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Title:Official Dash NewsRoom [Communications / Public Relations]
Monthly amount: 189 DASH (10528 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 567 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-07-15 / 2020-10-12 (added on 2020-07-11)
Votes: 920 Yes / 13 No / 0 Abstain
External information:

Proposal description

Requested funding is as follows: 

3 month proposal
189 Dash per month ($13,230 USD @ $70 USD per Dash)
5 Dash proposal reimbursement
Note: Should any funding remain, we will apply it toward future expenses and marketing efforts.
What is the main objective of this proposal? 

To improve Dash's communication and media outreach in an official capacity by bringing public relations (PR) efforts in-house by creating positive change and delivering results.
Who is the team behind this proposal? 

This initiative and proposal is led by Mark Mason who will be directing media and PR efforts on behalf of the Dash network.
Main team consists of: Mark Mason, Amanda B. Johnson and Dan Sessoms Jr. We also have several part-time members in the team including translators and freelancers to perform jobs when required.
This proposal is funded and managed independent of Dash Core Group. We have a strong collaborative working partnership and agreement with Dash Core Group. Dash Core Group is in full support of our efforts and strategy.
“Bringing PR in-house is a long-desired goal, and I can't think of a better way to do it than with a cross-DFO collaboration with Mark Mason. I am sure that we'll get increased exposure for Dash in the media, and serve our international communities much better than we are now.”
Statement from Fernando Gutierrez Dash Core Group Chief Marketing Officer.
What does this proposal fund? 

  • Dash Newsroom at
  • Dash Platform 5-Part Video Series with Amanda B. Johnson.
  • Original video content for the official Dash YouTube channel.
  • External Media Coverage and PR.
  • Dedicated Graphic Designer / Content Creator For Dash’s Official Social Media.
Dash Newsroom

The newsroom unifies collaborative efforts by all DFO’s including DCG performing business development by providing assistance with partners and an official outlet for announcements. ([i]Click here for report detailing deliverables and performance related info including metrics and links.[/i])

Dash Platform 5 Part Video Series with Amanda B. Johnson

The scripts for a five part video series on Dash Platform are now completed. We are now in the storyboard phase of the process. The funding of this proposal will pay for the creation of these videos and custom animated graphics. The first video in the series will bridge the gap from when Dash Evolution was first announced and bring people up to speed today with Dash Platform. The remaining four videos will explain Dash Platform features and functionality Dash Drive, the Decentralized API (DAPI), Usernames via the Dash Platform Name Service (DPNS), and the Dash Platform Protocol (DPP).
I would like to extend a personal thank you to Amanda for doing a fantastic job on the scripts for new video series. Also a special thank you to Dana Alibrandi, Andy Freer and other Dash Devs that have helped provide insight, feedback and guidance to help our efforts perfecting and fine-tuning the details of the scripts.

Original Video Content For The Official Dash YouTube Channel 

Dash Talk
Amanda B. Johnson is the host of a weekly show called Dash Talk where we feature and interview Dash partners to help assist and support Business Development efforts. In the past we have both created content solely directed at the community. The main objective of this weekly series is to raise awareness about Dash and new integrations by reaching new audiences outside our community channels with the goal to bring new users to Dash. With this approach we hope to growth-hack the network by utilizing and bootstrapping our partners network as they will syndicate video interviews to their social media followers. This will not only help grow our own official Dash channels but also deliver insightful Dash content that will reach new audiences with retail investors that are already involved in the cryptocurrency space. 
Dash Insights
Dash Insights is a show hosted by Mark Mason that shines the spotlight on professional market analysis from industry experts and respected leaders in finance and cryptocurrency. The idea behind this video interview series is to highlight industry professionals and services in the blockchain industry in a business style setting to appeal to a wider more diverse audience beyond the internal community with content aimed more at targeting external professional and institutional investors. Guests include OTC Trading Desks, Hedge Fund Managers, Investment funds and high-profile blockchain individuals of interest. ([i]Click here for report detailing deliverables and performance related info including metrics and links.[/i])

External Media Coverage and PR 

I'm currently working with a team of journalists on the creation and development of concepts for unique news articles about Dash. This includes writing, pitching and lead generation securing placements on publications. I did a one month trial in June. The campaign goal for the month was: A minimum of 6 organic publications about Dash in Tier1 / Tier2 crypto / tech / finance / business media publications.
*Tier1 refers to crypto media with a monthly traffic of more than 1M readers.
I was very satisfied with the results of the campaign and the external media coverage we achieved for Dash. I have started a new 1 month campaign on July 9th with the same team and mission objective with new story concepts.([i]Click here for report detailing deliverables and performance related info including metrics and links.[/i])

In addition Mark continues to network independently with media and journalists as a key point of contact for Dash liaising and providing quotes for publications and arranging external guest interviews for Ryan Taylor and Dash Core Group on Podcasts, YouTube Channels etc.

