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Title:New merchants, localizations and business developement for Dash + presentation in Bratislava
One-time payment: 145 DASH (4355 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 145 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2016-10-05 / 2016-11-19 (added on 2016-09-28)
Final voting deadline: in passed
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Proposal description

Cross post from Dash forum

I would like to summarize important points of past proposal.
I had a long and sucessfull speech at Bitcoin meetup (regular event) in Paralelní Polis with higher than average attendance.

The team had grown from me to 2 ppl that are based in Prague.
Another Big sucess is sponzorship of HCPP conference
I do not have a speech unforunately, but I am working toward greater recognition (I will post info below).
On the other hand, we are going to open discussions about dash on HCPP and possibly find new partners.
Truth is that Amanda will be there on Skype, so other people form Dash got
lower priority. Which is absolutely great, Amanda is doing great job
Other points
Business developement - I do have very good knowledge about local environment. I did started
communication with potential partners for Dash (e.g. catalogue of
cryptocurreency accepting merchants with online and smartphone
integration with google maps and so on; local ATM company and so on)
Translations: Many translations of Dash Detailed are already finished, What is Dash
is completed, great amount of articles about dash are available at,
I still wonder where are the materials that GreyHost stated to publish (I still want to work with them)
Android wallet translations are nearing completion
Current plans
I would like to work toward later phases of adoption, and bring more action then only presenting ideas.
Cryptocurency knowledge about Dash is getting quite good on local level. I believe
that with growing number of local materials about various parts of Dash
network it is getting into phase that should push forward adoption.
We have evolution slowly coming, why not to start onboarding merchants? We
are going to have a solution that is extremely cheap and scalable,
secure and open to everyone. Merchants are protected to the greatest
extent ever. I did asked some merchants about bitcoin and I did use
bitcoin tens of times mainly in PP.
Merchants from various places are having low amount of payments done on monthly basis, usualy in 1-5/month.
With Dash, we have greater possibilities of communication with those
stakeholders. We need to grow tens of merchants in this phase with
information that Dash is going to alow everyone to use digital money
without problems asociated with bitcoin tough technical circle jerk. If
we tell them they could adopt something with these capabilites, I
believe we will have strong edge over bitcoin. Other part is
InstantSend, which is second biggest thing to communicate about to them.
Other edge we have over bitcoin is the chance to incentivize synergistic coordination of these.
I would like to grow number of Dash accepting ATMs and other. Other
possible opportunity is with vending machines, the oppurtunity is
leveraged by current(soon coming) changes of laws.
I see high sense in these activities as they could really grow Dash
liquidity in the market. And again we could make adoption of Dash in
real world business way better than Bitcoin thanks to the InstantSend and good coordination of activities. Bitcoin is mostly failing in real
world businesses as my past experience proved on many examples.

145 DASH (140 + 5 Dash reimburesement for proposal)

Will be used for:
  • 20% - translations and upgrading website toward merchants  needs (translations are described above and below, upgrading meens targeting
    website for merchants so they could find relevant information)
  • 10% - meetup in Bratislava at then end of October (second presentation about Dash but in the other country Slovakia  - the capital
    city, to pay for expenses with travel and hotel)
  • 30% - PR, Marketing & Business developement (focus on PR & Marketing relations that will make this project better known as well as
    establishing new partnerships for dash and pushing this into real value
    for dash stakeholders)
  • 40% growth of merchant adoption (this will be achieved e.g. by personal contact, cooperation with partners for example integrating dash
    into smartphone and web application with information about merchants
    and some incentivization of the process and other relevant means)

  • Completing all translations of Dash Core client and android (via HashEngineering)
  • Continuing work on Dash Detailed translations
  • Growing community more with active users for the first time
  • Reach 30 merchants that will keep supporting Dash in the upcoming year toward Dash Evolution
  • Transform established partnerships into real stuff for Dash stakeholders
  • Give a presentation about Dash in Bratislava
  • Keep merchants updated and establish some long term means of comunication in order to keep them satisfied.

Czech Republic is one of the cryptocurrency centers, we have great amount of
technical IT people in our society and many Bitcoin startups. For
example first hardware wallet (Trezor).
We have a space where Bitcoin meetups are taking place every week
(Paralelní Polis) that is probably the only place in the world accepting
only Bitcoin for payments (even for yoga classes) According to some
statistics we are Sixth country in merchant adoption of Bitcoin.
Slovakia is another part of the proposal, but Czech republic has greater
potential. Both languages are very much the same so these efforts make
Dash available in native language of 16M+ ppl.
Vote yes please
dash-cli mnbudget vote-many a4551d07c67f8cb8f0bc7fe6ec81a2511c77bf271bbdd61dc275cf77af82b0df yes

Surely I did not presented every single information. The amount of it is
insane. So if you got question, I will give you concrete information.
Please check my previous posts as I said many things about my activities
already before. For example there is facebook

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0 points,7 years ago
congratz, looks like your budget proposal made it in the nick of times
0 points,7 years ago
commodore, the bitcoin atm at parallelnipolis looks great, i talked with one of the atm companies stakeholders (general something, forgot the name, they were one of the sponsors of hcpp) and he mentioned that on the backend of their atm; the atm owner themselves can add multiple cryptocurrencies and if its based off bitcoin its a really easy change to support. I would recommend u chat with them and see if they would be willing to add Dash support to it... Much better looking machines than lamassu...
0 points,7 years ago
As i stated on dash Forum - this proposal will take about 2,5 month.
1 point,7 years ago
I agree with @solarminer, the point of your proposal is a bit unclear, please clarify.
0 points,7 years ago
I did further updated the article. If you have other question I will try to give you more details. Please read the whole article as well. :)
0 points,7 years ago
Sure, I will provide more information about this. But it does not make too much sense since I am actualy working on partnerships are the decisive factor and with less strict plan I can achieve more.
1 point,7 years ago
Could you explain what you are actually going to do?
Merchant adoption, PR, upgrading website; What are you going to do there? Those concepts are to vague. Are you just going to help translate?

Reach 30 merchants? Are you just going to email them?
Growing community - yeah everyone is trying to do that. Need your specific actions.
0 points,7 years ago
And I did update the article to reflect your demand. If you have further questions, then I will be glad to answer them. Nope, emaling merchants is quite stupid thing to do without other parts of the strategy.
0 points,7 years ago
Growing community is something I keep doing since I joined Dash at december of 2015. I asked for no money, but I could achieve much greater impact with these activities. I do have a strong reputation in local community but I want to bring more action and more uses for dash cryptocurrency localy. I do have a local knowledge that I am building for years since 2012 to make great things happen.