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Title:Infrastructure - Basic Needs
One-time payment: 416 DASH (12336 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 416 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2016-07-06 / 2016-08-20 (added on 2016-06-19)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 827 Yes / 33 No / 0 Abstain
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Proposal description

This is a cross-post from Dash Forum

This proposal is meant to finally address the minimum ongoing infrastructure requirements of the Dash project. Coming out of our recent review of our needs, infrastructure was one area that clearly required some investment. Critical Dash assets are being hosted on
private servers, donated servers, etc. In addition, the provider of our Bamboo Cloud – which we use to compile all versions of Dash – announced on May 24th that the product will be discontinued. Needless to say, as the project grows and matures, our infrastructure needs are changing.

In an ideal scenario – and hopefully in the long-run – we would like to host Dash infrastructure on dedicated equipment, but that would be cost-prohibitive at our current scale. However, there is much that can be done to improve our infrastructure without a great deal of

First, we need to replace the functionality of the discontinued cloud Bamboo service. After evaluating our options, we propose purchasing our own hardware. By owning our own server, we can compile new versions muchmore efficiently, which accelerates our automated testing (continuous integration).  This will make all of our development teams more efficient, especially during the testing phases of each release. As the development efforts ramp up the second half of this year, having a
dedicated Bamboo server is becoming only more critical, and will address a pain-point for our development efforts.

For other infrastructure needs, we feel that we can continue to operate using cloud-based infrastructure, which has lower upfront costs, more flexibility to add or remove capacity, and yet is still hosted in a professionally managed datacenter. It would also ensure that these assets are under the control of the project, as opposed to individuals who are presently donating capacity.

A special thanks to @moocowmoo for leading this effort and taking on our infrastructure planning and management.

Here are the details on the hardware and services we propose as part of our minimum ongoing infrastructure needs. Please note that when 12.1 is deployed a separate proposal will be needed to fund the ongoing costs. This proposal covers only one-time costs and first month’s expenses.

Compile/Deploy/Backup server
   $3000 for hardware (one-time cost)
   $150 per month for co-location and replacement parts
Server’s roles:
     - Continuous Integration (Bamboo slave)
     - Private Docker Registry (generate/deploy production images)
     - Online Incremental Backup (first tier hourly backup)
(subject to change according to available deals at the time of purchase
and USD available based on the Dash exchange rate when paid)
     1U enclosure, redundant power supply
     1x Motherboard (TBD), 2x 1Gb NIC
     2x 8-core AMD Opteron
     128G RAM
     2x 1TB SSD
    2x 6TB HDD

Cloud infrastructure costs
     $250 per month for AWS and Google services and administration
     - AWS : Route53 DNS zone management
     - AWS : EC2 web server instances
     - AWS : S3 for web server instances
     - AWS : Backups and auditing
     - Google: Gmail for domains

Requested funding is as follows for the July 6th budget cycle:

  • 362.67 Dash for Bamboo server ($3,000.00 USD @ $8.272 per Dash based on June 18th average rate at
  • 18.13 Dash for first month’s Bamboo server colocation hosting and parts ($150 USD)
  • 30.22 Dash for first month’s cloud infrastructure ($250 USD)
  • 5.00 Dash reimbursement for the proposal cost

Total: 416.02 Dash

Note: Should any funding remain after the project is complete, we will apply those funds toward future infrastructure funding needs

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2 points,7 years ago
A rented OVH server with compareable specs costs about 280 USD per month. We'll benefit from the bought server if it runs more than 24 months. This proposal is reasonable and should be supported.
-1 point,7 years ago
Where will it be hosted? Can you give more details? As this is ongoing cost and will have to be paid each month I think we should be more careful.

Computing the cost for 24 months, the dedicated server costs (3000+150)/24+250 = 381$ / month.

Do we really need that much computing power on the dedicated server for developing? Considering you also use the cloud this seems way overprovisioned. I think we should start smaller and upgrade as needed. Therefore, it would also make more sense to rent the hardware. You can get decent dedicated servers for $100/month including renting the hardware.
0 points,7 years ago
For my own business, I was forced to buy hardware because server software I use is licensed via a hardware dongle. It is very expensive, and I have multiple licenses. There was no way I could plug that into a cloud service, or a dedicated machine I don't own without knowing where it is physically. That is a huge risk of the dongles being lost. But, having been forced into managing metal, I am really glad it happened, because otherwise I would not have known what I was missing.

If you don't have the advanced sys admin skills needed, using your own hardware can be a PITA. However, if you do have those skills available, (And the Dash team does) the flexibility and freedoms it gives you is really a HUGE benefit to overall productivity. You have zero restrictions (All cloud providers have restrictions of some sort) and all the flexibility possible.

Starting with the Cloud makes sense. (The Dash Team did that.) Moving to a dedicated hosted machine is often the next step - but there are still restrictions. Given the bias towards doing things 'right the first time' that support the future, and knowing it is just a matter of time when having their own machine makes more sense - why bother going through the process of building that foundation all over again? Especially when Dash takes off and there will be so much less time to focus on it then.

Will they still use the cloud? Probably. But only where it makes sense. I am glad to see this approach and I have already multi-voted YES.
1 point,7 years ago
Where is the infrastructure hosted and how do you handle risks?
1 point,7 years ago
If a new development team ever gets voted in, what happens with the $3k hardware?

I agree with some others that it would be preferable to keep these operations on a host. That way these operations can be kept flexible in terms of who runs them.
-1 point,7 years ago
Crazy proposal. You want to pay for server resources when we have 3800 of our own?? I think we have more than enough.