Official Dash Social Media

Mark was granted access to official Dash social media accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram via Buffer and has created and published content for Dash and additional graphics to promote press releases for partnership announcements.

To help bolster and professionalize Dash's social media efforts. Danny Sessoms Jr. has joined the team and will be creating original content in the form of graphics, featured images for DCG, short animated videos promoting Dash's features and functionality in addition to educational resources such as infographics. Danny will also be creating Dash creating video content and is the animator for the Dash Platform video series.

Business Development 

Mark is actively involved with business development performing a crucial and fundamental role in communicating as an ambassador for Dash. This involves onboarding and introducing the DCG Biz Dev team to new high-level integration opportunities for the network. Mark remains committed to seeing Dash succeed and is the chair and moderator of the weekly Biz Dev coworking meeting with DCG and other DFO's lending his experience, history and contacts, giving his time and efforts into helping facilitate onboarding new partners for Dash. Often big partners want something in return for integration and Mark more often than not plays a key role in the process of onboarding many partners by offering media exposure via video interviews, podcast appearances or simply by raising awareness on social media with video or graphical content.
Reporting and Transparency

Mark remains fully committed to reporting to Dash Watch and is in close communication with the team.
Future Plans

I have had a number of requests from masternode owners to create and produce a new updated Dash School video series with Amanda. I have also received a few requests to create new marketing video content in the style of the Dash vs. Bitcoin video series that was previously funded and published by Dash Crypto project, who owns the rights to those videos. The priority right now is to finish and publish the Dash Platform video series. However, as the scripts for the Dash Platform series are now complete, I'm discussing topics and starting to work on an outline for an updated Dash School video series with Amanda but it's in the very early stages, it will take time to develop the scripts. I want the videos we create to have a long shelf life. I was also asked and encouraged to pursue funding for a marketing budget for advertising purposes. This is an area I'm very keen to expand on in the future, as of right now I personally feel that we need to focus on creating the appropriate content before we entertain promotion efforts in the form of paid advertising.
Deliverables and Performance Related Info

([i]Click here for report detailing deliverables and performance related info including metrics and links.[/i])

On behalf of the Dash Newsroom team I would like to give my sincere thanks to the masternode network for their continued support.

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0 points,1 year ago
Important feedback on Evolution video series.

I wish I did not have to write this message. But someone has to say it. I know that Amanda and Mark are both dedicated and hard working people for the Dash network. Amanda is excellent as a presenter and Mark is devoted to DASH and works really hard.

I have to raise these concerns about the messages being broadcast about the Dash brand and about up and coming release of Evolution. My comments are mainly regarding the new video series released by ABJ and Mark Mason.

Although the videos are produced to a high production quality and there are some good points in them, I feel there are some very important issues that need to be addressed with these videos.

Firstly the message that is coming across is that "Dash is becoming a cloud" is not the message I feel we should be getting across for many reasons which I will highlight below.

First we I feel strongly we should be using the world "Evolution" in the intro and conclusion to these videos. Not "Dash is becoming a cloud" why? Because for the past 5 years all our communications to the media have been using the world "Evolution". Now, when we actually have Evolution just around the corner the message has has been changed to "Dash is becoming a cloud" or "Dash platform". This causes confusion.

1. Dash is focused on becoming the best decentralized digital payment system in the world, it is most definitely not becoming "a cloud".

What is typically associated with the term "cloud" storage ? - it is lack of security, hacks, and loss of control of our assets. Is that the message you want people to get? If so keep saying "Dash is becoming a cloud"

2. Mixed messages. Instead of focusing on Dash Evolution as the key message our message is being fragmented by broadcasting Dash is becoming a cloud or dash platform and using these terms in both the introduction and conclusions of the videos. The entire crypto ecosystem knows that DASH is focused on becoming the best Digital Cash payment system. Now it looks like we are taking a completely different route from our mission thanks to this new video series.

The message we should be getting out, which should be consistent, is that Dash Evolution is about to be released. This will take Dash payments to the next level and for us to realise Dash's core values.

