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Title:MyDashWallet Development
Monthly amount: 49 DASH (4443 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-02-15 / 2019-06-14 (added on 2019-02-11)
Votes: 656 Yes / 116 No / 18 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

Checkout this proposal on the new fancy DashNexus website, much wow:

After our last super successful MyDashWallet proposal (771 yes votes, 32 no votes, over 96% yes to no ratio) a lot has happened.

  • Continued MyDashWallet website and bot development
  • Special Transaction support
  • InstantSend explorer support
  • Decentralized Mixing via Deterministic Masternodes
  • Planning of new stress test around 0.14
  • Plus many more amazing features, scroll below to checkout all the bold marked planned improvements
  • Transactions: 56668
  • Dash Send: 152052.4 DASH
  • PrivateSend Transactions: 5928
  • Dash Mixed: 63392.6 DASH
  • InstantSend Transactions: 3833
  • Tip Accounts: 2812
  • Tips: 48468
  • CoinFlips (Bot Game): 14527
  • Detailed stats are available at
Quick rundown of what happened in the last monthsMost of the features described in the last proposal have been released, the only major part we never had time to complete was the update to the MyDashWallet native Android and iOS wallets (especially due to the depreciating in Dash wallet and us having to look for other work to keep the lights on).

October 2018
  • Native Android and iOS wallets released, most users still use the browser version of, we got a ton of feedback from users (some users keep bugging us to update the native apps, we just didn't have the time to finish things up, we want to finish things with this proposal and also move away from a unified crappy interface for all platforms and instead provide a great experience in the browser and natively on Android and iOS with their own apps and UI)
  • Swap DASH for BTC, BCH, ETH or LTC implemented in all bots (via !swap command) and improved the backend for more stability and automation:
  • Preliminary Swap implementation and testing on the website, much more work required to get it nice and dashy (work continues with this proposal)
  • Example Dash Webstore work started, again too much work to get done, we want to continue this road now that many things have been improved on the open source BtcPayServer project, here are our commits:
  • Created and spend a lot of work on the backend testing different stresstest issues and running 10 Dash nodes in parallel for the stresstest planned in November 2018
  • Translated and the Android/iOS apps into 15 languages
November 2018
  • Successful stress test with over 3 million Dash Transactions in a single day, this is still the world record for any bitcoin based blockchain as Bitcoin is limited to about 10-15% of that and Bitcoin Cash never went beyond their 2 million milestone after their split in November.
  • feature to chat directly on the Dash blockchain, we have already around 500 chat messages pushed to the blockchain and while this is just a fun little experiment, it continues to be used and enjoyed by the community.
  • HD Wallet support integrated into and updated dashcore-lib to latest version to stay in sync with future updates for 0.13 and beyond
  • Experimented with spam prevention bots and automatic moderation on Discord (Valkery bot)
December 2018
  • Tons of updates on the website, especially the help pages, Mixing site and commands listed on the Tipping site
  • Additional features for bots, tipping, rain, messages deletion, moderation, etc
  • Reintroduction of our Telegram bot, which has been enjoying the highest growth of users in the recent months
  • Emoji and custom user currency support
  • Spam and bot reply reduction, especially on Telegram and public hat channels on Discord
January 2019Some of this work was not planned and done outside of MyDashWallet proposals, we either got asked by community members, via support emails or by Dash Core to help testing, integrating and implementing these. We also helped other crypto projects and some of this work was paid, most of it not really and we ran on fumes the past few months and had to accept other non-crypto work as well to keep the lights on. We will continue working on MyDashWallet, bots and other projects, regardless on if this proposal passes or not. However this proposal will keep us more focused on MyDashWallet work and justify putting our developers and time more focused on the planned features (otherwise things might take longer or be dropped).
