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Title:Climaxing the Dash Roadshow - Exchange Listings, Dash for Payments, Merchant Incubation, Mainstream Media Partnerships - Escrow by Dash Force.
Monthly amount: 37 DASH (6144 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-06-18 / 2018-10-15 (added on 2018-06-06)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 216 Yes / 153 No / 39 Abstain

Proposal description

Dash Roadshow, the first African Dash project funded by the Dash treasury with the ultimate goal of creating a resilient Dash community in Africa (Ghana) has since October 2017 till date successfully held major Dash conferences, Radio and TV discussions across six (6) regions of Ghana, a country with 10 regions.This proposal is set to list dash on more exchanges in Ghana, sign mainstream media partnerships, incubate 120 merchants across Ghana, coordinate Nursing Training School fees payment in Dash and climax the roadshow by covering the rest of the four regions of Ghana with a major Dash conference of at least 300 participants, a multimedia radio discussion and a multimedia TV discussion respectively. 

The “Continuation of the Dash Roadshow” which promised a Dash conference of not less than 300 participants, multimedia radio and TV discussion across three regions of Ghana namely: Brong Ahafo Region, Greater Accra Region and Ashanti Region respectively have successfully executed stated objectives in various regions as promised. The exchange, as the first Dash local exchange was also launch and still running with 100s pf Dash being sold and bought via it. The specific Radio and TV stations which was also stated in the proposal are the very ones used. See links below:

1. Conference at Sunyani Technical University
2. Dash discussion at Moonlite FM
3. Joynews TV Discussion
4. Second conference at Accra
5. GhOne TV Discussion:
6. Dash discussion on Angel FM
7. Last TV discussion


1. Get Dash Listed on   
2. Over 2500 Nurses to pay school fees in Dash with a 5% discount guaranteed.
3. Set up the Dash merchant incubation project 
4. Sign a one year media partnership with Radio Tamale to promote Dash     
5. Sign a one year partnership with GhOne TV to promote Dash     
6. Organized a conference, a radio discussion and TV discussion each in the above mentioned four regions of Ghana. 
7.  Educate 2,500 tertiary students in 10 conferences at Nalerigu Nursing training.  

List Dash on The rate of Dash adoption in Ghana has increased overtime, this has led to the problem of Dash supply in the country which has become a major constraint, over the years, engagements have been made with some of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges to list Dash, owing to this fact, was created as part of the second phase of this project to cushion the situation, subsequently, was also created. However, the problem persist and kept increasing as Dash awareness goes viral in Ghana, we have finally reached an agreement with one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in west Africa to list Dash, the exchange current expanded its market into East and South Africa and has assured us that with its experience in the business, Dash liquidity challenges in Ghana will be a thing of the past after it list Dash Digital Cash. This agreement is reached today because of the obviousness of Ghanaian public interest in Dash signalling these exchanges to accept our offer.

About 2,500 Nursing Students to pay school fees using Dash: The Nalerigu Nursing Training School management through the roadshow TV discussions has reached out for us to educate their entire students on cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology, furthering discussions on how this can be done owing to the huge population of the school, the management ave decided to cover all cost of the conferences to be held with their students. The school management have also decided to accept payment of school fees in Dash from any student of the school. This project is therefore set to offer a 5% discount to students paying fees in Dash. Each student pay at least 1000 dollars per semester as school fees, 5% discount means that all students will get at least 50 dollars back in Dash, the mobile money charge of 10% transaction fees on every transaction will also be a eliminated by students using Dash to pay fees. This is enough incentive for every student of the school to pay fees using Dash hence the more reason why the school want every student to have a fair understanding of how Dash works; about 2,500 wallets will be created and at least 50 dollars worth of Dash kept in these wallets as discount for fees payment. The school management is championing this fee payment process to enhance its stance in investing most of its income into cryptocurrency as encouraged by leading business men such as Groupe Ndoum see link here:

Set up the Dash Merchant Incubation project:
Despite the efforts ongoing in Ghana for merchant recruitment, merchant adoption of Dash Digital cash is far unmatched public adoption and need to spend or easily acquire Dash. As we may all agree, prospective merchants will want to have a fair understanding of cryptocurrency before setting up a merchant service to accept Dash or be a Dash vendor on the roads. As knowledge is not acquired in a day, the Dash merchant incubation project is set to train 20 prospective merchants every month (four weeks consecutively) for 4 months, each month 20 fresh prospective merchants will be registered and trained to make sure these people get a deeper understanding of how Dash work therefore to be Dash merchants in their communities. 

