useful work is a huge demerit when it comes to being eligible for future funding when the data clearly shows DFN was just bullshitting us.

HOWEVER, you are nitpicking about this specific proposal. The DIF is an extension of the Dash community, the Dash community is talking about using the DIF to buy Tesla/Coinbase shares. That is a real conversation.

Also the obsession with Dash Retail not being part of the DIF is weird, my understanding is the process has started to hand over equity of DR to the DIF. It think that's fair game if we want to create marketing material that reflects that fact.
0 points,9 months ago
***HOWEVER, you are nitpicking about these specific points. The DIF is an extension....
-2 points,9 months ago
The DIF currently does not own any equity in DashRetail. I don't care what promises the DashRetail PO has made, he is not very good at keeping them.
-1 point,9 months ago
Dash Watch February 2021 Report on
Official Dash NewsRoom [Public Relations / Communications] by DASHPRESS
2 points,9 months ago
Yes from me.
3 points,9 months ago
Thanks qwizzie for your support. I really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to utilizing the price appreciation to make more noise for Dash.
2 points,9 months ago
Voted yes. You have My support
4 points,9 months ago
Thank you for your support. It's very much appreciated.
-4 points,9 months ago
My understanding is that you are no longer working with Amanda B. Johnson. She quit? Can you comment on this?
-2 points,9 months ago
It's dawning on me that exactly who IS on your team is a complete mystery. Don't worry, I won't ask you to divulge the team members. What I would like to do is apply to be on the DashPress team. I am detail oriented and I can start right away (as soon as you're funded). I could be paid to fact-check your graphics for starters! Please DM me on Discord.
-6 points,9 months ago
Is money the problem? You're going to have a windfall if your proposal passes; I doubt you would be unable to pay ABJ what she thinks she's worth. ABJ is an effective spokesperson. One of her videos is worth a thousand of your [IMHO] childish memes. Why is she not included in this proposal?
3 points,9 months ago
You have my support, good luck.
3 points,9 months ago
Thanks for your support and for taking the time to comment on the proposal. It's really appreciated.


Mark Mason
-7 points,9 months ago
I am on the fence about this proposal and I will explain why.

MM has already made what I consider to be two major blunders in the short time since he's installed himself in the role of "PR Manager at Dash." Without authorization, he pre-announced an important deal in the works at the DIF and had to be told to stop. Then he leaked a potential deal between DashRetail and the DIF by publishing a DIF investment graphic that included DR. This type of carelessness in PR is embarrassing and unprofessional. He needs to do better. In fact, if DCG or the DIF decided to hire outside PR, I would not fault them.

I am also not happy that the DashTalk Discord is now being referred to and promoted as "The Dash Discord." This Discord IS NOT OWNED OR CONTROLLED OR FUNDED by the DAO. It is owned and run by Mark and his friends as a private venue. It exists for the benefit of those private individuals and not necessarily for the benefit of the DAO. It should not be called "The Dash Discord."

Finally, MM says that DCG supports him, but does he support DCG? I didn't see any support from MM or his friends with respect to the DCG plan decision proposal. In fact I saw just the opposite. Their "Dash Discord" was used to organize opposition to the DCG plan.
6 points,9 months ago
Hi Geert,

Please do not pass speculation as fact. There is a lot of assumptions here that are false and inaccurate.

Please allow me to provide some clarity on the issues you have raised so there is no room for error or misunderstanding.

With regard to PR announcement. For full transparency here is what actually happened with supporting evidence:

After the Bittrex delisting at the start on January the Dash Discord community was requesting status updates. It was here where I referenced Ryan Taylor's tweet from earlier that day that mentioned an upcoming announcement.

Ryan's tweet - "By the end of January, a bunch of really cool announcements are coming that I can’t wait to share." Please see:

My Discord message referencing Ryan's tweet about announcement. Screenshot -

To be clear. I did not leak anything or jump the gun. It was a follow up to Ryan's tweet to update Dash Discord community to confirm what Ryan Taylor tweeted was true.

It is out of my control if an partner wishes to delay announcement at the last minute and move publication date. I have to respect their wishes. I did everything I ask asked by partner and the DIF. There should be absolutely no confusion on this topic as in Discord it was asked if we jumped the gun on the announcement. I openly addressed this in public and my statement was confirmed and validated by DIF Supervisor Michael Lewis. Screenshot:

So I am no different to DCG or the DIF in that regard and was by no means the first to mention announcement in public.

I find your allegation about DashRetail perplexing. I honestly have no idea how you formed that conclusion. I assume you are referencing the portfolio graphic I made for the CrayPay announcement and behalf of the DIF. Announcement -

There is no element of truth in what you have claimed. The DIF actually thanked me in public and shared image on their social media account. Source -

The press release draft and DIF portfolio image was signed off and approved by Ryan Taylor, who is also a DIF Supervisor before the CrayPay announcement went live. There is no issue with DashRetail as you have alleged.


