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Title:DASH @ FintechWeek & Fintech Startup Weekend
One-time payment: 103 DASH (3090 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 103 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-10-19 / 2017-11-17 (added on 2017-10-18)
Votes: 684 Yes / 24 No / 41 Abstain

Proposal description

Please make shure to watch the video before voting
Hello everybody,

my name is Jan Heinrich Meyer (aka essra in DashNation-Slack). Last week I had a call with Clas Beese from finletter ( who is one of the organizers of the FintechWeek 2017 in Hamburg. We discussed a possible integration of Dash at Fintech Week and Startup Weekend so this is what this proposal is about.

Because both events (FintechWeek and Startup Weekend) have got a very technical approach, I´m very happy to announce that Core-Dev Holger Schinzel (aka flare) will join me during presentations for Q&A sessions with the attendees, if this proposal gets funded.

What´s the FintechWeek?

„The goal is to build bridges between developers, banks and the entire Community.“
At the FintechWeek more than 2,000 participants from the banking and fintech industry get together to discuss concepts, trends and
solutions for the future of the financial industry.
Date: 6th – 10th November 2017
Adress: Eifflerstraße43, 22769 Hamburg
Website link:
Sponsoring Info:!Au-03Au1QTEAsTcNUxcDWPzTvOBP

What´s in for Dash?
- Keynote at Barcamp on Friday 10th November
- Logo presence online on the website / event page/ ticketing
- Logo presence in print in posters, flyers
- Banner / Rollup presence on the entrance during whole week
- „Goodie buffet“ - in place of of goodie bag – whole week
- Special blog post about Dash before the FintechWeek Hamburg 2017
- Social media post about Dash before the FintechWeek Hamburg 2017
- Report in finletter – the Newsletter of the Fintech Sector - reaches 3,800 fintech aficinados
What´s the Startup Weekend?

„No talk, all action – launch a startup in 54 hours“
The Startup Weekend is the first of it's kind to happen in Germany and is one of the highlights of the FintechWeek 2017. Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, designers, developers and Non-Tech’s are invited to bring their best ideas and inspire others. After that it’s a 54 hour journey of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The main goal is to test startup ideas, meet potential co-founders and launch a new startup. On Sunday evening all teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a top-class Jury.
Date: 10th – 12th November 2017
Adress: Eifflerstraße43, 22769 Hamburg
Website link:
Sponsoring Info:!Au-03Au1QTEAsHkIQTnndIsog7ur


What´s in for Dash?
- Inspiration Keynote at Startup Weekend Hamburg #Fintech on friday night
- Dash-Logo online on website / ticketing
- Rollup, posters or flyers at the event́ s location
- Social Media Post about Dash to the Startup Weekend Hamburg #Fintech
- Special blogpost about Dash to the Startup Weekend Hamburg #Fintech on the event´s website

Budget for both events

17,850 €for both „gold“ sponsorhips (incl. taxes. - have a look at both onedrive links above)
230 € for Rollup (3 pcs - we will use the one from Digital Finance Conference and produce two new ones)
95 € Banner (1 pcs)
285 € Dash Button (500 pcs)
960 € Dash Shopping Bag (500pcs)
595 € Dash Broschure (500 pcs)
3.500 € Project Management

23,515€ in total
So it´s

98 DASH (based on 240 EUR/DASH)
+5 DASHProposal Fee


The team of finletter will do a video documentation of the event and we will take pictures. Additionally there is a lot of press, so there will be a lot of documentation.

I will keep you updated about all steps on trello, because I think it´s much easier to follow all the steps and the project status there.

Hope fore your vote
and see you soon.


find out more about me:
find out more about proposals I´m involved in:

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Summary: I hoped to get in contact with a lot of people actually working on exciting projects, but the majority were students. Don´t get me wrong. There have been good contacts, such as the Director of Investment Advisory of the Commerzbank and other well connected people and I love to educate students about Dash, but in my opinion this was to expensive. At least we were mentioned in media:

There are a lot of booklets, bags and pins I picked up after the event. They will be used at other events and on other projects in future.

I think it was a good first step into the Fintech world, but the events were not as relevant as the promoter told me before. I hope Dash will benefit on the contacts I made. I´ll let you know.
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Presentation on youtube:
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Blog post is published:
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Dash is listed as partner on website:
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I see you've made at least four other proposals. That's great, but unfortunately, none of them have materialized yet. I have reason to believe that they will, but you're starting to "stack the deck" here, if that's the right term.

In short, I'd prefer if you had completed those proposals before submitting yet another, however.

(Also, your second Trello link isn't working.)