Sign a one year media partnership with R 
adio Tamale to promote Dash: A one year partnership deal subjected to the approval of this community shall be signed by Africa Dash Network and Radio Tamale for a period of one year (12 moths). The agreement is for the radio station as the most popular with huge listeners from the northern sector of Ghana to have two slots every month for Dash Digital Cash discussions and promotion both in English language and Daghani (local language). The agreement also include a live coverage of every Dash event happening in the country for the agreed period of validity of the agreement (12 months).

Sign a one year partnership with GhOne TV to promote Dash: GhOne TV, the fastest growing television station and one of the most viewed in Ghana have also agreed on a deal subjected to the approval of this community to sign a contract with Africa Dash Network valid for 12 months. The contract shall provide a 30 minute slot every month for Dash Discussions for the lifetime of the agreement.

Climax the Dash Roadshow: This roadshow seek to make sure Dash is heard and use by at least a fraction of the Ghanaian population in every region. We therefore seek to reach out to the remaining four regions of Ghana as the ultimate goal of the roadshow to cover the entire country with Dash events still remains non-negotiable. The following four regions (Eastern Region, Western Region, Volta region and Central region) shall witness a Dash conference, a radio discussion and a tv discussion as done in the six regions already covered. This is to make sure Ghana is made a case study of cryptocurrency (DASH) usage for other African countries to emulate.

Finally, 10 conferences shall be held in sessions at the Nursing training school to educate the entire student body on how to use Dash Digital cash and to make payments in fees using Dash.


August 5th - 10th Listing of Dash on
             11th - 20th Multimedia TV and radio discussion in Eastern region
             25th Dash roadshow conference

September 3rd - 7th Sign partnership with radio Tamale
                     9th - 15th Multimedia TV and Radio discussion in Western region
                     22nd Dash roadshow conference in Western region
                     24th - 28th Coordinate school fees payment with Dash at Nalerigu Nursing.

October 1st - 10th Multimedia TV and Radio discussion in Volta region
                20th Dash roadshow conference in Volta region
                23rd - 25th Sign partnership with GhOne TV

November 1st - 9th Multimedia TV and radio discussion in Central region
                    17th Dash roadshow conference in Central region


1. Create at least 1500 Dash wallets per month for the next four months through the Roadshow events.
2. Train at least 20 Dash merchants per month for the next four months through the Dash incubation project (80 merchants trained)
3. Reach out to at least 1 million Ghanaians a month through our media partnerships.
4. Create at least 2,500 Dash wallets in Nalerigu Nursing training school
5. Over 2,500 Nurses to pay school fees through Dash (at least 1000 USD worth of Dash purchase by each student)
6. Keep at least 50 USD worth of Dash in over 2500 students Dash
7. List Dash on
8. Sign one year partnership each with GhOne TV and radio Tamale respectively.


Roadshow Budget

Transport to and within a region for one month                                                                                             $600.00
1hour discussion on a multimedia FM in each region                                                                                    $1425.00   Accommodation and feeding for a month in a region                                                                                   $1000.00
Dash T-shirts for conference attendees in a region                                                                                        $790.00
Conference room rent in a region                                                                                                                     $600.00
Refreshment of attendees of each conference in a region                                                                           $600.00
One TV discussion on dash each month (GhOne TV, TV3 and Joynews TV)                                               $2100.00   
Dash Roadshow banners, stickers and fliers                                                                                                  $450.00
Cameraman for pictures and video                                                                                                                  $400.00
Sub-total                                                                                                                                                                $7,965
Contingency(5%)                                                                                                                                                  $398
Total/region                                                                                                                                                          $8,363         
Total for 4 regions;  4 by $8,363                                                                                                                        $33,452          
Total Roadshow Budget in Dash for 4 months $33,452/400 USD per Dash                                             83 Dash

Budget for Dash Media partnerships

Partnership with Radio Tamale                                                                                                                        $7,500
Partnership with GhOne TV                                                                                                                             $10,500
Total                                                                                                                                                                     $18,000
Total In Dash                                       18,000/400                                                                                           45 Dash
Listing Dash on                                                                                                                      10 Dash
10 Dash as transport to hold 10 Conferences for 2,500 Nursing students in Nalerigu

GRAND BUDGET IN DASH   148/4 = 37 Dash monthly payment request.

BUDGET JUSTIFICATION: This budget is built using 330 USD as average price per Dash with a 20% margin of possible value increase.The budget has also dropped per unit cost compared to the last proposal due to some local sponsorship this project has attracted such as discounts on media airtime and institutions considerable support like in the case of the Nursing training school and re-negotiations.