Your next allegation regarding "The Dash Discord" is also completely inaccurate. I played no role in the talks or merger of the Dash Nation and Dash Talk Discord servers. This merger was agreed upon by Dash Nation Mods - TroyDASH, JGCMiner and Dash Talk Mods - Hilawe, Splawik21 and Pasta from DCG. Please feel free to message them on Discord to verify. Both Discord servers made the same public announcement clearly explaining why the merger was happening. So once again there should be no room for error on this.

Dash Nation announcement -

Dash Nation on Discord is moving! (January 11, 2021)

As many of you are aware, Dash has two prominent public Discord servers, Dash Nation and Dash Talk. Recently there have been increasing calls to combine our two communities. I am pleased to announce that both teams have agreed to merge! This will have several benefits, including:

Turning the Corner
With the recent release of Dash v0.17 on testnet, this is an exciting time as we await our long-anticipated new Platform technology on mainnet. And as we move on from quite a tumultuous year, what better time to look forward and celebrate new beginnings! In the same spirit, we are also planning to come up with a new name for the merged server (TBD).

Double trouble
Those who are already a member of both Discords will no longer need to keep tabs on both servers and will no longer experience duplicate announcements.

More people, more fun
As we expect to be onboarding many new users in the future, having one public discord is more intuitive for their experience, and may result in faster response times and more engagement when they have questions about Dash or when they need technical assistance. Casual followers and observers may also find that the Dash community is bigger and more active than they thought it was!

Diversifying the mod team
It is always a priority that all people in our community should be respected and allowed to have an equal voice, without experiencing unwarranted censorship. This merger will result in a more diverse mod team, and while moderation can never be perfect, this will help reduce any real or perceived biases in the enforcement of the server rules.

What this means for you
We would like to encourage everyone to join the new Discord by clicking the link below if you are not already a member.

After a certain period of time, the channels here may be retired or archived.

Thank you to all who have pushed for this change both publicly and privately, and very special thanks to @Tao of Satoshi and the DT mod team for graciously working through quite a number of differences to achieve this result and finally make it happen.

Cheers, The Dash Nation Team.


Finally, your allegation about objecting to the DCG plan decision proposal is a complete fabrication. As a Dash Trust Protector I stayed a neutral party on this for the network showing no bias and I personally submitted both proposals to the network under Trust Protectors account. My only role and commitment was to ensure which either option was voted in by network would be implemented. My position was respect the vote. Please feel free to contact and validate this with both parties involved. Also I think you are referencing a different Discord Server. I believe it was called Dash Economy and had nothing to do me or Dash Talk Discord.

I would not be able to have a subdomain for the newsroom if I did not have consent from DCG. From Dash NewsRoom's inception this was made crystal clear by former DCG CMO Fernando Gutierrez with the statement.

“Bringing PR in-house is a long-desired goal, and I can't think of a better way to do it than with a cross-DFO collaboration with Mark Mason. I am sure that we'll get increased exposure for Dash in the media, and serve our international communities much better than we are now.”

Needless to say we have a strong collaborative working partnership and agreement with Dash Core Group. Dash Core Group is in full support of our efforts and strategy.

Thanks for your time.

Mark Mason
-8 points,9 months ago
You included DashRetail in a graphic entitled "DIF Portfolio" when you knew for a fact that no such deal between DR and the DIF had been executed. That is a serious misrepresentation and I am not going to speculate why you would do such a thing. But in the words of Mark Mason...

I would like an apology if your ego will allow it.
4 points,9 months ago
Everything you stated was a complete fallacy with no basis in reality.

I'm really disappointed by your approach Geert. Despite your wild allegations against me, I took the time to objectively communicate to you why your speculation was incorrect with supporting evidence to prove without any doubt that everything you had written is pure fantasy.

I was very respectful in my reply. However, based on how you chose to respond. It's now clear for all to see that your motive was either to try and intentionally mislead others or that you have absolutely no idea what your talking about. I'm inclined to believe it's both.

I actually think you should apologise to not only me for your pathological lying but to the network at large for wasting mine and their time with your baseless claims.

As I posted in my original reply to you about DashRetail. The DIF approved and shared the DIF portfolio graphic that you are taking issue with. So your concern trolling and fake outrage holds absolutely no weight. You are barking up the wrong tree. The DIF thanked me in public and shared image on their social media account.