Abstaining for now, but will be watching for the completion of all your already-paid proposals.
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Hello N00bkid,

thank you for your reply. This firs IfAAM event happened on last friday. The video will be available on this youtube channel during the day:

The HoN Launch Meetup will happen on 9th November:

Story-Line for Dash 101 is done:

Scripts for Dash 101 are in progress:

I´ll keep you updated :-)

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You got my support, i hope this budget proposal will pass so we get to see flare as speaker there.
Thank you for creating a the youtube video for this budget proposal, its always nice to see a face behind
the budget proposal :)
Good luck.
0 points,6 years ago
thank you qwizzi :-)
0 points,6 years ago
3.500 € Project Management sorry thats to much in my eyes
0 points,6 years ago
in every Proposal you make you earn 3.500 € Project Management and thats your 4 Proposal you try get good money out of DASH
0 points,6 years ago
As a Masternode Owner, I am happy that we can pay good money to good people for good projects. He is absolutely transparant and open and you are of course entitled to your opinion, but envy is not an argument.
1 point,6 years ago
hello schnuppdog,

this is my fourth proposal in 2 month, and yes, you are right, I´m always calculating 3,500€ for an event-related project. I´ll try to make you understand where this number comes from:

before getting an sponsoring-offer like the one above you need to do research for the event, contact the persons who are responsable for the program and explain to them what dash is about and why they should think about integrating dash in their event. this isn´t that easy, because most of them are a bit afraid of cryptocurrencies in general. this one got big banks as mainsponsors and they don´t want to bother their best paying supporters. Then you need to discuess possibilities for integration and explain how a it´s possible that a DAO can pay the sponsoring-fee like regular companies do without being a scam like onecoin.

When all this is done the first 5 hours are gone.

Now you need to think about the marketing materials you want to use at the event, do a calculation on the number of attendees and talk to a designer to explain what you need and to get an idea about what all this will cost when design is done, materials get preduced and you have all the stuff at home. Let´s say this take 1-2 hours.

Now you need to create a proposal. For me this is also a job of 1 hour, because I want to tell people what the project is about and not only write it down.

So before the project gets funded I worked at least 7 hours. If the proposal gets funded, the real work begins.

First you sign the contract with your contact person of the event agency and talk about details. If everything works out fine including paying the bills at the end of the job you will need round about 3 hours for all that.

Than you need to talk to the designer again and tell him/her to start to work on the stuff you discussed before. As always things will not work out like you wish, so you need to discuss every single item until it´s finished and got the look you want it to have. Normally I always meet with my designer once, to speed up things a little. In general all this takes round about 5 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Next step is travelplanning. Not that time consuming, but it need to be done.

So if all these steps are done I´m at 15 hours of work

Going to an event (both ways) takes round about 5 hours on average. This time it´s cheaper, because I´m living in Hamburg, the conference in Frankfurt takes a bit more.. round about 10 hours I think.

The event begins.... no, because before it starts you need to go there (in this case on sunday) and bring all items (roll-ups, banner, posters, give-aways) in place. This may take 3 hours. At "the real day" in this case your day will start at 8am and end at 11pm, so it´s at 15 hours. After all the fancy eventstuff you will need to go to the venue again and pick-up what´s left of your marketing materials. another 2 hour job.

So the event itself takes you round about 20 hours.

Now you worked for 40 hours on this project.

You received 3,500€.
First you need to pay 19% value added tax.
so in reality it´s only 2,941€
than you got the income tax of round about 35%

uh... only 1,911€ left...
(this is 47,77€ per hour)

In "real life" a guy like my costs at least 120€ per hour. If you think you can offer projects like these for a lower price, go ahead buddy, but I asure you: you won´t be able to find a professional marketing/project manager for less than the money calculated in germany, austria or switzerland.

I hope this helps.

2 points,6 years ago
I´m sorry, but your high spirits got out of control. I think your argument is only mathematically and the operating exenses correct, but your argument must be questioned. Sorry I have to raise my voice! (Usually I do not raise the word but in this case…)

You have to write a bill to eu acdounting law. If your writing one.
If you are a company and you make business in other countries , you need an uid number, you dont need 19 % tax. -->the transfer of tax debt goes to Dash. (Reverse-Charge) They have to pay Tax.
If your not a company, your privat with small business (approx 10K/Year) you are Tax free. So write bill without tax.
And if your a privat and have more sales / Year you have to write a bill incl. Tax.
After that Dash Central could get back this tax via the international financial services in Germany.
Do they?
How ever this is not the point…

You have to tax your income, right. But ist not our problem. You also don´t hear the argument from the mechanik ist 80 Euro but after Tax it s only 35 Euro for me.
Also you can put your costs in your corporate balance sheet, so if your clue you dont have to pay 35 %. Beside you write a bill!
How ever this is not the point…

A hourly rate in IT-Business is appprox. 90-100 Euro (Programmer) excl. Tax , a hourly rate in Administration 70-80 Euro excl. A Salesman with good product knowledge at the fair will cost 20 Euro. So your hourly rate is 73,50 or respectively 87,50.
We won´t find a prof marketing manager for less price, thats true, but a good marketing manager would write details in his Proposals like:
• productanalyse (?)
• productconzept und produktoptimimizing (?)
• strenghts and weaknesses analysis (?)
• costomized cutting of product (?)
• analyse should and is (?)
• situationsanalyse (?)
• detailed hourly expense per project section
• and your economic aim. (littel more than kick the tie carrier in his asses) (!?!)
Only then a marketingmanager cost would be justified!
How ever this is not the point…

3. The Point is, and why i also asume the Honorar and the Project is expensive:
As a proposal reader i expect in the top oft he proposal the information from a maketing and projectmanagement about:
• who would be addressed and why?
• how many visitors will be there and how many ar potential custom size and why?
• whats your target group, how old, gender, education, business brench and why?
• Which, how many and how large is PR-attention, und global efficiency and why good PR for Dash?
• Which newsletters editions do you assume, in which region, how many will read, who will read?
• Which group and clientel will be spoken and why and nevertheless which product?
• How many people, how many hours and what kind of work ?

In Combination with the proposal (fintech weekend) my opinion is:
• Your proposal is completely less mature in your analytic,
• essential elements and information are missing
• It is improveable in relation to project management
• Your pre-work in the procect can be improved and thats why
• On the end oft he week less successful in cost use bill. Hopefully I am wrong!
• Marketing is more than giveaways of Dash Corporate ID-Products! these items are thrown into the garbage, or do you have montblac pen for bank employees (look to Visitor analyse)
• Im shure this proposal will approved but my opinion is a € 55.000,00 investment could be worked out more professionally.

Unfortunately far too many ideas are proposed untrained to the vote. The question that essra and all other recruiters have to face is, would you do that if its your money and would you pay for it when I came with this idea and word and cost/bill to your business?

Please see this criticism as help.
I am very critical and would like to get the maximum out of Dash
We need motivated and enthusiastic people like you!
1 point,6 years ago
Very nice response Lan_Ger
Nice to see that some MNO's really know there stuff !
0 points,6 years ago
Lan_Ger, sorry, but imho it is you who is getting out of control. Ask him specific questions please instead of demanding a whole Business Plan for this event. BTW, where do the € 55.000 come from? 103 DASH or am I missing something?
0 points,6 years ago
Hello Lan_Ger,

thank you for your reply. I´ll go through this step by step...

1. I am a one man company earning more than 17,500€ a year, so I need to lead away 19% value added taxes, no matter if I write a bill or not. I can´t write a bill because the Dash DAO is no real company, but I also can´t proove that the Dash DOA is no company based in germany towards the tax authorities. I discussed that with my tax consultant before my first proposal and he recommended to calculate with the 19% to prevent any problems. Because I don´t know better I did so and will go on with this in future.

2. Sorry for leaving this point of the project incomplete, but I thought we all know our product and the situation we are in, so doing this "homework" isn´t neccessary at this point (in my opinion). But ok... the main goal we are all targeting is the integration of dash as a means of payment. What´s neccessary to achieve this is building up trust in the heads of consumers and merchants. To do so it´s neccessary to be present in mass media. To get to this point it´s neccessary to convince people from the finance industry and politics that our product isn´t a scam. That´s why I choose to go to those finance events and show interest in an open dialog between banks, fintechs and the press.

3. Most information you are asking for are included in the sponsoring documents I linked in the proposal description via onedrive. Of course I could write them down to the description, but I think it´s a lot more transparent to show you the information I received without editing anything.

Of course I could start to create my proposals in a more professional way and do the whole derivation, but I think it´s neither neccessary nore efficient to create a big concept. I thought that everybody would be aware of the benefits and impacts events like this can have for Dash. If this is not the case, I maybe need to change the way I work at the moment. But this will take more time than...

Regarding your last question: yes, I would spend the money and I would also do all this without getting paid, but I can´t...

In this month maybe I´ll receive 55,000€ (if we hit the 240€/DASH mark again) for both proposals. 7,000€ will be for my efforts... or maybe not, because if the price stays at the current value, I´ll need to pay the sponsor-fee and everything else out of my project management fee.

I get your point of view and I take your critic as help and inspiration, but it feels a bit disappointing and unmotivating. Probably it would be more comfortable to organize a meetup with other crypto-related people and stay in the bubble.
0 points,6 years ago
oh yes everbody always forgets the real risk. The funds are calculated in DASH/FIAT!!!! So if the price drops? Who pays it? Essra on its own in the end maybe.
1 point,6 years ago
yes as he always does it with another person, so 2 people will life from that, as essra cancelled his job and is only working for DASH. It seems to me more than appropriate for such a great marketer. He should even earn twice for his abilities imo.
0 points,6 years ago
Thank you for your support, simontheravager.
1 point,6 years ago
this helps to get the cost of that together that you are pricing for that ok i get that one ty for explaning.
1 point,6 years ago
Yes. Can flare share his confirmation about the event somewhere publicly?
0 points,6 years ago
hello ichigo, I pinged him on slack and hope for a fast reply.
0 points,6 years ago
Like the idea, what's the estimated attendance for the event?
0 points,6 years ago
sorry for coming back to you this late.. do you mean the number of attendees? it´s 2.000+
1 point,6 years ago
Sounds good to me! :)
1 point,6 years ago
Was part of Startup Weekend here in Serbia long time ago and I agree that Dash has a big opportunity there since there is a lot of tech people circulating there!