I created a post on Dash's core values here:

Dash's core values need to be woven into every communication we have with the public. This establishes in the mind's of customers what Dash is about.

The secondary message would explain how secure decentralized storage is part of Evolution and that it enables secure storage of data. By saying Dash is becoming a cloud as the first and foremost message it is fragmenting the message to our audience who know us as a Digital Cash specialist.

Although ABJ states decentralized storage is part of Evolution in the video it is not in the title or conclusion of these videos which is what frames a message and therefore the message that sticks in people's minds. Both the intro and conclusion of the videos state that "Dash is becoming a cloud" This message is confusing to our audience.

I watched Altcoin Daily report about Evolution. He voiced my own observation. "They (Dash) are a focused payment system so this new cloud storage is completely leftfield."

We need to be explaining that we have been working on Evolution for the past 5 years. This is nothing leftfield about Dash Evolution.

If Altcoin Daily think that Evolution is completely leftfield what does this say about our ability to broadcast a message to the world about DASH? Altcoin Daily is focused on Altcoins and they don't even know about Dash Evolution that we have been working on for 5 years. Firstly this shows we are not doing a good job in keeping the world and investors informed about our developments. We are mixing up messages and consistently botching up opportunities to let the world know about Dash's innovations.

Case in point: Dash main Evolution live event with DCG. At this event we talked about all the problems Dash is having and then made it extremely technical so that nobody, other than techies could understand it. Oh, and why not also throw in a little bad news at the end of the Evolution live event with the CEO RyanTaylor of DCG stating the problems Dash is having. Yep, that will do it. Genius!

Next let's have the official newsdesk mix up our message. Yes, I know we have used the word "Evolution" for 5 years but why not confuse the World more and hardly ever use that term now. Instead let's use "Dash platform" and "Dash becoming a "cloud" first and foremost as our message. Genius!

And while we are at it let's also change from Dash's known established branding and colours, you know, the branding we spent a small fortune on, and completely change from our signature Dash Blue colour that everyone knows and trusts and put in Bright orange in the background of the new Evo videos, just to throw in a little more confusion. Bright orange is a colour that does not even appear on our branding guidelines. Genius!

While we are at it, why not cause a little more confusion by getting DCG members such as Dana doing their own thing and not using consistent messaging to the newsdesk. Yes, genius. Let's have Dana talk about release of " Version 16 "in his latest update videos. No mention of Evolution of course, because that would mean consistency of messaging and DCG and Dash newsroom is all about creating mixed and confusing messages that don't fit with our brand, Genius!

Dash price keeps dropping because we are not getting our message out to the world about Dash innovations. Since Dash newsroom have taken over Dash has dropped from 12th position to its current 33rd position. How much more does it have to drop before we learn to get our messaging focused and co-ordinated for the Dash brand?

The problem is with their effort it is with the content being co-ordinated with all important Dash groups in a consistent way to broadcast the Dash brand and its values.

Part of the role of MNOs is to provide critique and feedback to proposal owners. I am sorry to say that I ran out of patience half way through this message. Sorry, but I'm under extraordinary pressure at the moment and my tolerance to "sugar coating" messages so that they are more digestible for the recipient had been eroded away due to this bloody pandemic. I am tired of us missing repeated opportunities to get our message out in a co-ordinated manner.

We only get one chance at making a good first impression for Evolution. Is DCG and Dash newsroom going to figure out that all Dash needs is consistent, co-ordinated messaging to let the world know what Dash has to offer in terms of our 1st class innovations. Or are we going to continue to slip down the coingecko charts into obscurity?
-5 points,1 year ago
Voting No until the individuals who support this proposal stop stonewalling our growth in other areas in favor of less effective proposals like this one.
3 points,1 year ago
Definite yes.

Huge difference from Shift / Wachsman days, very reasonable compensation request (see DW reports), excellent results and a ton more potential. Thank you Mark, Amanda and Dan as well as all other contributors. I really appreciate the on-going collaboration between different DAO entities to raise the profile of Dash and win highly valuable coverage.

I'm also pleased to see that there will be a series on Dash platform which will hopefully make it more accessible to all members of our community. This has a huge potential to bring new audiences to Dash including sought-after developers. It will also reassure the wider DAO that Platform is the realization of the promise of Evolution.
4 points,1 year ago
Voting Yes!!!!
4 points,1 year ago
Yes from me.