Our bot developer is spending a few days every week on improving commands, helping people and interacting with the community (apart from me doing the same, especially on Discord). We are doing this work currently for free in addition to supporting the MyDashWallet websites, services, api and bots on Discord, Reddit, Telegram and Twitter.
With this proposal we want to finish up some features we have planned for a long while. We spent a lot of time and work on those already:
  • Website for Swap Dash to BTC, BCH, ETH or LTC, which is already implemented in the bot. Now that Shapeshift is requiring users to register this service might be a nice addition to Dash users, our fees are much lower and we have an amazingly fast service that can convert coins in seconds (especially due to InstantSend and 0conf on supported coins like Dash and Bch).
  • Example Dash Webstore via BtcPayServer, we started work here, but never had the time to finish this: We will sell something like Dash T-Shirts on that store with just the cost the supplier/printer is requesting.
  • Email notifications on receiving tips (will utilize the same as the new account feature on the website, most of the work is already done here), dash or chat messages. Some users showed us some wallets that have a nice notification feature on incoming transactions, some apps call this Sales Tracker (to be used by stores selling stuff and getting a notification once the user has actually paid), but this is also useful for many other purposes and fits well into the tipping, chatting and using MyDashWallet in general. With this feature any dash address can be monitored, not just own.
  • Native Android and iOS wallet updates, focus on simplicity and just MyDashWallet features, hd wallets, importing, chat and bot support as the other available Android and iOS wallets already cover what most users need, but we might be able to provide some nice extra features to users. With HD Wallets users can also share their access across different apps and needs, e.g. use MyDashWallet native app or website to PrivateSend and the normal Android app for normal day-to-day transactions
Plus all these new things, partially already in development:
  • Ongoing support for bots, new commands and features as asked by the community
  • History command to see all you have done (tips send, received, rains, etc.)
  • Integration into other bots (reacting to emojis/reactions, e.g. on translations work or news articles, allowing users to tip with a single click on an existing emoji)
  • Continued MyDashWallet website development
  • Special Transaction support, we want to provide some examples once 0.13 new special transactions features go live (even if it is just for show like listing deterministic masternodes)
  • InstantSend explorer support, which is already there in the backend, but not visible on the frontend, any InstantSend transaction should immediately get its 6 confirmations and also be shown in a special color/box on our insight explorer: (and those changes will be merged upstream with )
  • Decentralized Mixing via Deterministic Masternodes probably around 0.14 going live or later when possible and feasible, this will replace PrivateSend transactions on MyDashWallet and our Mixing services. Based on DIP4 we will try to grab a list of masternodes and send out privatesend commands, might be a bit early, but future work might enable all needed parts "A verifiable and correct masternode list is foundational to many Dash features, including verification of an InstantSend transaction, mixing in PrivateSend and many features of Evolution.", its more of a long term goal to research and implement somewhere later in 2019
  • Planning of new stress test around 0.14 release, we think it is important to test Dash again with all the improvements done in 0.13 and 0.14, plus miners having new code that fixes many of the issues we experienced while exploring the limits of the Dash blockchain in 2018.
  • Once available we also want to start working on dapis and replace all parts of and the bots that make sense into Dash decentralized apis once available
  • Integration of DashPay usernames once available
  • $3400 per month (3000 euro in usd) for the next 4 months + 5 proposal fee reimbursement
  • This is mostly to cover the cost of our bot developer and ongoing support
  • Should Dash not depreciate like in our past 3 MyDashWallet proposals and instead appreciate in value once again we will extend support and development till the end of 2019 :)

