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Monthly amount: 1 DASH (45 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (13 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2022-11-04 / 2023-11-13 (added on 2022-11-04)
Votes: 634 Yes / 22 No / 27 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

The current proposal will help us to pay for hosting fees  of .
We are asking for 1 Dash per cycle, you are free to fund as many or as few cycles as you wish.

About MNOwatch
MNOwatch is a community run website which aims to provide some information and services about and for the Dash network. We can be contacted on the forum and subreddit . Our current git repo is available for review and PRs, it has the code for the main reports on the home page, however, the rest of the site is yet to be added to a public repo. Also, much of the code that runs MNOwatch is available at this repo.

How it works

MNOwatch utilises a split system where one server runs the webserver and PHP and cron jobs and another server runs the dashd. This helps to keep content in one place and spread the load across two different severs, it also helps with reducing costs of for storage. Each server costs about $25/month to run.

P.S. We created this proposal with the help of Mnowatch proposal generator.

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4 points,9 days ago
This is worth 20 times the price. Many thanks to Demo and XK for building and improving this service at virtually no cost to the network. Maybe 100 times the current ask. Demo and XKCD prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Dash community is not an echo chamber. Even if they are scratchy and rude and unconventional in their approach, they are a feature, not a bug.

voting yes if that was not obvious.

plain old Solarguy
4 points,9 days ago
Yes, Dash community is not an echo chamber. I like this community because despite the disagreements, we are all trying to find a common ground.

Thank you very much Solar, both for your vote and for your encouraging words!
4 points,15 days ago
You have my support.

I do agree with 3d1409ae, that MNOwatch UI could use an overhaul. The landingplace is currently just too textual and looks a bit messy. You could think about using headers, sub headers and enclosed sections for key components of with an overal Dash theme throughout the site.

For example you could focus on a layout similar like that on and convert that to or you could use buttons and enclosed sections like Dash Masternode Information (see

Also it would be nice to see some pie charts with regards to whale nodes.
Just some food for thought.
3 points,14 days ago
Hi qwizzie can you have a look at I started work on it earlier this year, but dropped it because Demo wasn't a fan. The [Reports] heading would go to a page that lists all the reports probably similar to the current landing page. TBD.
3 points,14 days ago
Of course I am fan of your solution, as long as the majority of those who are interested in mnowatch's user interface supports it!

Post your UI proposal as a comment in

As long as the likes in your post remain more than the dislikes, your solution will appear in the front page of mnowatch. Provided of course that you, or someone else, will deal with the code required to transform the front page fromthe current condition to the desired one.....
3 points,15 days ago
You could also think about making a one-time budget proposal to hire a web designer for MNOwatch, to overhaul its UI.
3 points,15 days ago
I dont think the landing place is too textual. In contrast, I believe that more things must be explained there in order for the average dash community member (not to mention the average newcomer) to understand what is this all about.

I tend to agree with you, we have to create a layout similar to Further more specific suggestions , ideas , or images regarding how mnowatch UI could be imporved can be posted (and of of course voted) here

In case a proposed mnowatch UI post is upvoted in the aforementioned forum thread, then a one-time budget proposal could be created, asking web designers to implement the most popular UI idea.

Thank you very much for you suggestions and for you support.
3 points,16 days ago
Wow, never thought I'd see demo getting money from the treasury. Happy to vote yes.
3 points,16 days ago
Its not me! It is mnowatch site that gets the money. :-)
Thank you very much for your support!
4 points,20 days ago
Man your site needs some UI work. I will support you though for trying to add utility value and the low ask.
3 points,20 days ago
I cannot imagine an mnowatch UI that can fit to the complexity of the information that the site requires. But I would be glad if someone could send us a screenshot or draft where our UI is improved, always provided that the complexity of the displayed information is not compromised in favor of the simplicity.
2 points,7 days ago
I mean to begin with just some proper labeling would help, forget any fancy formatting.

What does "the distribution 2022-11-24-00-52-24" mean oh I click it and it's about who owns how many masternodes!

Possible changes: (TL;DR: Take inspiration from DashCentral)

1. Make something like your "About" page the landing page (but with better looks and a nav bar) so people are greeted with an explanation and some navigation links, not a full on CSV/xt file dump right off the bat. Sort of like your current front page list of services, but without the massive file dump beneath it and with more explanation about each service.

2. Your solution of splitting up the server loads is very nice, but no non-programmer/people other than you care or need to know about it. Can you imagine if the front page of Facebook was an explanation about their data centers?

3. Related to nr 3, instead in the about page you should go into more detail about what your site/service offers. WHAT kind of MNO information can I find for example? Where do I find it? (Instead of clicking every txt link until I find a file that looks like what I want)

4. You need to have a navigation bar. See how it is here on DashCentral: Everything I need can be found to the side with clear labels.

5. Use plain black text on white or slightly gray backgrounds. Strong colors on black or picture backgrounds are out of style and can be confusing.

6. When the time comes to dump your data it should be clearly explained what it is and on its own page for each table/csv view. Not all together.

7. If you get that far you can consider simple stuff like a wordpress theme or using wordpress themes for inspiration and applying "Bootstrap" (trust me it's pretty easy and good for making a decent web UI).

Anyway just my take, and you get plus points for listing both csv as well as txt/html so I don't have to download files to view your data!
2 points,7 days ago
Have you looked at do you like it?
2 points,7 days ago
Mnowatch was initially created at 2017 as a tool in order to discover whatever information can be discovered. So I primarily focused in raw information, rather than displaying that information in an easy readable way. You may (reasonably) think that our gui is a mess, but it was a worst mess a few years before. XKCD, besides the huge information that his code offers, has also done a lot of working for the gui.

Thank you very much for your suggestions, I agree to most of them. We will continue improving the gui as much as our time and skills allow us, and we will take seriously your helful suggestions.
4 points,26 days ago
Finally you made it!
MNOwatch is rly a good tool. Thnx.
You have my vote guys.
3 points,26 days ago
Thank you for your support!
3 points,26 days ago
Hello world!