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Title:Tristar Gym: 2018 Dash Partnership
One-time payment: 122 DASH (103728 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-01-17 / 2018-02-16 (added on 2018-01-11)
Final voting deadline: in 10 days
Votes: 223 Yes / 118 No / 17 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 346 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Tristar Gym: 2018 Dash Partnership

TL;DR: Dash has an opportunity to join Monster Energy, Reebok, and as a premier sponsor of Tristar Gym. Firas Zahabi (Tristar founder) has become widely known as being the person who has gotten a lot of notable mma fighters into cryptocurrency. He now would like to partner with Dash to bring a cashless Dashpay option to his fighters in Montreal through this unique opportunity which would allow all Tristar Gym fighters to receive a 15% discount if paying with Dash. He would also like to extend our exposure into the online presence of Tristar through inclusion of Dash in his channels Youtube Videos.

  • Create cashless Dashpay option for all Tristar fighters that would allow them to receive 15% discount if they pay using Digital Cash
  • Become premier sponsor of Tristar along with Monster and Rebook for the 2018 calendar year
  • Dash branding around the Gym for the Athletes and Patrons
  • Inclusion of Dash branding in videos on the Tristar gym YouTube channel (currently 105k subs videos ranging from 5k to 3.6m views)

Firas Talking Dash:

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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1 point,2 days ago
Do we have room in the budget? Yes.
Would this surely benefit Dash? Yes.
Easy yes.
1 point,1 day ago
How do you figure this would surely benefit Dash? The way I see it this has extremely limited reach. There are much more cost effective ways to use 80K.
0 points,1 day ago
@name3 That is a fair question. Many voters may not realize that the relationship we developed and nurtured with Firas and Tristar Gym led to our meeting and then sponsorship of Rory Macdonald. This fight on January 20th, 2018 will be viewed by millions of people around the world. Here we have a fighter that is excited as anything to talk about crypto, his Dash sponsorship and what it all means to him. In fact, without going into too much detail, this new relationship with Rory has catapulted us to the top of Bellator, one of the largest MMA associations on the globe. We are looking forward to the possibility of developing a long term relationship with them.

Without taking smaller steps and supporting the foundation, these kinds of leaps forward become much less likely to occur. MMA is a hotbed for crypto and Firas and Tristar Gym are ready to jump on board. A relatively small funding commitment will no doubt pay dividends to Dash for years to come.
-3 points,3 days ago
I wish these tristar guys would take some hormone therapy and be like fluffy and me with no balls and no vision for decentralized sporting events. Imagine a feeder system to the pros for every sport with prizes paid in Dash. No wait. Dont imagine that. Damnit I keep spilling the beans. Maybe because I only have my mom to talk to and the glow from my RGB fans is the only UV rays Im exposed to. I wonder if Mom is making meatloaf again. *MAAAAAAAAAA!!!!*
2 points,5 days ago
Dash should be used because it is the better payment system not because it is on billboards. Having said that, I'm not against marketing perse but I think we have had a fair share of marketing proposals and it remains to be seen if any of those will actually grow the dash community by any significant amount. Just because we have a large treasury doesn't mean we should squander it.
2 points,3 days ago
The way I understood it Dash would also be used as a payment system for the gym membership and swag, etc. This also includes marketing at the gym but the idea of the gym accepting Dash as payment is a great way to get new users.
2 points,4 days ago
From what I can gather, Dash is really really quite unknown, and the questions especially on Reddit are often, incredibly dumb and or short sighted. People need to get there eye's open and learn that none of the current top20 coins apart for maybe just maybe Bitcoin Cash is a viable, option to be used as a day to day trust-less decentralized digital cash. Truly there no other coin which i studied (I look regularly at the top250 coins of coin market-cap.) That are that mis understood (also because various other reasons, most of all dash is undersold as a product and there product is oversold, I do invest in hype coins do).

I think we need to play out multiple angles.
2 points,5 days ago
Core is working as fast as they can and Dash is alreay one of the best payment systems. I think it's only a good thing to get more publicity. The only reason bitcoin is at the top is because it is the most well known. There are plenty of people that know of bitcoin but have never heard of Dash.
3 points,6 days ago
What is the ROI for dash of this sponsorship?
Because in that gym I estimate 1000 different people circulate.
I do not see the investment ..
1 point,5 days ago
YouTube worldwide
5 points,7 days ago
Theres nothing wrong with the proposal we need advertising but thats all we are doing lately and the coins use is not being developed or improved, Im done voting for marketing proposals for while I want to see development proposals.
2 points,4 days ago
I am not sure if developers are aware or not, but a highly skilled developer(team) can ask a premium for building something for dash, a premium higher than any other coin is willing to buy. Are they not aware of that ?

If you or anybody know's these kinds of people than please do contact them.
6 points,7 days ago
Core has millions of dollars in their current balance sheet that they’re using for development. The reason why we haven’t seen proposals from them is because of the huge price increase having led to these millions in surplus. Check the Q3 Core Call for more details on their balance sheet.

Just because you don’t see development proposals doesn’t mean development has stopped or that the pace of development can be improved by throwing money at the problem.
5 points,7 days ago
The problem is not that theres too much marketing proposals, its thats theres not enough devellopement proposals. Now what are we gonna do about that. I see so much people critisizing about the quality of the proposals lately but not doing s**t. Come on and make it happen or STFU.
2 points,7 days ago
Cool, i'm in.
I have some questions about some of the other GC proposals so I hope CG and Jeremy can join us for the 3 Amigos after party.
0 points,1 day ago
@Mastermined sorry I missed the party. Wife had a baby over the weekend so I was busy to say the least. I would love to make the next one though and in fact I will be in LA getting ready to watch Rory represent! It will have to be a remote show for me but I'll do my best.