Source -


Mark Mason
-5 points,9 months ago
I know for a fact that there has been no agreement executed between the DIF and DR to this day. You created and published that fraudulent graphic. I don't care who approved it or if you were just "following orders." I hold you personally responsible.
-7 points,9 months ago
Voting NO. The reason is Mark Mason, who sits on the DIF, was one of the DIF members who voted to remove the MNO network vote for approving DIF funding proposals. Remember that the MNO network had previously voted against the DIF having complete autonomy on votes by not passing a combined polling / voting proposal. It did not pass and the DIF published a statement stating that going forward they would first get a vote approval from the MNO network before they would make an investment. Mark Mason voted to remove this decentralized decision without getting approval form the MNO network first with a polling vote. Therefore I cannot support a proposal owner that does not hold the value of decentralization. If Mark changes his position then I will re-assess my vote however I do not want to support any individuals who do not value decentralized decision making and fight to ensure that it remains a core value of the network.
7 points,9 months ago
Your comment is inaccurate and false. Please do not pass speculation as fact.

I'm not a DIF Supervisor. Therefore, as I'm not a DIF Supervisor your false allegations of how I voted in the DIF is nonsense with no basis in reality, with intent to cause harm.

I can only conclude that your intentionally trying to damage my good reputation by spreading lies or very misinformed.

There is a DIF proposal up now that clearly details who the DIF Supervisors are:

Hytham Adbel-Karim
Rodrigo Ambrissi
Michael Lewis
Darren Tapp
Ryan Taylor

I'm not on that list.

I'm honestly not sure how an individual that has such strong feelings about the DIF would not know who is actually in the DIF before spreading such sensational lies.

I'm also baffled how such a massive error with zero evidence to support this allegation could affect your rationale on how you decide to vote on a proposal by passing blind judgement in public and not checking the facts first. Especially when this proposal is not connected to DIF in anyway and is very off-topic. It seems very illogical and I can not help but now question your motive.

The comment you posted is slander.

I would like an apology if your ego will allow it?

A man is only as good as his word. Therefore I expect you to honor your word and flip your 1 node vote back to supporting me. I would like your support. That would show me that you are truly sincere and it was a honest mistake. Otherwise the network and I can never take anything you write again seriously as your integrity is now in question.

Thank you,

Mark Mason
3 points,9 months ago
@dashnewsroom I sincerely apologize Mark. I was going off memory. I have returned my vote back to yes on your proposal. I have also deleted reference to you and Dashnewsroom with respect to the DIF involvement.
4 points,9 months ago
Thank you. Faith restored. I really do appreciate that.

I'm grateful as I do think you have provided some very valuable feedback in the past with regard to marketing and the messaging of Dash which I did discuss with my team internally.

I did try to send you a message on Discord after the last newsroom proposal but saw your profile was no longer active on Discord. I wanted to discuss your comments and how they could fit in with overall strategy. If you could join Discord again and send me a message I'd still like to discuss this with you. I can't promise you I'll agree on everything we discuss but I'd love to bounce around some ideas and discuss several advertising opportunities the network has with you. I'm a bit overloaded right now as we have a few weeks full of announcements and business development implementations. If your willing, I'd love to have a call in a few weeks time if that would be ok? We can continue this conversation and arrange a time and date on Discord if that is of interest to you. There is much to discuss.

As an MNO you have every right to vote and to question the direction of the DIF etc.

I'm all about positive change to advance Dash as a network so if your input will help advance Dash then I'm all ears.

I do think there may be a more constructive way that I can help to get you the answers to the questions you have regarding the DIF. At least so you can understand their point of view. Personally, I see it as part of my job to improve DIF communications and external awareness so I'd be happy to assist with this.

As long as your questions are direct and respectful. I have no issue asking them and getting answers for you.

Based upon community feedback requesting a more frequent DCG / CEO question and answer session. I'm in the process of working with Ryan Taylor and DCG leadership for me to manage and host a new format for a video live stream that will be broadcasted live on several social media platforms where users can submit questions live. The original plan is to have the first live stream completed by the last week of February. However, there may be a open window to this on Friday, February 19th but I need to confirm this date and time with Ryan first and do a test-run to make sure everything is working as expected.

I see no reason why this question and answer session format could not be extended to the DIF as well.

I do hope that will be of interest to you as well.


Mark Mason
0 points,9 months ago
p.s if you can see anything now on my forum post that is inaccurate with respect to yourself or Dashnewsroom then feel free to raise it my attention and I will correct if there is anything else that is inaccurate that I wrote.