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2 points,20 days ago
Thanks for all the last minute support, crazy how many proposals went over the finish line today. However, not enough funds available for all of them.
0 points,22 days ago
Dash Watch February 24th 2019 Report on
MyDashWallet Development Part 3 by DeltaEngine
0 points,22 days ago
IMPORTANT: If you use Dash Masternode Tool to vote on proposals, the new Dash Watch and MyDashWallet proposals will not show up in the currently released version. Please use the new beta version of DMT v0.9.22 to vote (you may need to hit the Refresh button if you opened DMT recently before using the new one).

The beta version of DMT is available here:
0 points,22 days ago
DMT 0.9.22 final version was released today and it fixed the issue, please update everyone:
0 points,23 days ago
People may not be able to vote on this proposal using DMT.
Please vote using some other means or the latest version of DMT
0 points,23 days ago
We need to support independent development like this. Voting yes x13.

Love to see there will be work done on mixing outside the core wallet only. Anonymity is key for crypto currency to function in an age of tyranny.
0 points,22 days ago
This 100%

MyDashWallet is a great project
0 points,23 days ago
Thanks for your support. Very much appreciated :)

Sadly we are still very low on votes, we assume this is because of the incompatible gobject format used by DashNexus (json object instead of array) .. this is what you get being an early tester. The next version of DashMasternodeTool (DMT) will fix this, in the meantime it would be great if mno vote via DashCentral, DashNexus or the console:
gobject vote-many 668ab0471ad2d5c1734801e24ce89c2e2f862c0bddcaafe41b71ff772130a160 funding yes

Or if you really don't like this and want to tell us to stop our efforts:
gobject vote-many 668ab0471ad2d5c1734801e24ce89c2e2f862c0bddcaafe41b71ff772130a160 funding no

This has been the lowest participation in all of our last proposals and all other proposals this cycle below and above us have almost twice as many votes (would we have known Amanda and other proposals would come in after us, we would have waited another month). Hopefully there are still more votes coming in ..
1 point,27 days ago
Great project, low ask, voting Yes!!
0 points,28 days ago
Why there is no updates on github?
0 points,26 days ago
Sorry about that, we do not use github for internal development, thus we only update on requests and when someone needs help. We will keep this in mind and at least update the website part to github (some of the internal components like for tipping, backend services, database need to be stripped out)
0 points,28 days ago
i ctrl-f'ed in here--zero results for electrum
0 points,26 days ago
MyDashWallet is not build on top of electrum. If there are any features you would like to see, let us know. We support importing/exporting keys, hd wallets and you can also use electrum for normal dash transactions and just utilize our mixing feature for PrivateSend if you like.
1 point,24 days ago
Q: what's the case for spending this money to create MyDashWallet when DAO already funding Electrum?
0 points,23 days ago
MyDashWallet and Electrum are completely different products, they don't even overlap except they both have basic wallet features to send and receive dash.
- MyDashWallet is a website
- MyDashWallet has bots running on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and allows tipping, raining, swapping + 30 commands
- MyDashWallet allows InstantSend
- MyDashWallet supports mixing both in wallet and outside
- MyDashWallet has an API for other web developers to integrate wallet functionality
- MyDashWallet hosts its own explorer with extra features to support InstantSend, etc.
- MyDashWallet runs stress tests to check the limits of the Dash network
- MyDashWallet has a chat on blockchain feature
- and many more things, see the proposal above or just visit our website:
0 points,27 days ago
Which is expected as this has nothing to do with the electrum wallet. Which is maintained by a different developer.
0 points,19 days ago
Expected Electrum would be referenced. Ie. why MyDashWallet is needed when Electrum is being funded already : )
0 points,28 days ago
If there was an annual prize for the best development on the Dash ecosystem, mydashwallet should have taken the prize in 2018. The metrics speak of its usefulness and usability.

But, It is necessary to develop having the of multi-signature wallet options. Would it be possible?
0 points,26 days ago
Hi, yes, multisig stuff was actually developed back in August 2018 when we tried to find a solution for holding multisig dash amounts for shared mn, but since then we scraped that idea (CrowdNode and Dash Neptune doing a good job for shared masternode demand). If there is demand and interest we can add some UI for multisig, on the tech side it is easy, however it is very hard on the UI side as there is a lot of back and forth required between participants of multisig.
2 points,1 month ago
Easy yes. Clearly defined deliverables, and track record of delivering on previous proposals. You have my full support!

1 point,1 month ago
Easy yes from me, keep up the good work, Delta!
1 point,1 month ago
Thanks, were are all the no votes at? :D
0 points,28 days ago
that triggered a few, lets hope we still more votes .. due to the new gobject description format DashNexus uses some tools like Dash Masternode Tool do not show the new proposals from DashNexus like this one yet, hopefully fixed soon in the next version.
2 points,1 month ago
Thanks for the many early votes (100% positive, wow) already while we beta tested the new DashNexus website and it took a while for things to show up here on DashCentral. If you have any questions you can ask here or on DashNexus (or @DeltaEngine#4320 on Discord).

The DashNexus team is amazing and the new site is working extremely well, anyone creating or voting or commenting on proposals will immediately see the improvements and how quick and easy things are. If anyone needs help, ask or @yuribear#1540 on Discord for help and getting guided through the process.
2 points,1 month ago
Also shout out to the Dash Watch team, here are our past proposals on their site:
1 point,1 month ago
Checkout Amanda's latest video, nice to see you back, Amanda. She talks about the next versions and new features (Special Transactions, LLQM, DashPay usernames, etc.) much better than we could do: