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Title:Latam: Venezuela Remittances, 100 New Venezuela Merchants, 12 Remittance & Consumer Adoption Events, Local Liquidity +
Monthly amount: 187 DASH (31081 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-05-17 / 2019-08-14 (added on 2019-05-12)
Final voting deadline: in 2 days
Votes: 366 Yes / 114 No / 12 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 240 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

The 14-person Dash Venezuela Remittances team (now Dash Latam) is building a Latam regional remittance network that is both Dash-to-Dash and Dash-as-transport-layer, leveraging the 4-million-strong Venezuelan diaspora for merchant adoption and consumer adoption inside Venezuela. Over the next 3 months, we are (a) growing our innovative “combo remittance” options through new business development, (b) expanding local liquidity in Venezuela, (c) supporting, verifying and affiliating small Dash merchants in Venezuela, and (d) increasing consumer adoption in Venezuela through events and remittances.
Watch "Meet Dash Latam"

[Download proposal in PDF]

Our Value
  • Real Adoption: Dash Latam builds real Dash adoption from the ground up with transparent, verifiable, Dash-Watch-reported metrics.
  • Constant Growth: Dash Latam does the hard work no one else is doing, with Dash representatives in the field daily onboarding new consumers, new merchants, new remittance senders, new allies and more.
  • Business Pioneers: Dash Latam are global pioneers in cryptocurrency adoption, marketing, business development, generation of new software projects and more. We are the future of Dash business development.

Who We Are
We are Dash Venezuela Remittances, now Dash Latam, founded by George Donnelly in 2018. We are:
  1. Juan Ortega: sales, support, new product development (Medellín, Colombia)
  2. Freddy Rauseo: sales, support, and coordination Caracas, Venezuela
  3. Richard Jerez: sales and support Caracas, Venezuela
  4. Johan Arellano: new product development, business development (Medellín, Colombia)
  5. Gabriel Mitacchione: sales and support Madrid, Spain
  6. Constantin Teruel: sales and support Madrid, Spain
  7. Edgar Caballero: sales and support Valencia, Venezuela
  8. Hussein Jiménez: business development (Medellín, Colombia)
  9. Luigi Quintero: sales and support San Cristóbal, Venezuela
  10. Luis Martino: translations, sales and support Caracas, Venezuela
  11. Carlos Peñaloza: marketing Caracas, Venezuela (contractor)
  12. Accounting assistant (Medellín, Colombia)
  13. Central office head in Venezuela
  14. Central office in Venezuela administrative support person

To learn more about this incredible team of hard-working Dash evangelists, which includes 12 Venezuelans (8 of whom are in Venezuela) and 2 Colombians, follow @GeorgeDonnelly and @PagaConDash on Twitter. (Plus our advisor, Edward Stoever of

This project leverages Dash Latam’s marketing, coordination, administration and Cúcuta teams (an additional 10 people) in Colombia to achieve additional results at minimal additional cost to the DAO.

[Download proposal in PDF]