Please note however my comments stand with respect to Rodrigo and Ryan Taylor.
3 points,9 months ago
Update: I have made an official and unreserved apology to Mark Mason and Dashnewsroom both here and the forum. It was an honest mistake. I have returned my vote to YES on this proposal.
-4 points,9 months ago
I've posted more about the reason I've voting NO to this project here:

I notice whenever I make a comment about Dashnewsroom I get a negative vote with no comment. This is a note to that negative voting person: Your actions are weak and pathetic because you can't give an intelligent response to a valid objection.
2 points,9 months ago
Please ignore the above comment with respect to Dashnewsroom. I have voted YES for this proposal. I made an genuine error that was not intended to be malicious. I have issued a full apology to Mark here and on the forum. My comments regarding the DIF however remain.
0 points,10 months ago

According to the SEC paper linked above, we can't have "Active Participants" touting Dash as an investment. If we do we risk being labelled a security, and that would be a disaster. So I have two questions for you.

1 - Are you getting legal advice regarding what you can and cannot say in this thesis?
2 - Is it better if the thesis does not focus on Dash solely and instead includes it in a group of coins?
6 points,10 months ago
Great question which I'm happy to answer. This is a very important clarification. I have discussed this at length with Cointelegraph who have their own in-house legal team. To be clear, the Dash Investment Thesis industry report is being created and published by Cointelegraph not Dash. The content in the report is being submitted by partners and authors external to Dash. This is not just for trust and credibility reasons being written and published by an external entity but also for the reasons you have outlined. I hope that puts any fears you had to rest. Dash will be compared to other assets in the report. More importantly top crypto funds are providing valuable feedback about what metrics and analysis they want to see included in the report. I hope that answers your question.

0 points,9 months ago
The lawyers from CMC are there to protect CMC and not Dash. Please be careful.
0 points,10 months ago
Thanks Mark for this exciting proposal, which can partly address the following listed issues (
- General awareness about Dash and its unique capabilities is low
- Lack of marketing and a face people recognize as Dash representative
- No standard communication channel to Dash holders and MNOs
- Attracting new whales and large investors

Q: Why is "Dash Investment Thesis" a future plan? When that's going to happen?
Q: "Dash Newsroom", "External Media Coverage and PR", "Dash Content Creation & Social Media" and "Business Development" all sound good, however we are doing them at a smaller scale right now and the result is not very satisfying. What metrics are you going to collect in order to ensure that this proposal has a large enough impact and for example informs millions of people rather than thousands? Please note that just being included in the Cointelegraph media with a large number of followers does not necessarily lead to a large audience.
3 points,10 months ago
Q: Why is "Dash Investment Thesis" a future plan? When that's going to happen?

I listed the Dash Investment Thesis under the Future Plans section subheading in the proposal description to inform the network on the details of the upcoming industry report and distribution agreement that I have brokered with Cointelegraph to provide clear forward guidance on what's being currently worked on and will be delivered in the future. It's a big project to undertake and manage with many parties involved from contributing authors, researchers, strategic partners and market analysts.

The timeline of the Dash Investment Thesis research report is currently set for publication first week of April 2021.

Please see the section in proposal description detailing how the report will be distributed directly to key target audience of institutional investors. Beyond Cointelegraph's network following and reach will include coverage on and newsletters, physical copies printed and being shipped out, with report syndication on Bloomberg, Reuters, Researchpool and Factset.

As I indicated in the proposal description I hope to generate a lot of media coverage with key highlights from report - In the weeks prior to publishing the report a media outreach battle plan will be created. I hope the insights of the report will attract and serve as the perfect opportunity to secure Ryan Taylor as a guest to discuss report findings on leading blockchain podcasts and YouTube channels.

With regard to your second question about the Dash Newsroom External Media Coverage and PR, Dash Content Creation and Social Media. Please allow me some more time to address this directly with raw data. I'm currently working on a Deliverables and Performance Related report that I'll be adding a link to in the proposal description very soon that will detail the results of earned media coverage, social media metrics, results of marketing ad campaigns on YouTube, Brave Browser etc. and more.

I wish to scale Dash marketing and advertising efforts. I will adjust these plans accordingly with Dash price fluctuations as indicated in the proposal description.

0 points,10 months ago
Q: How much does this proposal overlap with the DCG Marketing proposal?
4 points,10 months ago
Great question.

I currently don't see any overlap based on the current DCG Marketing proposal description details. DCG outlined the previous marketing budget was mostly utilized for internal work stating: Website extension for, translation work, adoption workshops in Venezuela etc. and travel costs.

As I work directly in partnership with DCG for official communications, outreach and content creation in all areas from social media, business development, partnerships, announcements and more recently increased regulatory support and assistance. I serve as the point of contact and communication liaison that cooperates and facilitates media enquires, marketing support for our partners, outreach and building relationships for the Dash network.

Although the official Dash NewsRoom is funded and managed independent of Dash Core Group. We have a strong collaborative working partnership and agreement with Dash Core Group. Dash Core Group is in full support of our efforts and strategy.

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Thanks for the detailed responses. Looking for reading "Deliverables and Performance Related report".