1. Africa Dash Network is and remain a purely nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the African Dash movement. It is founded with registered number: CG017452018 to give Dash a legal presence in the country for official engagements with corporate bodies,civil society organizations and government authorities. Our Advisory Board comprising of well known and trusted members of the Dash community are making sure we are able to walk our dream as an organization while we work on strengthening and fostering relationships with Dash Force and Dash Boost to making reality our grants opportunity to interested applicants seeking to promote Dash. Meanwhile applicants must be graduates from our Dash Leadership Academy or incubation project to qualify. Visit our website for more details of our outlined activities/projects. 

2. The 10 Dash for the 10 conferences in the Nursing school is for T-shirts for the 10 conferences and transport from Tamale to Nalerigu every week for 10 weeks. Other cost elements for the conference such as venue, PA systems and refreshment is covered by the school.

3. There is no budget included for as it is a nonprofit and will remain such operating purely on donations.

4. The incubation project is to take place at the office of ADN therefore no cost or budget for the incubation project is included in this proposal.

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0 points,11 months ago
Dash Watch June 26th 2018 Report on
Continuation of Dash Roadshow by cryptolib
0 points,11 months ago
Hi MNOs, I understand this proposal is not passing due to the tied budget this crycle. I will like to put part of this proposal up for voting at DashBoost to teach the nursing training students how to pay their fees in Dash, they will soon be going on vacation to start another academic year. Paying their fees in Dash next academic year will save these students up to $10 per such transaction compared to bank payments and as arrangements has been made with school authorities already, I will like to make this happen. See bank fees in Ghana
1 point,11 months ago
I'm pleased to see that Dash Force are offering their support to @cryptolib via the escrow service. He has been an active member of our community for longer than anybody else in his region - over a year - and has done more to promote Dash than anybody else there, IMHO. Let's not lose this special guy - he's a libertarian at heart, like so many of us, not a capitalist.
0 points,11 months ago
Voting yes. A lot of effort and a lot of results for 37 Dash.
2 points,11 months ago
Dear MNOs, the escrow service for this proposal has been changed and offered for free by Dash Force News. I look forward to the support of all of you in getting this proposal passed. Thank you.
0 points,11 months ago
Greencandle, the escrow being used by this proposal has pocketed 300 Dash leftover from the GAP proposal without a treasury vote. This is improper and shows why private escrow services can never be trusted with any dash.
-1 point,11 months ago
Dear jeremy54, it appears that you are misinformed. Our legal and accounting experts concluded that the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) will consider the remaining 330 Dash from the GAP proposal as income. GC fully complies with all Canadian tax laws, therefore all remaining Dash from the GAP will be liquidated to pay taxes in Canada. Any left over Canadian fiat resulting from this taxable obligation will remain inside GC for operations and development. GC spent considerable resources seeking to find a different alternative. Understand that this is not our choice, rather the only course of action we can take as a legitimate business operating inside our country.

This year alone, GC held 792.9925 Dash in excess funds in trust on behalf of the network then released them with the consent of the network to Dash_Aerosports (following a successful MNO vote). GC has a proven track record of protecting excess funds on behalf of the network and we will continue to do so moving forward.
2 points,11 months ago
In that case, Greencandle is just mind-numbingly inept to have not done the legwork required before promising to contribute the remaining funds to DashBoost.

Any proposal involving Green Candle is a definite no from me going forward.
0 points,11 months ago
Dash Watch could not find an explanation as to why the funds went from completely “held in trust for the network” to completely the property of Green Candle.
1 point,11 months ago
Hi MNOs please note that this proposal is escrowed by Green Candle Inc and all funds shall be sent to green candle and only paid per milestone. The agreement has been reach by me and Green Candle.
1 point,11 months ago
I am confirming that Green Candle Inc. has agreed to provide escrow services for this proposal. Cryptolib will send all funds to GC immediately after the payout occurs. GC will distribute the funds back to Cryptolib in accordance with the deliverables listed in our contract.
1 point,11 months ago
Is this being done for free? I did not read about any escrow when i first voted.
0 points,11 months ago
Hi @Mastermined thanks very much for supporting this proposal, I so much appreciate it.

I decided to use escrow after submitting my proposal, the 5 Dash escrow fee will come out of my budget after successfully passed.
3 points,11 months ago
Looks good, yes!
1 point,11 months ago
Wow 18 No votes before editing the proposal, what is happening.
1 point,11 months ago
Nearly every proposal--almost without exception--receives a number of "no" votes early on, which lately has numbered around a dozen or two. This month, however, Dash Core Team has several proposals--which were announced on the Dash Forum early on last month--that will effectively max out the rest of the budget for this cycle, so it's unlikely any other proposals will be funded, unfortunately, not unless an existing proposal becomes unfunded for whatever reason.
1 point,11 months ago
I probably got the bad nut or didn’t pay much attention.