What Dash Gets
  1. 1,500 Remittance Transactions. Both incentivized Dash wallet to Dash wallet evidenced remittances from Medellín, Cúcuta and Madrid as well as Dash-as-transport-layer remittances from our points of sale.
  2. 20 New Remittance Points of Sale. Alliances with small merchants frequented by Venezuelans to sell Dash remittances from their places of business.
  3. 100 New Merchants in Venezuela. New, active, supported and POS-equipped merchants in Venezuela with buyback options and integrated into the remittance network, with a focus on basic necessities, combos and that include delivery options.
  4. 1,000 New Wallets. 4,000 total active Dash Android wallet installs (Hash Engineering or better).
  5. 3 Consumer Adoption Events in Venezuela. Monthly consumer adoption “Dash Invites” events in major Venezuelan cities to onboard new Dash consumers.
  6. 9 Remittance Workshops Outside Venezuela. Thrice-monthly events in Medellín, Cúcuta and Madrid to teach remittance senders how to use Dash for remittances and incentivize them to do so immediately at the event.
  7. Liquidity Expansion. Implementation of one or multiple already-working allied P2P exchange solutions as our “LocalBitcoin” but for Dash to provide liquidity and get more people buying and selling Dash more easily in Venezuela, as well as multiple in-progress exchange relationships in Venezuela and across Latam.
  8. Asymmetric Dash Education. Educational infrastructure to asymmetrically and inexpensively train large numbers of new Dash users in Venezuela and across Latam via short educational videos and other asymmetric or virtual options.
  9. 10 Ground Teams. Dash remittance, business development and merchant support teams in Cúcuta, San Cristóbal, Valencia, Caracas, Madrid, Lima, Medellín and 3 additional cities to be named.
  10. Marketing infrastructure across several nations to attract and retain Dash consumers and merchants in an inexpensive fashion using social media, WhatsApp, email marketing, and video, and to support the work of the ground teams.
  11. Financial fiat infrastructure across 3 or more nations to enable Venezuelans to enter and exit Dash at will, effectively bypassing Bitcoin’s fiat on-/off-ramp dominance.
  12. Ongoing Dash buyback program and support for merchants and consumers both online and face-to-face in order to keep the Dash economy growing in Venezuela.
  13. Ongoing verifications of DiscoverDash-listed merchants in Venezuela.
  14. Ongoing 5% discounted Dash sales, financed by Colombia’s cheap bitcoin.

Results to Date
Despite receiving just 1 month of financing out of 3 requested, we have achieved the following:
  1. Development of Combo Remittances: In order to resolve logistical and budget challenges, we invented combo remittances, which enable remittance senders to buy Dash, spend it directly online at a merchant in Venezuela, and have the remittance beneficiary receive needed products via home delivery.
  2. Remittance Points of Sale: 4 remittance points of sale affiliated with contracts signed in Medellín, Colombia.
  3. Remittance Transactions: at least 77 remittance transactions documented.
  4. New Merchants: 27 new small merchants in Venezuela.
  5. Wallets: 200+ new active Dash Android wallet installs.
  6. Verified Merchants: 258+ DiscoverDash-listed merchants in Venezuela verified.
  7. Marketing Assets: Design of marketing assets for remittance sales including @RemesaConDash social media profiles and website in progress, as well as 10+ “I Bought This With Dash” videos recorded at Venezuelan merchants and published.
  8. Alliance with Dash Core Group and Bitnovo in Madrid to hold remittance workshops where we incentive remittance sales. First meetup scheduled for May 16.

Our monthly budget for Venezuela is weighted heavily towards remittance marketing and development. We propose 53% go towards remittance marketing, 27.5% to merchant adoption and support, 5% to consumer adoption, 3.5% to liquidity expansion and 11% to administration.

[Download proposal in PDF]

Let’s Talk
Phone/Signal/WhatsApp: +573218423668
Twitter: @georgedonnelly @PagaConDash
Discord: George Donnelly#6938
 YouTube: Dash Latam


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0 points,7 hours ago
Dash Watch May 26th 2019 Report on
Dash Venezuela Remittances by georgedonnelly
-1 point,9 days ago
Really wanted this to pass last time it was proposed, Dash Retail was passed, this is the best use case we have right now for that already funded proposal, voting yes.
0 points,1 day ago
Thank you!
-1 point,9 days ago
You have my support, good luck.
0 points,1 day ago
Thank you!
2 points,13 days ago
What is being done to incentive participants of the program to organically promote it to their personal networks?
0 points,13 days ago
Thanks for your question.

We are drawing up a table of incentives, similar to what we have for affiliating merchants and expect to have that ready shortly. We'll use that, and a referral code in the remittance order system, to track earning of incentives.

That said, we need to make sure we have a basic and sustainable system working for the sale, delivery and support of remittances before we turbocharge it with the referral incentives.

Happy to answer further questions.